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My name is Zacharias L.A. Nuninga, Rias for short.
I'm reading fantasy and science fiction since my teens. First in Dutch, the language of my country the Netherlands, and also in German.
Started seriously reading and collecting when I was 17 years (nearly 50 years ago). Because of the many bad and often somewhat abridged translations at that time - in both languages - I switched to reading the original books in English. Since then I read science fiction only in English.
The books were bought in local shops, but also ordered from the US and the UK. In the pre-internet time! It took often several months before I got the books I had ordered from the US.
I have many thousands of books, and a very large part of my collection are all the worldwide editions of Philip José Farmer. I collect every edition of his novels, collections, every publication of his short fiction, essays, and the works written about him. Theses items are all being used for my website, the Philip José Farmer International Bibliography.
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