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This is me here. And I'm still alive. I think.

This is also me here, or here and yes, I really did read that book. 645 posts and counting.

And every so often I show up here.

"SF stories often are meant to be dark, frightening, prophetic, and enlightening—all at the same time." — Lynnette Porter (2012)

"Part of the thrill of discovering lost history is being the one to do it." — Mel Odom (as Alex Archer, "Mystic Warrior", 2015)

"SF is a big tent. Clowns and preachers, spacefarers, life forms, philosophies, genders, scantily clothed gedankenexperiments, utopias and dystopias, politicos, thieves, adventurers, and mad American housewives . . ." — Kathleen Ann Goonan (“Challenging the Narrative”, 2016)

"If you're going to insist that high fantasy can only feature straight white folks who conform to gender stereotypes because they must be "historically accurate," then your epic hero has to die of gangrene the first time he cuts his finger. Sorry I don't make the rules." — Annalee (tweet): Sep 9, 2018

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