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DRAFT ebook guidelines and pointers DRAFT Some generic ebook guidelines, and commentary that needs to be put into the Wiki sometime, somewhen, somewhere, and I may begin sprinkling some of it around on some publisher pages. This is my work in progress thoughts. Feel free to comment on anything here on the discussion page

ebook Publishers

  • Links to 'in' works should be made to the highest level in order to avoid linking to every marketplace a book is available (But once highest level link is present, other links to Partners and resellers should be allowed) - Remember, we are a resource to allow people to find books they want or may want, or more info about books they already have)
    • Fictionwise is both a reseller and a Publisher
      • Link to Fictionwise when it or one of thier partners is the publisher (e.g. wildwide, e-reads, and others), otherwise link to the publisher page (Ace, etc)
        • Often Fictionwise has the book for sale before the publisher updates thier catalog (See Ace, etc)


  • Began as the epublisher partner of Baen. It has since branched out and is the original epublisher partner of several print houses (Sub Press, Night Shade) and is a Reseller of some other epublishers works (E-reads, SRM), and a one time partner of others (Tor)

Webscription / Baen

  • Baen original works should be linked to

Webscription / Tor

  • Tor original works published by Webscription should be linked to

Webscription / Sub Press

  • Sub Press original works published by Webscription should be linked to

Webscription / Night Shade Books

  • Night Shade original works published by Webscription should be linked to


Fictionwise / Wildside


  • Tor is a publisher. Tor has Partnered with webscriptions for some title, and has allowed some other titles to be released through some of the various encrypted formats (eReader, Mobi, etc). Tor also publishes short fiction directly on its website (but gives the works away for free at this time).
    • Works published on Tor's website should link to the story on
    • Works published through Webscription should link to Webscription as Webscription reformats and republishes the work.
    • Works published through various encrypted formats appear to claim St. Martins Press as the publisher..More research needed.



Subteranean Press

Night Shade Books

Wildside Press



Pointers and guidelines

In or Out

Ebook publishers have to cross a fuzzy line in order to warrant inclusion.

Must meet all conditions for inclusion

  • Downloadable work. (Webzines and Blogs are 'right out')
  • Stable Source. (2 Years in operation?) - No fly by night or brand new startups
    • Stability for startup web-publishing can be inherited from a parent name (e.g. A print Publisher beginning e-publishing)
    • Stability is also often indicated by a catalog number assignment (See gutenberg, feedbooks, fictionwise, webscription) which can accept permalinks
  • Actual Publishing, Not merely repackaging another source.
    • Excludes which literally repackages gutenberg editions
    • Does not exclude feedbooks which adds coverart, author bios, other works available, and removes the gutenberg headers

Must meet one or more conditions for inclusion

  • Known Work (Work has been previously published and is already considered 'in' in one of its publications)
  • Known Author (previously published in the field - Work has 'merit')
  • Known Publisher (Publisher has 'standing' in the field as an acceptable bar to entry to prevent generic fan fic and similar cruft from getting indexed)
  • ISBN Assigned (Someone spent money on an ISBN to publish the work)