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2020 Locus Poll Award

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Best SF Novel
1 The City in the Middle of the Night Charlie Jane Anders
2 Ancestral Night Elizabeth Bear
3 Wanderers Chuck Wendig
4 The Light Brigade Kameron Hurley
5 The Future of Another Timeline Annalee Newitz
6 Empress of Forever Max Gladstone
7 The Rosewater Insurrection Tade Thompson
7 The Rosewater Redemption Tade Thompson
8 The Testaments Margaret Atwood
9 Luna: Moon Rising Ian McDonald
10 Fleet of Knives Gareth L. Powell
11 Perihelion Summer Greg Egan
12 Fall or, Dodge in Hell Neal Stephenson
13 The Memory Police (translation of
Hisoyaka na Kesshō
Hisoyaka na Kesshou
Yoko Ogawa
14 The Book of Flora Meg Elison
15 The Forbidden Stars Tim Pratt
16 Atlas Alone Emma Newman
17 Frankissstein Jeanette Winterson
18 A Memory Called Empire Arkady Martine
19 Golden State Ben H. Winters
20 Escaping Exodus Nicky Drayden
21 The Silver Wind Nina Allan
22 Gamechanger L. X. Beckett
23 Million Mile Road Trip Rudy Rucker
24 Rule of Capture Christopher Brown (I)
25 Gideon the Ninth Tamsyn Muir
26 Stealing Worlds Karl Schroeder
Best Fantasy Novel
1 Middlegame Seanan McGuire
2 The Raven Tower Ann Leckie
3 Gods of Jade and Shadow Silvia Moreno-Garcia
4 Storm of Locusts Rebecca Roanhorse
5 Jade War Fonda Lee
6 The Iron Dragon's Mother Michael Swanwick
7 Ninth House Leigh Bardugo
8 Dead Astronauts Jeff VanderMeer
9 A Brightness Long Ago Guy Gavriel Kay
10 The Starless Sea Erin Morgenstern
11 The House of Sundering Flames Aliette de Bodard
12 A Little Hatred Joe Abercrombie
13 The Bird King G. Willow Wilson
14 The True Queen Zen Cho
15 Lent Jo Walton
16 The Red-Stained Wings Elizabeth Bear
17 The Sinister Mystery of the Mesmerizing Girl Theodora Goss
18 Sixteen Ways to Defend a Walled City K. J. Parker
19 Ivory Apples Lisa Goldstein
20 The Dollmaker Nina Allan
21 Gingerbread Helen Oyeyemi
22 Air Logic Laurie J. Marks
23 Unraveling Karen Lord
Best Horror Novel
1 Black Leopard, Red Wolf Marlon James
2 The Twisted Ones T. Kingfisher
3 The Institute Stephen King
4 Curious Toys Elizabeth Hand
5 The Toll Cherie Priest
6 Daikaiju Kim Newman
7 The Grand Dark Richard Kadrey
8 Prisoner of Midnight Barbara Hambly
9 The Pursuit of William Abbey Claire North
10 Imaginary Friend Stephen Chbosky
11 My Heart Struck Sorrow John Hornor Jacobs
12 A Sick Gray Laugh Nicole Cushing
13 The Invited Jennifer McMahon
14 The Laws of the Skies (translation of Les lois du ciel)
Grgoire Courtois?Gregoire Courtois
Best First Novel
1 Gideon the Ninth Tamsyn Muir
2 A Memory Called Empire Arkady Martine
3 The Ten Thousand Doors of January Alix E. Harrow
4 Magic for Liars Sarah Gailey
5 A Song for a New Day Sarah Pinsker
6 The Water Dancer Ta-Nehisi Coates
7 Finder Suzanne Palmer
8 The Luminous Dead Caitlin Starling
9 Waste Tide (translation of
荒潮?Huāng cho
Chen Qiufan
10 Infinite Detail Tim Maughan
11 The Lesson Cadwell Turnbull
12 The Outside Ada Hoffmann
13 Wilder Girls Rory Power
14 The Migration Helen Marshall
15 The Old Drift Namwali Serpell
16 The Merciful Crow Margaret Owen
17 Opposite of Always Justin A. Reynolds
Best Young Adult Book
1 Dragon Pearl Yoon Ha Lee
2 Catfishing on CatNet Naomi Kritzer
3 Shadow Captain Alastair Reynolds
4 The Wicked King Holly Black
5 The Secret Commonwealth Philip Pullman
6 War Girls Tochi Onyebuchi
7 Angel Mage Garth Nix
8 Destroy All Monsters Sam J. Miller
9 King of Scars Leigh Bardugo
10 Pet Akwaeke Emezi
11 The Gilded Wolves Roshani Chokshi
12 Thirteen Doorways, Wolves Behind Them All Laura Ruby
13 Internment Samira Ahmed
14 Song of the Crimson Flower Julie C. Dao
Best Novella
1 This Is How You Lose the Time War Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone
2 The Haunting of Tram Car 015
P. Djl Clark?P. Djeli Clark
3 To Be Taught, If Fortunate Becky Chambers
4 Anxiety Is the Dizziness of Freedom Ted Chiang
5 The Deep Rivers Solomon
6 Permafrost Alastair Reynolds
7 A Time to Reap Elizabeth Bear
8 Desdemona and the Deep C. S. E. Cooney
9 The Ascent to Godhood JY Yang
10 The Gurkha and the Lord of Tuesday Saad Z. Hossain
11 Sisters of the Vast Black Lina Rather
12 Radicalized Cory Doctorow
13 Glass Cannon Yoon Ha Lee
14 The Fire Opal Mechanism Fran Wilde
15 Unauthorized Bread Cory Doctorow
16 The Menace from Farside Ian McDonald
17 Of Birthdays, and Fungus, and Kindness Aliette de Bodard
18 New Atlantis Lavie Tidhar
19 Vigilance Robert Jackson Bennett
20 My Beautiful Life K. J. Parker
21 Longer Michael Blumlein
22 Waterlines Suzanne Palmer
23 Miranda in Milan Katharine Duckett
24 The Butcher's Table Nathan Ballingrud
25 Alice Payne Rides Kate Heartfield
26 Ormeshadow Priya Sharma
27 The Work of Wolves Tegan Moore
28 Into Bones Like Oil Kaaron Warren
29 Her Silhouette, Drawn in Water Vylar Kaftan
Best Novelette
1 Omphalos Ted Chiang
2 Emergency Skin N. K. Jemisin
3 Binti: Sacred Fire Nnedi Okorafor
4 Erase, Erase, Erase Elizabeth Bear
5 Phantoms of the Midway Seanan McGuire
6 For He Can Creep Siobhan Carroll
7 Late Returns Joe Hill
8 The Blur in the Corner of Your Eye Sarah Pinsker
9 A Country Called Winter Theodora Goss
10 The Justified Ann Leckie
11 Charlie Tells Another One Andy Duncan
12 The Narwhal Sarah Pinsker
13 The Archronology of Love Caroline M. Yoachim
14 His Footsteps, Through Darkness and Light Mimi Mondal
15 Nice Things Ellen Klages
16 A Strange Uncertain Light G. V. Anderson
17 Anosognosia John Crowley
Ice Cold Lemonade 25ȼ Haunted House Tour: 1 Per Person?Ice Cold Lemonade 25 Cents Haunted House Tour: 1 Per Person
Paul Tremblay
19 About the O'Dells Pat Cadigan
20 Kali_Na Indrapramit Das
21 While Dragons Claim the Sky Jen Brown
22 The Sun from Both Sides R. S. A. Garcia
23 How to Swallow the Moon Isabel Yap
24 Now Wait for This Week Alice Sola Kim
25 Reunion Vandana Singh
26 Contagion's Eve at the House Noctambulous Rich Larson
27 In This Moment, We Are Happy (translation of
这一刻我们是快乐的?zh yī k wǒ men sh kui l de
zhe yi ke women shi kuaile de
Chen Qiufan
28 The Tree of Self-Knowledge Stephen Graham Jones
Best Short Story
1 The Bookstore at the End of America Charlie Jane Anders
2 It's 2059, and the Rich Kids Are Still Winning Ted Chiang
3 Fisher-Bird T. Kingfisher
4 Lest We Forget Elizabeth Bear
5 A Brief Lesson in Native American Astronomy Rebecca Roanhorse
6 I (28M) Created a Deepfake Girlfriend and Now My Parents Think We're Getting Married Fonda Lee
7 The Girl Who Did Not Know Fear Kelly Link
8 Thoughts and Prayers Ken Liu
9 A Catalog of Storms Fran Wilde
10 The Galactic Tourist Industrial Complex Tobias S. Buckell
11 Do Not Look Back, My Lion Alix E. Harrow
12 Under the Hill Maureen McHugh
13 Repatriation Nalo Hopkinson
14 Blood Is Another Word for Hunger Rivers Solomon
15 The Shadow We Cast Through Time Indrapramit Das
16 Give the Family My Love A. T. Greenblatt
17 The Dead, in Their Uncontrollable Power Karen Osborne
18 A Bird, a Song, a Revolution Brooke Bolander
19 Beyond the El John Chu
20 Labbatu Takes Command of the Flagship Heaven Dwells Within Arkady Martine
21 Shucked Sam J. Miller
22 The Things Eric Eats Before He Eats Himself Carmen Maria Machado
23 Canst Thou Draw Out the Leviathan Christopher Caldwell
24 As the Last I May Know S. L. Huang
25 58 Rules to Ensure Your Husband Loves You Forever Rafeeat Aliyu
26 Advice for Your First Time at the Faerie Market Nibedita Sen
27 On the Lonely Shore Silvia Moreno-Garcia
Best Collection
1 Exhalation Ted Chiang
2 Sooner or Later Everything Falls Into the Sea Sarah Pinsker
3 Of Wars, and Memories, and Starlight Aliette de Bodard
4 Snow White Learns Witchcraft Theodora Goss
5 Full Throttle Joe Hill
6 Hexarchate Stories Yoon Ha Lee
7 The Best of Greg Egan Greg Egan
8 Meet Me in the Future Kameron Hurley
9 The Best of R. A. Lafferty R. A. Lafferty
10 The Very Best of Caitln R. Kiernan
Caitln R. Kiernan?Caitlin R. Kiernan
11 And Go Like This: Stories John Crowley
12 Growing Things and Other Stories Paul Tremblay
13 ... and Other Disasters Malka Older
14 Homesick Nino Cipri
15 Wounds: Six Stories from the Border of Hell Nathan Ballingrud
16 The City and the Cygnets: An Alternative History of the Atlanta Urban Nucleus in the 21st Century Michael Bishop
17 Unforeseen Molly Gloss
18 All Worlds Are Real Susan Palwick
19 Big Cat & Other Stories Gwyneth Jones
20 Episodes: Short Stories Christopher Priest
Best Anthology
1 New Suns: Original Speculative Fiction by People of Color Nisi Shawl
2 The Mythic Dream Dominik Parisien and Navah Wolfe
3 A People's Future of the United States John Joseph Adams and Victor LaValle
4 The Very Best of the Best: 35 Years of The Year's Best Science Fiction Gardner Dozois
5 The Best of Uncanny Lynne M. Thomas and Michael Damian Thomas
6 Broken Stars: Contemporary Chinese Science Fiction in Translation Ken Liu
7 The Big Book of Classic Fantasy Ann VanderMeer and Jeff VanderMeer
8 Mission Critical Jonathan Strahan
9 Echoes Ellen Datlow
10 The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of the Year: Volume Thirteen Jonathan Strahan
11 The New Voices of Science Fiction Hannu Rajaniemi and Jacob Weisman
12 The Best Science Fiction of the Year: Volume 4 Neil Clarke
13 The Year's Best Science Fiction & Fantasy 2019 Rich Horton
14 Current Futures: A Sci-fi Ocean Anthology Ann VanderMeer
15 The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2019 Carmen Maria Machado
16 The Best Horror of the Year: Volume Eleven Ellen Datlow
17 The Gollancz Book of South Asian Science Fiction Tarun K. Saint
18 Palestine + 100: Stories from a Century After the Nakba Basma Ghalayini
19 Readymade Bodhisattva: The Kaya Anthology of South Korean Science Fiction Sang Joon Park and Sunyoung Park
Best Magazine
1 - 2019 Ann VanderMeer
1 - 2019 Marco Palmieri
1 - 2019 Ellen Datlow
1 - 2019 Beth Meacham
1 - 2019 Lindsey Hall
1 - 2019 George R. R. Martin
1 - 2019 Jonathan Strahan
1 - 2019 Lee Harris
1 - 2019 Cory Skerry
1 - 2019 Patrick Nielsen Hayden
1 - 2019 Jennifer Gunnels
2 The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction - 2019 Charles Coleman Finlay
3 Asimov's Science Fiction - 2019 Sheila Williams
4 Uncanny Magazine - 2019 Lynne M. Thomas and Michael Damian Thomas
5 Clarkesworld Magazine - 2019 Neil Clarke
6 Beneath Ceaseless Skies - 2019 Scott H. Andrews
7 Lightspeed - 2019 John Joseph Adams
8 Strange Horizons - 2019 Jane Crowley and Kate Dollarhyde
8 Strange Horizons - 2019 Vanessa Rose Phin
9 Analog Science Fiction and Fact - 2019 Trevor Quachri
10 File 770
11 Fiyah - 2019 DaVaun Sanders and Troy L. Wiggins
12 Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet - 2019 Gavin J. Grant and Kelly Link
13 Amazing Stories - 2019 Ira Nayman
14 Fireside Magazine - 2019 Julia Rios
15 Escape Pod - 2019 S. B. Divya and Mur Lafferty
16 Interzone - 2019 Andy Cox
17 Coode Street
18 Nightmare Magazine - 2019 John Joseph Adams
19 The Dark - 2019 Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Sean Wallace
19 The Dark - 2019 Michael Kelly and Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Sean Wallace
20 Black Gate
21 PodCastle - 2019 Jen R. Albert and Cherae Clark
Best Non-Fiction
1 Monster, She Wrote: The Women Who Pioneered Horror & Speculative Fiction Melanie R. Anderson and
Lisa Krger?Lisa Kroger
Lisa Kroeger
2 The Lady from the Black Lagoon: Hollywood Monsters and the Lost Legacy of Milicent Patrick Mallory O'Meara
3 The Pleasant Profession of Robert A. Heinlein Farah Mendlesohn
4 Joanna Russ Gwyneth Jones
5 Lost Transmissions: The Secret History of Science Fiction and Fantasy Desirina Boskovich
6 Broken Places & Outer Spaces: Finding Creativity in the Unexpected Nnedi Okorafor
7 Kim Stanley Robinson Robert Markley
8 Reading Backwards John Crowley
9 The Time Machine Hypothesis: Extreme Science Meets Science Fiction Damien Broderick
10 H G Wells: A Literary Life Adam Roberts
11 The Cambridge History of Science Fiction Gerry Canavan and Eric Carl Link
12 Peter Watts Is an Angry Sentient Tumor: Revenge Fantasies and Essays Peter Watts
13 The Rise and Fall of American Science Fiction, from the 1920s to the 1960s Gary Westfahl
14 Hidden Wyndham: Life, Love, Letters Amy Binns
15 Letters from Amherst: Five Narrative Letters Samuel R. Delany
Best Art or Illustrated Book
1 Spectrum 26: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art Katherine Chu and John Fleskes
2 Daydreamer's Journey: The Art of Julie Dillon Julie Dillon
3 The Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde (variant of Complete Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde) Oscar Wilde
4 Middle-Earth: Journeys in Myth and Legend Donato Giancola
5 The Illustrated World of Tolkien David Day
6 Dream Dance: The Art of Ed Emshwiller Ed Emshwiller and Jesse Pires
Award is for the 2019 Beehive edition.
The Island of Doctor Moreau (variant of The Island of Dr. Moreau) H. G. Wells
8 Ambedo Tran Nguyen
9 Fantasy World-Building: A Guide to Developing Mythic Worlds and Legendary Creatures Mark A. Nelson
10 Starport Raya Golden and George R. R. Martin
11 LaGuardia Tana Ford and James Devlin and Nnedi Okorafor
12 Roy G. Krenkel: Father of Heroic Fantasy: A Centennial Celebration AndrewSteven Damsits and Barry Klugerman
graphic novel
The Handmaid's Tale Rene Nault and Margaret Atwood
14 Art of Gary Gianni for George R. R. Martin's Seven Kingdoms Gary Gianni
15 Bill Sienkiewicz: Revolution, Volume 1 Sal Abbinanti and Chul R. Kim and Bill Sienkiewicz
16 Invented People Rick Berry
17 The Willows and Other Nightmares Algernon Blackwood
graphic novel
The Seventh Voyage Jon J Muth and Stanislaw Lem
Best Editor
1 ---- Ellen Datlow
2 ---- Jonathan Strahan
3 ---- Gardner Dozois
4 ---- Ann VanderMeer and Jeff VanderMeer
5 ---- Neil Clarke
6 ---- C. C. Finlay
7 ---- Navah Wolfe
8 ---- Lynne M. Thomas and Michael Damian Thomas
9 ---- John Joseph Adams
10 ---- Sheila Williams
11 ---- Silvia Moreno-Garcia
12 ---- Scott H. Andrews
13 ---- Patrick Nielsen Hayden
14 ---- Ruoxi Chen
15 ---- Gavin Grant and Kelly Link
16 ---- Julia Rios
17 ---- Liz Gorinsky
Best Publisher/Imprint
1 Tor
2 Subterranean
3 Orbit
4 Small Beer
5 Saga
6 Angry Robot
7 Gollancz
9 Tachyon
10 Harper Voyager
11 Baen
12 Ace
13 PS Publishing
14 Ballentine/Del Rey
15 Solaris
16 Penguin
Best Artist
1 ---- John Picacio
2 ---- Julie Dillon
3 ---- Michael Whelan
4 ---- Charles Vess
5 ---- Kinuko Y. Craft
6 ---- Bob Eggleton
7 ---- Shaun Tan
8 ---- Galen Dara
9 ---- Donato Giancola
10 ---- Kathleen Jennings
11 ---- Victo Ngai
12 ---- Tran Nguyen
13 ---- Rovina Cai
14 ---- Vincent di Fate
15 ---- Julie Bell and Boris Vallejo
16 ---- Yuko Shimizu
Special Award
Given for "Inclusivity and Representation Education". Note that this award was given to the online writing classes accessible at as opposed to the 2005 non-fiction book Writing the Other: A Practical Approach by Nisi Shawl and Cynthia Ward.
Writing the Other Nisi Shawl and Cynthia Ward and K. Tempest Bradford

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