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The ISFDB is now publicly editable. If you would like to correct or improve any data you see in the ISFDB, or help with entering fresh data, please visit the Beta project page for more information.

The ISFDB servers are scheduled to be upgraded in February and may be sporadically unavailable.

ISFDB Resources
  • What's New - Latest news on the ISFDB.
  • ISFDB Downloads - Instructions on downloading and installing the ISFDB data elsewhere.
  • Help pages - Help on how to edit the ISFDB database.
  • ISFDB FAQ - The ISFDB FAQ answers questions on how to use the ISFDB and other questions of a general nature.
  • Magazine Pages and Fanzine Pages - These pages list the publication history of many SF-related magazines and fanzines respectively.
  • Publishers - Publication history of many SF specialty publishers.
  • ISFDB Design Documentation - Technical data on how the ISFDB is designed, how to create applications that interface with the ISFDB, and how to redeploy the ISFDB database for your own use.
  • ISFDB Policy - Policies stating what kind of data is included in and excluded from the ISFDB as well as explaining the ISFDB Wiki blocking policy.
  • ISFDB Lists - Numerous computationally-intensive lists, including top 100 lists and age statistics.
  • Sources of Bibliographic Information - Resources used to verify bibliographic data.
  • Site Map - Site Map for ISFDB database and Wiki.
Reported Bugs and Features
Current Projects
ISFDB Background
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