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R. Reginald. Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature: A Checklist, 1700-1974, with Contemporary Science Fiction Authors II, Detroit, MI, Gale Research Co., October 1979, ISBN 0-8103-1051-1, OCLC 473566244, LCCN 76-046130, 1141p.

Published in two volumes:

  • Volume 1 - Indexes to the Literature
    • Introduction
    • List of Abbreviations
    • Author Index to Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature
      • Addendum to Author Index
    • Title Index
    • Series Index
    • Awards Index
      • World Science Fiction Conventions
      • Science Fiction Writers of America Officers
      • Awards
      • Name Index
      • Statistical Tables
    • Ace and Belmont Double Index
  • Volume 2 - Contemporary Science Fiction Authors II
    • Contemporary Science Fiction Authors II
    • Pictorial History of Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing
    • Afterword

The Author Index in Volume 1 is alphabetically ordered by author. Birth and death years are given if known. It is also noted, when applicable, that an author's biography is included in Volume 2. Works without author credit are listed with the title replacing that of the author.

Titles within each author's section are listed alphabetically, assigning a number to each one. Only the first edition of each title is referenced, unless the work was later published under a different title or pseudonym. These latter listings are given the same number as the original title, but add an alphabetical suffix.

Each title referenced provides the following data: Title. Publisher, City, Year, Pages, Binding (Cloth or Paper), Type (Novel, Coll., Anth., Nonf., Tele., or Movie {the last two being novelizations}), [Series (if applicable)]. It is also noted if the publication is revised, expanded or abridged. Omnibuses are typed as "Coll.".

Limitations: As noted above, only first editions (with qualified exceptions) are referenced. Contents for collections and anthologies are not given, but any abridgment or deviation of contents is noted. Prices are not provided. Neither catalog numbers nor ISBNs are provided, except in the Ace/Belmont Doubles listing. No art (cover or interior) is credited.