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Donald H. Tuck. The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy through 1968: A Bibliographic Survey of the Fields of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Weird Fiction through 1968, Chicago, Advent Publishers, 1974-1982, in 3 volumes:

Tuck's Who's Who combines biographic and bibliographic data into a single entry. Bibliographic information is split into fiction, nonfiction, and anthology sections. Works are presented alphabetically with a short synopsis. Publication data includes first editions, reprints, and foreign editions. Stories are often listed for anthologies and collections, but author names are often abbreviated, and no other data (such as tory length or page number) are provided.

Volumes 1 and 2 provide a general bibliographic source for books published between 1946 and 1968 (Tuck considers this a continuation of Bleiler's The Checklist of Fantastic Literature, which was published in 1948). Tuck also provides basic bibliographic information for hundreds of publications of titles dating back into the 19th century that Bleiler chose not to include in his checklist.

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