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Titles Marked With This Tag:

Date Type Language Title Authors Parent Title Parent Authors Tags
1946-00-00 COLLECTION English Ghosts, Ghouls, and Gallows G. F. Marson     Bleiler78 (1)
1946-00-00 ANTHOLOGY English Strange and Fantastic Stories: Fifty Tales of Terror, Horror, and Fantasy Joseph A. Margolies     Bleiler78 (1)
1946-00-00 NOVEL English Summer in Three Thousand Peter Martin (1890-?)     Bleiler78 (1)
1946-00-00 NOVEL English The Unforeseen Dorothy Macardle     Bleiler78 (1)
1944-00-00 NOVEL English Rebirth Thomas Calvert McClary     Bleiler78 (1), death ray (1), memory removal ray (1), memory erasure (1)
1944-00-00 NOVEL English The Devil in Crystal Louis Marlow     Bleiler78 (1)
1943-00-00 NOVEL English Bats in the Belfry Norman Matson     Bleiler78 (1)
1942-05-00 NOVEL English The Uninvited Dorothy Macardle     Bleiler78 (1), weird (1), horror (1), ghosts (1), haunted house (1), fantasy (1)
1941-00-00 NOVEL English After the Afternoon Arthur MacArthur     Bleiler78 (1), fantastic adventure (1)
1939-00-00 NOVEL English Congratulate the Devil Andrew Marvell     Bleiler78 (1)
1939-00-00 NOVEL English Three Men Make a World Andrew Marvell     Bleiler78 (1)
1938-00-00 NOVEL English Minimum Man; or, Time to Be Gone Andrew Marvell     Bleiler78 (1)
1938-00-00 NOVEL English The Jewel of Mahabar Edison Marshall     Bleiler78 (1)
1937-00-00 NOVEL English The Border Line Walter S. Masterman     Bleiler78 (1)
1936-00-00 NOVEL English Body Made Alive: A Study in the Macabre John Marsh     Bleiler78 (1)
1936-00-00 COLLECTION English The Children of the Pool and Other Stories Arthur Machen     Bleiler78 (1)
1936-00-00 COLLECTION English The Cosy Room and Other Stories Arthur Machen     Bleiler78 (1)
1935-00-00 NOVEL English Dian of the Lost Land Edison Marshall     Bleiler78 (1), lost race (1)
1934-00-00 COLLECTION English Chapters for the Orthodox Don Marquis     Bleiler78 (1)
1934-00-00 COLLECTION English Dilemmas A. E. W. Mason     Bleiler78 (1)
1934-00-00 NOVEL English Ogden's Strange Story Edison Marshall     Bleiler78 (1), science fiction (1)
1933-00-00 COLLECTION English By Stygian Waters J. Cecil Maby     Bleiler78 (1)
1933-00-00 NOVEL English Death Rocks the Cradle: A Strange Tale Neil Bell     Bleiler78 (1)
1933-00-00 NOVEL English Man or Ape? Alder Martin-Magog     Bleiler78 (1)
1933-00-00 ANTHOLOGY English The Boy Scouts Year Book of Ghost and Mystery Stories Franklin K. Mathiews     Bleiler78 (1)
1932-00-00 NOVEL English The Flying Beast Walter S. Masterman     Bleiler78 (1), lost race (1)
1932-00-00 NOVEL English The Three Gentlemen A. E. W. Mason     Bleiler78 (1)
1931-00-00 NOVEL English Father Malachy's Miracle Bruce Marshall     Bleiler78 (1)
1931-00-00 NOVEL English Mr. Ciggers Goes to Heaven: A Satire Douglas Massie     Bleiler78 (1)
1931-00-00 NOVEL English Murder in the Mirror W. W. Masters     Bleiler78 (1)
1930-00-00 NOVEL English Beast or Man? Sean M'Guire     Bleiler78 (1), africa (1), lost race (1), apes (1), mutated apes (1)
1930-00-00 NOVEL English The Yellow Mistletoe Walter S. Masterman     Bleiler78 (1), lost race (1)
1928-00-00 NOVEL English Death in the Dusk Virgil Markham     Bleiler78 (1)
1928-00-00 COLLECTION English Simple People Archibald Marshall     Bleiler78 (1)
1927-00-00 NOVEL English Salter's Folly Graham Sutton     Bleiler78 (1)
1927-00-00 NOVEL English The Midnight Folk John Masefield     Bleiler78 (1), young-adult fantasy (1), juvenile fantasy (1), treasure (1), talking animals (1), cats (1)
1926-00-00 NOVEL English Flecker's Magic Norman Matson     Bleiler78 (1)
1925-00-00 NOVEL English The Pedlar M. Marshall     Bleiler78 (1)
1924-00-00 NOVEL English Orphan Island Rose Macaulay     Bleiler78 (1)
1924-00-00 COLLECTION English The Glorious Mystery Arthur Machen     Bleiler78 (1)
1924-00-00 NOVEL English The Water Devil Crittenden Marriott     Bleiler78 (1)
1920-00-00 NOVEL English The Flying Bo'sun: A Mystery of the Sea Arthur Mason     Google Books (1), Internet Archive (1), Bleiler78 (1)
1918-00-00 NOVEL English What Not, A Prophetic Comedy Rose Macaulay     Bleiler78 (1), Internet Archive (1)
1917-00-00 COLLECTION English Stories of the Cave People Mary E. Marcy     Bleiler78 (1), Google Books (1)
1917-10-00 COLLECTION English The Four Corners of the World A. E. W. Mason     Internet Archive (1), Google Books (1), Bleiler78 (1)
1916-11-00 NOVEL English The Stealers of Light: A Legend Marie, Queen of Roumania     Bleiler78 (1)
1915-00-00 NOVEL English He Conquered the Kaiser Capt. H. A. Mason     Bleiler78 (1)
1915-00-00 COLLECTION English The Angels of Mons Arthur Machen     Bleiler78 (1)
1915-00-00 COLLECTION English The Goddess of Ghosts C. C. Martindale     Bleiler78 (1)
1915-00-00 NOVEL English Upsidonia Archibald Marshall     Internet Archive (1), Google Books (1), Bleiler78 (1)
1911-00-00 NOVEL English The Gold Makers Nathaniel P. McCoy     Bleiler78 (1)
1910-12-00 NOVEL English A Message from the Gods: A Mystery Play J. P. Quinton     Bleiler78 (1)
1910-00-00 NOVEL English The Moon God's Secret: A Tale of the Tropical Pacific Robert M. MacDonald     Bleiler78 (1)
1909-09-00 NOVEL English The Isle of Dead Ships Crittenden Marriott     Bleiler78 (1)
1908-00-00 NOVEL English A Pilgrim's Progress in Other Worlds: Recounting the Wonderful Adventures of Ulysum Storries and His Discovery of the Lost Star 'Eden' Nettie Parrish Martin     Bleiler78 (1)
1908-00-00 NOVEL English The Evacuation of England: The Twist in the Gulf Stream L. P. Gratacap     Google Books (1), Bleiler78 (1)
1908-00-00 NOVEL English The Iron Detective of Germany: A Comedy of the Near Future H. P. Fitzgerald Marriott     Bleiler78 (1)
1908-00-00 NOVEL English The Mad Scientist: A Tale of the Future Raymond Alfred Leger and Edward Richard McDonald     Bleiler78 (1)
1907-00-00 NOVEL English Shoes of Iron: A Tale of Witch Town William McChesney Martin     Bleiler78 (1)
1905-00-00 NOVEL English A Spoiler of Men Richard Marsh     Google Books (1), Internet Archive (1), Bleiler78 (1)
1905-00-00 NOVEL English An Equal Opportunity: A Plea for Individualism W. Dennis Marks     Bleiler78 (1)
1905-00-00 NOVEL English The Dryad Justin Huntly McCarthy     Bleiler78 (1), Google Books (1), Internet Archive (1)
1904-00-00 NOVEL English Fantasma Land Charles Raymond Macauley     Bleiler78 (1)
1903-00-00 NOVEL English The Crimson Dice George Nox McCain     Bleiler78 (1)
1903-05-23 NOVEL English The King of Kor; or She's Promise Kept Sidney J. Marshall     Bleiler78 (1)
1903-03-00 NOVEL English The Magnetic Girl Richard Marsh     Google Books (1), Bleiler78 (1)
1902-00-00 NOVEL English The Haunted Major Robert Marshall     Internet Archive (1), Google Books (1), Bleiler78 (1)
1901-00-00 NOVEL English Beyond the Black Ocean Rev. T. McGrady     Bleiler78 (1), Internet Archive (1)
1901-00-00 COLLECTION English Both Sides of the Veil Richard Marsh     Google Books (1), Bleiler78 (1)
1901-00-00 CHAPBOOK English The Man from Mars Carra Depuy Henley     Bleiler78 (1)
1900-00-00 NOVEL English A Second Coming Richard Marsh     Bleiler78 (1)
1900-02-00 COLLECTION English Marvels and Mysteries Richard Marsh     Internet Archive (1), Google Books (1), Bleiler78 (1)
1900-00-00 SHORTFICTION English The Billionaire: A Peep into the Future Archibald McCowan     Bleiler78 (1)
1900-08-00 COLLECTION English The Seen and the Unseen Richard Marsh     Google Books (1), Bleiler78 (1)
1899-00-00 NOVEL English The Watchers A. E. W. Mason     Internet Archive (1), Google Books (1), Bleiler78 (1)
1898-00-00 NOVEL English An Episode in the Doings of the Dualized Eveleen Laura Mason     Google Books (1), Bleiler78 (1)
1898-00-00 COLLECTION English Curios: Some Strange Adventures of Two Bachelors Richard Marsh     Bleiler78 (1)
1898-00-00 NOVEL English Tom Ossington's Ghost Richard Marsh     Internet Archive (1), Google Books (1), Bleiler78 (1), Librivox (1)
1897-00-00 NOVEL English The Beetle: A Mystery Richard Marsh     Bleiler78 (1), Google Books (1), pgm (1), Librivox (1), weird (1)
1897-00-00 NOVEL English The Blood of the Vampire Florence Marryat     Bleiler78 (1), psychic vampires (1), vampires (1)
1896-00-00 COLLECTION English Tales of Fantasy and Fact Brander Matthews     Bleiler78 (1), pgm (1), Google Books (1), Internet Archive (1)
1896-00-00 NOVEL English The City of Gold: A Tale of Sport, Travel and Adventure in the Heart of the Dark Continent Edward Markwick     Bleiler78 (1), Google Books (1)
1895-00-00 NOVEL English Lilith George MacDonald     Bleiler78 (1), pgm (1), fantasy (1), NESFA Core Reading List (1)
1895-00-00 NOVEL English Thomas Boobig: A Complete Enough Account of His Life and Singular Disappearance Luther Marshall     Bleiler78 (1)
1894-00-00 NOVEL English The Dead Man's Message: An Occult Romance Florence Marryat     Bleiler78 (1)
1894-00-00 COLLECTION English The Great God Pan and The Inmost Light Arthur Machen     Bleiler78 (1), Internet Archive (1)
1893-01-00 NOVEL English The Devil's Diamond Richard Marsh     Google Books (1), Bleiler78 (1), Internet Archive (1)
1893-08-00 NOVEL English The Mahatma's Pupil Richard Marsh     Google Books (1), Bleiler78 (1)
1891-00-00 NOVEL English The Hidden City Walt McDougall     Bleiler78 (1)
1891-00-00 COLLECTION English With My Friends: Tales Told in Partnership Brander Matthews     Bleiler78 (1), Internet Archive (1)
1889-00-00 NOVEL English Hiero-Salem: The Vision of Peace, a Fiction Founded on Ideals Which Are Grounded in the Real, That Is Greater Than the Greatest of All Human Great Ideals Eveleen Laura Mason     Bleiler78 (1), Google Books (1)
1888-00-00 COLLECTION English Madame Silva M. G. McClelland     Bleiler78 (1)
1888-00-00 NOVEL English Madame Silva M. G. McClelland     Bleiler78 (1)
1888-00-00 COLLECTION English The Chronicle of Clemendy Arthur Machen     Bleiler78 (1)
1872-00-00 COLLECTION English Arabesques: Monarč, Apollyona, Domitia, Ombra Mrs. Richard S. Greenough     Bleiler78 (1)
1872-00-00 NOVEL English Kennaquhair: A Narrative of Utopian Travel Theophilus M'Crib     Bleiler78 (1)
1871-00-00 SHORTFICTION English Chapters from Future History: The Battle of Berlin (Die Schlacht von Köningsberg) Motly Ranke McCauley     Bleiler78 (1), Google Books (1)
1864-00-00 NOVEL English The Portent George MacDonald     Bleiler78 (1)
1858-00-00 NOVEL English Phantastes: A Faerie Romance for Men and Women George MacDonald     Bleiler78 (1), pgm (1), Librivox (1), mysticism (1), fantasy (1), [NESFA Core Reading List] (1)
1839-00-00 NOVEL English The Phantom Ship Frederick Marryat     Bleiler78 (1), pgm (1), Internet Archive (1), Flying Dutchman (1), weird (1)
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