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About me

C├ędric Jeanneret here.

Swiss (French part of the country), born at the end of the seventies, I'm a huge fan and reader of SF (in French, English, Spanish and soon, I hope, German). I'm also a blogger (Reflets de mes lectures [1])and the editor of a French podcast that propose short stories free to listen / download (Coliopod [2]).

I discover ISFDB searching the Net and said to myself: "hey, why not contribute a bit ?"

Expected contribution

I will contribute sporadically, when I have time, but mainly my goals are :

  • Enter my collection of books (mainly French) of which a large part are not in the database.
  • Add many French writing authors (mostly from the "Old Continent", I sadly know less the Quebec scene).
  • Add & maintain up to date info over some French online publication (Coliopod, of course; the now ended Utopod and Angle Mort)

In the "wish I'll find time" things, I'll hope to be able to propose to add a few French awards that are not on the database (mostly all of them except the GPI that's already in)...

I also hope I'll be doing fewer mistakes with time and learning how it is properly done.

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