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Index to Science Fiction Anthologies and Collections by William G. Contento. This is a top-flight bibliography which not only supplies an index, but also collates that data into per-book listings.

Date of first publication, page numbers, and the sheer volume of information. All pre-1984 collections and anthologies submitted to the ISFDB are cross-checked with this index.
There's no attempt to organize each author's bibliography. Much short fiction is marked with series information, but there is no consise listings of series (ala Tuck) nor any implied order. Although quite comprehensive, some books covered by Tuck are missing. Publication data on many items is limited to the publisher, date, and format of the book (hardcover or paperback); most catalog numbers, page counts, and prices are missing. As it concentrates on content, publications which differ in content are included, but the various printings of books are not otherwise noted.

See for access to it.