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Hi I'm Me. You can email me if you need to contact me.

References Available

I have the following References available if someone needs something looked up as a secondary source.

  1. Everett Bleiler's 1978 The Checklist of Science-Fiction and Supernatural Fiction
  2. Peter Nicholls' 1979 The Science Fiction Encyclopedia
  3. Peter Nicholls' & John Clute's 1993 The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

Authors I try to keep an eye on

Complete or Near Complete collections

I have many but not all titles

Current Projects

Bleiler 1978

I am currently inputting Bleiler's Checklist (1978).

Current Author Alphabet Letter: M and L

Interim Status: All Authors entered through Mac/Mc. Still alot of cleanup on those authors though.

Completed Author Alphabet Letters: (none)

To Do list

Fix Cosmic Tales

IA Nitka Archives todo list / Notes (147 Titles)

Allan Cunningham - Traditional Tales

  • Add 1874 edition from google
  • Add 1822 Volume 2 Edition from Google
  • Add 1822 Volume 1, based on 2nd volume at Google
  • Add Bio information from Google
  • Finish Merging Haunted Ship

Aubrey Devil-Tree

  • New York: New Amsterdamn Book $1.50
  • Illustrations by Leigh Ellis and Fred Hyland

Biblio Notes for submitted pubs

Bleiler Checklist Checklist

  • Check Name
    • ISFDB
    • Gutenberg
  • Check Name/Title
    • ISFDB
    • Gutenberg
    • Internet Archive
    • Google Books
  • Enter IA/Google Books Publications
    • Check Publisher in ISFDB
      • Pick Publisher Canonical Name
      • Update Publisher Wiki in ISFDB
    • Add Publication
  • Update Author
  • Tag (Bleiler78, Google Books, Internet Archive, pgX)

Ebay Search List

  • Fantasma Land, Charles Raymond Macauley
    • From an online bookshop "A semi-creepy fantasy tale for children in the Oz or Alice vein, illustrated with equally semi-creepy engravings printed against a tan background. Includes such characters as The Fantasm, the Sumatopoppih, the Dismal Banshee, The Itinerant Tinker, the Jibjaub, the Glubwub, etc., visiting such places as The Old Witches' Home and the Land of Undiscovered Ideas. Dedicated to the author's daughter, Clara, who looks in her photo to be afraid of whatever is looking at her."

Publisher Template

Variant Names for xxxx

Variant Locations for xxxx