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This page is the wiki-page for the imprint ImprintHeader. This page may be used for extended notes about the imprint, including alternate names, changes of ownership, associated imprints, locations, etc. The link above leads to the ISFDB record for ImprintHeader. To discuss what should go on this page, please use the talk page.

For more on this and other header templates, see Header templates.


This template is to put a standard header for an imprint's page in the Publisher namespace which includes both publishers and their imprints. The header will contain a link to the database record for the imprint. It will also place the page into Category: Imprints. To keep the signal/noise ratio as high as possible please only use this header for imprints that have verifiable source documentation. See some of the existing imprints in the category for how they are documenting the source of the imprint's name.


Please include this template at the top of an imprint's page.

Call it as:

{{ImprintHeader|id=<Record number>}}

or as

{{ImprintHeader|<Record number>}}


There is one required parameter:

id This must be the record number of the publisher/imprint record in the ISFDB database. It can also be specified as the first unnamed parameter.

Documentation source

This is documentation for the template ImprintHeader, transcluded from ImprintHeader/Doc.