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I collect ARCs. I specialize and look for ARCs that are the first book of an author, the first book in a series, and books set in or that reference the Space Industry in my current residence, Huntsville Alabama.

Orbital Decay is a ringer in on all three. First book in a series, by a semi-local Author, with scenes set in Huntsville, and it's the authors first novel.

  • ARC - Ace - On the Shelf.jpg
  • Yes... I have two of this ARC. I'm saving one for a Charity Auction someday. I purchased both of these from the local Library donated books store.
  • ARC - Ace - On the Table.jpg
  • Hmm - The cover already has one quote.
  • ARC - Ace - Copyright.jpg
  • Notice the Special Edition printing history... which disappears in the MMPB. Also no Numberline in the ARC

  • Von Neumann's War is a ringer on two / three. First book in a series (planned), by an author who lives a few miles away, with 70%+ of the book set in Huntsville (disregarding the Eiffal Tower on the cover). (PS - Anyone have an ARC of Warp Speed? - It's at the top of my want list.
  • ARC - Baen - White and Black Spine - On the Shelf.jpg
  • There are two ARCs in this shot. Baen ARCs used to always have the white label, but recently the ARCs have been the same color as the Spine of the released book. Both of these ARCs were gifts from the Author and the Publisher. Imagine this book on a used bookstore shelf...
  • ARC - Baen - On the Table.jpg
  • From the front... it looks like a TP Edition.
  • ARC - Baen - with ARC ISBN.jpg
  • Notice that Baen issued a separate ISBN just for the ARC.
  • ARC - Baen - Copyright.jpg
  • Hey - I hadn't noticed the copyright change. I'll have to ask if this ARC was actually being circulated for 12+ months prior to publication. Note the full numberline

  • Well... it involves the Space industry... I don't recall any other details off the top of my head....I know I bought it for a reason.
  • ARC - Tor - Spine.jpg
  • It looks like Tor is either using Black or is matching the 'released' spine color. This ARC was purchased at a local used book store. (What can I say... there is alot of space industry locally, and alot of review copies end up in our local stores)
  • ARC - Tor - On Table.jpg
  • Tor differentiates the ARC's by printing the cover in reverse. The blurb's / Notes are on the front while the cover art is on the back.
  • ARC - Tor - Copyright.jpg
  • Copyright page of the ARC appears as if it is complete for the HC... but I don't have a HC to compare it to. Note the full numberline.