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NAL is the usual abbreviation for the "New American Library", in much the same way that "NEL" is the "New English Library".

Founded in 1948 by the people that set up Penguin Books Inc (PBI) in the USA, ownership has changed several times and has ended up back with the Penguin Publishing Group. For ISFDB purposes, the Signet imprint is more common and the Mentor imprint appears here too.

Usual ISBN Prefix 0451, although that is shared with Signet and Mentor.

Wikipedia:New American Library

"New American Library (NAL) began life as Penguin U.S.A. and as part of Penguin Books of England. ... "Penguin made the decision to terminate the association and the New American Library of World Literature was founded in 1948 ..."
"In 1960 Times Mirror of Los Angeles bought NAL; however, NAL continued to operate autonomously within the Mirror Company and management remained unchanged. In 1983 Odyssey Partners and Ira J. Hechler bought NAL ..."
"In 1985 New American Library acquired E.P. Dutton ..."
"In 1987, the NAL was reintegrated into the Penguin Publishing Company ..."

New American Library of World Literature, Inc.

In 1961 through NALWL [, Inc.], Times-Mirror [Company agreed to] acquired 51% each of British paperback publishers Ace Books, Ltd., and Four Square Books, Ltd., from tobacco company Godfrey Phillips, Ltd., which retained 49%. For purpose in part to distribute NAL paperbacks in the British Commonwealth. --LA Times 1961-03-30 pB1, [NYT -03-30 p46], WSJ -03-30 p16, et al; LA Times 1961-05-05 pC9 reports the purchase complete.
See ISFDB publisher: Four Square Books