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Titles for Gutenberg and/or Distributed Proofreaders to Harvest.

Clearable Titles with Images Available Online

A-L (by Author)

M-Q (by Author)

  • Rose Macaulay - What Not, A Prophetic Comedy 1919 - at IA
  • Macauleylink title, Charles Raymond (With Bangs); Emblemland; 1902; At Google
  • Motly Ranke McCauley; Chapters from Future History: The Battle of Berlin: Die Schlacht von Königsberg; 1890; at Google
  • McCarthy, The Dryad; 1905; at Google. **Mentioned in Fantasy Encyc. Clute.
  • McCord, Peter; Wolf; Cave-dweller; at Google.
  • MacDonald, Robert M.; The Moon God's Secret; 1910; at IA
  • McGrady, Thomas; Beyond the Black Ocean; 1901; at IA
  • Paine, Albert Bigelow
    • The Great White Way; 1901 at IA
    • The Mystery of Evelyn Delorme; at IA

R-Z (by Author)

Clearable Titles with No Images Available (To be rechecked periodically)

Titles A-Z (by Author)

  • M. Urquhart
    • The Island of Souls; Being a Sensational Fairy-Tale; 1910

Clearable Titles with No Images available, That might not be SF

Titles A-Z (by Author)

  • M. Urquhart
    • Our lady of the mists. A romance of memory; 1907
    • The fool of faery; 1910