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2022 Rhysling Award

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Award Years for Rhysling Award

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Grand Master Award
1 ---- Akua Lezli Hope
1 ---- Mary Soon Lee
Long Poem
1 The Bookstore Beth Cato
2 Reservation Fairy Tales 101—Final Exam Marsheila Rockwell
3 Alexander's Babylon Marge Simon and Mary Turzillo
--- Finalists -------
* A Descendant's Gift Miguel O. Mitchell
* Among the Scythians Deborah L. Davitt
* Amphitrite Finds a Confidante Elizabeth R. McClellan
* Astynome, After Mike Allen
* Babaylan Vince Gotera
* Becoming Miguel O. Mitchell
* Biting Sarcasm Lori R. Lopez
* Child Price Akua Lezli Hope
* Cinnabar Colleen Anderson
* Dark Phoenix Luke Kernan
* Death Opus Romie Stott
* Deep Diving Kurt Newton
* Dinner at Wolf's Anna Cates
* Dispatch from a Ruin in Mitla, the Town of Souls Morgan L. Ventura
* Dispelling the Arcana Mike Allen
* Dream Logic Ada Hoffmann
* Echidna Donyae Coles
* Epilogue: Memento Mori Ada Hoffmann
* Erasing Myself from the Narrative Marsheila Rockwell
* Feeding the Dead Deborah L. Davitt
* Field Notes, Found Later Elizabeth R. McClellan
* Follow the Meandering Path Beth Cato
* Galaxy's Heir to Forgotten Dreams Christopher Collingwood
* Haddonfield, New Jersey, 1980 Cindy O'Quinn
* Hastur Asks for Donald Glover's Autograph Brandon O'Brien
* Hoop Dance Bryant O'Hara
* How the Rose Princes Came to Life Elizabeth McClellan
* In the Male Utopia Geoffrey A. Landis
* Inescapable Personality Disorders of Supernatural Creatures P. Aaron Potter
* Inseparable Hamant Singh
* Interview with a Goddess Lee Murray
* Laughter Out of the Sea Maxwell I. Gold
* Liminality in the Seafoam Koji A. Dae
* Loving Venus Jamal Hodge
* Mermaid As Lover: A Definition Joshua Gage
* Nine Lives Brittany Hause
* Nyankopoxyican Breath of Fresh Air Andrew Geoffrey Kwabena Moss
* Obsidian Blade Scott E. Green and Herb Kauderer
* Pepie of Lake Pepin Richard Stevenson
* Priestess Lauren Scharhag
* Scone Dragon Herb Kauderer
* Searching for the Cottingley Fairies Kim Malinowski
* Selachimorphosis Deborah L. Davitt
* Snow Child Christina Sng
* Space Traveler John Philip Johnson
* Specializing in the Prehistory of Whales Sandra Kasturi
* Spell 17 Tristan Beiter
* The Bog Witch's Brew R. Jean Bell
* The Catfish Sisters Lisa M. Bradley
* The Corvid-Human Alliance Gerri Leen
* The House of Ill Waters R. B. Lemberg
* The Last Dragon Herb Kauderer
* The Mariner and the Sacred Foal Catherine Brogdon
* The Queen of the Night Clay F. Johnson
* The Retirement of Mechagirl Cathrynne M. Valente
* The Revenge of Henrietta Lacks Cecilia Caballero
* The Third Law Justin T. O'Conor Sloane
* The Time Travel Tourism Bureau Chris Marchello
* The Wild Bunch Kate Meyer-Currey
* The Wreck of the Vigilance Michael H. Payne
* They came to New Mexico Arachelle
* Tiny House Kurt Newton
* Topsy Turvy Colleen Anderson
* Totems Deborah L. Davitt
* Toward Solstice Station Frank Coffman and Steven Withrow
* Tributes Gerri Leen
* Wendigo Trevor Livingston
* Whales Christina Sng
* What of Me, Goose Girl? (or, Hard Questions from the Horse Still on the Wall) Gerri Leen
* When the Girls Began to Fall Geneve Flynn
* Woman in Black, Girl in Pink Richard Stevenson
* Year's Walk Scott J. Couturier
--- Honorable Mentions -------
* Medusa Gets a Haircut Theodora Goss
* The Captain Flies Avi Silver
Short Poem
1 Confessions of a Spaceport AI Mary Soon Lee
2 Gravity Geoffrey A. Landis
3 The Butterfly Affect Linda D. Addison
--- Finalists -------
* "deep space Elvis" Greer Woodward
* "shedding photons" Rich Magahiz
* "The empires of old" Robin Wyatt Dunn
* A Banquet of Sugar & Tea Marge Simon
* A Martian Contemplates Earthrise K. B. Nelson
* A Monstrous Life Well Lived Elizabeth R. McClellan
* Adam-Ondi-Ahman Audrey Zheng
* Alice Anna Cates
* Anthony of Egypt, Professional Recluse and Patron Saint of Boneyards LindaAnn LoSchiavo
* As We Were Saying Goodnight Henry Crawford
* Aswang Mango: Santiago's Fantasia Vince Gotera
* Blood Spells Neile Graham
* Chernobyl Litany Gemma Files
* Cherry Blossoms (on Mourning a Distant Mother) E. F. Schraeder
* Cosmic Cooking Gretchen Tessmer
* Crossroads Tiffany Morris
* Curiosity Kills Alison Bainbridge
* Daedalus's Daughter Mary Soon Lee
* Dracula Among the Ruins Mari Ness
* Dragonrider Marie Vibbert
* Dragonslayer Priya Chand
* Dystopia Aminath Neena
* Even Surrounded by Light, She Disappears Lisa Creech Bledsoe
* Extrasolar Faeryland Avra Margariti
* Extremophile Lauren Scharhag
* Failed Space Colonists Herb Kauderer
* Field Trip to See the Mermaid Beth Cato
* Find Me Féi Hernandez
* Flying Horses Debasish Mishra
* Forbidden Haibun: Expand Francis W. Alexander
* Fragment of an Elegy Clay Franklin Johnson
* Futuristic Funerals Dante Novario
* Graffiti Goddess Noel Sloboda
* Gris-Gris Deborah L. Davitt
* Hallucinations Amirah Al Wassif
* Heart Tree John Reinhart
* Home's Threnody Olaitan Humble
* House Gravity Physics Sandra Lindow
* How Date Nights Bring You Ever Closer Terrie Leigh Relf
* How to Find Yourself Again Beth Cato
* In Corfu Irina Moga
* In Memory Yet Green Alan Ira Gordon
* In the Future We Will Live in Broken Houses Sandra Kasturi
* In the Library Annex Bruce Boston
* Ingenuity Deborah P. Kolodji
* Inheritance Geneve Flynn
* Interrupted Journey Tim Jones
* Lights Over the Midnight Desert David C. Kopaska-Merkel
* Little Black Box Anna Cates
* Little Red Loves Her Grandma Pankaj Khemka
* Michelangelo Carves David Into Medusa Ellie Howard
* Musée Dupuytren, Paris Carolyn Clink
* No More Prying Eyes Maxwell I. Gold
* Ode P. H. Low
* One of Us Louis Rosenberg
* Orchid Moon Lee Murray
* Our Stitching and Unstitching Hester J. Rook
* Pa and the Devil Susan E. Wagner
* Post Massacre Psyche Evaluation Abu Bakr Sadiq
* Princess Cat Robot Space Pirate Marie Vibbert
* Prologue: The Late Heavy Bombardment Ada Hoffmann
* Psychopomp M. J. Cunniff
* Radiance F. J. Bergmann
* Reasons to Leave the Path Jacqueline West
* Sea Gods Mary Soon Lee
* Sepulcher of Saints Ann K. Schwader
* Snails Denise Dumars
* Sonnet of the South American Sphinx Katherine Quevedo
* Sport on Mars P. S. Cottier
* Stratospherics 2 Akua Lezli Hope
* Stress Level Test (Self-Assessment) Pankaj Khemka
* SustainaCrock™ Rhian Bowley
* Swipples Craig Kurtz
* Sylvan Succubus Joshua Gage
* Thanks to Stanislav Petrov for Fairytales About Birds Elizabeth R. McClellan
* The Conglomerant David Davies
* The Conqueror Worm(hole) Linda D. Addison
* The Forbidden Path to Forgetting Daniel Ausema
* The Frozen North Marcie Lynn Tentchoff
* The Galaxies Have Reversed Their Course and Are Hurtling Towards One Another Andrea Schlecht
* The Other Crusoe David Barber
* The Problem of Bottling Troublesome Spirits Juleigh Howard-Hobson
* The Reality of Ghosts Yilin Wang
* The Tiny Goblin Ann Wuehler
* There can only be one Soul Princess Michelle Muenzler
* Tons of Liquid Oxygen Buckle Too Late Under Strain Eugen Bacon
* Under a Pale Moon Mark Meyer
* Unexpected Malfunction in the Xenobiology Monitoring System at Arcturus-IV Jordan Hirsch
* Wardrobe Malfunction Kyla Lee Ward
* Warrior Over Washington Adam Ford
* Watchmaker Carolyn Clink
* Ways of the Multiverse Vincent Miskell
* What The Time Travellers Stole L. X. Beckett
* What the Weed Whip Wanted Sandra J. Lindow
* When the Martian Wind Blows Lauren McBride
* Witch Flesh Stephanie Ellis
--- Honorable Mentions -------
* Dry Land Maria Zoccola
* Exquisite Lee Murray
* Our Translucent Bodies Devin Miller

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