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This is an ISFDB Bibliographic Comments page for the author (or artist or editor) AuthorHeader. This page may be used for bibliographic comments or extended notes about the author, or discussion on how to the author's works are to be recorded . The link above leads to the ISFDB summary record for AuthorHeader. Please use Bio:AuthorHeader for a biographical sketch of this person. To discuss what should go on this page, use the talk page. For more on this and other header templates, see Header templates.


This template provides a standard header for bibliography & comment pages in the ISFDB (normally found in the "Author:" namespace). It provides a link to the author or artist's summery bibliography in the ISFDB database, using {{A}}.


Please place this template at the top (first line) of an author page.

It may be called as:


(which will take the author name from the page name, and form the link accordingly). This format should be used in almost every case.

or as

{{AuthorHeader|name=<Author Name>}}

(which will display the link with the name specified in the name parameter. This might be useful when there are different forms of the author name in use.)

In the very very unusual case that the wiki page has a name that is NOT the name of the author to be linked to in the DB, or when the name includes special characters such as ( or ) or ', call this template as


or as



There are two optional parameters:

name This is the text used for the link display. It defaults to the page name or the altName parameter, if specified. If altName is specified, name should probably be specified as well.

altName This is the name of the author. It can be used to directly link to the author via <author_id>, in case the author's name contains special characters (which would be transformed by the URLENCODE process used by {{A}} to auto-convert URL encodings, but also converts other non-alphanumeric characters to UTF-8) or in the very rare case where the wiki page has a different name that the author page in the db to which a link is desired.


The following alternate names redirect to this template, and may be used in place of this template.

Documentation source

This is documentation for the template AuthorHeader, transcluded from AuthorHeader/Doc.