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I’m a recreational Sci-Fi writer with a life-long love of science fiction, aviation, and military history. I also like shiny objects and loud noises. I have written military sci-fi and Young Adult sci-fi novels, which are in paperback and Kindle form on I’ve always enjoyed reading, and a few years ago started making a determined effort to write a complete novel. Now, I’m into my third novel in the Birthright series, and the most gratifying thing I can see is when somebody buys the sequel to the initial book. It tells me that, yes, there are other people out there who enjoy the world and images I’ve created. I started this just to amuse myself, but I really like the thought that others look forward to the story I’ve had rolling around my head all these years.

As of April 2012, I have three novels published on Amazon's Kindle market. I also have a blog at:

Please drop by and say hi!