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This is me here. And I'm still alive. I think.

This is also me here, or here and yes, I really did read that book. 635 posts and counting.

And every so often I show up here.

"SF stories often are meant to be dark, frightening, prophetic, and enlightening—all at the same time." — Lynnette Porter (2012)

"Part of the thrill of discovering lost history is being the one to do it." — Mel Odom (as Alex Archer, "Mystic Warrior", 2015)

"SF is a big tent. Clowns and preachers, spacefarers, life forms, philosophies, genders, scantily clothed gedankenexperiments, utopias and dystopias, politicos, thieves, adventurers, and mad American housewives . . ." — Kathleen Ann Goonan (“Challenging the Narrative”, 2016)

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