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Harry Potter, Land of Stories,
started Percy Jackson (knows Riordan), Neverending Story
simplified Odyssey, Beowulf
librarian lists Inkheart, Thief Lord; Nicholas Flamel; Peculiar Children

William Morris

2019-06 two "state" of one edition/format?

Diamond Master 1st 1909 --stamped printer statement
Son of Perdition 1st 1912 --presence of back page adverts
Lair of the White Worm 1st 1913? --different back page adverts

Encyc Fantasy

lwsf Cawthorn 4126 (3)
elsf Collier 1160 (30)
elsf Moorcock 140 (131 as MM)
elsf Stableford 556 (53)
el f Stonier 119544 (12)

born 1900 to 1919 (female)

born 1900 to 1919 (male)

-Eliade, -Fagunwa, -Irwin, -Lafferty, -Langley, -Leiber, -Lerner, -O'Brien, -Page, -Marilyn Ross(?), -Rubião, -Simpson, -Skinner, -Woolf

Holden & Hardingham (BL 177 hits [n.d.] and 1912/1922

7-penny hc and 6-penny paper reprint series

Croker, Village Tales and Jungle Tragedies T891487

1895 Chatto --PVChavey ; add o[83549419] mentions frontispiece
Od£ 1896 Chatto as New ed o[154261030]
O. 1913 Chatto --new impression presumed, with support from the 1913 H&H viewed at HDL

H&H "A New Impression / With a Frontispiece by John Charlton

O.£ 1913 H&H 7-penny as Jungle Tales --title leaf only revised

Hume, The Island of Fantasy T10988233

1892 Griffith
1892us Lovell
1893 Griffith
1895us USBC
1905 Fenno
BO.£ 1914 H&H 6-penny --Abridged or 1000/page?
els  Jacques Futrelle 20118 (16) --Van Dusen, the Thinking Machine

The Diamond Master

LOH..i 1909 Bobbs-Merrill
BO.£ 1912 H&H 7-penny
OI?. ???? A. L. Burt collection --PV Rtraced

Undated collection A.L. Burt -- The Haunted Bell, 213-[305] -- no back pages OCLC 6837875

Od$ 2005 Project Gutenberg #14896

("the diamond master" futrelle) 1908/19 (32: 0 8 12 3 6 0 2 1 0 0 0 0)

1915 The Billboard 1915-09-25 p52 --The Universal has purchased ... for Universal Broadway features
1914-02-27 p22 --The Eclair Co. 3-realler for release March 4 ; -02-13 p23 "made into a three-reel photoplay by the Eclair Co."
[1] 1912-04-27 p536 (UK)
1911 retailer adverts
[2] The Dial 1909-09-16 p188ff "Announcement List of Fall Books" tDM by JF illus by Clarence F. Underwood (serial illustrator), $1.00
-10-21 NY Observer and Chronicle p534 Books Received; -10-23 DFP p7 Novels New This Week

Caleb Lewis, Almost Fairy Children or The Cozy Evenings of Brother and Sister, illus George F. Kerr $1.25 1909-07 Price from [same as The Diamond Master] HDL o[3]

A fisherman, Uncle Tanner, tells 12 stories on 12 nights to two children. Chapters unnumbered and I to XII.
about 140x280=40000 words

Edwin Herbert Lewis o[17682350] Q uncertain identity

.George F. Kerr 113170
Caleb Lewis --niVIAF
 lw .Herman Pfeifer 188130 (8)
 lw .Clarence F. Underwood 37673 (29) 
elw  B. M. Croker 111153 (23) 
 w   Raymond Paton 238246 --niVIAF [3]

Autumn 2019

British Library search

Project Gutenberg ("Report Errors")

steps (107): 25 + 36 = 61; 4 22 20 +46 = 107

author "William Morris (in error)"

Lost Continents: The Atlantis ... T102357

1954 Gnome Kirkus as 1954-04-15
1970 Dover --reprint, or revised republication (many as ISBN, 22cm; few others)
1975 Ballantine o[4]

el f Sir Richard Francis Burton 123763 (172) --doubt the canonical name

Vikram, coll 11 of 25 tales T2475178 --CHECK newspapers

(Sir) Richard (F)(rancis) Burton [post-nominal]
Devilry / Deviltry

HDL 1870 93 93(2, 243) 1969([1969] xxi 243) 85(xxi 243 [15]) 89(xix 243)

HathiTrust Digital Library provides full view of one copy with original cover
(front cover) Vikram and the Vampire by Richard F. Burton \Griset
(half title) Tales of Hindu Devilry
t.p. 1870 "adapted by Richard F. Burton, F.R.G.S. &c." \33 by Griset
Preface, [vii]-xix; Contents, [xxi]-ii, List of Illustrations, [xxiii]-iv (33, or 17 plus frontispiece plus 15 plates not included in the pagination); p[1]-319
1893 and later, all 243pp, edited by Isabel Burton
1893 Memorial edition (100525720: 2, xxi 243 [15]) --2 Harvard; 1 from Peabody Museum evidently with original cover
[(100525720: 2, xxi 243 [15]) t.p. 1893] "Memorial Edition."
"adapted by Captain Sir Richard F. Burton, K.C.M.G. F.R.G.S. &c. &c. &c."
"edited by his wife, Isabel Burton."
Contents, [vii]-viii; List of Illustrations, ix-x; Preface to the Memorial Edition, xi-xiii; Preface to the First ..., xiii-xxi; [xxiii] dedication; Introduction + 11 + Conclusion, p[1]-243; printer statement, [244]; "By the Same Author", [245-47]
1969 PV Don Erikson as "Sir Richard Burton, no mention of editor; front cover image "&" and "Sir Richard F. Burton"
0000 Dover P249169 --that is, title with "&" and "Deviltry"; author with "F."; date unknown; identical ISBN/Publisher/Price/Pages; format "tp"
1870 Longmans \Griset -HDL xxiv 319 [16] (33 illustrations)
1969 Dover \Griset xxi 243 [16] ; [adapted by] Richard F. Burton ; edited by Isabel Burton
"Reprint. Originally published: London : Longmans, Green & Co., 1870. // Adapted from the Vetālapañcaviṃśati."

"Sir Richard Francis Burton" is merely the canonical name of Burton at LC and WorldCat (and so is "Sir Richard F. Burton" at Open Library). The library records report credit as "Richard Francis Burton, F.G.R.S. &c." ...

publisher Dover Publications

tp pb hc unk
1963, 5 - 1 1 (none)
1964, 2 1 2 2 (1 PV as hc)
1965, 1 - - - (none)
1966, 3 - 3 - (3 PV as 2tp 1hc)
1967, 2 - - - (2 ISBN, 1 PV)
1968, 7 - 1 1 (3 ISBN, 5 PV as tp)
1969, 1 1 - - (1 ISBN, 1 PV as pb Don Erikson)
1970, 1 1 - - (all2 ISBN, 1 PV as tp Dfrank)
1971, 4 - - 1 (all5 ISBN, 2 PV)
1972, 10 - - - (all10 ISBN, 5 PV)

Dover Publications --search format by decade

1940s - - 1 -
1950s 1 2 7 7 (17: no ISBN, 3 PV as 2hc 1pb)
1960s 27 3 9 7 (46: 15 PV as 11 1 3 -)
1970s 45 1 1 1 (48: 20 PV as 19 - 1 -)
1980s 12 2 - - 1ph (15: 4 PV as 3tp 1ph)
1990s (49: 16 PV as 15 1 - -)
Thrift 41 5 - - 31ebook (PV 11 as tp, 2 as pb both Don Erikson) 430501 192365
--that is, Dover Thrift Editions, as from 1991; 31 as ebook, as from 2012

PV as pb (6) include two Flatland as 1950s and 4 Don Erikson.

publisher Longman(s) line

Osborn & Longman --q
J. Osborn --q
1798 ---- 1 T. Longman --NOT LINKED to others as of 2019-12-09)
1805 1807 3 Longman, Hurst, Rees and Orme -- [two more partners 1804 -EN]
1811 1819 2 Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown -- [from 1811 -EN implies]
1824 ---- 1 Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown and Green -- [from 1824 as "&" -EN] --?SHDBE ", and Green"?
1826 1828 4 Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green
1835 1837 3 Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green & Longman --?SHDBE ", and Longman"?
--nidb-- Longman, Rees & Co. found in newspaper adverts The Keepsake for 1834 (late 1833) Fo[5](107) --of which #8-#94 as 1826 to 1837; evidently contemporary to both of "Longman Rees, Orme, ..."
1838 1845 7 Longman, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longmans
1848 1849 4 Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans
1860 ---- 1 Longman, Green, Longman & Roberts
Fo[6](526) --inclg catalogues 1859 and 1860 as ", and Roberts"
1870 ---- 1 Longmans, Green, Reader, & Dyer

1867 to 1870 publication records

1870 as Longmans, Green, Reader, & Dyer
1867, 1869, 1870 as Longmans, Green and Co. --4 inclg [a] maybe spurious 1867 or 1869; [b] one spurious 1870 Sir Richard Francis Burton

(none as Longmans, Rees, & Co., expected 1830s)

el   Elizabeth M. Sewell 243865 (28) --aka Mrs. Sewell

CHECK newspapers

("uncle peter's fairy tale") 1868--1869 (36 from 1868-10-24)

[8] Ath 2139 -10-24 p521 "New Works of the Present Season" (as L G Reader & Dyer); this one "[In November."
2142 -11-14 "Works in General Literature" (same); this one "Fcap. 8vo. price 7s. 6d.   [Nearly ready."
2146 -12-12 [9] New Work Edited by Miss Sewell "On Thursday next [ie -12-24], ... XIXth ..."
-12-19 Sat rvw "New Works", listing without qualification; The Spectator p1506 "Publications of the Week"
Ath 2148 -12-26 [10] "Our Children's Book Stall" 883/84 and "List of New Books" 884 --review with discussion of authorship "... edited by Miss Swewll, whose Preface fails to satisfy me that she is not the author of the volume, about which she says, [quote entire paragraph]. That's what he lady says ... [anyway] she can have no reason, apart from justice to another person, for wishing that the work should not be attributed to her pen. ... writing which almost any writer of trifles might be proud of having produced.
2149 1869-01-02 "New Works" (yet L G Reader, and Dyer) --BESIDE advert QJScience by LONGMANS, GREEN, and CO.
2155 -02-13 p231 "New Works" (" ") --
[11] The Book Buyer -03-15 p19-27 "English Publications. // Scribner, Welford & Co., // ... Bulletin of Books Received During the Past Month"; this one p5 of 9, "One thick volume 16mo., cloth [...] 3 75"
#32-36 1869 May/Oct "Children's Literature" by Yonge

el f  Richard Doyle 157832 (57)

("in fairyland" doyle) 1869--1870 (70, from 1869-10-09)

[12] Ath 2189 -10-09 p453 "New Works" (footer "Reader, and Dyer"); this one "In flio, with 16 Plates containing 36 Designs printed in Colours, price 31s. 6d. [Early in November."
-10-23 p519 "[same] [On November 6."
also p540 standalone "New Christmas Books by Richard Doyle" (footer L Green, and Co.") "On November 6 will be published ..." [13]
2192 -10-30 p573 [same] "On Saturday next, November 6, ..."
Am Lit Gaz -11-01 p16 "Announcements" Appleton & Co. includes this one (no price)
2193 -11-06 p583 [same] "This day is published, ..." [14] --BESIDE "New Works" as L G Reader, and Dyer
2194 -11-13 p612 [same] "Just published, ...
[15] Am Lit Gaz -12-01 p562 "1869-70. Splendid Gift Books, for the Holiday Season, published by D. Appleton & Co., New York."; this one last of 7, price $15

HDL: Richard Doyle (1824-1883) (62 hits, from 1845)

(1850, Fairy Tales from All Nations, Montalba --not found this search)
1851 and later, The King of the Golden River
1851, The Story of Jack
1865, An Old Fairy Tale
1888, Jack
1891?, The Doyle Fairy Book, transl. Anthony R. Montalba, 582p
1903, The Enchanted Doll
1973, Beauty and the Beast, a manuscript
1979, In Fairy Land / The Princess Nobody --NOVIEW
2001, In Fairyland: An Anthology --NOVIEW
1867 1961 ~200 Longmans, Green and Co.
1892 1949 6 Longmans, Green and Co. (US)
1941 1970 23 Longmans
1943 1969 39 Longmans (Canada)

User:Pwendt/People/Mary Shelley --new 2019-12-16

initially containing The Keepsake and other publishers or people associates

el f Matthew Gregory Lewis 631 (116) --mis-credited for Tales of Terror and thus for such as Tales of Wonder and Terror
EoF: "The Castle Spectre (1798) is Gothic Horror, but One o'Clock!, or The Knight and the Wood Daemon (1811 chap; vt The Wood Daemon, or The Clock Has Struck! US) is a fantasy. ... [ --nidb ]
... bibliographical confusion surrounds MGL's ballad anthology Tales of Wonder (anth 1801 2 vols). The contents of the first volume, consisting of works by MGL and several others, were later reprinted in the Morley's Universal Library volume Tales of Terror and Wonder (anth 1887) along with a collection of parodies which had appeared as Tales of Terror (coll 1801), falsely advertised as MGL's work."

Tales of Wonder ANTHOLOGY --multiple versions --verse only? verse by Lewis, prose by others? --ISFDB version 2009 only, no Contents

1800, only 32 tales (per LC)
(2 vol) 1801 -HDL(1)


  • (2 vol in 1) 60 tales t.p. VOL. I. "written and collected by M. G. Lewis, Esq. M. P."
I-XXXII, Errata(12); p1-236; [two leaves not included in the pagination, images 243-46] t.p. VOL. II., XXXIII-LX, Errata; p237-482, [483] by Lewis sold by Bell
"Contains LIX [i.e. LX] tales in verse; first published in 1800 in 1 volume, containing XXXII tales." o[742172]
1801 2nd
"Contains only 32 tales; probably a reprint of the 1st edition, 1800. Another edition, also in 1801, contained 60 tales in two volumes. ..."
2009 anthology T1133271 --based on 1st ed. vol. 1
2012 annotated 2-volume --2-vol 1805
Tales of Wonder (The Poet's Press, 2010) o[17]
1887 Tales of Terror and Wonder (Routledge) -HDL(5) 283p Morley's #45

The Castle Spectre --Gothic horror --a dramatic romance in 5 Acts (only) or also a novel?

5-Act drama LC records #44-51
[1798] (earliest) The castle spectre: a drama. In five acts. vi 103 --probable original for the 1990 facsimile
1990 Woodstock vi 103 "A Woodstock facsimile" --as Castle Spectre 1798

King & Baird (17)
King, Sell & Olding --niLC
King, Sell & Railton --nidb (0) "artistic printers", London, from 1880
Henry S. King & Co.

Henry S. King & Co. as a banking business, thus successor to Smith Elder & Co, from 1868 and continuing under the son H Seymour after the death of father H Samuel EN "Charles Kegan Paul" EN "Seymour King" (son) British Banking History Society
publisher C. Kegan Paul & Co. NEEDs update --inclg intermediate nidb Kegan Paul, Trench & Co.

A Tangled Tale, collection T1604655 --1885 and Gutenberg eds. both inappropriate PV Chavey

1885 Macmillan t.p. 2nd thousand 1885 London // Macmillan and Co. // 1885; Preface "October, 1885."; [1]-152; [154] "Works by Lewis Carroll."
1886 Macmillan t.p. 4th thousand 1886 London // Macmillan and Co. // 1886; Preface "December, 1885."; [1]-152 (no back pages)

HDL v30 1880-07/12, Index listing "Romantic Problems"

76 Mad Mathesis
closing page 78 (July 1880), "Note.--Answers to be sent in before July 30th."
281 The Two Travellers
... "Forty-six answers hav ebeen received. Of these 13 are beyond the reach of discussion as they give no working. I can but enumerate their names. ..."
closing p283, "A remonstrance has reached me from Scrutator on the subject of Knot I., ..."
388 The Dead Reckoning
A TANGLED TALE. KNOT III. The Dead Reckoning.
"... Lewis Carroll. [as always]" --no proper closing
610 A Tangled Tale
A TANGLED TALE. Answers to Knot III.
... "Ninety-seven answers have been received. Of these, 15 are beyond the reach of discussion, as they give no working. ..."
CLASS LISTs I, II, III; "A remonstrance has reached me ...; "The Editor kindly allows me a little additional space, this month, ...
p614, the rules of Lanrick
els  Christabel Coleridge 152753 (6) --The Monthly Packet co-editor with Charlotte Yonge and her successor

The Monthly Packet--orig. publisher of Carroll's Knots and Answers, "A Tangled Tale"

el f Sara Coleridge 83813 (21)

Phantasmion T1567731 --no subtitle (1839); A Tale (1839 as forthcoming); Prince of Palmland (1839 2 vols); A Fairy Tale (1874)

(Prince of Palmland, 1839 o[19] Fo[20](6)
1874 Henry S. King o[21]-Another ; o[22] as 2nd, long credit ; o[23]-HDL as 2nd ; o[24] copy A and B described

Phantasmion at HDL

1837 39 74/King 74/Roberts 74/Roberts
  • 1837 Pickering, 2 copies without original cover probably; t.p. 1837(Duke U), p[1]-387
both copies contain 16-page catalogue as front matter, running footer "Pickering's Publications, 57, Chancery Lane." (last page lists "Works nearly ready for Publication", inclg [entire listing] "PHANTASMION, A TALE, foolscap 8vo.")
v1 HDL two copies t.p. 1839(HU copy), [v]-vi Contents of Vol. I.; [vii]-xii, Introduction. by the Editor.;
p.xi "The writer of Phantasmion is said to be Mrs. Henry Nelson Coleridge, only daughter of the late [STC]."; 13-197; p(199-210) "S. Colman's List of Publications", p[211-14] advertisement John Smith's Letters with 'Picters' to Match
v2 HDL two copies t.p. 1839(HU copy), as ": subtitle"
[iii]-iv Contents of Vol. II.; p[5]-204 Phantasmion, vol 2
p[205-12], advertisement Fireside Education (chiefly its pp. vi-xii)
[1]-348, [1]-3 advert Memoir and Letters of Sara Coleridge, 3rd ed., King, 24/-
  • 1874 Roberts (3) --printed in Edinburgh
Harvard, blue-green cover Boston Library Society, acq 1874-06-07; t.p. verso blank, [iii]-viii Preface 1874-01-10, [ix] poem, [xi]-xvi Contents, [1]-348, p348 "Turnbull and Spears, Printers, Edinburgh."
California, red cover (2 scans 1 book) 'Fantasy ... $2.50'
1874 Roberts (1) U Minn facsimile t.p. 1874; t.p. verso "All rights reserved", p348 "Turnbull and Spears, Printers.", p[1]-3 advert Memoir and Letters of Sara Coleridge, 3rd ed., King, 24/-, p[1]-32 "A List of C. Kegan Paul and Co.'s Publications"

Phantasmion at ISFDB, LC, BL --CHECK newspapers

O. 1837 Pickering 387p ; BL 002896217 019016754 --PV Rtrace from Google Books (no detail)
LO. 1839 Colman 2 vol
BO. 1874 King xvi 348 ; BL 002896218 014827306
nidb-- 1874 Roberts xvi 348 --q
OL OL13492069M, UCalifornia copy (gold on red cover): t.p. verso blank;
OL OL7201520M, UToronto copy (relief on dark blue-green cover): t.p. verso "All rights reserved."; p348 closes "Turnbull and Spears, Printers." --same as UMinnesota copy at HathiTrust
L. 1994 Woodstock 387 "A Woodstock facsimile" ; BL 012046188 --presumably contains intro by series editor Jonathan Wordsworth--nidb
John Coleridge, 1st Baron Coleridge --nidb EN (12)
Preface closes "John Duke Coleridge"; t.p. 1874 credits "Lord Coleridge, ..."

newspapers 1837 (), 1839 (), 1874 (53 hits)

1837 (43 incgl 33 poems transcribed) Sep 4006; 4 genuine distinct hits
UK(3 rvw) [25] [26] [27]
US(1) Index to the New York Review, Vol. I.-X. : V:249 --1839 item presumably
1838 (5)
1839 (29) --all US except #4 Bombay (retail 5 Rs), #9/10 London (closes with 3-page review)


The New-Yorker 1839-05-11 7:8 p125/26 (in full) "Mrs. Henry Nelson Coleridge's ' Phantasmion,' which we announced [7:1, during March] as in the press, by Samuel Colman, will be ready in a few days."
-06-01 its appearance, beautiful [28] (reviewed -06-15)
(no price anywhere)
[29] USMagazine, August, p172 --sharply negative on the series for its appropriation of the title page by Colman and Mellen
1874 (53)

Woodstock Books
Revolution and Romanticism, 1789–1834
Amazon US 'and' (166) --'and' or '&'; UK 139 hits 
BL (153)
[31] The Wordsworth Circle Vol. 20, Iss. 4, (Fall 1989): 219. [p224, 6th of 6] publisher advert 25 vols 1989; 25 promised 1990 ... Spelsbury House, Spelsbury, Oxford, England OX7 3JR, "sterling or US dollars", eg "Confessions of an English opium-eater 1822" L21 $40
[32] William Frend: Peace and Union 1793 (Book Review) // Transactions of the Unitarian Historical Society; London Vol. 20, Iss. 1, (Jan 1, 1991): 148.
ISBN 1 85477 066 7, price L18.00, "Woodstock Books of Spelsbury, Oxford have produced it as a facsimile ..."
p310, review Godwin 1793 An Enquiry Concerning Policitical Justice, 2v 978p L150.00 !
series review [33] Irish Times 1991-06-22 pA8, Jonathan Banville "The book as object" --prices L18 to L65
collection of ed. Jonathan Wordsworth introductions revised and extended, Ancestral Voices: Fifty Books from the Romantic Period

("woodstock books" "revolution and romanticism") 1989--2002 (45: 103324;55645;232

series review [34] Was Post 1994-05-15 p15, Michael Dirda "Romantics and Decadents"
second collection of introductions, Visionary Gleam: Forty Books from the Romantic Period

Reprint series contains 2 indb (Phantasmion; The Masque); also

Castle Spectre 1798 ABE, Encyc
The Vampyre 1819 ABE
Frankenstein 1823 ABE
1818 and 1831 texts are more commonly reprinted SFE3

One non-genre with ABEbook stock image of jacket front and spine

The Lay of the Last Minstrel 1805 ABE

same where front/spine jacket design excludes subtitle

Wat Tyler 1817 ABE
Original Stories 1791 ABE

Amazon (all hardcover, none image)

Klosterheim 1832 (as 1992-01)
Phantasmion (as 1994-12)
The Castle Spectre 1798 (as 1990-11)
Confessions 1822 (as 2001-11)

non-genre with cover/jacket image

Original Stories 1791

els  Grenville Mellen, ed. 152688 (15)
Colman's Library of Romance (HDL two volumes only) --CHECK newspapers
Samuel Colman publisher --Senior, father of painter Samuel Colman (Jr.) [35] [36]
WorldCat "new york" "s. colman" [37](716)
instead "new york" "s. coleman" (3860)
"samuel colman" (272) #33--133 New York(earlier Boston)
"samuel coleman" (59) #15-19 only

check also Boston 1833/36

1839 series contains 2 indb (Phantasmion; Undine)

LC catalog contains no others
WorldCat reports no others Fo[38](3; 2 titles); same few hits for (colman "library of romance")

("colman's library of romance") 1839/1840 [39](17: 15 2) --"coleman's" (no hits)

User:Pwendt/People/de la Motte Fouqué --new 2019-12-16

initially containing some publishers or people associates

series Told to the Children
[1906] Enchanted Land
[1907] Undine -LOC t.p. undated(image 9); List of Pictures, 8 (frontispiece +7)
[1910] Celtic -LOC
2012 Legends and Stories of Italy
 lw  Louey Chisholm, ed. 167709 
el  .Katharine Cameron 167710 
 lw .Rose Le Quesne 160720
Amy Steedman [40]
Qlw  Jeanie Lang 160719 --Also wrote as Jean Lang & Mrs. John Lang. Sister-in-law of Andrew Lang.
  Poetry of heroism, selected and ed. by John and Jean Lang -HDL
Mary Macgregor [41] --niLC (11+7) --major writer for the series
Mary Macgregor 14853 
-- els  Malcolm Jameson, husband 1891- --who used whose name?
Mary Esther Miller Macgregor, 1876-1961 --nidb --non-genre? --Canadian writer Marian Keith EN
(18) --conflated at Project Gutenberg
Mary Macgregor at Project Gutenberg [42] (11, perhaps 7 by MEMM)
Heritage Library


  • omnibus Alice illustrations T563513 --as Contents of many OMNIBUS editions including some "Annotated Alice"; not seen 2019-11-21 with the two components works
cf. Alice1/Alice2/Snark T2313786
Wonderland T484597
Looking-Glass T1289443 --as Contents of the earliest OMNIBUS edition of the novels P484597, also e.g. The Philosopher's Alice P45264

Pauline Baynes INTERIORART

  • The Chronicles of Narnia T827492, The Complete Chronicles of Narnia T827500, The Chronicles of Narnia (Boxed Set) T2373065 (distinct ISFDB records)
  • The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe T601041
"Lucy Looks Into a Wardrobe" T1504469 --as Contents of the one-volume Narnia OMNIBUS P386947, which also contains the novel illustrations
  • Farmer Giles AND Smith --crucial edition not found
--as for Tenniel, OMNIBUS illustrations and two component works not found in the same publication record

Daniel O'Rourke Daniel O'Rourke - legendary material in multiple editions?

1829 Wikipedia: Croker

3 versions attribd to Croker somehow, progressively shorter first paragraph

  1. 1888 Yeats p.97 97-105, Croker credited by ed. Yeats
  2. [1915] Graves p.1 "by Dr. Maginn (1793-1842)" p1-8
  3. 1889 ed. Cunningham p.150 150-58, " DO's wonderful voyage to the moon", one of numerous 'prose chap-books'
compare the "frame story" that may be trimmed in a later publication --e.g. story "anthologized" without its framework, by extraction from an original chapter
with same title --The Mysterious Horseman (as chapter title)

ch XVI

with different title --The Garde Chasse (altho that is in the original Contents list)

p32/33 (Madame Von B.)

ISFDB Title search

  • (2nd part) --0
  • (second part) --2, one capitalized
  • (part two) --29
  • (part ii) --36
  • (part 2) --114

Contents resolution: high, mid, and low resolution (re Catherine Crowe)

2019-11-20 draft toward User talk notice with Dirk J Broer in mind; unfinished and shared in no part

Catherine Crowe - Ghosts and Family Legends, Sarob Press 2005 at, where the 7th of 9 images shows the copyright page and Contents list

This edition contains the original Second Part followed by the original First Part, whose (sub)titles are the main headings in Contents. For the First Part: Round the Fire it does not list any of named stories that are told on the 8 "Evenings", merely "First Evening" to "Eighth Evening". Other editions list those stories in the Contents, and they are sometimes catalogued as contents --for instance, by a previous editor of our 1st ed. publication record P444461 (whose contents I exported to our Gutenberg ebook record a few hours ago, with sequence adjustment in the queue as I depart).

Our later publication records do not list either the "Evenings" or the named stories told on those evenings (where today I added notes explaining that the edition is complete, but our Contents list is not). Some library records also pass over "Round the Fire".

One motivation to list stories as Contents must be that they are sometimes reprinted out of their "Evening" context. But there are latterday publications as an "Evening" too. Relying on our publication records and naught else, anthologies contain the "Seventh Evening" under that name and also as an excerpt from Round the Fire, the ISFDB "novella" that constitutes the entire First Part. And anthologies contain one story told on the Seventh Evening, "The Benighted Traveller", both under that name and as an excerpt from Round the Fire (no report as an excerpt from Seventh Evening).

When such parts of books as "First Part: Round the Fire" and "Second Part: Legends of the Earthborn" be listed as works, when their components are listed as well?

cf. Tenniel illustrations of the Alice omnibus, as well as the two Alice novels.

el   Catherine Crowe 19899 

Crowe "The Garde Chasse"

Unlike "The Dutch Officer's Story", from the same 1859 book, "The Garde Chasse" [a] is not the title of its 1859 chapter (which it shares with other stories told on the "First Evening"; [b] is printed in the 1898 anthology without its portion of the 1859 frame narrative (one paragraph that spans original pages p32/33). Further, "The Garde Chasse" is not a heading within its chapter, nor is there any break in the text where its part of the chapter begins; it is a listing without page number in the Contents.

(All of the 1859 Contents listings without page numbers --nor headings where they begin in the text, a previous editor reports-- have been entered as ISFDB Contents, rather than the chapter titles "First Evening" and so on.)

The Night Side of Nature

The Night[-]Side of Nature, 1848 collection T1130369 --vol 1, vol 2, and both-- Fo#21-30 (also some other records as v1 or v2)

HDL 1848 49 50 53 68 1901 04
1848 Newby 2-vol (2) --all ISFDB chapter titles match the *Contents lists(2)*
v1 Preface [vii]-viii, [1]-422 (p421-22 Appendix to Chapter VI: Case of Colonel Townsend) --no hyphens, "Dweller" t.p. 1848 v1 p1 Chapter I as Doppelgangers, Contents list only
v2 (California --now deprecated t.p. 1848, 1-384
1849 Newby 2-vol (1)
v1 layout Contents as "Chapter I", etc, on two pages [iv]-v(sic), Preface [v]-viii, Preface to the Second Edition, ix-x "C. C." "December 12th, 1848."; [1]-362 v1 p.v(sic) Contents as Do"ppelgangers (one umlaut, plural 's')
v2 Contents [iii]-iv, [1]-336 v2 p1 Chapter I
1850 NY: Redfield 451p (2) [-](two)
1853 NY: Redfield 451p (1) LCSH "Parapsychology > Parapsychology / Research."
1868 NY: Widdleton 451 (1) [-]
1901 Phi: Coates xiv 451 (1) [-]
1904 London, New York x 502 (1)


1848 v1 v2 --SOME WORK DONE 2019-11-22
1849 v1 v2 --SOME WORK DONE 2019-11-22
1849 German-language v1 only, 342 --as Intro + 9 chapters
1850 --PV Chavey (as no hyphens, as Dwellers, Presentiments, Doppelgangers
1852 (meagre, not reliable)
1852 (meagre as 1 vol by mistake) --o[43] as Routledge, 3rd ed., 2 vol, viii 502 --MOST RECORDS as no hyphen
2010 v2 only
-d$ 2017 Gutenberg #54532 --from 1850 Redfield --NEARLY DONE 2019-11-22
--Gutenberg edition, at least, shows differences in the two "&c." titles chapters 4 and 6 (Presentiments plural? "Wraiths,&c.")
three ESSAY titles as "... (The Night Side of Nature, Vol. 1 ..." and "... The Night Side of Nature, Vol. 2 ..."

worknotes on the ESSAY contents 2019-11-25

  • Preface --important concerning aims, partly re English "Science"
1848 --missing leaf, and California copy (should not be linked); HDL Virginia copy is complete
1849 2nd --reset with some changes in punctuation; last clause of antepenultimate paragraph; look/investigate
"a sort of cosmogony of the world, written in a spirit of philosophical mysticism--too much so for English readers in general."
1850 US --as 1848 with changes eg whilst/while, including hyphens as in the title Night-Side
  • Introduction US 7-18
  • Conclusion US 434-51 w closing "C. C.", no printer statement; Redfield advertisements

home comparison of Introduction and Conclusion is impractical


1850 New York, J.S. Redfield; Boston, B.B. Mussey & Co., 1850 --PV Chavey
o[4994730] o[669680446]-HDL --as two hyphen, no Contents list


t.p. 1850 (two hyphens), Preface [3]-4, Contents [5], [7]-451, p[452-56] "Books Published by J. S. Redfield"
Contents list: "Dwellers" (mistake for Dwellers p1); "Doppelgangers" (mistake for Do"ppelgangers p149) --running title "Doppelgangers"

Ghosts and Family Legends

Ghosts and Family Legends: A Volume for Christmas, 1859 collection T1617063 Fo[45](12)

 lw  .Paul Lowe 35339 (0)[many] --cover artist 

Ghosts and Family Legends (Sarob Press, 2005)

Round the Fire (originally the First Part; from Contents list viewed at
  • "First Evening" to "Eighth Evening", pages 59 65 72 79 85 89 94 102
  • Appendix 106 [46] quotes Richard Dalby at length.

It does contain a transcript of the Contents list including page numbers, with hyperlinks to the start of each component listed with a page number; for instance, "Seventh Evening" rather than the two listed stories that are told on the seventh evening.

only 2 hits in 1859 papers, two review (no price)

[47] Ath #1636 1859-03-05 p316 --brutal review (no price)
The Critic, April notice, moderately positive
  • [48] Littell's Living Age 1858-08-14 --review including The Night Side of Nature *1848* [from The National Review, July, 1-40]
opening, "Mrs. Crowe's work is not new; but as the most compendious collection of ghost-storiies in the language, serves better than any other as a text for what few words we have to say on the subject of the old-fashioned ghosts."

Ghost Stories and Family Legends [unofficial variant title] --multiple hits (ghost newby crowe) 1858/1859 10/21

"Mr. Newby's New Publications"
earliest advert Ath #1619 1858-11-06 p575 "1 vol. post 8vo. 10s. 6d. [In Nov."
-11-20 p658 --same
-12-25 p847 "[This day."
Ath #1627 1859-01-01 p26 "Mr. Newby's New Publications" as "1 vol. 10s. 6d. [Now ready."
The Examiner -01-15 p15 (quote entire notice) "It is hardly necessary to say of a new Christmas volume of tales about Ghosts and Family Legends (19) more than that Mrs Crowe, one of the few people living who can give a whole faith to a ghost story and tell it with the proper thrill of awe, has written it for a perverse and faithless generation. Some of the stories are particularly good; they are all of the true old-fasioned sort, with at the very least somebody's grandmother to bear witness to every one.
[49] Spectator 1594 -01-15 p74 [much quotation, positive as stories, materialism a mistake];
[50] Lit Gazette -02-12 p206/207 [mixed, with attention to the framework wh "we take to be as fictitious as the scheme of the Decameron" (thus a collection of mixed nature)]

Viking Junior Books (a different Nils) NYT 1957-11-17 pBR210 [51] --von Stockum and Godden books maybe belong indb

Barbara Leonie Picard original fairy tales

The Faun 7/6, brief but substantial review in "History, Fantasy and Verse" by Gwendolen Freeman 1951-12-07 p784

50 literary fairy tales (41 in three Oxford collections) • The Mermaid and the Simpleton (Oxford, 1949), illustrated by Philip Gough —15 original fairy tales ‡ • The Faun and the Woodcutter's Daughter (Oxford, 1951), illus. Charles Stewart —14 original fairy tales ‡ • The Lady of the Linden Tree (Oxford, 1954), illus. Charles Stewart —12 original fairy tales ‡ • The Goldfinch Garden: Seven Tales (Harrap & Co, 1965), illus. Anne Linton —7 original fairy tales ‡ • Twice Seven Tales (Kaye & Ward Ltd, 1968), illus. Victor Ambrus —The Lady of the Linden Tree plus two more original fairy tales ‡

Maxfield Parrish ; Nathaniel Hawthorne

Maxfield Parrish at HDL(44 records) --inclg Golden Age; Dream Days; Arabian Nights; Wonder/Tanglewood

A Wonder Book and Tanglewood Tales (OMNIBUS collection) T1244644 --as earliest edition 1881 at

1906 Dent Dutton #5
1910 Duffield \Parrish = Gutenberg source
2011 Gutenberg #35377 \Parrish
short Contents list, no subchapters ; no page numbers


ESSAY Preface (Greek Myths: A Wonder Book for Girls and Boys) ; Preface (A Wonder Book) ; Preface (A Wonder-Book for Girls and Boys) --all as 1851 "only as by Lenox" --publ as from 2015 1922 1851
"1851" latter confirmed Internet Archive
ESSAY Introductory (Tanglewood Tales) ; The Wayside: Introductory --both as 1853 by Hawthorne --publ as from 1913 and 1853
1853 latter confirmed Internet Archive w original cover, front adverts p1-8

Everyman's #8 as 1909; --ISFDB spine images show J.M.Dent & Sons and J.M.Dent & Co.

HDL and libraries, Maxfield Parrish eds.

1911(?), new this year, illus. Maxfield Parrish, A Wonder Book and Tanglewood, Duffield $2.50 ----nidb
1910 Duffield (t.p. 1910 image at Gutenberg); LCCN
"1910" HDL (cat as 1910) "ix, 358 p., [10] leaves of plates : col. ill. ; 25 cm" t.p. 1923 Duffield 3-165, 169-358 (half-title pages: p[i] short, p[1] short, p[367] long) (prefaces: v-vi, 169-75)

Library of Congress (LCCN, below) reports "ix, 358 p. col. front., 9 col. pl. 25 cm.", or color frontispiece, 9 color plates. HathiTrust catalogs "[10] leaves of plates".

Parrish eds./printings

1924 reset reported by LC
1928 Duffield --NOVIEW
1930 Duffield o[52]
1934 Dodd, Mead
[1938] Dodd, Mead --NOVIEW

HDL search

wonder book; tanglewood tales (43 hits
  • TT only (many)
  • WB TT GC : 1883(2) 98 70
  • WB TT (13; 9 full view)
012256307 "1900" [c19--] McKay \Reid 356 [4]
007881164 1900 HMCo \Pyle xiv 515 4 : A wonder-book for girls and boys, and Tanglewood tales t.p. undated HMCo (c1900)
008999693 1906 Dent 404 t.p. undated Dent; Dutton no copyright ; Ed Note, Preface unnumbered, [1]-180 [181] 183-404, (no cover) "Children's Books" 1/- and 2/- (no half-title nor heading as A Wonder Book)
1907 Dent 3rd 404 ; 1917 Dent 404
008927434 1909 Cassell 398
001027411 "1910" is 1923 Duffield \Parrish o[919015]
NOVIEW 28 Duffield\Parrish ix 358 9 ; 38 Dodd\Parrish ix 358
101867828 [1911] Jacobs \Knipe 437
001027412 "1923" is (c)1923,1951 HMCo \Tenggren 421 (W-B hyphen)
1930 Winston \ed-Carpenter xvi 403 illus --NOVIEW
1972 OSU \ed-Bowers ix 463 illus --NOVIEW

o[55] 1922 Dent illus. Granville Fell ; o[56] reports 1923-HDL HMCo illus Gustav Tenggren ; o[57] [1925?] Wash Sq Classics illus Plaisted and Knipe
  • WB and TT fGB Fo[58](28) from 1909, Fo[59](3) from 1910
  • WB fGB and TT Fo[60](16) from 1898
Internet Archive (LC Copyright, #10 of 500) t.p. MDCCCC --as The Complete, v XIII
  • WB, TT Fo[61](13) as from 1887
  • The WB and TT Fo[62](5) 19--?
  • WB (including TT) Fo[63](12) as from 1867
Baldwin reported o[64]-Baldwin 1868 vi, 213, 261, 8 unnumbered leaves --NOT FOUND online 2019-10-26
BLHCL search: Tanglewood (2 eds. of Wonder Book only, 1852 and 1892)

Open Library

1868 Routledge Internet Archive w cover
1910 Duffield Internet Archive w cover (probable Gutenberg source)

LC (of 760 Hawthorne records) --omnibus collections only

#160 [c1963] Watts
#668-75 1910 \Parrish -HDL , [1911] Jacobs \Abbot & Knipe "W-B" 437, [1923] -HDL , [1925?] MacRae \Abbot & Knipe 437 , [c1930] Winston \Richardson xvi 403 , 1934 \Parrish , [1934] McKay \Reid 356 , [1972] "illus" (Centenary Edition v 7)
#699 [1933] Dent Dutton as WB; TT "First published in this edition, 1906 ... reset, 1924; reprinted ... 1933."


001623509 Edinburgh [printed] : Warne & Co, [1883] --"Tanglewood Tales, [and] A Wonder-Book, etc." -- may contain other works
001623520 1906 Everyman's --
007592762 1909 Dent, 1906 repr. --
001623525 1909 Chambers --
001623526 1909 People's Library #82 --
001623529 Dent ... Dutton & Co, 1910 \Granville Fell
001623530 T. Werner Laurie, [1911] \Parrish
001623534 (printed USA) Grant Richards, [1912] \Abbott and Knipe
001623536 S. W. Partridge & Co, [1913] \illus --"A Wonder Book for Girls and Boys (including “Tanglewood Tales”)"
001623539 Humphrey Milford, 1914 \illus
001623540 Clarendon Press, 1915 --
001623547 G. G. Harrap & Co, 1925 \Tenggren and Reid
001623548 J. M. Dent & Sons, [1927] --
001623554 Hutchinson & Co, [1934] \Sharman (2 parts)
001623556 A. & C. Black, 1935 \8 illus
001623565 [1972] Ohio St

(WB only?) Chicago printed] Duckworth & Co, 1914 \Milo Winter (WB only?)

HDL advanced search (no hits for title "including tanglewood", nor Tanglewood Tales from Routledge) yields By Nathaniel Hawthorne (Routledge), catalogued as 1880s; print library as 1871

("wonder[-]book" "including tanglewood") 1867--1913 (1 hit)

[65] Review of Reviews 1890-12 p639 476p 2/- "recently reprinted by Messrs. Routledge under the title of ..."

("including tanglewood tales") (1 more hit, notice The Spectator 1890-12-27 p953

("tanglewood tales" routledge) (68) inclg 1 genuine 1860s [66] Sat Rvw 1867-11-16 p660 Routledge lists candidate omnibus as "Hawthorne's Wonder Book" 3/6

("wonder book" routledge) (103) inclg 2 genuine 1860s --same and Ath 1867-11-23 p694

Title as "including tanglewood tales"

ABEbooks "probably early 1900s" w title page image "school prize plate" 1912 --no image "Reprinted from 1868 edition." "original edition published long back [1868]" OCR "1868 edition" ISBN-1151274682 dnf Amazon

Amazon "Sagwan Press (August 22, 2015)" --no Look "Nabu Press (February 9, 2010)" --no Look

with Grandfather's Chair
LC#698 1883 WB TT Grandfather's Chair -HDL --HDL also as 1883 1898, 1970
(2 files 1 book) (Riverside Edition v 4) t.p. 1891 HMCo (c)1883; v-vi, WB[7] [13]-198, TT[199] [205]-421, GC[423] [429]-637
c1883 (Standard Library Edition v4) t.p. undated

Seumas MacManus (54) at HDL(68) --inclg Bewitched Fiddle, Donegal Fairy,

The FictionMags Index

Library of Fairy Literature

1. The first 2 Gaelic tales are from Donegal Fairy Stories by Seumas MacManus. 'The Widow's Daughter' is from MacManus' In Chimney Corners.
(none by MacManus)
3. 'Jack and the King who was a Gentleman' is from In Chimney Corners by Seumas MacManus.

In Chimney Corners

1899 In Chimney Corners (1 essay, 15 stories) --nidb --4 stories indb as 1899
1899 -HDL ; 1935
1899 Harper & Bros BL 002328972 xii 281 --London & New York printed
[5] HDL 1899 1904 14 17 19
illus t.p. 1899(w cover) ix-xii 1-281; 1 essay, 15 stories, 15 illus (frontis. t.p. + some vibrant colour plates + head/tailpieces)
Kindle "1889" ASIN: B0094384VQ
c1999 Dover, Favorite Irish Folk Tales (15 stories)
Amazon US tp 1998-12-23 ISBN- 0486405494
BL 008079297 viii 126 (Uniform title: In Chimney Corners) "An unabridged republication of the text of In chimney corners : merry tales of Irish folk lore ... originally published by McClure, Phillips & Co., New York, 1904."

publications at FictionMags

("Our Folk-Tales") (c)1899 Doubleday & McClure
  1. -15. none listed

The Bewitched Fiddle T1618312

1900 The Bewitched Fiddle and Other Irish Tales (10 stories) 1900 -HDL --niBL(?)
Internet Archive 1900 Doubleday & McClure w cover, no Contents list
1900 Doubleday & McClure BL 002328964 --implies early 1900?
[1] HDL 1900
HDL 1900 (w cover, 2 identical) vii-ix 3-240

publications at FictionMags (c)1900 Doubleday & McClure

  1. --
  2. 1899-11 Century
  3. --
  4. 1900-01 Cosmopolitan ; 1900-03 Pearson's
  5. --
  6. --
  7. --
  8. 1900-02 Outlook
  9. --
  10. 1900-02 Century

Donegal Fairy Stories T1177323

1900 Donegal Fairy Stories (10 stories, 1 essay) 1900 McClure, Phillips, [1968] Dover, c2003
Internet Archive (no cover, no title page) "Our Tales", xi-[xiii]
1900 McClure, Phillips BL 002328968 xiii 256 --canonical name James MacManus --implies late 1900?
1900 Doubleday, Page BL 010127465 xi 148 --mustbe copyright year
1902 Isbister BL 002328969 xii 256
c2003 BL "Donegal fairy stories / by Seumas MacManus ; edited by Joseph A. Greenleaf ; illustrations by Frank Verbeck ; cover art by John Quigley."
2003 tp ASIN: B01FJ1GUGC ; Kindle ASIN: B00BWYILEU source ISBN: 095445300X
2012 Dover ASIN: ISBN-10: 0486219712

publications at FictionMags

("Our Tales")
  1. --
  2. --
  3. 1901-06 Pearson's
  4. --
  5. --
  6. --
  7. --
  8. --
  9. --
  10. --
1899--1901 newspapers

("seumas macmanus") 1899 only (116: 107566 ; 10 24 14 15 12 15)

Century --Jun p245, Jul 472, Aug 621, , Oct 954 (+advert 12), nov p41
Sat Eve Post

The Century --listings volume Index (6 stories, all listed at FictionMags)

FictionMags incomplete Contents from #59.4 1900-02
v57 : --dnf MacManus
v58 : Irish Stories (Gossips, Pianos, Eskeragh, Strong Weakness) 245, 472, 621, 954[Oct] May 1899--
v59 : [found only as Penn State U] Wisdom 41[Nov], Billy Lappin 601 Nov 1899--
v60 : --dnf MacManus

Harper's--listings volume Index (6 stories 1899/1900, all listed at FictionMags)

FictionMags occ. incomplete from #1403 1967-04
v98 : --dnf
v99 : Allie Cannon 329, Misther Kilgar 506, Misther McCran 738[Oct], Jun 1899--
v100: Station in Nancy 209 ["Seumas MacManus ("Mac.")"] Dec 1899--
v101: Richard Foster 451, Two Brothers 798 Jun 1900--

Saturday Evening Post (U Illinois, from 171.2)

FictionMags listings: Irish Wit of To-Day (ar) 1899-05-13, -10-21 ; The Romance of Phelim Ruadh (ss) 1900-01-06
171.2 no Index; pp. 433-832
172.1 missing from U Illinois Jul 1899--
172.2 no Index; pp. 601-1248
173.1 no Index; now numbered from page 1 each issue

McClure's Magazine [found via ProQuest]

(cited) August 1899,

ProQuest (116 hits "seumas macmanus") evident story publications:

THE CENTURY and HARPER'S not listed here
Corney Clery's Balance ---Frank Leslie's Pop Mon, May p10 [as 'By Seumas MacManus ("Mac")']
1. The Adventure of Billy Beg --07-16 AC A3, BG 38 as (c)1899 The S. S. McClure Co.
2. The Apprentice Thief --07-23 BG 38 (PhiInq -07-29 advert)
3. When Neil A-Mughan Was Tuk --07-30 BG 38
St. Patrick, The Sarpints, and the Sinner --McClure's, August p304
The Priest's Boy --08-05 The Outlook p791 [alone in May--Aug index]
4. Jack and the King Who Was a Gentleman --08-06 AC A3, BG 38
5. The Queen of the Golden Mines --(PhiInq -08-11 advert for Sunday 08-13)
6. John Conn and Hugh Flynn --08-20 AC A3 (BG & PhiInq -08-18 advert)
7. The Giant Band of Beggar's Hall -- (PhiInq -08-26 advert)
The Cadger-Boy's Last Journey --09-02 The Outlook p46
8. The Black Bull of the Castle of Blood --09-03 BG 36, PhiInq p45
9. Murroghoo-More and Murroghoo-Beg --09-10 AC A3, BG 38
10. The Old Hag of the Forest --09-17 AC B4A, BG 42
11. Manis, the Besom Man --09-24 BG 38 (PhiInq advert -09-23)
12. Death and Dan Maloney --10-01 AtlConst B3, BGlobe 42

1.-12. apparently published weekly in some newspapers --all from McClure's?

("in chimney corners") (71: 43 28 0) from 1899-06 chiefly

[67] NYT 1899-06-17 BR385
Turf Smoke "has gone into its fourth impression"
--MacManus has returned to Ireland from profitable USA visit; series in The Century, Harper's, The Sat Eve Post of Phila.
"Six months ago ... But he brought with him the stuff that has found a ready market, and during his short stay here he sold a number of stories to all the leading magazines--The Century, Harper's, and The Saturday Evening Post of Philadelphia each taking a series. His American sojourn has been as profitable to him as he says it has been enjoyable."

RETURN from Sep 1900, first The Dial 1899-09-16 p181

D&M "publishing this week" NYT 1899-10-21 pBR717 "Notes and News"
$1.50 "New Books Received" Hart Cour -10-30 p10
6/- publisher advert The Spectator #3724 -11-11 p715 "Illustrated with 8 Full-pages in Colour, and Head and Tail Pieces, by Pamela Colman Smith. Cloth bound, with novel design, 6s." ; Books Received listing, same day, The Speaker
The Dial 1899-11-16 372

("bewitched fiddle") 1899/1901 (27 hits, all Jan--Jul 1900) chiefly Mar/May

inclg The Dial 1900-03-16 209, -04-16 292

("donegal fairy stories") 1899/1901 (32 hits, from Jul 1900) chiefly Oct/Dec

inclg The Dial 1900-10-01 237, -12-01 435, -12-01 440

1926 Donegal Wonder Book --nidb --niBL(?)
ASIN: B000855782 w cover
1939 Well o' the World's End 1939 -HDL, 1949 -HDL --NOVIEW
1963 Hibernian Nights, intro Colum o[217803]

 lw .Elizabeth MacKinstry 280770 (14) (see also User:Pwendt/FFM/KDW and NAS)
1910 LFL 1
1926 LFL 3
1926 Eliza and the Elves, poetry by Rachel Field --nidb
1927 The Magic Pawnshop, by Rachel Field --NEED novel/la Notes
LO.$ 1927 E. P. Dutton
1928uk, printed USA, J. M. Dent & Sons o[68] meagre; BL 001230020 125p printed in USA
LOm$ 1928 The White Cat and Other Stories --t.p. as "E. MacKinstry" Fo[69](9)
O.$ 1928 The Princess and the Goblin --as Doubleday, Doran, 1928
[1937] o[70] as vii 265 Garden City Publishing Co.

also WorldCat shows cover image as The Fairy Ring: Favorite Fairy Tales of Many Countries

see several other works at WorldCat

ACM covers Mackinstry's d'Aulnoy four times in The Three Owls during 1928 • -0-??5, MacKinstry has completed ...; selected in collaboration w Field • Price $3.00 is given in "Representative Children's Books of 1928" by Anne Carroll Moore, NY Herald Tribune 1928-09-30 pK8; this one listed "Among the outstanding illustrated books, not yet published, of special significance for holiday lists and exhibition ...". • Price $3.50 is from the heading of a full review by Dorothy P. Lathrop, NYHT -12-09 pJ8 (joint with The Princess and the Goblin) • -12-16, critical of its omission of an exhibition of outstanding illustrated children's books

1926 Eliza and the Elves, by Rachel Field --collection perhaps all poetry --niBL

1926 Macmillan o[71] o[72]

MacKinstry at HDL (full view)

1910 The Fairy Ring
cat as 1910* 1910 1931 1934 (* Fairy Stories ECSK, D,Doran)
1912 Tales of Laughter 467p [73]
1927 The Magic Pawnshop 125p [74] --NOVIEW
1928 The White Cat
1935 Aladdin 15p [75]

The Magic Pawnshop

[76] review by John G. Neihardt, "Writing Up to Childhood", SLPD 1927-08-30 p21
listed in Books of the Week NYHT -09-04 pE16 (no price)
$2.00 and $2.25 from listings in publisher adverts NYHT -11-13 pF20 and Children: 1927-11 p54
$2.00 review in "Experiments in Children's Books" by Mary Graham Bonner The Bookman 1927-11 p330/32
$2.00 review by K.W.D. in "Children's Books Week", LCJ -11-13 p8
brief review in Henry Beston "New Pages for Young Eyes" The Independent 1927-11-19 p495 as 'adultile' (not juvenile) "It is well written, but it is not for children; it may have broomsticks and fairies, but they are for a grown-up mind to play with, not for children to believe in. The soul of the book is its well-bred, intellectual banter. The plot concerns a little girl in Greenwich Village who pawns her conscience."


capsule in "Christmas Books" Sat Rvw 1928-12-08 p784 (no price) "a consecutive story, for a slightly older audience. It is illustrated with small drawings in colour by [EM]." [77]
Price 6/- listing above review column '"Just Going Along"' (allusion to Christopher Robin, "What I like doing best is nothing. ..." [78] Man Gua 1928-12-06 pA16

One brief notice of the 1928 UK ed. (J. M. Dent) reports, "It is illustrated with small drawings in colour by Elizabeth MacKinstry."

Illustrators of The Princess and the Goblin --WorldCat reports dozens Fo[79](325)

els  F. Herbert Stead 252641 (9)
els  W. T. Stead, ed. 201367 (80)

Stead [quote Wikipedia] 'became "the foremost publisher of paperbacks in the Victorian Age". In 1896, Stead launched the series Books for the Bairns, whose titles included fairy tales and works of classical literature.'

Estelle W. Stead (daughter; successor ed., publ.) --nidb (5)[mixed]
Stead's Publishing House --dnfVIAF

Books for the Bairns WorldCat (486)

#99 Some Fairy Tales of the Ancient Greeks
#163 Story of Undine
#226 Fairy Tales from Australia o[80] 31pp
#232 Alice o[81] 31, 15

Stead's Publishing House Series Books, Kent State U

Review of Reviews

  1. v1-15
  2. v16-36
  3. v36-78
  4. v79-86
  5. v86-90
  6. v91-96 (then merger of Literary Digest, Digest)

"Books" published

"omnibus" as it were? BL 003484659 1897 Richards; 003484660 [1906] Review xiv 334, 003484661 1921 Stead's 256
Real Ghost Stories: A Record of Authentic Apparitions (London Office of the Review of Reviews, 1891) "Being the Christmas number of the Review of reviews" o[ocm00252268]
More Ghost Stories (New York, 1892)
: a sequel to "Real ghost stories" : being a New Year's extra number of the Review of reviews
1892 o[181691774] w useful notes, o[252265], o[249987109]
1970\1897 "omnibus" Internet Archive (preview) o[82] (US?) ASIN: B0006BZ2FQ as reprint ASIN: B000NXCAV6 ; (UK?) ISBN-10: 0821600583 (UK)
Fo[83](28) 1897 1905 06 21(2) 2007(Gutenberg) + recent print


1921 Stead's t.p. (no cover)
1921 Doran (2 files, 1 book) t.p. (no cover)

--- draft User talk:MLB

LC 1906 McClure, Phillips
LC 1919 Doubleday, Page (LC catalogues as 1919) but the linked record at HathiTrust Digital Library catalogues a 1918 ed./printing, correctly; and another that HDL catalogues as 1919 actually states 1916.

Hi. You verified our record of this 1919 collection P579893.

  1. Did you determine that only two stories are spec-fic by reading the book? Or list only those SHORTFICTION already in the database? If the latter I suggest a note such as the one I added to a couple of records this week, "Fiction contents listed below (7 of 11 in the anthology) are those in the database as contents of other publications (September 2019)." If the former, a different note.
  2. Ess Ess Publishing Company was the founding publisher of The Smart Set literary magazine. For one point of entry in the database see publisher Ess Ess Publishing Co. The 1902 statement you report from the copyright page indicates that some contents in the collection were published in that magazine during 1902. The 1903/1905/1906 copyrights by Doubleday, Page report suggest appearance of other stories in Doubleday, Page magazines OR Doubleday, Page books during those years. HOWEVER, the entire collection was published by McClure, Phillips in 1906 OCLC 1399985, and Doubleday, Page acquired the book publishing operations of McClure in 1908. I don't know how to interpret the listings as in the Doubleday, Page name. (This meagre record of a Doubleday book as 1903 must be spurious, probably based on copyright statement, OCLC 500066730.) (S. S. McClure is no relation to "Ess Ess" and "The Smart Set" as far as I know.)
  3. From your cited WorldCat record OCLC 6568967 is "Doubleday, Page & Co., for Review of Reviews Co." a quotation from the title page? (For instance compare another t.p. image.) If so then yours is a Doubleday, Page publication and The Review of Reviews Co. or Review of Reviews belongs in a Note. "Doubleday, Page & Company / Review of Reviews Co." means Doubleday, Page as an imprint of Review of Reviews.

(end draft)

For this collection, dozens of WorldCat library records are listed in WorldCat: Formats and Editions as 1906 from several publishers (probably some of those record report spurious 1906 editions, but some give other publication dates).

Several WorldCat records listed as 1912 to 1920 WorldCat to #108 of 194 cite D, Page for Review of Reviews

Fakeer P357648 HDL: explicit copyright page -- copyright 1900 to 1902 by "Ess Ess Publishing Co." (as publishers of the magazine evidently) -- copyright 1903 by "The Smart Set Publishing Co."

el   O. Henry 2042 (235)

The Four Million

  • Roads of Destiny (Doubleday, Page & Co., 1909) The Interior 1909-07-29 p1035 "New Books", reviews this one as "a new volume of successors to The Four Million and The Trimmed Lamp".

But Strictly Business is reviewed as "The fourth series of Mr. Sidney Porter's (O. Henry) stories of the Four Million ...", The Independent 1910-05-05 p989, $1.20

HathiTrust Digital Library catalog search

  • "the four million" (74 hits)
  • "the four million" "review of reviews" 18 hits, inclg five The Four Million
cat year
1913 HDL 2 (no cover?) t.p. 1913 --1913 (c)1906 o[84]
1915 HDL 3 (2 books) 1 w cover t.p. 1915
1916 HDL 1 w cover t.p. 1916, 25 stories
1918 HDL 2(1 book) cover? t.p. 1918
1919 HDL 1 (no cover) t.p. 1916!
  • O. Henry by title (274), "the four million" (18, #35-52] 1924 06 26 20 13 07 ; 18 19 15 14 06 06 22 09 16 23 30 09 ;
1906 cat Doubleday (c1906)
1906 cat Doubleday, Doran (1906) --t.p. 1928 (no cover)
1906 cat Burt c1906(4)
1907 cat McClure Co 1907, c1906(3) (2 books) -- t.p. MCMVII w cover; third impression ; t.p. MCMVIII (no cover) 1908, unstated impression
  • and one "The Four Million" 1906 McClure, Phillips t.p. MCMVI w cover; April 1906; second impression --cat as "the four million stories"
1st ed., apparent 1st impression, April 1906 o[85]

One promotion of a new intercity rail line (advertisement of securities for sale) blurbs "the safest, cleanest, cheapest, quickest transportation available to the two million of Chicago and the four million of New York."

("stories of the four million") 1900-1907 ("the four million") 1900--1907 (262) 12 19 20 26 28; 36[141] 57 64

NYT 1906-04-14 pRB242 "Just [anchor] Out: Four books of rich, rare, humorous quality." Cloth. $1.00. "twenty-five tales of city life"
[86] NYT 1907-04-06 pBR206 "McClure's Spring Books" "These stories of NNew York, dealing with aspects of life among all classes in the great city, are rich inhuman understanding, humorous and real. With Frontispiece. $1.00."
listed in Books Received, NYT -05-04 pBR295

Reviews of the second collection, The Trimmed Lamp, and Other Stories of the Four Million (McClure, Phillips, $1.50)

"exceedingly clever little episodes of the life in the metropolis" "Truly the world is his oyster, and future historians may turn to his pages as authoritative statements of local habits and customs, far more accurate than the sociologist dare pretend to write."

The Interior 1907-08-15 p1079

"Stories of the Four Million" LCJ -06-08 p5
[87] McClure's Magazine Nov 1907 p18 The McClure Company, successors, lists The Four Million, 4th ed, $1.00 and The Trimmed Lamp, 2nd ed., $1.00 (both published originally as by McClure, Phillips), 25 more stories

Peter Newell

Peter Newell's Alice (1901, 1902)

"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: From an Artist's Stand-Point" Harper's monthly 1901-10 p712-17 o[88] (gallery?)
[89] --at via university subscription --p712-17 inclg two full-page and three smaller illustrations; text <3 full pages

1906 newspapers

Harper's 40.1 p62a (advert pages)
Harper's 40.12 p21 [90]

Alice ... cheap edition 1906 --dnf WorldCat 2019-10-22 #561-70 --CHECK online
Looking-Glass " " 1906 dnf WorldCat #331-40

WorldCat records of Poems and Verses report 23cm and 19cm.

2010 reprint o[91]

unmerge --ASK at community portal

--also Peter Newell's Lewis Carroll 60c each (series Harper's Young People Series, new vols.)
The Dial 1906-03-16 p204-11 "annual list of books ann. for Spring publication ... some 850 titles", p210
[92] Austin Statesman 1906-02-02 p4 --some 60 stories, many first publ in Harper's Young People
[93] NYT 1906-04-07 pBR220, review of 3 new vols in Topics of the Week (incl "The Hunting of the Snark" poetry collection)
The Dial -05-01 p302, "we have" 5 new vols

Carroll\Newell at WorldCat

  • Wonderland -HDL, Wayne State University Libraries Digital Collections
1901 o[936893101] [41]; o[94] w description
t.p. Internet Archive
[1901?] as 9 unnumbered leaves o[95] xvii, 192; Intro E. S. Martin
1902 (c)1901 o[96] as xvii, 192, 41; "October 1901"
  • Looking-Glass -HDL
1902 o[97]; o[937435396] xiv, xiii-xvi, 211 p., [41]
[192-?] as 4 unnumbered leaves o[98]

Two more Newell illustrations are contained in the Looking-Glass section of The Hunting ... (1903), plates facing p190 and p. 198 (viewed at HathiTrust).

  • More Annotated Alice 1990 P186629 includes Newell essay and illustrations? o[99] xxxiii, 363 p. Illus. 27.5 cm.
"Decorative borders by Mikhail Ivenitsky, on t.p. and elsewhere, are printed in red, as are the marginal notes by Martin Gardner."
ix-xiii, "Preface", [Martin Gardner]
xvii-xix, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland from an Artist's Stand-point", Peter Newell
xxi-xxxiii, "Peter Newell (1862–1924)", Michael Patrick Hearn
[325]-327, "The wasp in a wig : a 'suppressed' episode of Through the looking-glass and what Alice found there"

Amazon US

tomorrow: --check Newell for back cover illustration --document Newell essay date --make variants --note Gardner annotations somewhere?

ASK HOW such Annotations should behandled. cf. The Wasp in a Wig, below

Available: Lamont Library GEN PR4611 .A7 1990b

== probably p[325]-357 contains all contents of the Wasp in a Wig CHAPBOOK P659791 xiv+21+[10] --NEED PV 1977 original

Front cover illustration contains a modified version of Newell's penultimate painting for Alice in Wonderland, "At this the whole pack rose up into the air" (plate facing p182). --modified by crowning Alice queen, and viewing all thru a hand looking-glass

Back cover is mish-mash of Newell illustrations

  • f44 (white rabbit) 'Why, Mary Ann, what are you doing here?' [image AW 85]
  • f166 'I'm a poor man, your Majesty', the Hatter began, in a trembling voice [AW 251]
  • cheshire cat in sky (Cheshire Cat plates f82, f90, f122
  • Alice peering northwest
  • Humpty on wall
  • f12 (bishops) The chessman were walking about, two and two! [LG 47]
  • f72 'I weep for you', the Walrus said; 'I deeply sympathize' [image LG 141]

Alice illustrations in Poems and Verses -- all four are new?

  • f164 'You are old, Father William ... [image PV 239]
  • f171 'Beau--ootiful soo--oup! ... [PV 247]
  • f190 'And when I found the door was locked, ... [PV 269]
  • f198 'First, the fish must be caught ... [PV 279]

HDL Peter Newell (45 hits from 1898)

1898 Fables for the Frivolous (with apologies to La Fontaine) by Guy Wetmore Carryl
1899 to yyyy, John Kendrick Bangs (4 works?)
1901 Wonderland, one with dark olive-grey cover t.p. MCMI xvii, 192; 23cm --frontis photo portrait Carroll + 40 plates; Intro xi-xvii, 1-187, 189-92, [193]
1902 Looking-Glass HDL(3) xiv, xiii-xvi, 211; 23cm --frontis photo portrait Newell + 40 plates; iii-iv (poem), v (Cont), vii-xi (Ill), xii-xvi (Chess), 1-211
--HU lib cover?; NYPL lib cover (those two p.xii mis-numbered xiv); UMich lib cover (correct page number xii)
1903 Poems and Verses HDL(3) HDL(LC copy) xiii, 248 [40]; 23cm
--HarvardU lib cover; UMich1 lib. cover; UMich2 cover and frontis. missing
--The first 8 (including frontispiece) of 40, and second 8 of 40, illustrate The Hunting and Phantasmagoria.
1968 Alice's adventures in Wonderland, and Through the looking-glass, and what Alice found there --NOVIEW
1990 More Annotated Alice: Alice's adventures in wonderland & Through the looking glass
1907 Favorite Fairy Tales: the childhood choice of representative men and women
1908 The Hole Book --toy/movable book [52]p HDL; t.p. no date(UNC copy)
not at HathiTrust: Rocket Book, Slant Book, ...


AW not found
LG not found
PV as 1907 hc w cover; blurb "circa 1907"
2012 Kindle(illus Holiday, Furniss)

ABEbooks (lewis carroll; harper; 1901--1903) (77 hits)

[100](77) --chiefly purported 1st eds., as 1901--1903 hits

Every Child Should Know

User:Pwendt/Publishers/Doubleday 2019-10-22

newspapers ("mary hamilton frye") 1913--15 (24: 6 12 6)

[101] The Dial (contd) 1915-09-30 p284/88 p287 (Fairy Tales ECSK, illus. in color, etc ... $2. net
The Dial -11-25 p507/10 "The Season's Books for the Young" --another annual? compilation
The Bookman -12 p491/504 "Reader's Guide to the Latest Books" (monthly column?) : listing p498 "Illustrated in color and in silhouette by [MHF]."

.Mary Hamilton Frye --nidb (4)[7] 
 --illus. Nils 1913, and ECSK 1914 Myths, 1915 Fairy Tales
 --LC also two ECSK "Garden City publishing co., inc. [1932?]"
el  .Blanche Ostertag 256724 (3)
el   Hamilton Wright Mabie, ed. 162268 (111)
Every Child Should Know

series names/banners

The ECSK Library
The "Every Child Should Know" Books
Every Child Should Know Library

related --official title page, overlapping?

The Children's Library


What-Every-Child-Should-Know // Library --t.p. central t.p. Heroes(pre-1937 expected)
The What-Every-Child-Should-Know-Library --t.p. central, Gutenberg #16247 (Doubleday, Doran, n.d.)
What Every Child Should Know Library --t.p. top, 1940s

Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature (title: every child should know) 0 hits

HOLLIS ("every child should know") (17 in library/storage) --"Please try again soon."

G&D -- Heroines, Poems, Heroes, Famous Stories
D,P -- *Pictures, Poems, Wild Flowers, Poems, Legends, *Operas, *Trees, ^*Hymns, Famous Stories
HM -- Heroes, Kipling (Gutman Offsite)
non-series (2) ; * = specialist libraries, not Widener ; ^HathiTrust

MMLN ([title] "every child should know") (19)

2010 Ebooks always available (7) include Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends that, Myths that
reprint books from series ECSK: only Birds, Poems

BL ("every child should know") 31 hits

1905 Fairy Tales 002300892 --reports another copy as Heinemann (different titlepage)
1905 Myths 002300901
1906 Heroes 002300894
1906 Legends 002300898
1907 Stories 002300893
Heroines 1908 Grosset & Dunlap 007577108
1909 Pinocchio, new transl. 002261705 (Adventures ECSK: The Marvellous Adventures of Pinocchio)
2012 Luton: Andrews UK AUK Classics (4 ebook eds.)

HathiTrust ("every child should know") alpha by title (76)

(what) Every Child Should Know (library) as What Every Child Should Know Library --orig. publ. Doubleday, Page; ed. Hamilton Wright Mabie

  • Fairy Tales, 1905 --[4] HDL 05* 07 10 23
--[3] 1905 -LOC xviii, 368 ; 1915 v 266 ; 1932? v 266
Fairy Tales ECSK: A selection of the best fairy tales of all times and of all authors.
LOC 1905 is genuine 1st ed. (no cover) t.p. verso (publ 1905-05) stampdates 1905-05-26 and -05-19 (p.iv), iv-xviii all numbered except p.xv Contents (Intro +24 unattributed); p1-370 undecorated
*HDL "1905" is undated t.p. Grosset & Dunlap (no front.)
HDL 1907 is genuine t.p. D, Page 1907 (publ 1905-05)
no cover or series list; frontispiece, "Illustrated and decorated by Blanche Ostertag", v-xiv closes "March, 1905." [Contents leaf missing] xvii-xviii, 1-370, no back pages (no illustrations p1-26)
HDL 1910 is genuine t.p. D, Page 1910 The Children's Library: Fairy Tales (c)1905
HDL 1923 is genuine t.p. D, Page 1923 cut and illus. Mary Hamilton Frye (c)1905, 1915 o[6896607] 266p = CUT from 368pp
  • Myths, 1905 --[5] HDL 05* 07 11 13 14
--[4] 1905 -LOC xvi, 351 ; 1914 -HDL 224 ; 1932 224 ; 1955 256p
*HDL "1905" is undated t.p. Grosset & Dunlap (color front.)
HDL 1907 lists The ECSK Books (14) is genuine t.p. D, Page 1907 (publ 1905-10)
HDL 1911 lists The ECSK Books (14) is genuine t.p. D, Page 1911 (publ 1905-10)
HDL 1913 (2 files 1 copy) lists The ECSK Books (14) (c)1905
HDL 1914 is genuine (c)1905 1914 --new illus Mary Hamilton Frye o[1582278] 224p = PROBABLY CUT from 351pp
I-XVI (with cover) ix-xvi, 3-351
I-X (no Intro) not cut but selected, namely 3-5, 7-10, 12-13, 15 ; "List of Colour Illustrations", 10 (front plus 9 n i pagination)
  • Heroes, 1906 --[6] HDL 07 07 07 07 08 13
--[1] 1906 -HDL xviii, 332 (Grosset & Dunlap, n.d., c1905/06/07)

Heroes (20) include Perseus, Hercules, St. Geo, King A, Sir Gal, Siegfried, Roland ... (4 moderns) Washington, Lee, Lincoln, Damien

"So far we have told how Hercules accomplished seven of the tasks laid upon him. Space doesnot permit us to recount in detail the other five. The eight task was ... The ninth task was ... (one sentence each; one paragraph conclusion)."
no illustrations p3-42
c1907 D, Page 012193801 lists The ECSK Books (14) t.p. D, Page 1909 (no publ date) front cover xviii 332 port.
1907 Grosset & Dunlap 008616852 xviii 332 front --no cover; as below
c1907 Grosset & Dunlap 100481612 xviii 332 --w cover, hue difference; distinct Lincoln frontispiece
c1907 D, Doran for Parents' Institute 011986315 w cover front., t.p. (no date) xvii 332 col. ill. [p3-42 unillustrated] Associate Editor Kate Stephens
1908 D, Page (w cover); Introductory Note p[v] ackty asst ed Miss Kate Stephens, ... Intro xi-xviii, --lists only 7 ECSK Books, omits Fairy Tales; Ill. and Dec. by Ostertag;
1913 D, Page; xviii 332
    • OMNIBUS Heroes and Fairies (NY: The Christian Herald, 1907) --OMNI t.p. 1907 two arabic-numeral series (no cover)
  • Legends, 1906 --[3] HDL 06* 06* 11* --[-] niLC
*HDL "1906" 100559428 is t.p. D, Page 1907 illus & decor (publ 1906-09) with cover
*HDL "1906" 011986314 is undated Grosset & Dunlap (misplaced front.)(no cover)
*HDL "1911" is undated Grosset & Dunlap
--[1] 1912 300pp
Internet Archive copy is genuine 1907 (publ 1907-08)
*HDL "1907" are later, undated t.p. Doubleday & Co.[~1946 (c)1907] and t.p. Grosset & Dunlap
1913 and Gutenberg publications NEED work
Essays as 1914 [(c)1907] o[103]
  • Heroines, 1908, eds. Mabie and Kate Stephens --[2] HDL 08 08
--[2] 1908 -HDL xiv, 281 ; 1913 xiv, 281
HDL c1908 100481611 is Grosset & Dunlap (c)1908 D, Page; vii-xi, xiii-xiv, p3-281
HDL 1908 are genuine 1st ed. 2 copies, U Wisconsin alone with front cover(and back), endpapers, frontis. intact t.p. D, Page 1908 "decorated" (publ 1908-02); vii-xi, xiii-xiv, p3-281
  • Folk Tales, 1910 --[1] HDL 12
--[1] 1910 xviii, 215
HDL [c1912] 2 copies are Grosset & Dunlap, different eds., both (c)1912 Cale Young Price, printed at The Country Life Press (no covers, identical front.)

Not in series ECSK

  • Fables, ed. Edna Turpin (Richmond: B. F. Johnson) (c)1920 --distinct publisher
  • Little People Who Became Great: ... ECSK, by Laura Antoinette Large (NY: Platt & Munk, 1935 (c)1920)</a>

  • Fairy Stories ECSK "1910" == [1942] reissue 1906 The Fairy Ring

See below, The Fairy Ring

Mabie, 1882, Norse Stories Fo[104](48)

Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know
Fo[105](43) --long title
Fo[106](20) --short title
1905 London, Doubleday; H.W. Mabie o[107]
1905 London, Heinemann; o[108]
1913, 1905 Doubleday o[109]
1914 Doubleday \Fawcett o[110] xvii 215 --illus end-papers, frontispiece only?

Legends Fo[111](26) --long title

Famous Stories Every Child Should Know

WorldCat heading/title varies

  • Fo[112](2) --London edition; BL 002300893 --all as "H. W. Mabie"
  • Fo[113](4) 1908 10 27 28 --short title, expected for The Children's Library
  • Fo[114](15)
  • Fo[115](6) --long title

... (4 WorldCat records under long title as Doubleday)

Another edition (also 1907) names a second contributor on the title page.
Illustrated end papers, signed Ostertag.
Series titles from spine and from original wooden shipping box.

two other records under long title, both as Grosset & Dunlap [1907] x 300

Famous Stories --plausible records of early Doubleday, Page copies (not Grosset

1907 o[117] w crucial Notes; "illustration"; o[118] "frontispiece" (meagre)
1907 London o[119] o[120] assistance, no mention of decoration
1910 o[121] --short title, "[xi], 300 p., [4] leaves of plates, 21 cm" (others mainly as 19 cm)
1912 o[122] Ostertag; "frontispiece" "front."
1913 o[123] assistance, Ostertag; "illustrations" "Illustrations on lining papers."
1914 o[124] Ostertag; "frontispiece"

as The Children's Library

1908 D, Page o[125] 1 unnumbered leaf of plates : illustrations
1927 Nelson D o[126] "frontispiece"
1928 D, Doran o[127] 1 color illustrations

the Doubleday & Company (c)1907 is not represented here, presumably at WorldCat as 1907

The "Every Child Should Know" Books (10 ALPHABETICAL) series list --one front page viewed at Internet Archive, t.p. 1907)

  • Birds, Hymns, Poems[1904], Songs, Water Wonders[Apr 1907] (5 by other editors)
  • Fairy Tales, Famous Stories (this vol.), Heroes, Legends, Myths (5 ed. Mabie)

same list from Myths, t.p. date 1907 (14) --extended by four; evidently in sequence

  • Poems, Songs, Birds, Water Wonders, Hymns; Prose, Pictures
  • 2(1905-05) Fairy Tales, 3(1905-10) Myths, 5(1906-09) Legends, 6 Heroes, 9(1907-08) Famous Stories; 11 Heroines, 12 Essays

Introduction, Famous Stories:

"The group of stories brought together in this volume differ from legends because they have, with one exception, no core of fact at the centre, from myths because they make no attempt to personify or explain the forces or processes of nature, from fairy stories because they do not often bring on to the stage actors of a different nature from ours. [...] The stories which make up this volume are closer [than Fairy Tales] to experience and come, for the most part, nearer to the every-day happenings of life."

Frontispiece differs from that of the 1907 Doubleday, Page ed. (viewed at Internet Archive). Title page, decorated: -- center, series vignette and name "The What-Every-Child-Should-Know-Library" -- bottom (quote 5 lines), Published by   DOUBLEDAY, DORAN & CO., INC., for   THE PARENTS' INSTITUTE, INC.   Publishers of "The Parents' Magazine"   9 East 40th Street, New York The magazine publisher name and address imply source publication date January 1936 to September 1939 --from matching data stated in the monthly magazine.


("every child should know" grosset) 1905--1919 (21): 0; 00007 ; 21252; 01001 --of which the earliest 19 are expected spurious (The Bookman "Back Material") --2 genuine hits expected, namely:

National Stockman and Farmer 1916-06-24 p335, Letters: Birds ECSK is one of Grosset & Dunlap series, 50c canvas, $1.25 better binding
[128] The Bookman 49.6 1919-08 p.xx Grosset & Dunlap advert "These books have colored wrappers [jackets] and colored frontispieces." --boxed in 20 volume sets, also 5 and 10; single copies 75c + postage; alpha list of 22

newspapers ("every child should know") 1904--1919 (637?): 35; 82, 65[182], 61, 45, 73; 36[397] 34, 11, 52, 44 ; 33 23 13 17 13)

The Globe (Tor) 1916-12-20 retailer advertisement, under "Books for Girls", listing "Every Child Should Know Series, 20 vols. 55c each." = C$0.55
Cincinnati Enquirer 1918-12-22 p11 retailer: Start an "Every Child Should Know" Library 65c Each; alpha list of 22
The Gazette (Mon) 1918-11-30 p3 retailer: Myths ECSK, regular C$2.50, with 10 full page colored illustrations, today C$1.25

--date of earliest hits [not examined]; *ed. Mabie

  • 1904-06 -Poems
  • 1905-06 *Fairy Tales
  • 1905-09 *Myths
  • 1906-09 *Legends
  • 1906-10 *Heroes
  • 1907-09 *(Famous) Stories --alone indb 2019-10-02
  • 1908-01 *Heroines
  • 1908-03 *Essays
  • 1910-07 ?Folk Tales

Where the correct title appears to be such as "Heroines That ...", the title without "That" routinely appears earlier in newspapers.

  • [129] 1915-10 p1269 Herald of Gospel Liberty "Every Child Should Know Series", The Christian Publishing Association, cloth 50c each == alpha list of 20

The Dial 1906-03-16 p204-11 "annual list of books ann. for Spring publication ... some 850 titles", p210

Birds ECSK, Heroes ECSK 90c

newspapers 1905 ("every child should know") (82)

earliest The Dial -03-15 ann. Spring publication Fairy Tales, 90c net
NYT 1905-04-08 pBR225 publisher advert (Spring List); this one among 3 "Ready about May 4th"; and "Uniform with Poems Every Child Should Know. Net, 90 cents. (Postage, 9 cents.)"
NYT -05-06 pBR295 listing in This Week's Publications; pBR297 quotation from Mabie's introduction
NYT -05-27 pBR349 listing again in present tense
-06-10 notices in LCJ DFP NYT (the latter again present tense)
NYT -06-24 pBR421 "A sixth large edition of Poems Every Child Should Know, a companion to Fairy Tales[...], is being sent out by Doubleday, Page ..."


NYT -09-23 pBR620 "Early Doubleday Juveniles" as fc next month
NYT -10-28 p29 publisher advert "This week", Myths, uniform with two; "Frontispiece. Net, 99 cents, postpaid."


-09-30 Sat Rvw, Spectator --Wm Heinemann announcement listings Poems and Fairy Tales "Crown 8vo, 5s"
Man Gua -10-26 received, Fairy Tales
Ath -10-28 p579 List of New Books, Fairy Tales --same day Academy, received;

1920--1959 (1930s/40s mainly)

("what every child should know") 1920--1949 (54): 10000 11020 01310 00[1932]212 96730 13523 --from 1932 mainly Advertisements in Parents Magazine

earliest advert (by Home & School Book Service) [130] Parents 1932-07 p56 "What-Every-Child-Should-Know Library" --6 vol Every-Child-Should-Know Library, five-day trial, return or $1/mo for 7 months (titles are Poems plus 5 ed. by Mabie --no Essays, Legends, Heroines) --gay red cloth
earliest advert by Parents Institute (mailing address) [131] Parents 1937-12 p115 --gay red cloth with a picture in full color inlaid on the front cover; colored frontispiece, t.p., decorative endpapers
essentially same advert 1938-05, 1939-01
1939-12 "For Christmas--Six New Volumes have been added ..." (none Mabie; one Laughter probably KDW, NAS)
same 6 New volumes advert almost monthly as of 1940-10

1920--1959 ("every child should know") (468 hits, 1938 1946)

1938 retailer $1
[132] Parents 1946-06 p169, publ Parents (Keep-Worthy Books)
1900/09 371; doubleday 184 ;
1910/19 276; doubleday 62
1920/29 114; doubleday 9
1930/39 130; doubleday 16 ; (FTales 4) FSstories 00 TLaughter 00 TWonder 00 (1930s/40s)
1940/49 117; doubleday 3 diss.
1950/59 107; doubleday 17


"[main title] every child should know" (FTales 4) FSstories 00 TLaughter 00 TWonder 00
"every child should know" "[main title] (FTales 31,36) FSstories 3,23* TLaughter 2,2 TWonder 0,6* -- *almost all Parents Magazine) More FStories 00

Parents Magazine (ProQuest hits for this series)

[133] 1939-11 new series (2nd?) six inclg Laughter ("120 fairy tales"), $7/6.50
[134] 1941-11 new 3rd series, six inclg Wonder ("30 unusual fairy stories"), " "
1941-12 p79 same, as for Christmas
[135] 1942-01 p85, 2nd printing ready -01-10 "Owners of ... series I and II were asked to select ..."
1942-02 p99, 2nd printing of the new W-ECSK Library
1942-04 p121, new 3rd series, we completed in November, 5000 sets

FStories 1941-11 12 ; 1942-01 04 [four above]and also 06 07 11 "new third series"; 1943-08 ; 1946-12 ; 1947-01 03 05 11 12 ; 1948 02 11 12 ; 1949 01 06

[136] 1943-08 p10g(109?) Fairy Stories "50 unusual ..." $8/7.00
[137] 1946-12 p107, for Christmas best-of-36, $9/8.00
1949-01/02/06, each as new printing of Special Edition best-of-36 (6 series): Famous Stories, Folk Tales $9/8.00

"Fairy Tales"

1932-07 11 12 1933-01 Parents' Magazine "Home & School Book Service" (see "1st series" below)
1933-12 " " (same set of six)
SLPD 1936-11-22 p20, retailer lists FTECSK
PhiInq 1937-10-07 p13, Wanamaker " "
Parents Magazine 1937-12 p115, (1st series) six inclg FT, Folk Tales, Famous Stories $7/6.50
1938-11 Was, Chi retailers
Parents Magazine 1938-12 p106, (same series) "this new edition"

("every child should know" doubleday)

1920s 9: 0020110212 (less 5 diss.) 0010010011
[138] Outlook 1922-11-15 p486 "New Editions" --inclg FT, Myths (no price) --and others
Good Housekeeping 86.2 (1928-02) "Books of Escape"
1930s 16: 1212341011 (less 11 diss.) 0101200001 (4 news/mag, no genuine mention of new publication)

("keep-worthy books") 1945--1959 (4 genuine hits, all Parents Magazine 1946)

WorldCat: "keep-worthy books" (14 hits) length [roman]+ 215 to 455 arabic pages --all as 1907 to 1920s dates

non-ECSK, only two: 1946 o[139], 1949 o[140]
ECSK (12 titles) --precisely those know as 6th series or best-of-36 (both 1946)

redd all genuine hits 1930s/50s 2019-10-17

Sets of Six

SIX SERIES issued [1932 and?] 1937 1939 1941 42 43 early-46; best-of 1946

some advertisement reference to 10 years suggests that 1932 is included

1st series (advert 1932-07 p56) "What-Every-Child-Should-Know Library"; repeat -11

Home & School Book Service, 112 East 32nd Street 1932-07
Every-Child-Should-Know Library $7.00 as $1 monthly, 5-day trial
1932-12 with FT t.p. image $7/6.50 "One Gift or Six Gifts"
Poems, [5 ed. by Mabie] Fairy Tales, [*]Folk Tales, [*]Famous Stories, [*]Heroes, Myths, --as 187, 24, 20, 11, 20, 16, 187

1st series (advert 1937-12 p115) series name variously fashioned

Poems, [4 by Mabie] Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Famous Stories, Heroes; [new] Pictures (! "45 Schools of Art ...")

2nd series (advert 1939-11)

Kipling S, Etiquette, Natural Wonders, LAUGHTER (as 120 f.t.), Patriotic, Christmas

3rd series (advert 1941-11)

[*]Bible, WONDER (as 30 unusual), Great Explorers, [*]Dog, [*]Good Cheer, Champions of Freedom

4th series (advert 1942-12)

Animal Friends, Poems (200), Mark Twain, FAIRY STORIES (as FTales] 50 unusual), Moments in Science, Tales from Shakespeare (as 20--complete)

5th series (advert 1943-12; by mail from Parents Institute)

PM "offers each year for Christmas a six-volume library of literary gems that every child should know".
this 5th, "the six most popular titles from earlier sets"(?) [4 1939/2nd, 2 1941/3rd]
Kipling Stories, Patriotic Stories, Christmas Stories, Etiquette, Dog Stories, Bible Stories (ie best-of-24)

6th series (advert 1946-01; by mail from Keep-Worthy Books --same mailing address)

[*]Best Loved Poems, [*]Low Priced Crafts, [*]Trees, [*]War Dogs, [*]MORE FAIRY STORIES (as FTales), [*]Tom Sawyer Detective

best-of-36 series (advert 1946-12) --WITH POOR IMAGE t.p. and cover

Bible, [3 by Mabie] Folk Tales, Famous Stories, Heroes, [plus two] Dog, Bible

[*] found at WorldCat as publisher Keep-Worthy Books (12 ECSK titles)

Those found as Keep-Worthy Books are all 12 titles, and only those 12, that compose the 6th series and the best-of-36

Doubleday for Parents

(1930s/40s) Doubleday publications for Parents' Institute, Inc. --title page data

  • 1936 to 1939 --from Parents name "The Parents' Institute, Inc." and address
9 East 40th St (Doubleday, Doran) --HDL t.p. Heroes, What-Every-Child-Should-Know Library(central) (with cover) (NO series list, back pages) --no mention of Parents' Magazine (probably earlier) ix-xvii 3-332
NO series list matches 1932 set of six
t.p. probably does not match 1932
  • 1936 to 1939 --from Parents name and address
9 East 40th St (Doubleday, Doran) --Gutenberg #16247 t.p. Famous Stories, The What-Every-Child-Should-Know-Library(central) (NO cover image, series list, back pages), no page numbers except Contents links
  • 1939 to 1946 --from Parents address and Doubleday name
52 Vanderbilt Avenue (Doubleday, Doran) --HDL t.p. Fairy Stories ECSK, Wiggin & Smith, What Every Child Should Know Library (with cover, inside: "The Fourth Series") \MacKinstry (cover illus. is former frontis.) (NO series list, back pages) poem, no Intro[!] v-viii 3-317
" " --Gutenberg #19461 Tales of Wonder ECSK, Wiggin & Smith, What Every Child Should Know Library (NO cover image, series list, back pages) marginal v-xiii 3-364
  • 1946 or later --from Doubleday name (address may imply 1946 or earlier)
52 Vanderbilt Avenue (Doubleday & Company) --HDL t.p. Famous Stories (NO cover, series list, roman num, back pages) 3-300

newspapers (doubleday doran parents institute)

Parents (magazine) EN

  1. Children, The Magazine for Parents, Oct 1926
  2. Parents' Magazine, Aug 1929 rename
  3. Parents, 1978 sale and relaunch; 2005 sale
Children, The Magazine for Parents; 353 Fourth Avenue --Dec 1928
Children, The Parents' Magazine; 255 Fourth Avenue --Jan/Feb 1929(dnf January) (two changes)
The Parents' Magazine, 255 Fourth Avenue --Aug 1929 to Sep 1934

NYT 1934-09-06 p37 "Large Space Leased to Parents' Magazine": ... "two and a half floors in 7-11 East Fortieth Street"

... 114 East 32nd St --confirmed Oct 1931 and Oct 1934
... 9 East 40th St --confirmed Nov 1934 to Dec 1935 (as Parents Publishing)
... ... --Jan 1936 to Sep 1939 (as Parents Institute)

NYHT 1939-07-12 "Magazine Firm Leases Large Midtown Space": two floors at corner of 45th St

... 52 Vanderbilt Avenue (publ office Chicago) --Oct 1939

NYHT 1946-03-16 p21 "Publishers Pay $825,000 for New Quarters": 16-story building in 46th St, 100 feet west of 5th Ave, George J. Hecht President, and publisher of the fourteen magazines

new title Parents' Magazine --confirmed 1949 (Index as The Parents' Magazine 1944)
Oct 1926 The Parents' Publishing Association, Inc. 353 Fourth Avenue, New York, NY
Jan 1936 XI.1 EEE Office 9 East 40th St --earliest hit as "Parents Institute"

("parents institute" "9 East 40th St") 37 from 1936 (Parents Magazine, Feb 1936 to Sep 1939)

Oct 1939 Publ Office Chicago; Exec, Edit, and Adve Offices 52 Vanderbilt Ave

("parents institute" "vanderbilt avenue") 48 from 1939 (3; 0 1 7 7 4; 1 4 6 1 14)

User:Pwendt/Publishers/Doubleday 2019-10-22 relocate 1927/28 data
KDW/NAS anthologies/collections
User:Pwendt/FFM/KDW and NAS 2019-10-11

Wiggins and Nora Archibald Smith

Summer 2019

Rackham Gulliver INTERIORART T1365153 as 1909

HDL Arthur Rackham (128, 93 as Full View)

Gulliver's Travels 1901 05 09 09 13
  • 1901 Dent xiv 363 15cm, w 12 illus ; (nonpictorial cover: Gulliver's Travels, Dean Swift) t.p. col dec The Temple Classics for Young People, Contets v-xiv, Illus front+11 (line drawings except front.) [1]-363 p[365] printer statement
1905 Dent (1st, August 1900) xiv 363 15-1/2cm ; (no cover) t.p. 1905; Temple Classics, 1st Aug 1900, 2nd Mar 1903; v-xiv, no List, map (i26 facing p1) p[365] printer stt i423
1909 BL 003557467
1909 Dent (most from 1899 ed.) xv 291 30cm (image of book cover?) t.p. Dent;Dutton --mounted plates (why?), otherwise identical? one extra image fp256 #256 of 750, signed (750 for Britain and America)
1909 Dent (most from 1899 ed.) xv 291 24cm (2), one with informative image cover/wrapper "Medium 8vo 9s. 6d. net", 1899/1900 illus. + ; t.p. Dent;Dutton
[1913] Dent 128 [8] ; Tales for Children from Many Lands, ed. F. C. Tilney; t.p. Dent;Dutton undated, presented 1921; "Gulliver's Travels", only 2, abridged Intro 9-128

1909 Rackham at WorldCat

o[141] Dent xv 291 24cm
o[142] Dutton
o[143] Dent;Dutton xv 291 29cm large paper mounted
1952 o[144] New ed, 1st 1909, 210 [8] 21cm
1952 o[145] "Does not include Part 4."
1969 reprint (entire jacket) front inside flap "The C.I.C. Series" #18, [8] (no Houh
1983 o[146] 1st 1952, xiii 210 [4]

Children's Classics(?)

(Dent "children's classics")

so reported by Chavey from 1957 Further Adventures of Nils --DOES IT REPORT Dent;Dutton?
BL search --3 hits, all 1990s
"Children's classics" (334) inclg The Library Press 1905-, Nister;Dutton, Macmillan The..., 1911-; Lippincott The... 1917-; The Epworth Press, 1925-; Madras : The Indian Publishing House, 1927; Studley Press, 1946-;
WorldCat search --6 hits (four 1990s) Dent;Dutton Everyman's library children's classics 1931\1910 o[147] xix 267; same #59 1919\1906 o[148] 453
(se:"Everyman's library children's classics") 111, chiefly Knopf and Rand McNally, or simply Everyman's Library (eg latterday reissues of The Swiss Family Robinson)

"Dent's Children's Classics" (one hit 1940 to 1959)

[149] 1955-11-19 p674 --two vols 8/6 each --Hans Brinker; Tom Sawyer --and 11/6 anthology Modern Fairy Stories

Children's Illustrated Classics
User:Chavey 1957 list as Dent's Children's Classics

Speculative fiction books listed in this series in 1957 include:

49   The Princess and the Goblin
49* The Princess and Curdie -- dnf WorldCat before [1963] but that as 1st 1949 o[150]
49   Swiss Family Robinson (borderline spec) -- + one spurious record as 1947
49o   Grimm's Fairy Tales
50o   Tanglewood Tales (Hawthorne) -- + one record Wonderbook & Tanglewood Tales (c)1950 o[151] 358pp
49* A Wonder Book (Hawthorne)
50   Wonderful Adventures of Nils -- 1966 as #[14] o[152]
53   Further Adventures of Nils
51o   Fairy Tales from the Arabian Nights
51   Pinocchio
52   Fairy Tales of Long Ago
52o   Gulliver's Travels
   Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales -- 1958! o[153] o[154] o[155]-HDL as #21 w Contents list, illus Baumhauer
54   The Brownies and Other Stories (Ewing)
   Hans Brinker -- illus. Hans Baumhauer (same as Nils)
53   King Arthur and the Round Table -- by Alice Mary Hadfield
54   Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass
55* Modern Fairy Tales (Roger Green)
56   At the Back of the North Wind (MacDonald)

not listed by Chavey, found at WorldCat

54 The Cuckoo Clock
54 The Pilgrim's Progress


* noted in newspapers 1949-195?
o reported at WorldCat se:"Temple Continuous Readers" (24 c. 1909)

Baumhauer illustrated at least Nils1, Nils2, Andersen, Brinker --including Nils OMNIBUS 1984 paperback o[156] 292,247 ISBN-0460027719 as Hans Baumhauer

Children's Illustrated Classics

WorldCat 362 hits (4 records Robinson Crusoe as Dent;Dutton [1903]) (1 Swiss Family R as Dutton 1947)

[1949] 11 8 5 6 8 7 ; 8 3 1957 #65-

Dent "Children's Illustrated Classics" (plenty of hits from 1951; 1950 none) (1940s only 3, all 1949)

[157] 1949-06-24 "two additions this week to Dent's ... 7/6 each The Coral Island; The Princess and Curdie
[158] 1949-09-30 two more 7/6 each Robin Hood; A Wonder Book
A Wonder Book C$1.69 195pp The Globe and Mail 1949-11-12 p10
[159] NYT 1952-11-16 pBRA47, "Repeat Performances (Juvenile Division)" by David Dempsey --5 new titles (US) --at least two being UK 1951 11/6
same 5 listed at $1.75, $2.25 1953-05-17 [160]
Canada price C$1.59, naming about 15 volumes [161]
Canada price chiefly C$1.59, some C$2.25 [162] 1954-11-20 p11

BL 000685588 reports: 99 series hits

The Children's Illustrated Classics. 
London : J. M. Dent & Sons, 1949-.
BL 009006034 Modern Fairy Stories, ed Green, as Dent; Dutton 1955 xvi 270
BL 011565773 Tales of Make Believe, ed Green, as " " 1960 xviii 235

Cover artist?

Jacket art same as frontispiece art, 1974 P33465 --PV markwood
Cover artist differs from interior illustrator P[163] PV chavey

Selma Lagerlöf

2019-09-21 create User:Pwendt/People/Selma Lagerlöf

Grosset & Dunlap as 1906 publisher "By arrangement with the Macmillan Company, Grosset & Dunlap, of New York, have in press for immediate issue popular-priced editions of ..." NY Observer and Chronicle 1906-03-22 p374 --one of only 3 hits (grosset dunlap) ("grosset & dunlap") 1900-09 (94: 26 4 5 1 7; 1 3 35 2 10)

els  Meriol Trevor 191182 (39) --q

The King of the Castle, Macmillan 16/- --nidb Price from capsule review in "The Dreaming Child" by William Buchan, The Spectator 1966-11-11 p628.

 lw  Angela Bull 3625 (16) 
Nineteenth Century Children [...], Gillian Avery with Bull, 259pp; BL 000151642 008580730 010264210 (no price)

picture book stories?

1966 Wayland's Keep \Hughes BL 004139727 --probly non-genre
1976 88p Treasures in the Fog \Worth BL 008713955
1978 112p Doll in the Wall \Floyd UK BL 008713942
1982 63p Accidental Twins UK BL 010068491
1992 91p Shadows UK BL 007392403
1993 90p Phantoms BL 007392444
2000 Phantoms, New Ed. UK
1999 48p Time Traveler, Reader Level 3 UK hc UK pbk UK hc2 (Eyewitness Readers) "Sophie and Jake, who don't find history interesting, test a computer program that shows what life was like in ancient Rome, Viking times, the Renaissance, the Gold Rush era, World War Two, and into the space age." --BL 010729338 (Readers, Elementary)

some genre fiction as writer (time travel; timeslip); Robin Hood, probably not

1966 Wayland's Keep 191p o[164], 198p 1967us o[165]
1976 Treasure in the Fog (?) 88p
1992 Shadows of Owlsnap (?) --niLC Fo[166](4) Ghost
1993 Winter Phantoms --niLC 1995 Dolphin pbk o[167] Fo[168]
1999 Time Traveler, Children Through Time 48p Fo[169](5), US Fo[170](3)


2019-09-17 create User:Pwendt/People/Molesworth

Macmillan Children's Classics

1923 (12) [171] review of 1; [172] 9 named
1924 (6) [173] 6 named, and more illustrators
1925 (7) -- Rip and Sleepy; Cuckoo and Tapestry; Kidnapped; The Prince and the Page (Yonge); Bears of B.R.; == 5 known
1926-05-19 CSM -- Don Quixote, illus de la Be`re
1926 -- Games for Every Day; Alhambra (Irving); The Dove in the Eagle Nest (Yonge); Pilgrim's Progress; indb: (2) Princess and the Goblin == 5 known
1926-05 Parents -- Captain Boldheart &c (Dickens)
1927 [174] NYHT 1927-09-18 pF16 "Ready during September ... series of 40 titles ... [list of 9] ... Each $1.75"
number in series ... : 12 6 7 ? ... 9 = 40
number known titles: 10 6 5+ 5+ ... 9 = 35 -- plus one 1930


se:"Macmillan children's classics" (57; same with closing dot)
Macmillan; se:"children's classics" (170)

WorldCat implies an earlier "Children's Classics" series from Macmillan, with more shorter volumes, many abridged

o[175] --Gulliver as 1908

el  .Kenny Meadows 168439 (11)

HDL [Granny's] Wonderful Chair

  • Granny's wonderful chair
1957 [c1924] Macmillan, illus Emma L. Brock --v 184 NO VIEW
  • Granny's wonderful chair [and/&] its tales of fairy times
P564497 [1910] J.M. Dent; first 1906; intro Dollie Radford --xvii 178; Everyman's .. Children's Books, in two styles; 3rd printing t.p.(2) w plain cover, identical to 5th after title leaf
3rd half-title ... 13 headings; "In two styles of binding cloth, flat back, coloured top, and leather, round corners, gilt top."
5th half-title ... 13 headings "In four styles of binding: cloth, flat back, coloured top; leather, round corners, gilt top; library binding in cloth, & quarter pigskin"
[1915] --xvii 178; Everyman's ... for Young People, in four styles; 5th printing;

-- Preface, vii-xvi, sig "D. R." -- List of Illustrations, [xviii], lists 14 (plates included in the pagination) sig "Dora Curtis" -- -178, no back pages

[1928] Dent; Dutton --xvii 178 NO VIEW
1911 Ward Lock --248 t.p. w cover, frontis. sig "Thomas Maybank"; unillus. to p109; +[8]pp catalogue &c
P564314 c1916 E.P. Dutton, illus Katherine Pyle --xxx 211 [176](2)
Harvard no cover, no date, c1916, Pref New iii-vii, Pref ix-xxiv "D. R.", ... Illustrations xxix, 19 (front, 9 half-title, 9 other [some as col plates not included]) + endpieces not listed
UNC plain cover, t.p. n.d., 1929 4th printing of 1925 New ed. --after title leaf, identical except smaller paper/margins --PLATES MISSING
  • The wonderful chair [and the tales it told]
1900 D.C. Heath, illus Clara E. Atwood[--nidb] after Mrs. Seymour Lucas; intro M.V. O'Shea[--nidb] t.p. "Part I" Intro iii, Contents (4 + Note for the Teacher) and List of Ill. (8 "and eight vignettes in the text")
[1930] --191 illus

ISFDB (9 as of 2019-09-11)

s BO.£ 1857 Griffith F \Meadows --two formats; 1857 for Christmas 1856 + sequence
s BO#.£c 1891 Griffith FOW \MSLucas --# Baldwin (page numbers)
s LO.$c 1900 Dutton \MSLucas --sequence
o O.£ 1908 Frowde/H&S \Margetson --1908 for Christmas 1907 --STORY CONTENTS MISSING
p H.. 1910 Dent/Dutton \Curtis, intro Radford (Everyman's #112, 3rd printing)
p LH.$ 1916 Dutton \Pyle, intros Pyle, Radford
o LO.$ 1924 Macmillan \Brock --HDL FULL VIEW FORTHCOMING?
s d. 2011 Gutenberg #35820 -- <== 1906 Everyman's 1st ed. --NEED PRICE
s d. 2011 LibriVox, audiobook

+ = 9 tales/chapters listed in known sequence; p = page numbers

LC; BL pre-1910

- 1857 G F \Meadows vi 169 --BL 000497478 --with 8 so-called "Related Titles" --q
- [1891] G F \MSLucas 94 --BL 000497479 --q
[1900] GF \Another ed. 192 --BL 000497481
1900 Heath, Wonderful Chair \illus, ed O'Shea --
1900 2 vol
- [1900] Dutton \illus 192 --LC
1904 McClure, Phillips \Truman, intro Burnett xxxvi 214 --LC BL 000497482
[1906] Dent; Dutton \Curtis, ed. Radford xvii 178 --BL 000497483
- [1910] 3rd
[c1907] McLoughlin \illus 144 --LC
- 1908 Frowde H&S \Margetson 167 --BL 000497484
[1909] Partridge \illus 202 --BL 000497485
[c1913] Dutton \illus vi 280 -- -LOC o[2306456]
- [c1916] Dutton \Pyle xxx 211 -- -HDL o[4657239]
-LO.$ 1924 NY: The Macmillan Company \Brock --LC
[c1928] Saalfield \Williams 247 -- o[4633804]
1932 Winston \Stephenson, intro Holmes --LC
[1933] Dent; Dutton \illus xvii 178 --LC
[1963] Dent; Dutton, unill? 150 --LC
[1963] Dent; Dutton \D. J. Watkins-Pitchford viii 150 --BL 000497494

el  .R. Caton Woodville 139482 (6) --(Jr., some confusion with Sr.) 
EN: known as "one of the most prolific and effective painters of battle scenes in the late 19th and early 20th centuries."
Magazine/newspaper illustrator (Haggard, Cleopatra, 1889; Haggard, Nada the Lily, 1892; Kipling, "The Bridge-Builders", 1893)
el  .J. R. Weguelin 217194 (4) Henty, Cat of Bubastes --historical novel featuring sacred cat EN

.Sydney Seymour Lucas, son --nidb niLC
.John Seymour Lucas --nidb (1)[177]
ew  .Marie Seymour Lucas 233440 (0)
 == o[178] M. Seymour Lucas, o[179] M. S. Lucas, o[180] full name, o[181] full name

ISFDB Notes search: (bold)Seymour

July 2019


John C. Nimmo (d. 1908) (0)

as Nimmo only (UK ed of same?)

newspapers (nimmo bain) 1878/79 (7/16)

earliest genuine) The Spectator 1879-09-13 Publ otW lists 3 as Nimmo &/and Bain
Am Bk 1879-10-15 p345 "Messrs. J. C. Nimmo & Bain, London, send us their new Catalogue of American Books of thirty octavo pages, besides the Index of eight pages. This firm makes a specialty of American books." (eg, one 1879 title Essays from the "North American Review", anth 12 articles 1832 to 1868)
Epiphanies of Our Risen Lord, Boardman, 1879-10 listing London : J. C. Nimmo & Bain. New York : D. Appleton & Company.
The Globe Encyclopedia of Useful Information, ed. Ross, 1879-12 listing "Edinburgh: Thomas C. Jack. London: Nimmo & Bain. King William-street."
--[182] Ath 2720 p748 (mainly W. Swan Sonnenschein & Allen's New List) --incl children's play Alice by Kate Freiligrath-Kroeker
Alice and Other Fairy Tales BL 001321171 Kate Freiligrath-Kroeker, 1845-1904
Alice and Other Fairy Plays BL 001321172 Käthe FREILIGRATH-KROEKER

(nimmo bain) 1884/85 (53: 44 9) ("nimmo and bain" OR "nimmo & bain") (37: 35 2)

(last) agate listing Ath 2970 1884-09-27 p402; A Cursory History of Swearing, Sharman, rvw Ath #2967 1884-09-06 p298

("john c. nimmo") 1884/85 (64: 21 43)

(earliest) Ath 2949 1884-05-03 p559 "John C. Nimmo's New Publications ... May, 1884."; footer "London: John C. Nimmo, 14, King William-street, Strand, W.C. // (Hitherto J. C. Nimmo & Bain.)" ; AND p568 brief announcement

-- [183] 1884-12-13 facsimile of the First Edition of Rasselas, Elliot Stock, 50 large-paper copies 21/- HDL v1 t.p. --niLC

James Macaulay, M.D., ed. EN (11)
[1]-159; [1]-165 (no title page)
Preface, p[iii]-xxx; p.xvii closes "James Macaulay, M.D." and the Preface continues with The Bibliography of Rasselas
no front or back pages
BL 001887326
o[184], o[185] 17cm[!], o[186] 21cm
1976 photoreprint o[187]

Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia

1883[1882] omni Nimmo & Bain BL 000246508 HDL

Old English Romances

Ath 2865 1882-09-23 p404 "Literary Gossip"; "Messrs. J. C. Nimmmo & Bain announce as to be ready on the 1st of October five new volumes of their "Old English Romances Series ..."--Arabian Nights etchings by Lalauze and Vathek/Rassselas
[188] Longman's Magazine [Advertiser] 1.1 Nov 1882 p15 (advert also dated Nov 1882) "Now Ready, Five New Volumes" (the last three to follow next year) (4 earlier vols: Crusoe 2v, Gulliver 1v, Sterne/Swift 1v); "A smalll number are printed on superfine medium 8vo. laid paper, similar to the Large-Paper Edition of the Spanish Romances[below]."
[189] Ath 2872 -11-11 p625 --those 5 vols received; also Chatto & Windus Lane/Poole ed. of Arabian Nights
Sat Rev -11-15 have published; 1000 copies, no more to be printed
UK [190] Ath #2909 1883-07-28 p125; Nimmo & Bain "Old English Romances, Illustrated with Etchings" 12 vols --uniform edition, 7 publication titles (2v, omni, 4v, omni, 2v, 1v, omni); 10 work titles
US [191] The Dial 1883-12 p215 --Chicago: Jansen, McClurg & Co. "Large-Paper Edition of the Old English Romances" 12 vols
Rasselas Prince of Abyssinia [one line] HDL t.p. omnibus, Routledge, 1888, ed. Morley (Morley's Universal Library)
Morley's Universal Library, front inside cover and free endpaper, #1 to 63, this one #19
"Introduction", p[5]-8, covers both, "H. M." "November 1884."
internal title "Candide; or, The Optimist." (three lines, [ix or 9]); p[11]-172
internal title "Rasselas." ([173]); p[175]-287
HDL Cassell and Company, 1907, ed. Morley (not CNL)

British Library

John C. Nimmo (80, from 1885)
J. C. Nimmo (182, from 1879) #29 1884, #45 1886, #181 1903
--of which J. C. Nimmo and Bain (14 from 1880 to 1883)
--and J. C. Nimmo & Bain (15 from 1879 to 1883)
"J. C. Nimmo [only]" appears in only one of the 28 records 1879--1883, namely BL 003099643 as 1879 (in relationship with Appleton)
Nimmo and Bain (18, 1880--
Nimmo & Bain (22, 1879--1884)

(four 1882--1883) Gulliver BL 003557439 Arabian Nights BL 000101853 Reeve\Walpole BL 003060067 (same OMNI o[192] as [1820]) Beckford\Johnson BL 000246508

Type: OMNIBUS Title: The History of the Caliph Vathek; also Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia Author1: William Beckford, Esq. Author2: Samuel Johnson, LL.D. Note: Half-title page shows full title of Vathek and one-word title of Rasselas, separated by a horizontal line.

To fashion Rasselas titles with comma rather than colon may be an established tradition. "Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia" by "Samuel Johnson, LL.D." is a variant NOVEL in the database, but we have that particular combination only by my specification of the title with a comma where the title page is unpunctuated (view as Gutenberg #652

Unfortunately we don't have any work by "William Beckford, Esq."

top line of title page "William Beckford"

  • Harvard U t.p., (next page) copy 36 of 150
  • NYPL t.p., (next page) copy 124 of 150
  • U Michigant.p., (next leaf) Limited Edition of 1000 --decorated endpapers may indicate original cover and endpapers

--(no volume Contents list) --List of Illustrations, [vii], lists 5 (frontispiece portrait of Beckford plus 4 plates not included in the pagination) --with notice of the regular Limited Edition

--Preface, [ix]-xvii --no sig --Preface to the Third French Edition, [xix] --(French) "W. Beckford" "1 Juin, 1815" --Preface to the First English Edition, [xxi] --no sig by translator-editor --(internal title "The History of the Caliph Vathek." --implied p. xxiii and p. 15) The narrative begins under that title and no other heading p[17] ends p151 --Notes p[153]-218 --no sig

--(internal title "Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia." --p[219]) --(quotation of Leigh Hunt, p[220]) --Prefatory Observations (Rasselas), p[221]-25 --no sig --Contents, p[227]-29 --The narrative begins under long title "The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia." and subheading "Chapter I. Description of a Palace in a Vallley." --p[231] ends p405 --Note, p[407] --closes "W. W." and (footer) printer statement --(no back pages)

The book title page is unusual in its layout. Its heading is the name (ISFDB canonical name) of the author of the first novel. There is short Preface and one very short Note for theh second novel, as well as the first under whose title/author that content is mentioned. Notes are not for the first novel only

  • [heading above horizontal line] Author 1 (ISFDB canonical name)
  • Title 1
  • by Author 1
  • "With Preface and Notes, Critical and Explanatory" [uncredited]
  • "also" Title 2
  • by Author 2
  • "With Four Etchings and Portrait of Beckford by A. H. Tourrier, Etched by Damman"

Tourrier, Alfred Holst, 1836-1892. Damman, Benjamin Louis Auguste, 1835-

  • [5-line footer] main publisher, second publisher, year

latterday Preface[s] and Notes are not limited to the first novel

BL 000246509 confuses this book with one published in 1887, which contains Vathek only (in the database).

LC catalogues no OMNIBUS; LC Rasselas

1759] 1759, etc Prince of Abissinia [...] [Rasselas not named]

1790*] 1803 Rasselas, Prince of Abissinia: A Tale 1880*] 1804 Rasselas, Prince of Abissinia 1811] 1807 History of Rasselas, Prince of Abissinia 1787*] 1850 History of Rasselas, Prince of Abissinia: A Tale

1812] 1809 History of Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia: A Tale 1816] 1810 Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia: A Tale 1851*] 1884/86 Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia (#) 1887] 1888 History of Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia

Those stanzas list 16 different publications, relying on catalog records.

1819*] 1819 Rasselas 1827*] 1827 Rasselas: A Tale

1876] ---- History of Rasselas (as first novel in omnibus)

Note: "History" not found without "Prince of A..." From short listings in catalog search report. No attention to author credit that may differ from "Samuel Johnson". No attention to use of (semi)colon or nothing instead of comma.

(#)1884 as second novel in omnibus, 1886 as book title

The death of "Mr. W. P. Nimmo, the well-known Scotch publisher" had been noted in the same "Literary Gossip" column several months earlier (1883-04-28 p543).

"nimmo, hay" fairy

  • ASIN: B00FEJ2O10

Fairy Tales and True Hardcover – 1111 by Alice F Jackson (Author) --nidb

  • ASIN: B06XQ6FF55

Girls' Own Book of Fairy Tales and Verses Hardcover by Anon (Author)

ASIN: B005CDY31C [Kindle ebook as 2011, 34pp] W.P. Nimmo Catalogue, Selected List, 1890 by W.P. Nimmo, Hay & Mitchell

ASIN: B001FOP7OY The Canterbury Tales and Faerie Queene: With other poems of Chaucer and Spenser [1870, Purves]

one as 1856 preface o[7452483]

• Search of Amazon dealer listings is not sensitive to the space, comma, or and/&; any of W.[ ]P. Nimmo, Hay[,] [&/and] Mitchell

Search 2019-08-05 • "nimmo, hay" (446) • "nimmo, hay, and mitchell" (430) • "w.p. nimmo, hay, and mitchell" (363) • =etc= "w. p. nimmo, hay & mitchell" (363)


BL "W. P. Nimmo" (465)

#1-65 no date, inclg many Popular Tales
1845, [1850]
1857 #68 --perhaps from 1857?
1865 #111
1870 #173
1890 #316
1910 #391
1913<y<1947 #409-426
1947/1948 #427-462

WorldCat "W. P. Nimmo" (1683)

#1-?? no date or 18--
1854 #63
1860 #99
1870 #441
1890 #1005
1910 #1402
1913<y<1947 #1451-1516
1947 #1517

WorldCat "nimmo, hay" mitchell (856) 1890 Catalogue at Amazon as Kindle

1854 #54
1860 #56
1870 #74
1880 #101
1890 #245
1900 #492
1901 #577
1910 #668 o[193] Grimm, Ross ; o[194] as [1910] 126p
1917 #742

o[195] Pied Piper, Ross as [1930] 31p o[196] " " as n.d.

o[197] Goblin Market, Ross as [1910] 31p o[198] as [1911?]

o[199] Andersen, Ross [1910] (no publisher) 128p

o[200] Khayyam, Ross as [1911?] 31p o[201] Khayyam, Ross as [1919?] 31p o[202] as Boston: Caldwell n.d.

Poems of Matthew Arnold, Browning, Burns, Longfellow, Rossetti, Tennyson, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Whittier

WorldCat 108) "Nimmo, Hay[,] and Mitchell" (0 HDL) (BL)
WorldCat 803) "Nimmo, Hay[,] & Mitchell" (45 HDL) (BL)

London : Simpkin, Marshal & Co., [1907?] London publisher Simpkin, Marshall & Co. appears to be an agent ... from the footer of two-column advertisement ... --1869(?) One WorldCat record suggests that Simpkin, Marshall became a co-publisher. --[1907?] Alice

  • The Scotsman calls this local publisher "Nimmo, Hay, & Mitchell" in two 1907 notices. Title pages show "W. P. Nimmo, Hay, & Mitchell", sometimes with a closing dot, in e-copies of several non-genre books viewed at HathiTrust. Alice Ross --nidb (0) [1 +2 spurious] [1] IRE ("william p. nimmo" OR "w. p. nimmo") 1856/59 (48: 0 2 11 35)
    (earliest) Ath #1550 1857-07-11 p892 (advert 1 book) "Edinburgh : W. P. Nimmo, 16, Hanover-street, London : David Bryce, 2, Amen-corner."
    Ath #1591 1858-04-24 p540 (1 book) "W. P. Nimmo, Edinburgh ; W. Kent & Co. London."
    Ath #1607 -08-14 p188 (1 book) "Edinburgh : W. P. Nimmo, 2, St. David-street. London : W. Kent Co. 86, Fleet-street."
    Ath #1632 1859-02-05 p172 "Edinburgh: W. P. Nimmo; London: W. Kent & Co."
    (more adverts one book only)
    Ath #1667 -10-08 p453
    "Edinburgh : W. P. Nimmo, 2, St. David-street ; London : Simpkin, Marshall & Co." (as next week, Hinchbridge Haunted:a Country Story, Cupples)
    Ath -10-15 p508 two-column advert of that one book (as now ready, 10/6)
    Nimmo Hay Mitchell (142) n.d. #1-20; (#21-23 probly spurious); 1884 #24 to [1948] #141
    (nimmo hay mitchell) 1883/85 (30: 12 7 11)
    Ath 2896 -04-28 p543 --one line death notice W. P. Nimmo
    (earliest genuine?) Ath #2919 1883-10-06 p436 --rename as Edinburgh wholesale bookseller Mitchell joins the firm
    ("nimmo, hay" mitchell) 1883/85 (5 [3 unique: 1 0 2])
    1883-10-06 (above)
    1885-11-28 advert Heather Belles (2) "Edinburgh: // W. P. Nimmo, Hay, and Mitchell, // and All Booksellers."
    1883/1915 (138: 2 0, 3 8 8 10 6=1889 ; 1 7 2 7 3, 1 3 0 8 0 ; 11 4 2 2 2, 8 7 3 0 1) (0 6 11 4 7 0 2)
    2019-08-02 checked all ProQuest hits from 1910 back to 1902
    CHRISTMAS BOOKS 1887 1889 1898 1900 1906 --reviews/listings 1 non-genre book each year
    [203] 1903 Wee Davie? The Enchanted Doll?
    [204] Scotsman 1907-12-23 p2 "New Editions" Alice, illus. Alice Ross 1/6
    Scotsman 1907-12-12 p2 "New Books", listing under Juvenile and Gift Books
    Edinburgh, Scotland, UK of Great Britain
    Nimmo, William Philip, 1831-1883 (2)
    ("nimmo, hay" AND mitchell) 1910/19 newsp mags books (371 hits, of which 338 for a single book, Poetical Works Of Ella Wheeler Wilcox (1917), after the publisher is out of business)
    • 1910: 0 6 11 4 6 :1914
    • 1915, none
    • 1916-12, publication series advert by publisher
    • 1917-05, notice from successor businessman "Robert Cockburn Millar, C.A. [Certified Accountant?], 30 York Place, Edinburgh." [205] notice to "All known Trade Creditors as at 31st May 1916, when the business was taken over by the new Company"
    • 1917-12, "Latest Publications" (1) listing by newspaper
    1884 catalogue (only found) BL 010559229
    [1907] Alice, illus. Alice Ross BL 000617377 159p
    [1910] Goblin Market POEM T107285 CHAPBOOK T1431694, illus. Alice Ross BL 003165335 31p
    [1910] Andersen, illus. Alice Ross BL 000077123 128p
    ALSO n.d. new edition Arabian Nights, illus. S. J. Groves BL 012791912
    ALSO publisher of D. Laing Purves editions Drake, A Voyage Round the World; Cook, Voyages Round the World;

    [William P. Nimmo] Nimmo's Popular Tales, eg BL 000905620 (title, page); BL 000012617 (Acton, by vol) BL 000012619 (Acton, by vol); BL 003653402 (vol 9 entire)

    P23214 created by Rtrace from Bleiler78 as NOVEL My Haunted House

    Vol. I of Nimmo's Popular Tales contains 10 stories. Meagre coverage in newspaper notices and advertisements, and in library records, shows that others of eventually 12 volumes contain multiple stories. British Library devotes one record (BL, below) to this publication of the Acton story alone, but notes "In : Nimmo (William P.) Nimmo's Popular Tales, etc. vol. 2. 1866, etc. 8º." (no page count for v2, nor pagespan for this work).
    According to the May 1866 promotion of the series, Vol. II would be published 1866-07-01 ("the First of each following Month"), a schedule followed rather closely in practice, even if the volumes were not dated. --1866/1867 newspaper coverage of the series in The Athenaeum, The Reader, and London Review (after May 1866, few brief listings).

    Google Books ("Gerald Aymer's Loves") --genuine Image not found otherwise

    BL records show that the 12 volumes contain at least 7 stories by Frances Acton ("at least" because it appears that the 79 records, mainly of single stories, do not cover the 12 books completely)

    BL ("nimmo's popular tales") 79

    1 series 002660158 as 12 vols 1866/67
    2 v1 016986012 255p Gerald Aymer's Loves, and other tales =cover title Amazon US
    IN:v1 003058717 002393697 002295834 003347827 000927927 002360126 [7]
    IN:v2 002122206 The Ten of Diamonds
    IN:v2 001749584 002527029 003627043 002706342 000259884 002437913 000012617(Acton) 001495379 001407574 001016249(Vol. II.; or 11?) [11; of 10]
    65 v3 002122201 --- The Long Slippers.-The White Scalp. (The Long Slippers in newspaper)
    v4 Strange Presentiment (newspaper)
    IN:v5 003164704 The Hunt of the Glenkens; 002122200 The Garrison Ghost
    71 v7 003653782 256p Toothache, and other interesting and amusing stories by eminent authors
    26 v8 002696457 251p My First Offer, and other interesting and amusing stories by eminent authors
    3 v9 003653402 251p Too Late; and other interesting and amusing stories
    v10 Curiosities of China (newspaper)

    000905620 The Demon Musician, uncredited, (A Tangled Web, and other interesting and amusing stories.) pp. 148-167

    having from BL or newspapers the first/title story of all except vols 6, 11, 12; where A TangledWeb as 1866 is v6 probably

    newspapers ("frances acton") 1866/67 (0 hits)

    1866 Frances Acton P23214 o[206] BL 000672454
    series as Edinburgh o[207] o[208]
    two books as Montreal o[209] o[210]

    ("nimmo's popular tales") 1860-1869 (55: 000000 44 11 00)

    (earliest) Lon Rev 1866-04-28 Lit Gos "Mr. W. P. Nimmo, of Edinburgh, announces, under the general title of Nimmo's Popular Tales, a series of stories adapted for railway, sea-side, and general reading. Each volume will contain from eight to twelve stories, and will be complete in itself. Vol. I. will appear on June 1st."
    1866-05-05 List of New Publs for the Week "Vol. I. Fcap., 1s."
    -05-18 Man Gua p1 and [211] -05-19 Ath #2012 p684 "Announcement" --Now Ready. list of 10 tales, two publishers

    Nimmo's Popular Tales: a series of Interesting and Amusing Stories by Eminent Authors. Nimmo's Popular Tales will be issued in Monthly Volumes, One Shilling each, uniofrm with the Waverley Novels and Wilson's Tales of the Borders. ... Sold by all Booksellers, and at the Railway Stations. [dnf street address in many 1866 adverts]

    -05-19 Lone Rev p572 review (large type, uncut pages; none about binding)
    -05-19 The Reader p484 advert "And a New Volume will be published on the First of each following Month."
    -05-26 The Reader p518 Publ Week "Fscp. 8vo, sd., pp. 255."
    -06-30 Ath #2018 p266 List of New "Vol. 2, 'Ten of Diamonds,' 12mo. 1/ swd."
    -08-04 The Reader p699 Publ Week "The Long Slippers; and other ... Fscp. 8vo, sd., pp. 256."
    -09-08 Lon Rev p280 List of NPftW "Vol. IV.--Strange Presentiment. Fcap., 1s."
    -10-06 Ath #2032 p432 List of New "Vol. 5, 'Hunt of the Glenkens,' &c., 1/
    -10-13 Lon Rev "Vol. V.--The Hunt of the Glenkens. Fcap., 1s."
    -11-03 [212] Ath #2036 p582 "Now ready, VOLUME VI. of"
    -03-09 p1 Lon Rev "Vol. X. Curiosities of China. 1st series. Fcap., 1s."
    -03-23 p.i Lon Rev "Vols. XI. and XII. Fcap., 1s. each."
    -- AND "Complete in 6 vols. Fcap., 3s. each."

    (nimmo "popular tales") 1866/67 (71 hits, compare 55 above)

    (earliest) Ath 2009 1866-04-28 p562 List oNB "Vol. 1, fc. 8vo. 1/swd."

    [213] Ath #2055 -03-16 p365, "William P. Nimmo's New Publications" : "Now completed, in 12 handy volumes, price 1s. each ; or bound in 6 double volumes, cloth extra, 3s. each."
    (latest) Ath #2059 1867-04-13 p472 AND #2072 -06-13 p36, London retailer "Cheap Books"

    0 18 0 Nimmo's Popular Tales by Eminent Authors, 12 vols. in 6, post 8vo. .. .. .. 0 14 0 [that is Published at 18s, offered at 14s]

    BL Nimmo's series BL 002660158
    BL vol 9 BL 003653402

    British Library main catalogue search ("nimmo's popular tales" acton) hits 7 "Book" records as by Frances Acton

     lw  D. Laing Purves, ed. 262577 (11)[] --evident writer/editor for W.P. Nimmo

    HDL(9) Online Books

    1869 Works of Swift, W.P. Nimmo o[214] -HDL Contents (Gulliver p110-216)

    The Canterbury Tales and Faerie Queene T[215] Fo[216](26) Fo[217](5)

    1870uk BL 000672454
    [1870]us Swayne -HDL
    [1874]uk Nimmo

    P642162 NEEDs Title note and Publ split Poems of Geoffrey Chaucer (Life of Chaucer; The Canterbury Tales; + 10 other titles) Poems of Edmund Spenser (Life of Spenser; The Faerie Queen[WorldCat spelling]; + 5 other titles)

    (canterbury tales faerie queene) 1869/70

    [218] The Spectator 1869-12-18 "Christmas and New Year, 1869-70. William P. Nimmo's List of New Gift-Books."

    -- "New Volumes of Nimmo's Standard Library In royal 8vo. Roxburgh style, gilt top, uniform with the other volumes of the same series, each 5s." (2nd of 2 is Canterbury Tales FQ -- footer: "Published by William P. Nimmo, Edinburgh; sold by Simpkin, Marshall, and Co., London; and all Booksellers."

    [219] Sat Rev 1869-12-18 "Christmas and New Year 1869-70; William P. Nimmo's List of New Books" (double-column panel)
    review Examiner and Lon Rev -01-08 p22-23 "Mr. Nimmo's popular editions of standard works" (very positive on the Chaucer; qualified positive, as Spenser is too much abridged by Purves prose) (no price)
    capsule The Observer 1870-01-16 p3 (no price) [220] --incl notice of the Nursery Songs, from Aunt Judy's (not title, credit, or price)
    " " Ath #2207 -02-12 p228 (no price)
    brief (US) Health and Home -02-12 p123 (no price)

    Internet Archive copy without cover

    re spelling "The Faerie Queen"

    Faerie Queene -- see spine, half-title, and (page [i]) title page
    The Faerie Queen -- see crucial pages iii, v, 293, 294, 295 (all unnumbered), 296-554 (running title), and 554)
    text (crucial pages v, 294

    p(294) NOTE ON THE FAERIE QUEEN "In abridging The Faerie Queen for the present volume, the endeavour has been to retain every stanza that either possessed some pecular beauty, or was essential for the carrying on of the story. ... [Table reports the abridgment by Book and Canto] Thus it appears that, out of the 3848 stanzas of which the Faerie Queen consists, 2238, or nearly two-thirds [7/12 -Ed.], are retained; the remaining 1610 being condensed into a prose outline occupying one-fourth of their space ..." [The fraction is 7/12, composed of Book I unabridged and Books II-VI all very close to half.]

    Ebook #2383 o[693939484] == analogous Spenser not found at Gutenberg 2019-08-01

    The Canterbury Tales and Other Poems

    by Geoffrey Chaucer

    November, 2000 [Etext #2383]

      • The Project Gutenberg Etext of The Canterbury Tales and Other Poems

    by Geoffrey Chaucer**

            • This file should be named 2383.txt or******

    This Gutenberg Etext prepared by Donal O'Danachair <>

    Project Gutenberg Etexts are usually created from multiple editions, all of which are in the Public Domain in the United States, unless a copyright notice is included. Therefore, we usually do NOT keep any of these books in compliance with any particular paper edition.

    We are now trying to release all our books one month in advance of the official release dates, leaving time for better editing.

    Please note: neither this list nor its contents are final till midnight of the last day of the month of any such announcement. The official release date of all Project Gutenberg Etexts is at Midnight, Central Time, of the last day of the stated month.

    [...] Transcriber's Notes:

    [...] Preface: The preface is for a combined volume of poems by Chaucer and Edmund Spenser. The Spenser poems will shortly be available as a separate E-text.

    [...] Latin: Despite his declared aim of editing the tales "for popular perusal", Purves has left nearly all Latin quotations untranslated. I have translated them as well as I could — any errors are my fault, not his.

                      THE CANTERBURY TALES
                            And other Poems
                           GEOFFREY CHAUCER
                      Edited for Popular Perusal
                            D. Laing Purves


    Project Gutenberg

    16247 Famous Stories Every Child Should Know [contains Undine] (Doubleday, Doran, 1907)[t.p. image] "Introduction" by Hamilton Wright Mabie
    18752 Undine, Friedrich de la Motte Fouquée[sic] --Told to the Children, etc (Jack; Dutton)t.p. transcript?] (ends p115, no back pages)
    3714 Undine, de la Motte Fouque --tr F. E. Bunnett (no numbers, no back pages)
    2825^ Undine, Friedrich de la Motte Fouque[*] --foreword by Charlotte M Yonge ("Introduction", closes "C. M. Yonge") (no numbers, no back pages)
    2824^ Sintram and His Companions, Friedrich de la Motte Fouque[*] --foreword by Charlotte M Yonge, illus Gordon Browne (Gardner Darton & Co.)[t.p. image]

    ("Introduction", closes "C. M. Yonge") (no numbers, no back pages)

    2826^ The Two Captains, Friedrich Heinrich Karl, Freiherr de La Motte-Fouque (no numbers, no back pages)
    2827^ Aslauga's Knight, [sic]Fredrich de la Motte-Fouque --(no numbers, no back pages)
    ^Produced by Sandra Laythorpe, and David Widger

    Collingwood, "Flying Fish" --21057 ; Unknown source edition --q

    6 illus. signed "Gordon Browne 86", or less legibly "G B" variously fashioned six drawings by Gordon Browne, only one clearly in the first half of the file

    first illus. following "should the ship deviate ever so slightly from her" with a caption --(small caps) At Dessert Before the Start.-- whose key word does not appear anywhere in the novel

    second illus. is 1889 frontispiece (man chased by a mammoth)

    2019-07-late attention to Gutenberg ebooks

    User:Pwendt/FFM#Ewing 126876; Gutenberg : Ewing

    + Ewing, The Land of Lost Toys (coll, 2) --33880 ; 1900 Little, Brown
    ? P721813 Ewing, Old-Fashioned Fairy Tales T2578655 (coll, 19) --15592 ?18-story 1882 SPCK indb --NEEDs work, inclg illus.
    Ewing, The Brownies (coll, 6) --#16052 nidb ; source SPCK/E&JBY nidb
    Ewing, Melchior's Dream (coll, 8) --#16540 nidb ; source SPCK/E&JBY nidb
    Ewing, Last Words (coll, 1+11) --#25710 nidb(w cover) [no ed. indb] ; source 1891 Roberts
    includes "The Blind Man" and "The Kyrkegrim"
    Ewing, Miscellanea (coll, 15) --#16347 nidb [no ed. indb] ; source SPCK/E&JBY
    "PREFACE The contents of this volume are republished in order to make the Edition a complete collection of Mrs. Ewing's works, rather than because of their intrinsic worth. The fact that she did not republish the papers during her life shows that she did not estimate them very highly herself; but as each one has a special interest connected with it, I feel I am not violating her wishes in bringing the collection before the public.
    "The Mystery of the Bloody Hand [perhaps 20% of the book] ... in which a glimpse of the supernatural is introduced amongst scenes of every-day life.
    "The Snarling Princess and The Little Parsnip Man are adaptations of two fairy tales which appeared in a German magazine; and as both the tales and their illustrations took Mrs. Ewing's fancy, she made a free rendering of them for Aunt Judy's Magazine.

    + = source edition in database
    o = nidb

    Gulliver's Travels T180697

    o Gulliver (complete) --829 --1892 Bell (stated) nidb
    o Gulliver (I and II, edited) --17157 --1900 Heath nidb
    + P270233 Trips to the Moon --10430 ; CNL 71 "see"

    The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abissinia T1316586

    ^ P410280 Shorter Novels, Eighteenth Century --34766 ^1930 first printing indb^
    o P724702 Rasselas --652 identifies 1889 Cassell & Company = CNL 191
    ^ P338196 Otranto --696 identifies 1901 Cassell's NL n.s. ^CNL 10 indb^ P348048 --NEEDs
    + P297879 Vathek, The History ... --2060 --q ; CNL 96 --NEEDs more

    The ebook represents the original title page (viewed in HTML format) with vignette --"La Belle Sauvage" representing the publisher presumably.

    HDL Vathek (90, full view 61, includes "by the author of")

    1887 two files/scans of one copy from U Illinois with original covers and endpapers
    --frontispiece page Cassell's National Library, Second Year (1887, UK) #53 to 96
    --back pages/endpapers advertisements include p[194] Cassell's National Library, First Year (1886, UK) #1 to 52; p[195] Cassell's Red Library #1 to 36 (inside back cover?)

    images (recommended HDL copy "uiuo") 199 Red #1-36 (back inside cover?) 9 page [5], Introduction 7 t.p.

    LC Vathek

    2002 Three Oriental Tales, ed. Richardson
    1912 Episodes of Vathek ; [1922]; [1975]
    [1868?] History of the Caliph Vathek : Alison, 8th ed. -HDL ; Lovell ;
    1971 Ballantine The history of the Caliph Vathek, including The episodes of Vathek; an Arabian tale.
    1815 Vathek; [1923]
    #43-47 Vathek, an Arabian Tale
    Vathek, an Oriental Romance
    more Vathek #49-63

    CNL known spec fic (excluding Shakespeare plays)

    UK US
    10 9 Otranto --UK at HDL and 1901 as Gutenberg (1901 reprint is Gutenberg source) --NEED date/price
    11 10 Maundeville --nidb
    48 47 Undine + The Two Captains --Gutenberg 2826 source unknown

    [Undine] Gutenberg #3714 (coll. in Gutenberg 16247)
    [The Two Captains] Gutenberg #2826
    15,000 words --estimate for the version in 1886 Cassell's National Library collection Undine, and The Two Captains, p[135]-92 (from 1897 printing viewed as HathiTrust Digital Library 009784843). Word count from Project Gutenberg copy is about 19,000 words.

    52 51 A Christmas Carol
    71 71 Trips to the Moon --US at HDL and ambiguous Gutenberg --crossrefs done, NEED date/price
    92 94 Sintram +?
    96 97 Vathek --UK at HDL and Gutenberg
    ? 191 Rasselas

    WorldCat Otranto Fo[](617) : A Story : A Gothic Story

    #233 1901


    1883 J. C. Nimmo and Bain o[221]
    1886 CNL 10 o[222], o[223] 1886 CNL OpenLibrary => IA
    1892 CNL o[224] -HDL
    HDL London title page, US paper cover

    -- Introduction, p[3]-6, closes "H. M." -- Preface 1, [7] -- Sonnet, 13 -- novel spans p[15]-191 -- London printer statement, [192] -- back cover, list ~70 to 110 as US

    1899 CNL o[225]
    1901 Cassell o[226] -HDL
    HDL 1811 edition mis-catalogued
    (meanwhile another is correctly catalogued as 1811 HDL)
    1929/30 Shorter Novels HDL full view!
    #824 v1 1929 t.p.
    #841 v2 1967\1930 t.p.
    1949\1930 t.p.
    #856 v3 1930 frontis. and t.p.; Contents "Samuel J" but p1 "Doctor Johnson"


    1883 Nimmo & Bain, Vathek & Rasselas HDL, 1000 copies HDL
    HDL 1893

    * * *

    Everyman's NEED work: P419970 #8 as 1909; T567078 #4 4th printing only

    Everyman's Library 1906 to 1978 --publishers listed in ISFDB publ records

    • J. M. Dent & E. P. Dutton
    • J. M. Dent & Sons
    • E. P. Dutton
    • J. M. Dent (earliest 1959)
    el   Philip Henderson 166989 --"worked as asst. editor of Everyman's library from 1929-1932"

    Shorter Novels, 3 vols; Vol 3, Eighteenth Century

    • 1. Elizabethan & Jacobean
    • 2. Jacobean & Restoration
    • 3. Eighteenth Century

    WorldCat (OCLC, below) lists 5 Contents, starting with "Introduction" and ending with "Notes". Project Gutenberg Ebook #34766, whose source text is the 1948 printing of this edition, provides a complete title page transcript and a representation of page numbers in the right margin.

    vii-xii, 1-278, Notes 279-306

    1929 o[227] as #1856, 278pp (excludes Notes)
    1930 o[228] o[229] xii, 306 "Samuel Johnson"
    (first record only) "William Beckford (translated from the original French by the Rev. Samuel Henley)"
    1930 o[230] xi, 278, uncredited
    1939 o[231] xii, 306; Notes "doctor Johnson"
    1943 o[232] xi, 278
    1948 o[233] xii, 306 "doctor Johnson"
    1963 o[234] 278 "Samuel J" HathiTrust OL OL24236898M t.p. IA limited "First ... 1930 Last reprinted 1963"
    o[10653646] xi, 278 "Samuel J" "Issued also as vol. 3 of Shorter novels, published 1930."
    (limited view) Contents p.xi; v, 1, 97, 193 (implies intro now v-x, not vii-xii)

    more 1963, 1967

    1967 o[235] 278 "Samuel J"
    o[752323887] xi, 278 "Samuel J"; o[911683553] same as 1st ed.!
    1971 Everyman's Paperback o[236] 278 "Samuel J" ISBN-0460018566

    Introduction vii-xii 1.] 1; 3-95 2.] 97; 99; 109-192 3.] 193; 195-278 Notes 279-306 [Notes to Vathek in Gutenberg list of Contents] --q

    93, 84, 84 pages

    1963 (limited view at IA) Introduction v-x Contents xi (no Notes?)

    * * *
    els  Samuel Johnson 144307 (508)

    The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abissinia T1316586

    Rasselas ... Fo[237](250)
    The Prince ... Fo[238](149)
    The History ... multiple spellings, subtitles Fo[239](895)

    SFE3 (quote)

    • The most attractive twentieth-century critical edition was edited in 1927 by R W Chapman
    els  D. J. Enright 181096 (77)

    LC - Abissinia

    1927 Clarendon R. W. Chapman --nidb ; The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abissinia: A Tale BL 001887340 xxi, 221; ed. R. W Chapman (Robert William), 1881-1960 --SFE3 recommends
    1968 OUP Hardy
    BL.£ 1976 Penguin D. J. Enright
    1971 OUP Brian Jenkins and Geoffrey Tillotson--nidb(2) ; The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abissinia ; Amazon UK (no cover); SFE3 recommends
    2005 Dover --q
    (not in LC) 2007 Penguin Classics, ed. Paul Goring--nidb Amazon UK w cover
    2008 Broadview Richard
    2009 OUP Keymer--nidb Amazon UK w cover Oxford World's Classics

    LC - Abyssinia #162-68 (all US publications)

    1809 CT printed, w a life by F. W. Blagden
    1882 Lovell, as A Tale
    [1888] Belford, Clarke
    1891 Johnson's History of Rasselas, prince of Abyssinia
    1894 Holt
    1895 Holt, ed. Oliver Farrar Emerson
    [1962] Appleton-Century-Crofts
    [1962] Barron's, ed. Warren Fleischauer

    LC - Prince #303-05 ; Rasselas from 1819 #320-26, "Abi" from 1803 #327-29, "Aby" from 1810 #330-38

    (not in LC)

    Clarendon, ed. GBH Amazon UK (as 1929 w cover) Amazon UK (as 1931 w cover)
     BL 001683671 as Clarendon Press Series, 1887; ed. G. B. H.
     BL 012144682 as Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1887
     BL 014204979 as Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1954; ed. George Birkbeck Norman Hill, 1835-1903

    EN: Continuations Ellis Cornelia Knight --nidb

    1790 o[1618168] Dinarbas; a tale: being a continuation of Rasselas, prince of Abissinia

    Elizabeth Pope Whately --nidb

    1835 --niLC The Second Part otHoR

    * * *
    Trips to the Moon

    HDL Trips to the Moon

    1728 McDermot ; Printed at Dublin, and reprinted at London, J. Roberts, 1728 ; 90p
    1765 Gentleman ; London : Printed for S. Crowder, W. Nicoll, and W. Bristow; and C. Etherington in York, 1765 ; 2nd ed. 2 vols
    1887 Lucian ; Cassell's NL-NY t.p. (missing all other front pages inclg Contents)
    1894 Gill ; 13lv
    1920 Brown ; New York : The Woman's Press, 1920 ; 31pp

    Trips to the Moon, Cassell's NL #71 (UK or US?)

    el   Thomas Francklin 115739 (24)
    elsf Lucian of Samostrata 2067 (212)


    1780 tr. Francklin 2 vols HDL --examine U Michigan copies (smooth plain Michigan covers may be original) (NYPL alone contains both Dedication and Subscribers) t.p. NYPL [Ded.]

    [t.p.] [Ded.] [Subscribers], i-xx, 1-480 --no Contents list or Index; dnf (trips moon) v1 Instructions for Writing History 389-412; The True History 413-448 1-588 --no Contents list or Index v2 Icaro-Menippus, A Dialogue 210-228

    1781 4 vols HDL

    v1 t.p. Ded., i-xl, 1-446 v2 1-497 Instructions 266-313 [~9000]; The True History 314-85 [~14000] v3 1-549 Icaro-Menippus, A Dialogue 354-89 [~7000] v4 1-524

    1905 tr. Fowler & Fowler HDL

    1780 title page

    "By Thomas Francklin, D. D. // Some time Greek Professor in the University of Cambridge."
    London, // Printed for T. Cadell, in the Strand. // MDCCLXXXI."

    1780 dedication

    "Queen-Street, // May 15th, 1780." and "Thomas Francklin."

    1887 title page

    "By Thomas Francklin, D.D., // Sometime Greek Professor in the University of Cambridge."
    "Cassell & Company, Limited," (New York, no date)

    Introduction, p[5]-16, closes "H. M." 1887 notes

    e.g. p[17]: "In the reign of Lysimachus,*" (footnote) "* One of Alexander's generals ..."

    1887 editor Henry Morley credits "Dr. Thomas Francklin", "Dr. Francklin". eg: "The reader of this volume is reminded that the notes are Dr. Francklin's, and that any allusion in them to a current topic, has to be read as if this present year of grace were 1780." "H. M."

    * * *
    The Strand/ Paget / Holmes

    Sidney Paget EN

    The Strand v1 p31-40 (Jan 1891), with 11 illustrations by Sidney Paget --his earliest credited in the volume Index
    The Strand v2 p61-75 (Jul 1891), "A Scandal in Bohemia"

    Numbers of stories

    1 novel
    1 novel
    sp 12 short -- Strand 9107--9206, Paget
    sp 12^ short -- Strand 9212--9312, Paget
    sp 1 novel -- Strand 0108--0204 (9), Paget
    sp 13 short -- Strand 0310--0409,12 Paget (died 1908)
    1 novel -- Strand 1409--1505 (US book illus. Arthur I. Keller)
    7^ stories w Preface -- six from The Strand, orig. 1908--1917 (US book illus. Richard Gutschmidt)
    12 stories -- orig.

    ^ counting Cardboard Box as from Memoirs sp illus. by Sidney Paget

    The Strand

    1. v1 Index
    2. +I. to VI.
    3. +VII. to XII.
    4. XIII. --UMichigan index illegible
    5. +XIV. to XIX.
    6. +XX. to XXIV. (XXIII in two parts) p392-403, 459-68 (22pp); XIV. (558)559-70
    1901 v22 Index (Hound)
    1902 v23 Index (Hound)
    v24 Index (Psammead)
    1903 v25 Index
    +The Return, I. to III. (Phoenix)
    1904 +IV. to IX. IV.--The Solitary Cyclist, with 7 illus. inclg frontispiece of January issue (and some volume 5 as bound)
    +X. to XIII.

    Re Sherlock Holmes that covers 37 stories, and the Hound, illus. by Sidney Paget.

    Stories likely first in the issue

    v3, none
    v5, none
    Reigate 7 + ms.
    v26, all 362/3 482/3 602/3
    v27, all except Milverton* 3 123 243 373* 483 603
    v28, all 3 123 243 603

    * * *
     lw  Betty Levin 3905 (26) 

    Claudia and Evan (British Isles time travel) --not at Kirkus

    LO.$i 1
    LOm$ic 2
    LOm$ic 3


    LOd$i The Keeping[-]Room (1981) --title without hyphen?
    m$i 1988 2nd printing <= Chris J from Locus1 which shows no hyphen
    Om$i Binding Spell (1984)
    Om$i The Ice Bear (1986) K
    Om$ic Mercy's Mill (1992) K
    LOm$i Island Bound (1997)
    2000 [Greenwillow /] HarperTrophy o[240] o[241]; Amazon US as "Greenwillow Books (September 5, 2000)"
    Ad$i 2010 ebook
    Om$ic The Banished (1999) K
    Ad$i The Forbidden Land (2010) K

    June 2019

    very much work at User:Pwendt/People/Bram Stoker, from which some non-Stoker material relocated here

    report to David Langford, et al.

    David Langford, et al.

    Here is a simple one. You list two secondary publications of this Bram Stoker novel thus:

    • The Jewel of the Seven Stars (London: Arrow Books, 1962) [vt of the above: pb/John Cayea]
    • The Jewel of Seven Stars (New York: Scholastic Book Services, 1972) [cut of the above: pb/Roger Hall]

    The cover artists are vice versa, Hall and Cayea. Signatures are legible on both front cover images at ISFDB (

    Paul Wendt

    2019-06-05 ISFDB:Community Portal#Project Gutenberg publication records Project Gutenberg

    PV (none since 2016)
    cover image
    cover art contents
    DES, retired

    Robert Paton --niLC [3]

    The Tale of Lal: A Fantasy T2067667

    ("tale of lal" paton) (15 hits, all 1914; UK then US

    Om£ 1914 Chapman & Hall --BL 002792585 NEED 298pp
    OH. 1914 Brentano's; Chapman & Hall --q NEED Chapter XI, Printed in UK
    NYT1914-10-11 pBR440 "12mo, cloth ... net, $1.35"
    [242] NYT -12-27 pBR590 review (positive); One of the four lions (bronze statues around the bases of Nelson's Column in Traflagar Square) supposedly differs from the others. Lal has a pleasant expression, speaks English fluently, and has a positive influence on his occasional friends--such as the brother and sister featured here, and the Writer and the Lord Mayor years ago.
    Od$ 2008 Project Gutenberg #26869 --UNCERTAIN source

    Fantasy: The 100 Best Books --check libraries

    • Cover illustration is that of the 1st ed. [OR Front cover matches that of the 1st ed.] [relying on images at Amazon and ISFDB], with illustration by co-author Cawthorn, from the Cawthorn list of works at SFE3.
    • SFE3 implies that the introduction is by Moorcock alone, or that there is one introduction by each author. See the nonfiction title record.
    • One WorldCat library record of the 1st US ed., OCLC:17674810 reports Contents (100 reviews only) with listings such as this, which represent the titles/headings in the book:

    • Gulliver's travels / by Jonathan Swift (1726) • The castle of otranto / by Horace Walpole (1765) Evidently the reviews are arranged by publication date.

    NEED CONSULT Rtrace about authorship of the introduction (at least) and appropriate publ Notes.


    • Fantasy: The 100 Best Books T102496 --expand title note re WorldCat list of Contents; import coverart where appropriate
    • Tales of the Supernatural, by Platt T1183728

    2019-06-10/11 User talk:Pwendt#Tales of the Supernatural: Six Romantic Stories

    1894 --q --check newspapers
    1994 --q --check AMAZON
    2010-05-03 British Library, Tales of the Supernatural, Etc. ASIN: B003LN0POE
    Historical Collection from the British Library, print on demand
    2010-09-10 Kessinger, by James Platt, Jr. Amazon US
    2010-10-11 Coachwhip OMNIBUS --dnf WorldCat, dnf Amazon
    2019 Wentworth hc Amazon US
    tp Amazon US
    elsf Michael Moorcock 140 (131 as MM)
     lws James Cawthorn 4126 (4)[many] = Jim Cawthorne 


    elsf William Hope Hodgson 163 (24)

    HDL full view only 1921 Night Land; 1921 Men of the Deep Waters

    Holden & Hardingham (holden hardingham hope hodgson) 1919/22 (5 hits, all 1920)

    [243] The Bookman 1920-05 p64 --"cheap, uniform edition of eight volumes"
    [244] 1920-09 the first two: Carnacki and The Ghost Pirates BL 001701223
    The Graphic 1920-10 p544 "Some New Novels" Glen-Carrig and The Luck of the Strong (#3, #4 presumably)
    price half-a-crown

    8 major works by Hodgson u

    reprinted in 1920/21 H&H uniform edition (4 novels, then 4 colls)

    LC none; BL one Night Land (abridged) BL 001701228 --other Hodgson reprints not found at BL

    Boats T2330 Fo[245](54)

    Om£i 1907 Chapman --BL 001701213
    -d.i 1920 H&H
    2003 Gutenberg 10542 --empty (Suzanne Shell, et al.) GP does not identify the edition and the ebook contains nothing probably specific to the publication unless the long title (no report of pagination, transcript of back pages transcript of front pages except perhaps incomplete t.p. transcript). Title screen displays very long title and year 1907

    House T75 Fo[246](27 long title)

    O.£i 1908 Chapman --BL 001701224
    -.£i 1921 H&H
    2003 Gutenberg 10002 --empty (Suzanne Shell, et al.) Almost same as Boats. Descriptive non-subtitle follows author name (no "By"), no year, list of contents (no heading) numbered I-XXVII

    Ghost Pirates T74 Fo[247](56)

    LO.£i 1909 Stanley --BL 001701222 (Reynolds 68-page BL 001701221)
    ---- H&H --BL 001701223
    2004 Gutenberg 10966 --empty (Suzanne Shell, et al.) Half-title with quotation may be distinctive. Year 1909 "completes what, perhaps, may be termed a trilogy"

    Night Land T1777 Fo[248](62)

    Om£i 1912 Eveleigh --BL 001701227 (Poems and The Dream of X, BL 001701229)
    -.£i 1921 H&H --BL 001701228 --OL(Internet Archive)
    2003 Gutenberg 10662 --empty (Suzanne Shell, et al.) No subtitle, nor "By"; year 1912

    2019-06-19 we book the two-volume Ballantine edition as two publications of the novel, titled I and II

    256-page 2013 HiLoBooks edition contains ch2-11 only (10 of 17 chapters)

    Wikipedia "In this edition, the 200,000-word novel was condensed to a 20,000-word novelette, originally for the purpose of establishing copyright." --SHOULD PROBABLY cover SFE3 on copyright versions, and the 1921 abridgment (14 chapters, ~100/120,000 words)

    Chapters not included in the 1921 abridgment (relying on unrevised chapter titles)

    • VI ; The Way That I Did Go
    • VIII ; Down the Mighty Slope
    • XII ; Downward of the Gorge

    The abridgment of chapters V-VII as V-VI is complex.

    Carnacki T38667 Fo[249] (61)

    Om£i 1913 Eveleigh --Contents ALPHA BL 001701218 (1947 Sauk City WI, BL 001701219)
    Om.i 1920 H&H --Contents ALPHA
    2004 Gutenberg 10832 --6 stories in 1910 serial sequence (Suzanne Shell, et al.) comma, no hyphen, "By", "1910, 1912" ; distinctive sequence --CHECK whether text revised in 1913 collection

    Men of the Deep Waters T184271 Fo[250](11)

    O.£i 1914 Eveleigh --Contents in sequence BL 001701226
    O.£i 1921 H&H --Contents pnumbered (long title?) --OL(Internet Archive)

    The Luck of the Strong T184269 Fo[251](6 only!)

    Od£i 1916 Eveleigh --Contents pnumbered BL 001701225
    ---- H&H

    Captain Gault T184275 Fo[252](10 long)

    -. 1917 Eveleigh --Contents in sequence --BL 001701215
    LOm.i 1918us --Contents pnumbered --OL(Internet Archive) --unique among early Hodgsons at ISFDB
    ---- H&H

    Project Gutenberg --only 5 by Hodgson, 4 novels and 1 collection above

    LC - 2 early publs only

    Om.i 1920-02 Carnacki, coll o[253](!O)
    3484636 comma hyphen 1920, c1910 247p
    ---- 1920 Ghost Pirates o[254](4O)
    m.i 1920-01 Boats o[255](3O), full title o[256] --INCREDIBLE publ date
    ---- 1920 Luck of the Strong, coll. o[257](!O) as 1914 250p
    £i 1921 House o[258](!O)
    £i 1921 Night Land o[752703716 560938330 753185591 (all meagre); o[259] full title o[260]-HDL
    £i 1921 Men, coll o[261]-HDL(4O)
    4767293 Cheap ed 1921 long title; 364263712 short title 250p
    ---- 1921 Captain Gault, coll o[262](2O) --"no fantastic material"--SFE3
    7392252 Cheap ed 1921 671518006 [1921] --long title both
    Carnacki series

    Forgotten Futures IV: The Carnacki Cylinders; illus. Florence Briscoe

    The Idler v36 page 403 at HDL
    continued at User:Pwendt/work

    Collection (6 or 9) Fo[263](61)

    later consult Rtrace re Sam Moskowitz introduction to Carnacki, The Ghost Finder -- --and perhaps assessment whether Moskowitz is correct

    another stray T1472141
    T2004307, T1007665, T38667

    As of 2019-06-17

    • all four French-language publications (1977 and 2008 Titles) contain 7 of the 9 Carnacki stories (with other material in 2008), lacking The Thing and The Find
    • 1913 and 1920 eds., and 2004 Project Gutenberg Ebook #10832, contain 6 stories
    • other 20th century publications (from 1947, multiple languages) contain all 9 stories
    • 21st century collections not investigated (but it must be expected that some post-2004 publications simply contain the Gutenberg transcription)

    original 6 stories

    T1644056 (7 as no hyphen, 2001 and 2011-06 to 2014), 2011 T1114380

    all 9 stories

    2011 OMNI T1500052, 2017 T621531

    no list of contents

    2001 OMNI, 2003[presum. identical 2001 Wildside tp]

    different selection of 6

    2010/2011 T1114380

    Below the 6 stories of the original collection are listed in their 1913 sequence.

    as 1984 (abridged) T1007665 as 1910 variant of The House T1413733

    d$ 2004 Project Gutenberg #10832

    follows the 1910/1912 serial publication sequence, or 2-3-4-6-5-1 in terms of the 1913 collection.

    HathiTrust: 1947 only [264](no view)

    1910 BL 001701217

    BL(8) 1913 BL 001701218 ; 1947 BL 001701219 (no info); 2006 DSDavies BL 013695720



    1910 only The Idler, 5 + index
    1912--13 (carnacki the ghost finder) (12, all 1913 mainly Mar/May
    1920 (carnacki hodgson, 4) 2 unique --H&H seriees
    1947 none

    March 2019

    UMI Research Press

    University Microfilms International
    University of Michigan

    Review: Studies in Cinema Series

    Encyclopedia of Fantasy: Christmas Books

    (1898-02-12 same) [265] 1898-04-09 Pearson, 2nd ed. Invisible Man 3/6

    --Original Crypto Fiction #120 [266]

    cf. "95. Poe, Edgar Allan. 1843. The Gold-Bug. The Dollar Newspaper.
    "The best and first of the classic cipher stories. Poe uses punctuation symbols as cipher letters in his message. The message is really a puzzle within a monoalphabetic substitution cipher as William Legrand solves the cipher message and unravels the resulting puzzle to find a pirate treasure. The highlight of the story is Poe's detailed description of how to cryptanalyze a monoalphabetic substitution cipher."


    Rider & Co. (and later imprint Rider)
    William Rider & Son
    Philip Wellby: 61 British Library records 1900 to 1908
    1902 Flaxius BL 002125236 --PV Rtrace
    el   Carol A. Senf 139710 (7)
    el   Leonard Wolf 4325 (26)
    el   Raymond T. McNally 35243 (15)
    el   Radu Florescu 35244 (20)
    el f Arthur Edward Waite 117721 (97) --tarot writer 
    el  .Pamela Colman Smith 173347 (7) --tarot illustrator
    els  S. T. Joshi, ed. 2218 (105)
    Perry Newberry --nidb (9) Alice co-author
    Grace MacGowan Cooke --nidb (18) Alice co-author
     1910 The Doings of the Dollivers (doll family overnight) o[267] o[268] -full view at LOC
     t.p. at OL26266752M
    el  Alice MacGowan 156330 (17) 


    Harry Linnell, ill --niLC niVIAF --two works found by WorldCat search 1909 co-illus. o[269], 1910 Dollivers o[270]
    [271] notice in "New York Literary Notes", NY Times 1910-07-16 pBR13, as "forthocoming in the fall":

    "she recounts the strange adventures of a doll family. The scene is laid in a little community of dolls of differentn types, sizes and color--dolls that live a life of their own by night when the children have left thenursery. Parts of the book have appeared from time to time in different periodicals."

    $1 listing in "New Publications", Cincinnati Enquirer -12-26 p5
    [272] review in "Some Books for Children", NY Times 1911-03-26 pBR173

    EN: Every Saturday (Ticknor & Fields) Boston literary magazine

    HDL as 1866-1874 only
    [273] (includes complete set U Michigan alone); [274] redundant

    1870/71 An Illustrated Weekly Journal; receive duplicates of all pictures from the London Graphic (current events certainly; series covers Franco-Prussian war, Paris revolution)

    Bram Stoker

    2019-05-11 User:Pwendt/People/Bram Stoker

    1932 Black Girl BL 003359878 (no page count)

    WorldCat library record OCLC 30066293 describes four copies, all in "Publisher's illustrated black boards"; one in dustjacket (inscribed 1932-12-16), one in "later black cloth slipcase". BL and LC may not have examined any copy of the book.

    December 1932 advert footer

    10 Orange Street [large: Constable] London W.C.2

    Announced by Constable in July (mentioned NY Times 1932-07-31); one September mention by Cecil Roberts notes, "His Christmas book will be called The Adventures [...]

    [275] review Man Gua 1932-12-05 as "Published to-day."
    [276] New Statesman and Nation -12-10 p764 --review by R. Ellis Roberts
    [277] Saturday Review -12-10 p624 --unsigned review
    [278] The Observer -12-11 p5 --review by Gerald Gould

    [279] Farleigh Woodcuts (5) The Sketch #2083 (1932-12-28) p568

    BL parodies/continuations

    Four Men Seek God, 1935 reply, BL 002800823
    Gabriel BL 002425063
    White Girl BL 002433439
    Brown Girl, 2nd ed. BL 018261011
    Further Adventures, 1999 sequel BL 007923912

    Still after The Doll's House: A Sequal[?] to Mr. Walter Besant's Sequel to Henrik Ibsen's Play --ie, to Doll's house - and after.
    PR5365 .S75 1890
    Time. -- Vol. I, new series (Jan. 1890), p[197]-208
    o[280] as Sequal, G. Bernard Shaw

    Known speculative fiction:

    1. Aerial Football: The New Game • (1907)
    6. Don Giovanni Explains • (1934) --Don Giovanni from the play Man and Superman
    9. The Domesticity of Franklyn Barnabas • (1934) --F.B. from the play Back to Methuselah
    14. The Adventures of the Black Girl in Her Search for God • (1932)

    Penguin editions

    1946 o[281]; 90th o[282]; omnibus o[283] ; BL 003359880
    1946 1952 printing o[284]
    ASIN B0012KD07M "2/6"
    1946 1966 printing o[285]
    1966 Fo#51-60 Dan H. Laurence w thumbnail Farleigh cover image o[286] ; 1966 (c)1934 o[287]
    1966 1977 printing o[288] ; o[289] ; 1977 (c)1961 o[290] ; BL 0140005676


    1947 Fo#31-40 o[291] BL 010254842
    1948 " "
    ASIN B00BN2FOAA Standard Ed. as The Black Girl
    1954 o[292]


    2006 paper o[293] ISBN 140673344X
    2008 hardcover ISBN 144372503X
    2016 Hesperides Kindle ASIN B01LOJXOPS
    "Look inside" Constable per title page; 1934 reprinted 1934 1934 1947 1948 1954
    Preface to The Black Girl in Search of God

    1959 Capricorn 8th printing $1.35 ASIN B000HOYMO4

    unkn printing $1.65 ASIN B000HU8NPM

    1977 French arranged by Dan H. Laurence ISBN 0573606498 BL 010074698

    ProQuest all years search ("The Black Girl In Search Of God And Some Lesser Tales") 23 hits, 3 in newspapers/magazines

    1946 [294] also lists 10 vols of H. G. Wells (his death?) ; [295]
    1966 Robert Nye, "Pick of the Paperbacks" Tribune (Blackpool) 30.10 (1966-03-11) p14 10/6

    ("Black Girl" Penguin "bernard shaw") 16 hits

    1932 42
    1946 (6) 63
    1966 Nye "Pick of the Paperbacks"
    [296] 1977 review "Ever since 1946, when the flood of Shaw and Wells at a shilling a throw was first released ..." L1.50
    ESSAY "A Sunday on the Surrey Hills" (1888) features Henry Salt

    Tolkien by Humphrey Carpenter

    Furnival Books #10, liam o'flaherty

    The Furnival Books

    BL search 13 --apparently publ William Jackson 1930-31, Joiner & Steele 1932
    1930-32 Jackson; Joiner & Steele BL The Furnival Books
    1932 The Furnival Book of Short Stories BL 001343504 323 pp
    Eva Brann, ed. 196796
    Eva T. H. Brann ()
    Mrs. Edgar Lucas, translator (2)[many] = Alice Lucas
     = as wife of Henry Lucas

    "From Thacker's Catalogue", The Times of India 1909-12-04 p4 (and same one week later), --no publisher names--

    • 13 2 Grimm. Translated by Mrs. Edgar Lucas
    • 6 9 Undine. Adapted from the German by Arthur Rackham
    • 3 12 The Arabian Nights' E. A new edition revised with notes by the Rev. Geo. Fyler Townsend, M.A. With illustrations. Gilt edges.

    Doubleday, Page ? no hits 1909/1912 ("brothers grimm" doubleday rackham)


    1909 o[297] --same as 1909 Edition de Luxe
    1912 o[298] --same as 1909 Edition de Luxe
    WorldCat shows 1923 Doubleday edition in two volumes
    1. o[299] Snowdrop, xii+165, 20 plates; Contents
    2. o[300] Hansel and Grethel, transl. Mrs. Edgar Lucas, "Printed in Great Britain"
    Calla Editions o[301] "New selection of stories from The fairy tales of the Brother Grimm, translated by Mrs. Edgar Lucas, originally published by Doubleday, Page & Co, New York, in 1909.", 9781606600108, xvi+317, Contents

    In Search of the Unknown

    1904 Harper BL 000655111 285pp "Related Titles: [In Search of the Unknown.] (Uk)MP1.0000690126.1 pp. 331. A. Constable & Co.: London, 1905. 8º"
    1905 Constable 000655112 331pp "[Another edition.]" --maybe the Colonial edition
    1978 RPI BL 009585574 microfilm

    Colonial Library

    The Globe 1905-04-01 pA5 "Books Received": "(Constable's Colonial Library)" (no price)
    The Times of India 1905-06-24 p4, retailer advert under "New Colonials ... Rs 1-10 each in paper. Rs 2-2 each in cloth.

    new US ed/printing per "Book Chat" NY Observer and Chronicle 1905-06-15 83.24 p782

    $1.50, short review, [302] NYOC -06-29 83.26 p845 ; "... The vagaries by which scientific men are often misled are finely sketched. In the meantime, the assistant of the professor meets several charming girls and a number of astonishing love affairs develops."
     w   J. Paul Suter 18044 --niVIAF [2]
    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle once wrote of a plot had never used successfully. It begins wtih a man and his wife departing for church. The husband returns to the house for his prayerbook and is never seen again.
    "I wrote a story using that plot", Suter said. "I called it 'The Dial of Ahaz' but the publisher changed it to 'The Impossible Crime'. It was included in a col­lection published under the title, of Creeps By Night.
    Irving Cobb and Stephen Vin­cent Benet had stories in that volume. It has had a good sale but not because of the Suter con­tribution."

    But we show the Suter story as "Beyond the Door".

    Edgar Wallace (252)

    SFE3 implies MANY works are plausible ISFDB contents

    Street of the Malcontents and Other Stories T1936121

    reviews [303] NYT -05-29 pBR9; [304] Hugh Walpole, NYHT -05-29 pF1

    NYT touches on seven of them: the first three, Loyalty, Count Pizziccheria --those may be all of his five "contributions from the European scene" ("Once we had to listen to our friends tell of when they were in Paris. ... now our younger writers make copy of their trips abroad.")-- and The Head, and Fantasy in the First Person.

    It does not make clear that any of those is speculative fiction. (contrast the 1932 collection)

    WorldCat gives LCSH only "Fantasy fiction, English."

    Walpole "Mr. Hume wrote two ferocious novels, then for his third he produced in The Golden Dancer something gentle and kindly and extremely old-fashioned,in the manner of the early Wells of Love and Mr. Lewisham and The Wheels of Chance." --very long, both on Hume's writing and on the parting of ways in fiction today, and two worlds, but no attention at all to what we call genre

    The Golden Dancer at WorldCat LCSH

       Factories -- United States -- Fiction.
       Employees -- Fiction.
       Man-woman relationships -- Fiction. 

    32 hits 1925/26 --essentially August to October

    NYT -03-21 Spring Lists [305] (Cabell; Murasaki), -06-27 Summer lists "the romance of a factory hand in search of love and beauty"

    Hume biography

    [306] 1929-01 Hume's earliest work for the screen
    [307] 1929-05 "drafted by Fox"
    [308] 1930-06-01 long-term contract with MGM

    Hume, A Dish for the Gods

    review NYHT 1929-04-14 pK28 "A Dish for the Gods", a longer and more ambitious story than The Golden Dancer; a "symphony of sentiment"
    Chi. Tribune 1929-09-29 pI17 advert among Sale of Fiction 39c, 3/$1

    The Shout • (1927) • short story by Cyril Hume
    Coffinwood • (1927) • short story by Cyril Hume
    The Tower in the Winds • (1927) • short story by Cyril Hume
    Atlantis' Exile • (1927) • short story by Cyril Hume
    Told for the Truth • (1927) • short story by Cyril Hume
    Suttee à la Mode • (1927) • short story by Cyril Hume
    In the Dark of the Moon • (1927) • short story by Cyril Hume 

    Myself and the Young Bowman and Other Fantasies T2006818 --2019-05-03 User talk:Chris J#Myself and the Young Bowman and Other Fantasies

    NEED Title update and story title Notes
    review [309] M.L., The Christian Science Monitor 1932-05-07, p. 6 "Burnished Fantasia", covers all six stories briefly; --the poems less distinguished; among them, "The excursionsinto the legendary lands of Camelot and Cornwall vicinity seem less successful [than nature-studies], possibly because the author has nothin significant to add to what has been said about them before." ; to those who will not be offended by the light paganism of its ideology, it offers a deep, rare draught of beauty."
    review [310] The New York Times 1932-05-22 p. BR3 "In the Mood of the Ettrick Shepherd", names five stories
    • Myself and the Young Bowman (re-envisions Cupid) one light and delightfully written fairy tale
    • The Frogs and the Stork ("clever fable") a pleasant fable satirizing men's unrealized aspirations
    • Progress in Arcadia ("mythic legend") a moderately witty account of the sculptural contest established by Orestes in the Perfect City he had built in Arcadia--the prize going to him who could design the most beautiful carving representing Human Progress, the spirit of that city."
    • Forrester (eerie, in which "a dryad seeks a soul") "Forrester is a charming tale of a man who went into the country to plant trees, and thus won the love of a dryad."
    • The Tree of Knowledge ("parody of Adam and Eve")
    • 6. Grandmother Gift ("fairy tale") one light and delightfully written fairy tale

    "The Bookman notes "five short prose fantasies interspersed with poems ...

    els  Thomas Bailey Aldrich Thomas Bailey Aldrich (127)
    els  Cyril Hume, screen 19197 (14) 
    els  Allen Adler, screen 109135 (1)
    els  Philip MacDonald 13663 (62)
     = W. J. Stuart (2)[3 genuine] (conflates)
    el   Dashiell Hammett 20028 (93)
    el   Liam O'Flaherty 122509 (94)
    els  Paul Theroux 3890 (109) 

    Adler, Ionus T913266

    Allen's only sf novel Mach 1: A Story of the Planet Ionus (1957; vt Terror on Planet Ionus 1966), set like the film on a planet, in this case Earth, which is similarly threatened by a Monster that devours energies used to combat it. Sympathetic Aliens help us defend ourselves, in return for which we give them the secret to the use of Nuclear Energy.

    elsf  John Collier 1160 (30)

    His Monkey Wife T19317 --revisit 1930 reviews/notices for Synopsis purpose

    BLOm£i 1930 Davies
    O.$i 1931 Appleton --NEED LC, month?
    BO.. 1931 Tauchnitz
    O.£ 1957 Hart-Davis --1957 Hart-Davis "Uniform edition" BL 000745982
    Rupert Hart-Davis uniform ed. of John Collier?
    o[311] o[312]
    O.$ 1957 Doubleday --(c)1931 US and Canada prices
    BLOm. 1969 Chatto --nidb --dnf newspapers

    WorldCat chatto; se:"landmark library"

    m$i 1975 Pocket Books, 1st --PV Don Erikson; COVER states "with an Introduction by Anthony Burgess"
    BLOm£i 1983 Oxford --Theroux intro
    BOm£i 1994 Robin Clark --matches Oxford
    LO.$i 2000 Paul Dry, 1st --PV MLB
    [313] Iris Barry, NYHT 1933-05-07 pH6
    [314] Jane Spence Southron, NY Times 1933-05-21 pBR6

    reviews/notices Defy the Foul Fiend

    (66 hits 1934) comparison with Mr. Wells, and remarks on what is fashionable
    Frank Swinnerton [315] Chi. Tribune 1934-06-30 p6
    Terence Holliday, The Holliday Bookshop, New York City [316] NYHT -07-29 pF12
    Peter Monro Jack [317] NY Times -07-29 pBR6
    Robert Van Gelder [318] NY Times -07-30 p11

    1st US ed. Knopf $2.50 388pp 1934-07-30 listed in NY Times

    "Books Scheduled for Publication During the Spring: ... Between Now and the End of June" -03-11 pBR10
    "Books Scheduled for Publication During the Summer: ... Between Now and the End of September" -06-17 pBR6

    2015 Daunt ISBN-9781907970788 o[934666490] o[1064415949] 252 or 262pp; BL 017533722 252pp £9.99

    Tom's A-Cold T1017980
    BLO.£i 1933uk --check newspapers
    LOd$i 1933us as Full Circle
    Defy the Foul Fiend T1017960
    q-- BOm£ic 1934uk
    1934us --NEED ADD
    BOm£i 1949 Penguin


    • L. A. G. Strong, The Spectator #5345 (1930-12-06) p912
    • Ralph Straus, "Mountains and Monkeys", The Bystander #1408 (1930-12-10) p566
    • "New Novels" (lead), The Saturday Review #3920 (1930-12-13) p793
    • Proteus, "New Novels" (eight), The New Statesman #921 (1930-12-20) p336
    • J. C. Squire, "Books of the Year", The Observer 1930-12-28 p4

    Squire devotes 3/4 of two long columns to this work, "my New Year's Gift to any reader who relishes good prose or wit and is immune against shocks". Strong briefly gives the opposite opinion of the prose and concludes, His Monkey Wife must be set down regretfully as a good dish spoiled in the cooking." Straus overlooks flaws in the prose. "It is satire of an hilarious kind. ... Emily, you see, is no ordinary chimpazee. She cannot speak, but she studies hard (being in love with her master), and has the prettiest taste in clothes. And when Mr. Fatigay leaves Africa for England and (as he hopes) a bride in the person of the not very adorable Amy, Emily accompanies him, and soon shows the stuff she is made of." We "easily forgive Mr. Fatigay his final preference."

    LC (4 chapbooks) (Limited editions)

    BLO..i No Traveller Returns 1931
    BLO.£i Green Thoughts 1932 --Furnival Books #12
    BLO.£i Variation on a Theme 1935
    LOm..i Witch's Money 1940 --dnf newspapers

    Green Thoughts publication and reprints

    [319] Harper's Monthly May 1931 691-??
    [320] review Hart Cour 1931-04-29 p12
    [321] Modern Tales of Horror, selected by Dashiell Hammett (Gollancz)
    Furnival no. 12 (#9-12)
    [322] review #9-12, this one stands out
    More Furnival [323]
    --nidb [324] L. A. G. Strong, foreword, The Furnival Book of Short Stories -- BL 001343504 323 pp
    --nidb [E. J. O'Brien, ed. The Best Short Stories of 1932 [325] review column --niBL
    [?] Omi [326] ... The Best British Short Stories of 1932 (Dodd, Mead $2.50) ; also [327]

    Dashiell Hammett anthology

    Amazon US

    1931 hc B000H1NXVA; 1932 Tudor B0026SLCDI; 1944 World B0007F31JU; 1961 pb B002QCB0HM;

    Creeps by Night: Chills and Thrills Fo[328](11)

    LOm$i- 1931 Creeps by Night: Chills and Thrills --(21, pp) 525pp
    Contents ANOMALIES only 18; J. Paul Suter ; Long (not Jr.)
    1932 Tudor o[329] 525pp w Contents
    Contents ANOMALIES all 20) J. Paul Suter ; Long (not Jr.)
    1936 Blue Ribbon o[330] 525pp w Contents
    Contents ANOMALIES only 18; + same
    1944 The World o[331] 525pp w Contents
    Contents ANOMALIES all 20) consistent with same altho first/middle initials only

    Modern Tales of Horror

    BLOm£i- 1932 Modern Tales of Horror --(18, list) = all except 1 11 15

    1961 subsets (20 of 21 jointly; all except the first and oldest, 1912)

    Creeps by Night (10) = stories #2 5 8 10 13 15 16 19 20 21 (10)

    pv.$i- 1961 Creeps by Night --(10, pp) 141pp ; anomalies as above apparently

    o[332] short title w Contents ; o[333] w Contents, o[334] both as "and Other Thrillers" ; o[335] as ": Chills and Thrills"

    m£ic 1966 --10 (list) =

    o[336] as "Ten Great Weird Tales"; cf o[337]

    The Red Brain (1961) = stories #3 4 6 7 9 11 12 14 17 18 (10)

    pv.$i- 1961 The Red Brain and Other Creepy Thrillers --(10, pp) 141pp ; variants match
    O.£i- 1965 The Red Brain --(10, list) 159pp ; variants match

    The Breakdown (1968) = stories #12 14 3 9 13 2 19 21 5 16 (10)

    q-- 1968 Breakdown --(10, list) 128pp ; MISMATCH "Beyond the door / by Paul Suter"

    tomorrow compare page-spans and story lengths 1931 and 1961 and write to PV Don Erikson

    User talk:Don Erikson#Creeps by Night; The Red Brain 2019-05-02 with his reply -05-05 :--{
    0 • Introduction
    1. • A Woman Alone with Her Soul • (1912) • short story by Thomas Bailey Aldrich
    2. • A Rose for Emily • (1930) • short story by William Faulkner
    3. 32 16• Green Thoughts • (1931) • short story by John Collier
    4. 22 11• --The Ghost of Alexander Perks, A.B. • (1931) • novelette by Robert Dean Frisbie
    5. • The House • (1931) • short story by André Maurois (trans. of La maison)
    6. 22 12• The Kill • (1931) • short story by Peter Fleming
    7. 30 15• Ten O'Clock • (1931) • novelette by Philip MacDonald
    8. 34 23• --The Spider • (1931) • novelette by Hanns Heinz Ewers (trans. of Die Spinne 1908)
    9. 24 13• --Breakdown • (1929) • novelette by L. A. G. Strong
    10. 20*0• The Witch's Vengeance • (1930) • short story by William B. Seabrook [as by W. B. Seabrook]
    11. 42 22• The Rat • [The Rat] • (1929) • short story by S. Fowler Wright
    12. 38 19• Faith, Hope and Charity • (1930) • short story by Irvin S. Cobb
    13. 36*29• --Mr. Arcularis • (1931) • novelette by Conrad Aiken
    14. • The Music of Erich Zann • [Erich Zann] • (1922) • short story by H. P. Lovecraft
    15. 30 15• --The Strange Case of Mrs. Arkwright • (1928) • novelette by Harold Dearden
    16. 28 15• The King of the Cats • (1929) • short story by Stephen Vincent Benét
    17. • The Red Brain • (1927) • short story by Donald Wandrei
    18. • The Phantom Bus • (1930) • short story by W. Elwyn Backus
    19. 30 16• Beyond the Door • (1923) • short story by J. Paul Suter
    20. • Perchance to Dream • (1930) • short story by Michael Joyce
    21. • A Visitor from Egypt • (1930) • short story by Frank Belknap Long [as by Frank Belknap Long, Jr.]

    J. Paul Suter, The memoirs of Horatio Humberton (2004)

    o[338] "Notes: Ten stories originally published in Dime detective magazine, 1933-1934." with list of Contents

    Best Short Stories (London: J. Cape) HDL (confusing)

    Best British ... (Boston: Houghton Mifflin c1922-) HDL HDL

    50 best American short stories 1915-1939 (HM, 1939) o[2538293] 928pp
    Advance of the American Short Story (Dodd, Mead; 1923 and 1931) -HDL o[1004431] and
    Edward J. O'Brien, ed. 164753 (45)

    [339] Dodd, Mead anthologies by Edward J. O'Brien --here "Stories of 1931" are new books 1931-10-10 p14

    (series) Best ... and the yearbook, o[340]

    Best Short Stories of 1YYY (annual) 1931
    Best ... of 1932 Dodd, Mead o[341] w Contents
    Best ... of 1937 Houghton Mifflin (c)1937 o[342] w Contents
    as Small, Maynard 1940 (c)1941 o[343]; 1941 (c)1942 o[344]

    (series) Best British, from 1922 to 1941 o[345] w 1926 Contents

    Best British Stories (annual) of 1931 (Dodd, Mead)

    Best British of 1922 o[346]

    John Cournos 156165 (57)

    American short stories of the 19c o[560033] Everyman's Library 840

    Whit Burnett 11009 (38)
    Martha Foley 100733 (11)
    1952 HM : Best of the Best American short stories, 1915-1950. w Contents
    1965 HM : Fifty best American short stories, 1915-1965
    1975 HM : 200 years of great American short stories

    Dls  Edward Stilgebauer 252861 (26)
    els  W. J. Turner, critic 206006 (65)
    el   Heywood Broun, critic 15221 (31) journalist, founder of the (American) Newspaper Guild, drama critic ~1920 N-Y Tribune

    2019-04-26 create by export User:Pwendt/People/Bernard Shaw

    Brush, Pen, and Pencil

    series of heavily illustrated critical studies by A. E. Johnson (A. & C. Black, 6 volumes as of 1913 W. Heath Robinson)

    series by A. E. Johnson, one translator of Perrault HDL
    "Each volume containing many examples of the Artists' work in black and white, and in colour"
    elH .Tom Browne, R.I. 221571 --Brush, Pen, and Pencil o[347]
    .Dudley Hardy, R.I. 217532 --indb 1894--1897 --dnf HDL
    elH  .John Hassall, R.I. --Brush, Pen, and Pencil (Oct 1907) o[348]
    .Frank Reynolds, R.I. --nidb
    elsfH.W. Heath Robinson 81073 1913 --Brush, Pen, and Pencil o[349] 
    .Lawson Wood 123640 --indb 1898--1902 several --dnf HDL

    H. G. Wells

    The Famous Short Stories --variant of The Short Stories of [HGW] T38372

    1937 c1929 Literary Guild o[350]
    1937 c1929 Doubleday, Doran o[351]

    WorldCat records of some editions imply the stories are grouped thus

    1. The Time Machine and Other Stories (8), The Time Machine ...
    2. The Stolen Bacillus and Other Incidents (15), The Stolen Bacillus ...
    3. The Plattner Story and Others (22), The Plattner Story ... [or 17, see below]
    4. Tales of Space and Time (5), The Crystal Egg ...
    5. Twelve Stories and a Dream (13), Filmer ...
    1937 Doubleday, Doran o[2764260]
    1949 Benn o[473414552] 14th, New edition (reset) --best list of contents) grizzly?
    no such implication: 1937 Literary Guild o[ 731244167] (but this should match Doubleday, Doran)

    Based on the Literary Guild copy of 1937: [Bluesman]

    • page numbers
    • The story listed as "My First Aeroplane" is given in the table of contents and on the story as "My First Aëroplane". The story has a subtitle of ("Alaudra Magna").
    • The story listed as "A Dream of Armageddon" is listed as such in the table of contents, but the story's title is "The Dream" over "A Dream of Armageddon".
    1927 London : Ernest Benn; New York, Wehman Bros. [1927] o[362657]
    1927 4th impression o[2160241]
    1929 Doubleday, Doran o[1729255]

    These records list sections rather than all stories, and imply that five follow Plattner (17) in no group: The reconciliation.--My first aëroplane.-- Little mother up the Mörderberg.--The story of the last trump.--The grisly folk.--

    search ("literary guild of america")

    (1937/39 107 hits, scandals 1937 copyright and 1939 embezzlement)
    (1926/29 340 hits)
    1926 (1) -- [352] New Incorporations 1926-10-23 (Literary Guild) and renamings (Doubleday, Page Book Shops)
    1927-01-16 advert NYT NYHT earliest [353]
    contemporary controversy with dealers and publishers
    contemporary Classified Ads
    1927-02-13 advert NYT pBR13 [354]; 1927-02-20 NYHT pF24 [355] (modified)
    [356] NYT 1927-03-04 p11 "Dealers Won't Buy Guild's First Book"
    [357] The Bookman 65.2 (Apr 1927) p191-99 (invited) "Has America a Literary Dictatorship?"

    There follows some coverage of particular selections, .

    as "The Complete" from 1965

    1998 Dent edition, expanded o[358] may match the 2011 Complete Short Story Omnibus T1212369

    lw   Michael Sherborne, ed. 232033 = Michael Draper (4)[many]
    inclg York Notes Advanced eds. of Brave New World (BL 010700328) and 1984 (BL 010700327)
    BOm£ 1987 Macmillan hc
    Od£i 1988 Macmillan tp
    LOm$i 1988 St. Martin's
    2010 --PV Hifrommike65 with questionable ISBN (WorldCat gives 978-0-7206-1351-3)
    User talk:Hifrommike65‎#H. G. Wells: Another Kind of Life check ISBN-978-0-7206-1391-9
    q-- 2012 pbk BL 015813519 as 978-0-7206-1391-9
    2012 ebook BL 019029405 as 978-0-7206-1348-3

    Gollancz Short Story Omnibus T1212369 (collection) PV JLaTondre 2012-12-19

    This publication consists of five previous collections plus 22 extra stories. It has been entered as a collection in order to list the individual story titles.
    The Stolen Bacillus and Other Incidents
    The Plattner Story and Others
    Tales of Space and Time
    Twelve Stories and a Dream
    The Door in the Wall and Other Stories "The contents provided for The Door in the Wall and Other Stories section do not match the ISFDB collection by the same name (unverified as of this verification)."

    [359] 1937-02 advertisement Doubleday One Dollar Book Club (featuring O. Henry short stories)
    [360] 1937-10 advert same (featuring H. G. Wells stories) "A Genuine $3.00 Value // Keep It If You Wish for Only $1.00" "... created for new members of the Dollar Book Club only"
    1938-09-25 NYT NYHT retailer Abraham & Straus advert 98c ; similarly Was Post -10-31 pX5, Hart Cour -11-13 p9, LA Times -11-20 pA2, LCJ 1939-02-11 p35


    1915 non-genre satire T1065232

    BLOHd£ 1915 Unwin
    LOHm$ 1915 Doran
    q-- LOHm£ 1920 Unwin, 2nd ed. as by Wells --NEED page 5 and check BL

    2 copies

    U Michigan, call number "828 W454bn 1920"
    Cornell U, call number "PR 5774 B7 1920"

    THREE COPIES OF "Second Edition   1920" are not identical. That from NYPL differs.

    later investigate that HathiTrust copies do not match (two Second Edition eds.?)

    NYPL (no visible call number, nor acquisition date) Second Edition, 1920?, 342 pp.

    at HDL as "T.F. Unwin, Ltd. [1920]" and "[2. ed.]"
    image 9) <a href="">title page</a>, evidently revised only by augmentation of the 4th component:
    10) same as 320-page Second Edition
    40) p34, earliest interior illustration
    343) p337; reset only pp. 337-42
    349) p[343] Printed in Great Britain by // Unwin Brothers, Limited // Woking and London" (no mention of The Gresham Press)

    The Door in the Wall

    1911 and Other Stories T38368, 8 stories T --CHECK HathiTrust

    1911-11 --New York: Mitchell Kennerley
    December in newspapers [361] N-Y Trib 1911-12-23 p8 --review (no price)
    [362] NY Times 1911-12-16 p9 --elaborate advertisement $7.50
    1911-11 --London: Grant Richards needs augmentation and corrected date --and we need page numbers from HDL i.p.
    [363] The Nation 1915-03-13 p765 Grant Richards 21/- (60 copies, 10 illustrations, [Ready.)
    ann. Spring 1913 "The Pick of the Publishing Season" The Nation 1913-03-08 p949 21/-
    ann. Fall 1914 "The Pick of the Publishing Season" The Nation 1914-10-17 p80 21/-
    [364] "Publishers' Autumn Announcements" (selected) The Athenaeum #4537 (1914-10-10) p373 -- "There are only 100 copies ..."

    Grant Richards as 1911 (BL 003885894) and [1911] o[365]

    1980 Godine, Boston publisher (0)[many]

    LATER export Contents and copy much from the paperback to the hardcover hc at Amazon

    CHECK newspapers

    The Country of the Blind (several different collections)

    ISFDB title search

    1915 chapbook (1 story) T1065336 NEEDs attention in both publications

    1915 --not a publication but a printing, and gift, from Kennerley at Xmas 1915?

    later check newspapers

    Wells 1911 "Introduction" at HDL as 1913? at Amazon

    This Introduction to the Nelson 33 story collection is reprinted in some later smaller collections. It states of the 33, and as of 1911, ...

    collections may include Nelson's Sevenpenny Novels #156, advert Times of India
    [366] Times of India 1911-09-13 as Illustrated, 2/-
    [367] The Spectator 1911-08-19 p292, listing in "New Volumes Just Ready", 2/-
    [368] The Bookman (Oct 1911) "New Books of the Month" --covers August to September 10
    [369] The Times of India 1911-10-30 p3 "New Books" "Latest Novels, Paper, Rs. 1-10, Cloth, Rs. 2-2." --all available both cloth and paper?

    [370] NYT 1911-08-20 pA6 "Literary Notes"; "TCotB is the title of a forthcoming book made up from the short stories of Mr. H. G.Wells. A few new stories have therein been added to many previously published.

    2007 -- (Penguin Classics) 23 stories T

    contains the 33-story Introduction (1911)
    2007-05 ebook o[608246418]
    2007-12 tp --PV Pete Young

    Compare the 33 and the 23

    33 published 1894 to 1909
    23 published 1894 to 1915 (The Wild Asses of the Devil, in Boon, The Mind of the Race)
    8 7 9 [A Catastrophe] 2
    [The Argonauts of the Air] 12 18 15 11
    [In the Abyss] 13 19 [A Story of the Stone Age -novella] 20
    21 25 27 28 32
    30 31 [The Wild Asses of the Devil]

    missing from the 23 stories (15)

    1 3 4 5 6
    10 14 16 17 22
    23 24 26 29 33

    Five of the 23 are not among the 33, four pre-1911 and one later.

    A Catastrophe (1895)
    The Argonauts of the Air (1895)
    In the Abyss (1896)
    A Story of the Stone Age (1897 novella)
    The Wild Asses of the Devil (1915, part of Boon

    2005 -- (Penguin) 3 s. f. stories

    1997 (Dover Thrift) 6 stories "and Other Science-Fiction Stories"

    2011 -- (Dover Thrift) ==Dover Thrift Edition TO BE CONTINUED PROMPTLY
    1997 and Other Science-Fiction Stories -- (Dover) 6 s.f. stories ; PV NEEDs series Dover Thrift and perhaps Afterword

    1947 -- 4 stories

    1926 -- 11 stories

    1923 -- 3 stories

    1911 -- 33 stories "and Other Stories" [8 publications, all with known Contents]

     lw  .Dudley Tennant 200105 (0)[5] 
    O..i 1911 Nelson (US) --Contents NEED basics
    O.. 1913? Nelson (UK) --as "First British edition", -/7 ; front. --WorldCat "Nelson's library", 16 cm
    d 2004 Gutenberg --Contents --reword maybe ; title with comma ; no illustrations
    Od$i d$i 2006 Echo --Contents (comma)
    -d$i 2010 Waking Lion --Contents
    -d$i 2013-01 CreateSpace --Contents
    -d$i 2013-07 CreateSpace --Contents
    -d$i 2017 Enhanced --ebook $0.00 Contents (comma) NEED subtitle XXI
    2006 -- 33 stories ", and Other Stories"
    2006 Contents [1] I to XXXIII match 2017 except XXI lacks "-- A Pantoum in Prose" [2] no "Introduction" (maybe included) nor "Further Reading" (2017 promotion?)


    1911 Nelson
    [1971] as "Reprint of the 1913 ed."
    LOd.i 1996 Oxford

    Gernsback magazines (bold = ISFDB magazine)

    1908-04 (sold 1913) . 1914 Modern Electrics EN --"his own novel Ralph 124C 41+ which he ran for 12 months from April 1911 in Modern Electrics."
    1913-05 . 1920-07 The Electrical Experimenter [371] --successor to Modern Electrics --"edited by Hugo Gernsback until March 1929, when the Experimenter Publishing empire of Sidney and Hugo Gernsback was forced into bankruptcy; after that date it was edited by Arthur H. Lynch."
    1920 . 1931-08 Science and Invention --
    1919 (1929-04) . 19 Radio News EN (later Popular Electronics)
    1926-04 Amazing Stories EN
    1921-12 . 1924-10 Practical Electrics
    1924-11 . 1926 The Experimenter
    1930-06 . 1936-04 (1955) Wonder Stories EN

    EN: Experimenter Publishing, Gernsback brothers publ company bankrupt 1929

    Air Wonder Stories
    Science Wonder Stories
    1953-03 to -12 Science Fiction Plus EN
    1929--33 Science Wonder Quarterly / Wonder Stories Quarterly
    1930 Scientific Detective Monthly / Amazing Detective Tales

    British Library search

    Prince Hagen --1903 novel A Phantasy and 1909 play A Drama in Four Acts

    1903 L. C. Page & Co. HDL(2)
    1903 Chatto & Windus HDL
    1909? n.p. play HDL(2)


    SFE3 and EoF synopsis

    Gutenberg list of characters may be distinctive, such as
    Gerald Isman: a poet.
    Mrs. Isman.

    May the Gutenberg source text be Plays of Protest (1912)?

    Published December 1909 to June 1910 as a 7-part serial in Physical Culture (Bernarr MacFadden), beginning 22.6

    Physical Culture serial, from Dec 1909
    22.6 pp. 501-08 ... 7th and final instalment, CHAPTER IX, 23.6 (Jun 1910) [ pp. 596-602
    [372] The Bookman (London) "Our American Letter" Jan 1910 p16 --New York, 1909-12-18 "being radical they are duly going the rounds of the managers, and that he may finaly have to publish them in book form, for lack of stage setting"
    1910 Charles H. Kerr & Co.
    [373] LCJ -05-07 p5 brief review in "On Various Topics" (books) (positive) (no price)
    [374] The Sun 1910-07-17 p6 (recent, no price)

    newspapers 1910-19 (8 hits 1910; 4 1912; 1 1913)

    1912 Plays of Protest (Mitchell Kennerley, $1.50) (c)1911 Upton Sinclair HDL p155-226 -HDL (1970
    catalog record --none with original cover
    [375] (long) NYT -02-18 pBR83;
    [376] (short **) The Independent -04-25 p897

    Price $1.50 from listing in "To-morrow's Books Review" (NYT Review of Books), NY Times 1912-02-17 p9, as one of the books reviewed tomorrow.

    Project Gutenberg Ebooks #3301 to #3304 contain the same four plays, with preliminary lists of Characters and Acts or Scenes that may be transcribed from the 1st ed. of this collection. That Ebook numbering does not match the sequence; the simple Ebook title screens and details of layout at the beginning of The Second-Story Man do not match the 1st ed. collection.

    Unknown whether such differences are consistent with use of this edition as a source text for the four Ebooks and compliance with Gutenberg standards.

    The ebook does not contain a title page transcript, only the three line title screen:

    Produced by Charles Franks, the Online Distributed Proofreading team,

    and David Widger [small, flushleft]

    Prince Hagen
    By Upton Sinclair

    and Contents screen that lists "ACT I" to "ACT IV", as hypertext links in the HTML format. What follows those two screens may be a transcript of this 1912 edition, pp. 157-226, except that it lacks the top heading "Prince Hagen".

    1. 3301 February 15, 2009 ; update 2013-01-09
    2. 3304 February 28, 2009 ; update 2013-01-09
    3. 3302 July, 2002 ; 03/22/01 ; update 2013-04-25
    4. 3303 February 21, 2009 ; update 2013-01-09

    (identically) Produced by Charles Franks, the Online Distributed Proofreading team, and David Widger

    1910 novel at HathiTrust --U Chicago copy, mis-catalogued as distinct Boston, L. C. Page = identical to uc2, with cover
    U California (uc2) page (256)
    Harvard U title page stamped HCL 1910-05-08 "From the Quarterly Journal of Economics"
    NYPL copy differs from UCalifornia (uc2) on front cover and page (256), the 6th of 8 back pages, "A Socialist Success"

    Published April or May 1910 --inferred from coverage in The Dial: A Semi-Monthly ... 1910-04-16 p282 "List of New Books", those 104 books received since the last issue The Bookman (May) p319ff, "The Book Mart" monthly guide to books received; no price (unusually)

    Little Blue Book #633 BL 003394453 96pp

    SF Chronicle 1909

    [377] -01-12 p7 "Prince Hagen" Fails to Make an Impression: ... Falls Flat at the Valencia [last night's premier]
    [378] -01-17 p30 closing, second review in effect
    -01-17 p30 final showings today Sunday (William Gillette as Sherlock Holmes tomorrow)

    The Mystery, reviews

    [379] Man Gua 1907-04-10 p5 --reviews The Mystery and Prince Hagen
    [380] The Academy -05-04 p441
    [381] Nashville American -01-13 p
    [382] Phi Inq -01-14 p5
    [383] NYT -01-19 pBR29
    [384] SLPD 1907-01-26 p5

    Groesbeck, certainly a poster artist, is credited with interior illustrations in at least one 1908 book from The McClure Co., OCLC Fiction Finder --whose four interior paintings (line and watercolor?) may be examined in Project Gutenberg Ebook #17620, HTML format. All this suggests that the cover illustration may be an adaptation of one Crawford drawing by Groesbeck as a painting.

    Help:Screen:TagEditor, Help:Screen:Tags


    Lost Worlds
    Lost Races


    Lost Lands and Continents
    Lost Races

    TO DO: The Smart Set Publishing Co

    2019-04-10/11 much work on McClure's (Magazine) and McClure publishers

    McClure's Magazine publisher (title pages of bound volumes and single issues)

    Complete Index, v1-18 (1893-1902), t.p. "S. S. McClure Co. // New York and London // 1902"

    • S. S. McClure, Limited, vols. 1-6 (1893-1896), pp. 1-29
    bound vol 1 with orig., t.p. New York and London
    bound vol 6 with original cover, t.p. New York and London --contains "Contents of McClure's Magazine. Volume VI."
    6.1-5 Copyright by S. S. McClure, Limited.
    6.6 Copyright by the S. S. McClure Co.
    • The S. S. McClure Co., vols. 7-37 (1896-1911)
    7.1 141 to 155 East 25th St (front cover 10c) --5 numbers only

    The McClure Publications, Inc., 76 Fifth Avenue [NY] (over Executive and Editorial Offices, Berkeley Building [NY])

    • The McClure Publications, Inc., vols. 38-51 (1911-19) --UNTIL 52.2
    52.2 (Feb 1920), p2 Contents footer as The McClure Publ "published on the 15th of the month, and should reach every subscriber on that day. Due to unsettled labor conditions, a delay may occur."; advert mailing address as McClure's Magazine; at addresses immed above and below
    • McClure's Magazine, Inc. (New York and London), vol. 52-53 (1920-1921*)
    McClure's Magazine, Inc., 25 West 44th St. [NY] --FROM 52.3

    (image 178) 52.3 March-April

    Herbert Kaufman, Editor and Chairman of the Board (first-listed, up from V-P)
    "Blizzards and strikes! Hampered production and storm-delayed raw materials! ... Our December issue, due to the strike, was a month late. We determined to save a week in printing each of the succeeding numers ... Then the great snow-storm stuck the East. ... All subscriptions on our books will be extended a month."
    Dec 1920 is 52.11
    53.1 same ... 53.6=Jun/Jul ... 53.8 = September ; 15c * Also October McClure's Pleasant Forecast
    • McClure Publishing Company, vol. 54-?? (*1922-??)
    76-88 Lafayette Street [NY] --54.1 Contents
    54.1 = March; Pres. Moody B. Gates; Chairman S. S. McClure; ; 20c $2.00/yr
    "S. S. McClure Has Resumed the Editorship of McClure's Magazine" by the New Publishers, p7-8 ...
    "Editorial Note" by McClure, p9-10; "It is seven years since my name has appeared ..." --NOT 11 YEARS
    54.9=Nov 25c, 54.10=December; 98pp
    55.1=March 1923; 25c, $3.00/yr

    Bound volumes 51 (1919) and 52 (11 numbers) begin with Index

    FictionsMags Detailed Entry Format

    The Smart Set 1913-18-22 --all Rtrace?

    Ess Ess () []
    Thayer (1) [385]
    Smart Set (2) [] --already large size in 1918?

    ed. Arthur Grissom, ed. (Arthur Colfax) (1869--1901) --niLC niEN GND 1057026212 VIAF-310542299 [386]

    John Adams Thayer, publ. (1861--1936) (4)[5 distinct] VIAF-6472996 --Corporation niVIAF

     lw   Eric Muss-Barnes 104817 (1)[9] 
    1997 Vampire #1 o[37004191] ISBN-0965631826 Dubh Sith Ink at Amazon
    2013 hc, tp CreateSpace
    2013 Vampire #2
    Od$i hc
    2015 Page of Wands o[387] ISBN-1329017137 1312982470 Amazon US (hc)

    Qlw  .Dan Sayre Groesbeck 289839 (4) --2003 Exhibition
    Ql   .Will Crawford 140784 (54) n86112737 --WORLDCAT?
    els  Samuel Hopkins Adams 124 (83)
    els  Stewart Edward White 164 (108)

    The Mystery T191 Fo[388](31)

    LOHm$ic 1907 McClure, Phillips
    BOHm£-c 1907 Hodder & Stoughton "with eight illustrations"
    OHm.-c 1907 Musson
    1920 Doubleday, Page o[389] o[390]-ebook
    1924 o[391], 1927 o[392]
    LOm$ 1975 Arno P309049 as reprint of undated Grosset & Dunlap (Grosset & Dunlap as 1907 o[393])
    q-- 2003 Gutenberg Ebook #10008 --NEEDs more
    2010 Wildside
    -d$ic 2013 CreateSpace

    ISFDB:Community Portal#Wiki page elimination

    el   Jonathan Scott 66101 (9)

    Scott's edition of Arabian Nights T1340796 --to comprise large selections and small adaptations?

    "Edward Wortley Montagu had brought back from Turkey a nearly complete manuscript" --Arabic, Persian, or Turkish? (some publication titles state translated from the Arabic and Persian)
    "contented himself with revising Antoine Galland's French version (1704–1717)" --does this mean translating from French to English, with minor revisions?
    LO..i 1811 London, 6 vols P364588
    reissued in 4 vols 1882(83?) and 1890
    1880 Lee and Shepard
    [1891] D. Lothrop, ed. Griffis HDL

    HDL The Arabian nights(') entertainment

    .$ic 1914 Rand McNally; Windermere series, illus. Winter P500424 --NEEDs
    1867 Toronto: J. Campbell HDL
    1882 Ward, Locke one-volume selection HDL
    NEED 2006 Gutenberg P500425 needs much correction --page count, title page, etc

    Other Sites --or This Publication at Other Sites --or "Data from publisher's website ("Other Sites" in the left margin here)."

    We cover all of the "Sherlock Holmes" Title series (not all its publications) because we cover all Arthur Conan Doyle fiction(?).

    Windermere series speculative fiction

    • No. (Aesop? Swiss Family? Perrine? King Arthur? Remi? Robin Hood? Jungle Babies?) Kidnapped
    • Yes. (Crusoe?)

      ws  George Gordon Hastings 128786 --niVIAF niLC (but openlibrary and Internet Archive cites loc) [2]- 1 spurious? 

    US author --SFE3 As of April 2019, WorldCat identifies him as the author of two books and Library of Congress does not identify him (issues no LCCN).

    but LC does catalogue two editions of American King --dnf BL
    but the 1891 is likely to be spurious, as The Author of Philip Henson, M. D.
    1891 His Royal Highness Fo[394](2) --uncertain identity? o[395] best, credits George Hastings
    Open Library reports PZ3.H28 H ; LCCN 07-6836 (wrong) Internet Archive 1891 as Author of "Philip Henson, M. D."
    1904 The First American King T1052757 Fo[396](10) --inclg 1904 and 1905 at HathiTrust
    1904 HDL(3) -- three copies with original cover, that from U California (red, ""SSPC") quite different from the Duke U and Ohio State U copies
    o[317782546] [4] 354 20; o[397] o[398] 354 19;
    Internet Archive red cover, SSPC o[399]-HDL tIA
    1905 HDL(3) -- Duke U (The Red Novels w frontispiece) and U California covers reverse those of 1904, both as "New Edition, February, 1905." p1-350 ; Duke only with frontispiece ; U Michigan-Dearborn matches U California
    o[400] Red Novels; o[401] 350pp frontispiece 350 20; o[402] 350pp 21cm

    WorldCat au:"George Hastings" adds Philip Henson, M. D. Fo[403](3) o[404],%20george%20gordon/,%20george/

    1905 newspapers (5)

    The Sun 1905-04-05 pp354 $1.50 --ultra negative [405]
    Was. Post -04-08 cloth $1.25 --positive [406]
    advertisements Was. Post -06-27 retail $1.00; -08-21 same; -12-17 p10 Copyright books at 39c, most of them reprints of $1.08 and $1.50 Copyright Books

    1904 newspapers (8)

    Literary World: A Monthly (Oct 1904) p288 12mo, cloth, $1.00
    advertisement "New Fall Books", NYT 1904-10-01 pBR653, under "A Prophecy of the Future" [407]
    advertisement (among others) NYT -12-10 pBR879 "a startling prophecy ..." [408]
    review Overland Dec 1904 [409]
    [410] 1904 "First Edition" 'First edition. Octavo, pp. [1-4] 1-354 [355-356: publisher's ads]. Original buff pictorial cloth, front and spine panels stamped in black, red and gold, front panel ruled in blind.'
    [411] 1904 Second Printing (1905) 'First Edition Second Printing (1905). Lettering flaked from spine, otherwise About Very Good decorative binding. Color frontispiece.'
    hc Bibliolife 2009 1116977796 --(at ABEbooks, recent hc reprints begin listing #35)
    pbk Bibliolife 2009 111697780X --also as 2017
    pbk 2012 1290012644
    pbk 2013 1313991767
    hc Forgotten Books 2018 0332967565 --and 0483697516 same
    pbk Forgotten Books 2018 1332799752
    pbk Forgotten Books 2018 1333091125
    pbk Forgotten Books 2019 1331141052
    hc 2019 0483905100

    (2 used at Amazon)

    publisher Perceval Press --q (0) [dnf]

    el   Viggo Mortensen 109500 (10) --co-founder
    .William Simpson 127960 --dnf VIAF, WorldCat (name too common to be sure)
    e .Will Simpson 264372 (8) 
    EN 1961-01-14 (8) archived 2007-10-24 ;
    While the cover art seems more likely for Will(iam) Simpson easily found online and at Wikipedia as Will Simpson, its the interior black-and-white drawings.
    el   Mike Davis (I) 290770 (22) 

    Davis contributed text to at least two 2003 Perceval Press publications

    Miyelo by Viggo Mortensen (photographer) (2003; $60 hc) review 2003-12-31
    Twilight of Empire: Responses to Occupation, ed. Mark LeVine, Mortensen and Perez (2003; 126pp $14.95 paper) --review LATimes 2004-01-25 pR15 review Sep/Oct 2004

    The Smart Set at HathiTrust

    volumes 1-48 [1900 to mid 1916] 50 59-61 65 68-72 = end 1923 (plus stray issues during v49-67)
    numbering implies one extra volume during 1918/1919 (quarterly for one year?)
    1900) The smart set : a magazine of cleverness

    "Copyright 1900 by Ess Ess Publishing Company" t.p. vol 1 (Mar 1900) 25c $3.00

    1900-07 at Harvard
    1901-12 at Harvard (contains Advertiser)
    1902-07 at Princeton

    1910) same v30 n1 (Jan 1910) 25c
    1920) (same as below) v61 n1 (Jan 1920) 35c $4.00 ; 25 West 45th Street, New York
    1923) The Smart Set

    Issued ... "The Smart Set Company, Inc." v72 n1 (Sep 1923) 35c

    v1 late Mar-Jun 1900 25c ; " " , " " , ed. not stated, [cover known from late 1900]
    v30 early 1910 25c ; Cleverness, ESS ESS, fixed front cover from 1900
    33.3 (March) no visible change --presumably ready 1911-02-10

    33.4 (April) Thayer inside cover 33.4(Princeton) publisher's letter 33.4(Princeton) --transformation to be complete with the June issue 34.2
    v34 n1 new publisher; new cover to follow cover 34.1 (ed. of Everybody's Magazine from 8 years ago)
    publisher's letter 34.1 --cover transformed by James Montgomery Flagg
    cover 34.2
    v35 n1 London, Paris, distinct front cover
    v36 early 1912 25c ; Cleverness, Thayer, ed. not stated
    v39 "Something Personal" now as by "The Editors" 39.1 p159 (following contributions by Nathan and Mencken), ed. not named
    v40 cover as 41, ed not named By the Editor, 40.1 displaced novelette
    40.2 WHW, ed. --head of Contents
    v41.1 WHW, Editor --head of Contents; original cover illustration/Cleverness
    v42 early 1914 25c ; "Issued monthly by John Adams Thayer Corporation, 452 Fifth Avenue, New York, N. Y." ; Willard Huntington Wright // Editor" --cover 42.1 (original illustration/design)
    closes with contributions by Nathan and Mencken
    v44.1-2, Thayer, ed. (new President) not named
    v44.3 "--after November 15th by The Smart Set Co."
    v44.4 (Dec 1914) "--after December 15th by Smart Set Co., Inc.", eds. Nathan and Mencken, head of Contents --paginated 155 to 314
    v45 same as 48 except 456 Fourth Ave (same as Thayer)
    Lord Dunsany p391-94 The Bureau
    v48 early 1916, 25c ; Cleverness cover 48.1 (running header The Smart Set Magazine); "Issued by Smart Set Company, Inc., 331 Fourth Ave., New York, N.Y." ; ed. George Jean Nathan and H. L. Mencken
    48.1 numbered 155-314! 48.2 1-160 as usual
    50.1 "Issued Monthly by Smart Set Company, Inc., Printing Crafts Bldg., 8th Ave and 34th St., N. Y."
    60.1 Sep 1919, color cover, Cleverness, 25c; 25 West 45th Street, eds. not named
    63.1 Sep 1920, 35c
    v72 late 1923, 35c $4.00 ; "Issued Monthly by the Smart Set Company, Inc., 25 West 45th Street, New York, N. Y." eds. named on cover 72.1 running header each article

    Thayer 33.4 to 44.4 (Apr 1911 to Dec 1914, 45 issues)

    Princeton and Harvard copies of early volumes may be recommended.

    unillustrated as of Dec 1901

    The stories were first published in The Smart Set: A Magazine of Cleverness (New York: Ess Ess Publishing Co.): • "When Reginald Was Caroline", July 1900 (v2 n1), pp. 1-37 • "How Chopin Came to Remsen", December 1901 (v5 n4), pp. 1-27 • "Clarissa's Troublesome Baby", July 1902 (v7 n3), pp. 1-24 (Bound volumes viewed at HathiTrust comprise usually four monthly numbers, separately paginated 1 to 160, and no index. The front cover illustration/design is fixed.)

    one copy from U California with original cover Preface 1903

    One Perkins, a Yankee who lived for fifty yearrs in India, and became an adept in mysteries rejected by the Occidental mind, is responsible for the curious psychical transpositions described in the following pages."
    I have taken the liberty of telling these stories in the first person." --E. S. Van Z. // Hartford, Conn., March, 1903."

    introductory verses may also be new, eg page (13)

    The Smart Set (Bound volumes viewed at HathiTrust comprise usually four monthly numbers, separately paginated 1 to 160, and no index.)

    2019-04-08 text search "Perkins" --time out

    The SSPC 452 Fifth Avenue, New York City --advertisements p[379-81] Subscribe Now [1902]

    Talbot Press (1)

    els  Edward S. Van Zile 132999 (16) 

    1890 Magnetic Man T1093443 o[6973531]

    q-- A Magnetic Man o[412] --NEEDs series work "American Authors' Series" Fo[413](188) (largely John W. Lovell, F. F. Lovell, USBC, #4 and 8-38 ; Harcourt from 1920s #42-55 Poe, Knickerbocker) The Talking Image of Urur o[414] ; o[415] o[416] reproduction of 1840 collection
    "World classics in large print" [not found in newspapers 1890 to 2019] Fo[417](175) (overlap among #1-29)

     lw  R. A. Gilbert, editor-dealer 116040 (20) --ed., 2003 Rosicrucians

    Nicolas-Hays, Inc. --Nicolas[-]Hays nidb 2019-04-03

    o[612364777] by Nicolas as NY: Hays, 1976; o[18856545] 1984 as York ME; o[804379162] 2006 as Berwick ME; o[167515395] 2008 as Lake Worth FL
    DEl  Franz Hartmann 98593 (2) --1887 Rosicrucians and 1890 Urur may be English-language originals

    [With the Adepts:] An Adventure Among the Rosicrucians T1997830 Fo[418](12) ; as With the Adepts: o[419](21)

    LOH..i 1887 Occult --Note dnf newspapers
    -OH.. 1890 Occult 2nd; contains essay p183-88 --Note dnf newspapers
    BO.£ 1910[1909] Rider UK --Note essay unknown/equivocal
    -OH.. 1910 Theosophical NYC; contains essay p174-80 --Note dnf newspapers
    LO..i 2003 Ibis Press --essay unknown
    2009 Kindle Amazon with "Look inside" (t.p., no back pages/cover)
    as 1910 Rider, print length 94 pages!

    The Talking Image of Urur T1589804 Fo[420](12) --original English?

    somewhere, the Talking Image represents Mrs. Blavatsky !
    -O.. 1890 Lovell's International #76 -- BL 001608563
    [1890] National Book o[421]
    [1891] Lovell's Literature #178 o[422] Lovell, Gestefeld & Company
    BOm£ [1892] Gay & Bird as NY-printed
    [1992] Kessinger ebook o[423]
    2010 Kessinger Amazon as 2010-09-10 hc (also tp 1162561165), with "Look inside" 1992 Kessinger pbk (t.p. missing)

    The Buddhist Propaganda, pp. 70-71 (of 54-73) Lucifer, ed. Madame Blavatsky, Theosophic Society, 88 pp monthly 15s/yr

    review of ongoing in the current number of Lucifer, Saturday Review 1889-06-08 p690
    serial in Lucifer as of February per London Review of Reviews

    Hartmann in Lucifer

    Lucifr y1887 v1 October p145 - review - An Adventure Among the Rosicrucians by a Student of Occultism (? F Hartmann) -- anon (HPB)
    Lucifr y1888 v3 September p79 - review - The Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians of the 16th & 17th Century tr F Hartmann -- A. Pioda
    Lucifr y1888 v3 December p292 - The Talking Image of Urur (1) -- Franz Hartmann
    Lucifr y1890 v6 March p82 - correspondence - "The Talking Image" -- Franz Hartmann
    Lucifr y1890 v6 March p82 - (reply) -- [Eds.]
    Lucifr y1896 v17 January p434 - review - Among the Gnomes by Franz Hartmann -- AB

    Lucifer 5.6, pp. 491-498

    • p491, "* This chapter is abbreviated and the last left out for want of space. The reader will find them in book form, which is forthcoming.--[Ed.]"
    • p498, "Franz Hartmann, M.D., F.T.S. [Fellow of the Theosophical Society?] // The End"

    Lucifer 6.1, p. 82

    • To the Editors, by F. Hartmann, and the editors reply.

    The Editors reply with regret, as they find upon reading the conclusion that it resolves problems and "entirely removes from the story the odium of being supposed to be a burlesque upon the principles of the Theosophical Society, or upon Madame Blavatsky." !

    AmBk 0501 p232 "Additions" probably
    "New Publications", received The Sun -05-23 p3
    "Books of the Week", John W L Co N-Y Trib -05-24 p10
    "New Publications", FFLovell "publishes" Phi Inq 1890-05-26 p4
    [424] review N-Y Trib 1890-06-20 p8 "Some Minor Novels" , as not a satire or caricature of the theoso. fad
    "Book Reviews", Nassau Literary Magazine 46.2 (June 1890) p132: in closing, "We have received from various publishers a number of the novels that wil be read by everyone in the summer that is before us."
    Magnetic Man 50c = Lovell's American Authors' Series #6
    Talking Image 50c = Lovell's International Series #76 --both of thus AmBk 27.9 (1890-05-01) p232 "Additions ..."
    12mo cloth $1.00 retailer listing Chi. Trib 1890-09-06 p12
    Belford's Magazine book notices indexed 5.25 (June 1890) iii
    Lee, Hauntings p324; Magnetic Man page missing (near 327 or 645?); Talking Image p807

    Lovell's International Series #1 to 49 (all 1889?) chiefly 30c, some 50c or 20c

    [425] Saturday Review 1892-08-13 p198 --negative review of the whole, in contrast to the serial

    Among the Gnomes T1080496 Fo[426](7) --original English?

    BOm£i 1895 T. Fisher Unwin --1st English-language ed.?
    -O.. 1896 Occult --Note dnf newspapers
    Lm$ 1978 Arno o[427] ISBN not found at Amazon

    --WorldCat records of all three eds. report illustrations --and see 2019 below

    2010 hc Kessinger Amazon as 2010-09-10 hc (paperback too), with "Look inside" 1993 Kessinger pbk (t.p. missing; poor reproduction, no signature legible)
    2019 ebook Kindle replica
    o[428] 1895 T. Fisher Unwin ebook as (quote) by Franz Hartmann, M.D., author of "Magic black and white," "Paracelsus," etc. ; illustrated. as 2019-03-03, with list of 12 illustrations, one clearly signed SEDGWICK

     lw  Albert van der Naillen 159284 (7) 

    On the Heights of Himalay T1304987 Fo[429](17)

    O.. USBC (c)1890 o[430] as American novelist's series, no. 35
    at HDL
    O.. Lovell, Coryell (c)1890 --"Illustrated Edition"
    -Od£ [1892] (UK printed in US) Gay & Bird --illus
    1896 American
    Fitzgerald --indb as 1896
    Fenno --indb as 1896


    1890 USBC (2) USBC with cover 5-272 no back pages;
    1890 National National Book no cover, identical? --mis-catalogued with the previous
    1900\1896 RFFenno 6th ed. no cover, photo front. (c)1890 USBC 1896 APC "Publishers Preface to the Second Edition", p[3-4] illus. (first facing p24) (ends bottom line! of p272)



    (sequel) In the Sanctuary T1305071 Fo[431](9)

    1896 SF: Doxey HDL
    nidb-- 1908 NY: Fitzgerald HDL-cat as 1895 o[566246320]-HDL o[6979094] as 20cm
    R. F. Fenno o[63591082] o[637991579]

    (sequel) Balthazar the Magus T1304989 Fo[432](6)

    1904 Fenno

    newspapers 1895 to 1908 (naillen)

    The Critic 24.715 (1895-11-02) p293, "Notes", announcement by Doxey as "Vol. I. of The California Author Series." (probably not ready)

    review by George Hamlin Fitch in "Some Books", SF Chronicle 1895-12-22 p14 (Doxey; price, paper, 50 cents) --which hints of hc format

    "Books of the Spring", NY Times 1900-03-31 pBR24 (or p216), RFFenno eds. of both books $1.25

    [433] "Summer Reading", SF Chronicle 1900-06-10 p24, review Himalay under subheading "Occultism in Fiction" (Fenno $1.25), "Knowing something of the higher Buddhist philosophy, the author is marking out a new field in fiction connected with it."
    --also The Man from Mars, expanded to cover woman suffrage

    SF Chronicle 1904-09-03 p13, review of Balthazar the Magus, lead review in "Reviews of Some New Publications", RFFenno $1.50

    The Bookman 1904-10 p168 "Readers Guide to Books Received", "A sequel to [Heights] and [Sanctuary], all three of which are supposed to combine religion with science." (no price)
    Phi Inq 1904-09-23 p5, review as "A Study in Theosophy" (the purported unity of the highest science and the highest religion)
    Vegetarian Magazine 11.8 (1908-01-01) p24, "Books", $1.25, 1.25, 1.50 mailing address Purdy Publishing Co. 80 Dearborn St. (4th floor), Chicago

     w   Bailey Kay Leach 2024438 --niLC [3] 

    Soulless Saints T2024438 Fo(4) --only the 1892 including o[434] as Wright American fiction microfilm "1 online resource (253 pages, plates)"

    -O. 1892 "Chicago : American Pub. Co., (c)1892." --Note dnf newspapers nor LC
     lws Alfred Smythe 132791 (0)[librettist, 6] 

    Van Hoff, or The New Faust T1091089 Fo[435](5) --only 1897 and 1899 as Van Hoff

    O.. 1896 Digby, Long
    O.. 1897 New York : American Publishers Corp., 1897


     ws  Elizabeth G. Birkmaier 146676 --niLC which does cat her book 

    Poseidon's Paradise T1091254 Fo[436](6) --only the 1892 and 21c

    LO..i 1892 Clemens --PV Chavey --newspapers?


     lws Henry Wallace Dowding 126631 (2) 

    The Man from Mars T1028278 --only the 1910 at WorldCat

    LO.. 1910 Cochrane


    2019-04-06 ISFDB:Community Portal#Canonical name Thomas Blot or William Simpson (I)

    William Simpson (I) 290769 
    Thomas Blot 124896 = William Simpson --niLC niVIAF

    The Man from Mars T1013407 (1891, 1893; 1900)

    LO.$ 1891 "Thomas Blot is a pen name of William Simpson of Alameda, California" --NEED HDL cloth and paper?
    O..1893 The Clemens, 2nd --also 3rd as The Pacific Library(?)
    OHm. 1900 pr San Francisco: E. D. Beattie --price quotes $1.00 and 50c


    HDL 1st ed., two formats evidently (t.p. "Thomas Bolt" -- U California hardcover -- bookplate "S. F. Women's Literary Exhibit of Californian Writers Columbian Exposition 1893" -- inscribed by the author "To Ambrose G. Bierce // with Complements of // the Author // Wm Simpson" -- t.p. Thomas Blot -- Introductory, p[3]-10; The Man from Mars Chapter I p[11] ... chXIV 159

    [437] SFChron 1891-11-29 p7 "The Man from Mars, by Thomas Blot, is a lecture upon the faults of our modern civilization done in the form of a sketch or story. The "Man from Mars" tells his hearer how much better they do things there and how far we are behind our sister planet in discoveries in the material and spiritual world. There are clever suggestions in the book and the author makes a pretty strong case."

    --also New Edition of the Arabian Nights, ed. Rev Dr William Elliot Griffis (Boston: D. Lothrop & Co.) $6.00 --critical of other editions

    [438] SFChron 1892-02-14 p9 "... who has come to earth in the same manner that the late Mme. Blavatsky used to travel from India to England in a single moment." (price paper, 50c, cloth 75c)

    -02-17 p6 classified ad, "Sold in all the bookstores. Price 50 cents." ; identically -03-02 p6 and -03-13 p6
    Overland Monthly and Out West Magazine (SF) XIX 112 (April 1892) p448 "Books Received" Thomas Blot; 1892 (no details)

    HDL 3rd ed., two copies including one from Duke U with original cover front cover (t.p. "William Simpson", dedication p[3] "by the Author", Preface to the Third Edition, "W.S.") -- Preface [5]-64 -- Introductory, 65-73; chI 74 ... chXV 265 -- ... p280/81 one new paragraph -- no back pages

    [439] Liberty 9.51 1894-04-21 p6 "Communism Sweetly Flavored" --long review of "A Cityless and Countryless World", Henry Olerich, Jr. : "... And while his narrative is that of an inhabitant of Mars, who has succeeded in reaching the earth and is describing the condition of things on our neighboring planet, I shall treat it as an outline, as he calls it, of a new social and economic system ..."

    SFChron 1900-05-13 p24 ... "New Books Received" E. D. Beattie $1.00

    SFChron 1900-06-10 p12 "Summer Reading"

    SFChron 1900-10-18 p12 revised and enlarged, at any of the book and periodical stores Price 50 cents

    Woman's Home Companion August 1901 "The Man from Mars" by Katherine Holland Brown; $1/yr, 10c each

    HDL Woman's Home Companion (new title 1896/97) = some of v35-50 1908-23 only in two catalog records
    dnf notice of this story in 1901 newspapers/magazines via ProQuest 2019-04-07

    [440] NYTimes 1901-10-13 pSM4: theatrical "A Message from Mars", Garrick Theatre, led by Mr. Charles Hawtrey

    Cole, Visitor from Mars T294609 --only the 1901 at WorldCat

    LO (pr Portland OR: Beattie & Hofmann, (c)1901) --LC (c) deposit 1901-08-06

    Not found 2019-04-03 in automated search ("visitor from mars") of 1900-1902 newspapers.

    els   James MacLaren Cobban 4079 (14)

    Help:Screen:NewPub#Format Books

    • digest - Used for books which are similar in size and binding to digest-formatted magazines, using the standard digest size of approximately 7" × 4.5".

    Narrow implies pb if not too tall. About 19cm implies tp or digest, depending on binding unlike or like a digest-formatted magazine. (But distinctive digest binding is not described in magazine Help, which suggests to me that a digest magazine is distinguished by its size --unless its paper quality is known to be "pulp", when pulp format is ?optional.)

    So-called "cloth" is presumed hardcover, although there are flexible cloth covers which are tp/pb/digest at ISFDB. Do we should we suppose that "limp cloth" or "flexible cloth" (or leather, etc) will be specified.

    User:Pwendt/Publishers/Oxford#March 2019 --2019-03-29

    includes The World's Classics 1901--1905 from Grant Richards

    DEl  .Walter Paget 192008 (14) --#1 in WorldCat libraries is Ballantrae
    au: stevenson, paget (84 hits) --Ballantrae 1911, 1913, [1925], 1995
    1907 Arabian Nights
    c1976 Tales from Shakespeare (Lamb, 14 tra 6 com) o[441]
    c1977 King Solomon's ISBN 0805512020
    au: haggard, paget (21 hits)
    1911 o[442]
    2002 Modern Library o[443]

    el   Jeremiah Curtin (83) --folklorist, linguist
    "American ethnographer, folklorist, and translator."
    "From 1883 to 1891 he was employed by the Bureau of American Ethnology as a field researcher documenting the customs and mythologies of various Native American tribes."
    "Curtin compiled one of the first accurate collections of Irish folk material, and was an important source for W. B. Yeats."
    [compiled -Ed.] Beside North American tribes and the Irish, Library of Congress catalog records show that Curtin collected folk material from Siberia, from Mongols, from "Russians, Western Slavs [Czech people or lands], and Magyars" 1971 reissue o[444]; and that he translated from Polish (Sienkiewicz) and Russian (Tolstoy).

    1895 Tales of the fairies and of the ghost world T1967182 Fo[445](32)

    BOH.. 1895 Nutt
    p[199-200] publisher adverts, "Mr. David Nutt's Publications in Celtic Folk-Lore and Romance." (several with editorial material by Alfred Nutt)
    LOH.. 1895 Little, Brown
    Lemma 1970
    Benjamin Blom [1971]
    Talbot 1974 BL 000840281 198
    Od.i 2000 Dover Irish Tales of the Fairies ...
    2003 Oakmagic Tales of the Irish Faeries o[446]
    Amazon UK as 2003-04-13 54-page facsimile of 1895 --if so, then 4 pages printed on one
    SOMEWHERE in 1895 newspapers, notice of Joseph Jacobs on Barlaam and Josaphat (uniform ed.)

    1895 newspapers ("tales of the fairies" curtin) (27) --several reviews, etc, in May

    [447] The Athenaeum #3513 1895-02-23 p250 "The Spring Publishing Season" --very interesting myth/etc from David Nutt --publisher of Folk-Lore: A Quarterly Review of Myth, Tradition, Institution, and Custom 5/- as of March 1895 VI.1
    [448] The Critic: A Weekly 23, 692 (1895-05-25) pII "Little, Brown & Company's New Books" --beside interesting notice of Percival Lowell series on MARS, Atlantic Monthly; June, The Water Problem [!]
    [449] NYT 1895-05-25 p3 "New Publications" --review, with substantial mention of 1894 Hero Tales of Ireland

    1890 --nidb-- Myths and folk tales[lore] of Ireland Fo[450](58 lore) Fo[451](17 tales)

    1890 Little, Brown BL 000840273
    1900 [sic] vi, 345 o[452]
    1890 Sampson Low M S R BL 000840274 -- mfg Cambridge MA USA
    1960 Dublin: Talbot
    1968 Detroit: Singing Tree -- Little, Brown 1890
    1975 Dover BL 008076896 "originally published: as 'Myths and folk-lore of Ireland'. Boston : Little, Brown, 1889"
    1975 EP Publishing BL 008092791 --facsimile Sampson Low
    1996 New York: Wing Books
    2009 Abela BL 015646942

    Other titles: Hero-tales of Ireland; Irish Folk-Tales; Fairy Tales of Eastern Europe;

    newspapers (Myths and folk[-]lore) (Myths and folk[-]tales of the Russians, Western Slavs, and Magyars)

    Gulliver, illustrated S. B. de la Bere (Black, 6s.) --?unexpurgated, which Spectator regrets [453]

    Stephen Baghot de la Bere (S. B. de la Bere) 272495 --niLC
    CARTOONIST for the Gazette of the 3rd London General Hospital
    "Perhaps the most brilliant contributor to Vol.I of The Gazette was Pte. Stephen Baghot de la Bere, who at that time was a 3rd London orderly but afterwards transferred to the Artists Rifles and subsequently gained a commission. His pictorial satires on hospital life, in which the ward-orderly is always represented as a downtrodden slave and the Sister as a ferocious slave-driver, are alluded to by our art editor. But de la Bere's articles and imaginary interviews were hardly less sparkling."
    Second Lieutenant Stephen Baghot De La Bere
    John Edwards, later John Baghot de la Bere, vicar of Prestbury (1833-1909) and M.E.M. or L.E.M. Bruce had three children including Winifred Baghot De La Bere or Michael Patrick, 6th of 11, born 1874-10-17 in Gloucestershire ; potential mother age 43 in 1877 hence grandmother is possible
    Don Quixote, illus SBdlB, attrib'd to canonical name John B-DlB o[454]
    Gulliver, illus SBdlB, attrib'd to canonical name John B-DlB "Black's Boys' and Girls' Library"

    WorldCat se:"Black's Boys' and Girls' Library."(36) ~1924-1938? in WorldCat records

    WorldCat se:"books for boys and girls"(288, multiple publishers) ; +'black' cuts the number of hits to 19, not published by Black

    [455] The Sphere 19.245 (1904-10-01) p2 "Books Received" 6/- by L.G. ; same-day Saturday Review "This Week's Books" listing under Christmas Books
    The Field; London Vol. 104, Iss. 2701, (Oct 1, 1904): 591 ; "Messrs. Adam and Charles Black have just issued ..."

    ("gulliver's travels" black "de la bere") (10 hits)

    -09-24 The Field ==as Gull Trav; "Books of the Week"
    -10-01 The Field
    -10-01 The Sphere [456]
    6 1904-10-29 Spectator "New Editions and Reprints"
    others same day
    2 1904-11-12 Sphere [457]
    8 1904-12-10 Spectator [458] --publisher advert as ?Series?
    3 1904-12-17 Sat Rvw [459] --(un)expurgated, satire

    User talk:Ruddickn#A Tale of the Time of the Cave Men

    But next hour I find magazine notice of the Gulliver's Travels as in series "Beautiful Books for Boys and Girls".

    1904 Black, illus. de la Bere o[460] 293p 21cm, as 1771 ; "Binder's title and running title read: Gulliver's travels." o[461] -- ;

    1989 o[462] 156 21cm ISBN 1850772088 --niAmazon, as orig 1916
    abridged, French 1912 o[463] o[464] 169p

    1904 Macmillan, ed. Clifton Johnson o[465]

    some Gulliver at HathiTrust

    el f  Vernon Lee 1965 (79) = Violet Paget

    biographical novel Palmerino by Melissa Pritchard

    "... In imagining the real life of this brilliant, lesbian polymath known for her chilling supernatural stories, Pritchard creates a multilayered tale in which the dead writer inhabits the heart and mind of her lonely, modern-day biographer.
    "Positing the art of biography as an act of resurrection and possession, this novel brings to life ..."


    A Phantom Lover 1886 (2)
    Hauntings; fantastic stories 1896 1906 --5 copies all 1906?
    Pope Jacynth ... Tauchnitz, 1906 o[466]
    Pope Jacynth & Other Fantastic Tales 1907 o[467] o[468]-hdl o[469] --only three stories match Pope Jacynth (1956) and Ravenna (1962) --PV Rtrace BL 002111589
    two copies with original cover; t.p. Second Edition, 1907 per t.p. -- London: John Lane, The Bodley Head. New York: John Lane Company. MCMVII.

    Pope Jacynth (and/&) Other Tales T1607174

    BOm£ 1904 Grant Richards
    LO.. 1907 John Lane --PV Rtrace from Google Books

    newspapers 1904--1908 ("Pope Jacynth") (19 hits: 14 1 0 3 1)

    reviews 1904-11-05 to 1905-02-11 The Spectator -- "The stories which compose this volume are mediaeval in spirit, we might almost say in odour. ... [unusually positive] It should be remembered, however, that she will be understood thoroughly only by scholars--in mediaevalism."


    Vogue 30.5 (1907-08-01) p140-C "Literary Chat", "John Lane Company ... announces two new books by Vernon Lee ..." (no price)
    review second edition "John Lane Company", The Dial: A Semi-monthly ... 43.509 1907-09-01 p124: 'Her "fantastic tales" are suggested in each instance by a scrap of mediaeval legend, or bit of art, or relic of antiquity ... As fairy tales they are too highly wrought ... to please younger readers, for whom they are doubtless not intended;" (no price)
    Two Books by Vernon Lee", NYT 1908-01-04 pBR3, each "$1.25 net, postage 10 cents" --fulsome on Lee; "published in England as long ago as 1898, this is believed to be their first American appearance"; In PJ "she takes us from the stories of ancient and mediaeval Italy to the Germany of Du"rer's time".


    Ottilie [non-genre]
    Prince of the Hundred Soups --niLC --niLC per Clute

    A Phantom Lover T1607004 --novella

    LOHd$ John W. Lovell, 1886 --Lovell's #797, p[92] lists #693-804
    LOHd$ Roberts Brothers, 1886
    1965 collection --as "The Phantom Lover"
    1971 Dover anthology

    Hauntings: Fantastic Stories

    1890 Heinemann --later check newspapers and HathiTrust
    1890 F. F. Lovell --Lovell's International Series #73
    front cover from back of LOC display image 263

    Format? (cloth, $1.00; paper, 50 cents) --DOES Rtrace CONTEMPLATE hc publication series and paper magazine?

    2006 Project Gutenberg #9956: no subtitle, no publisher, 1890, dated dedication, arabic numbering from [chapter] 1

    el f  Mrs. Oliphant (Margaret Oliphant) 79733 

    A Little Pilgrim T1259654 --mismatch 123-page stand alone o[470], o[471]

    1882 19p 33cm Munro
    [1883] 75p 19cm Munro -LOC
    "No. 45. Single Number.   Price 10 cents.
    "Seaside Library // Pocket Edition.
    "17 to 27 Vandewater St // New York
    "George Munro // Publisher
    "?e Seaside Library, Pocket Edition, Issued Tri-weekly. By Subscription $36 per annum.
    "?ghted 1883, ... Entered ... --Oct. 17, 1883. (image 9)
    (image 11) no subtitle, credited, LC stamp 1883-09-19
    [1883] 95p 18cm Lovell -hdl.LOC (image 9) LC stamp 1884-08-15
    "No. 179.   10 cents.
    "A Daily Publication of the Best Current & Standard Literature" 
    "Vol. 4, No. 179, Aug. 24, 1883. Annual Subscription, $50.00."
    "Neat CLOTH BINDING for this volume can be obtained from any bookseller or newsdealer, price 15cts."
    (image 10) Catalogue #1-84 (image 107) #85-166
    (image 11) no subtitle, no credit
    1882 123p 16cm Roberts -HDL MISMATCH HATHITRUST CAT. 1883, 18cm (three copies with original cover, best Harvard hvd.hn3 t.p.), text p[5]-123
    Roberts Brothers 1883 as uncredited

    American Bookseller 20.6 (1886-09-15) "Boston Announcements" p193 "On the 15th of September they published ... [5 listings, one of 9 volumes]" : closing, "Roberts Bros. have just received a consignment of 700 volumes of their books, which have been very quaintly and richly bound in London, in the styles known as German calf, broken-glass, bamboo, Persian morocco, and water-grain."
    [472] also Reynard the Fox, after Goethe $9.00

    Publication date and price from newspapers and magazines.

    1886-08-07 The Atheneum p163 and The Spectator p1067 --Vernon Lee's New Story. Price One Shilling. ... "Crown 8vo, 1s." --no indication it is forthcoming, one of four of which two are "This day published."
    same date as London dateline, "Over the Ocean", LCJ p2; this one noted "to be published"
    same date The Academy 744 p87 "Notes and News": item in full: Vernon Lee has written a "Fantastic story," which will shortly be published, in one volume, by Messrs. Blackwood, under the title of A Phantom Lover.
    one week later -08-14 Man Gua p4 classified ad "At all Bookstalls, price One Shilling." Vernon Lee's New Story. ; The Spectator p1098 "At all Bookstalls"
    reviewed -08-28 in The Academy p133/34 review column "New Novels" by William Wallace [473]; The Athenaeum,

    elsf  Robert Louis Stevenson 1964 ()
    Scribner's Magazine

    London publisher (named below "Charles Scribner's Sons New York" on bound volume title pages)

    1-10 (1887-91) F. Warne & Co.
    11-35 (1892-1904) Sampson Low, Marston & Co. Limited
    36-41 (1904-07) William Heinemann London
    42-46 (1907-09) Temple House. Tallis St. London. E.C.
    47-50 (1910-11) Temple House. Temple Ave. London. E.C.
    51-70 (1912-21) Constable & Company Limited London
    71-74 (1922-23) 7 Beak Street, London, England

    Title pages of bound volumes (vols 1-74 viewed at HathiTrust) display beneath "Charles Scribner's Sons New York" various London and street addresses or London publishers

    HDL Index to Scribner's Magazine Volumes I--X (1887 to 1891) -- contains "The Index", pp. 3-7, and the index or two: Articles and Authors, pp. 12-82, and Illustrators, pp. 83-89

    • Stevenson, Index p72
    Ballantrae 570-81 697-706; *49-57 152-62 278-86 *413-23 ^624-35 749-59; *93-101 145-54 351-62 407
    • Hole, Index p86 (17, vols ii-vi and x)
    Ballantrae iv 572 705; v 2* 161 285 386* ^^ 748; vi 2* 153 ^^ 413-14 --probably three as frontispiece (1889 Jan "Drawn by William Hole. Engraved by Bodenstab" Apr Jul signed Hole, Kingsley)

    (^ = no illustration)

    el  .William Hole 143038 (10)

    (quote) [RLS]'s New Serial Novel, entitled The Master of Ballantrae, begun in this issue, is the first serial story every written by its author for an American magazine. It is a tale of adventure and romance; the action opens in Scotland and moves from there to the United States, thence to Scotland again, to India, back to Scotland, and finally to the United States, the last of the hero's adventures happening here in America. The novel is illustrated by Mr. William Hole, who was selected by the author to do the work. --"Ready at 11 O'clock. Scribner's Magazine. A Remarkable Number for November.", NY Times 1888-10-25 p5

    available in the UK

    Ath 3187 1888-11-24 p684 "Ready November 26, price One Shilling. The Christmas Number of Scribner's Magazine." ... The Master of Ballantrae. II.
    one month earlier re the November issue, publisher advertisement not found
    later -02-23 p231, the March number is "Ready on the 25th inst" (ie, next Monday again)
    1889-09-21 p371, the October is "now ready"

    US advertisement, Atl Constitution 1889-03-25 p8 [474] --Ballantrae contributes the frontispiece to April 1889 number (25c, $3/yr)

    The Book Buyer 1888-03-01 p88, similarly advertises "a full-page (frontispiece) drawing by William Hole" in the March number

    "Published To-Day Scribner's for October" DFP 1889-09-25 p7 \ The Sun p2 \ lists Ballantrae--concluded

    Scribner's primary HDL catalog record (Some volumes --eg, the copy of vol 4 from Harvard U, contain outside and inside front covers in place, and other unnumbered pages, advertising and cartoons, at the back of the volume

    November 1888 front cover, p. 570

    with 10 full-page illustrations (and no others) by William Hold, multiple engravers

    B. Allen Bentley introductions to RLS (Airmont Books?)

    #20 The Black Arrow, c1963
    #42 Jekyll, c1964
    #47 Ballantrae, ? --see Airmont Classics (about 200) at Publisher:Airmont Books, incl #2 Treasure Island, #10 Kidnapped, #195 Verses

    LC --not identified--


    1889 Cassell "First edition" o[475] BL 003501388
    [1889] Munro -LOC Seaside Library Pocket edition #1228 1889-09-23 front cover (11th volume in series inclg 686 Jekyll, 856 New Arabian Nights) ; p[5], signed RLS "Waikiki, May 17, 1889."; p[7]-192 (image 196 at LOC)
    back pages include 24-page? publisher catalogue, image 198, Seaside Library 199-220 back cover "with handsome lithographed paper cover" lists 432 The Witch's Head (Haggard) and 669 and 1185-1224 and 1228 --12c or 25c postage free
    1904 Scribner's -hdl

    at HDL cat as 1889

    1889 Tauchnitz
    1889 Scribner's (Harvard) Author's Edition [476]
    1909 [477]
    no date: Collier vol 6, Burt, Rand McNally Alpha Library
    1899 Altemus with cover

    Cassell's at HDL

    1891, 20th thousand [478] o[479]
    undated Wal Paget edition at Baldwin Library o[480]

    [481] Ath 3142 1888-01-14 p52 "Literary Gossip" --RLStevenson in the Adirondacks and in Scribner's for 1888: "hard at work on a new romance" The Master of Ballantrae; series of essays "well under way"

    publication date as a book

    UK -09-14 Ath, "... New and Forthcoming Volumes for the season 1889-90." listed without comment (also Red Library 4, Railway 4) (Red "stiff covers, 1s. each; or in cloth, 2s. each")
    -09-21 Spectator, now ready
    US -09-23 Books Received nyt -09-23 p2
    -09-28 CTrib "First Edition Exhausted Before Publication. Author's Edition." [482]

    September/October 1889 (60 hits)

    Illustrations in the 1891 Twentieth Thousand

    front\7, *54\55, 78, 100, 120, *138\139, *216, 244, *262\263, 326\327

    (* = RHODES, lower right)

    els  George Manville Fenn 82705 (95) 
    1888 The Man with a Shadow --with some serial from Oct 1887
    BLOd.i 1888 Ward & D "G. Manville Fenn"
    Om£ 1900 Chatto & Windus "Geo. Manville Fenn"
    2010 Gutenberg #34248 "George Manville Fenn"

    els  William Westall 109749 (34)

    six titles listed at SFE3

    nidb-- 1877 [1876] Tales and Legends of Saxony and Lusatia, BL 003895338
    nidb-- 1882 Tales and Traditions of Switzerland, BL 003895339
    BOm£ 1886 The Phantom City
    LOd$ 1886 Harper's -LOC = Harper's Handy Series
    [1888] NY:Cassell -hdl
    [1889] Munro
    BLO. 1887 A Queer Race ( 1887 -LOC Cassell's Rainbow Series ) ; 1888 ; 1900 -LOC Columbia library, v. 2, no. 25
    BLO. 1888-09 Nigel Fortescue 1888 ; 1889 -hdl
    1888-10-06 Mr. Fortescue
    --NEED revisit Project Gutenberg, and canonical title choice

    The Athenaeum 3173 1888-08-18 p227; one item in Literary Gossip notes that "Westall's new adventure story will be ready early in September" from Ward & Downey.

    The Academy 850, (Aug 18, 1888) p102, "Notes and News" notes "one-volume form, similar to the same author's "Phantom City," &c. It will be issued simultaneously in New York by Messrs. Appleton, and also in Canada."

    Phantom City "now in a third edition"; Westall has written another to be a serial in Young Folks' Paper. Later from "Cassell & Co. in the same form as Kidnapped, King Solomon's Mines, &c." --Notes and News, Acad 786 1887-05-28 p377 ;; same-day Ath #3109 p705 states "in the same series as 'A Treasure Island' and 'Kidnapped.'"

    "Some of Cassell & Company's New Volumes", Ath 3124 1887-09-10 p356, A Queer Race 5s.; and in The Spectator as "[Ready shortly."

    in publisher Announcements as "[Just ready." "320 pages, crown 8vo. cloth, 5s. --where Kidnapped witih 16 original illus.; King Solomon's Mines "New Edition"

    August 1886
    us [483] AmBk -08-01 p89 advertisement Cassell's (National Library 4, Select Library 4, Rainbow Series 4; and The Phantom City "12mo, cloth extra $1.50.")
    us [484] The Critic -08-05 p12, Books of the Week, with size in inches, this one 7-1/4 x 4-3/4(?)
    [485] Spectator -08-07 --length review of "Two of Mr. Westall's Novel."
    1901? Don or Devil? BL 003895312

    Westall at HathiTrust (33)

    Saxony 1 ; Switzerland 5 ; Phantom 13 (London: Cassell, 1886); Nigel 16 Mr Fortescue 17 18 26 ; [The Queer Race, dnf]

    -- viii+288 +8pp advertisements; inclg Rainbow series, 1s. (3) ; Westall, Popular Editions, 2s. each (3) ; Phantom 5s. ; Gulliver's, illus., Cheap Edition, 5s. ; Dore's Munchausen 5s. (and other Dore')

    The Phantom City, Hardy's Handy #97, 1886-10-08

    the 41st Friday of 1886 and 93rd from begin 1885; if truly weekly then Friday 1886-12-31 will be #109

    Westall ProQuest hits by year, 1885 to 1890

    "Phantom City" Westall - 128 (0 38-47 26 14 2)
    "Queer Race" Westall - 72 (0 0 34-24 11 2)
    Fortescue Westall - 65 ([4 5] 4 43-9 0) --[all spurious]
    earliest genuine The Critic 1888-06-23 p310 "among the works of fiction [Appl] will publish soon"
    Am Bk 1888-07-01 p12 D. Appleton & Co. have begun the publication of a semimonthly paper series, consisting mainly of fiction, under the attractive name of "Appleton's Town and Country Library"; initial volumes 4 ; fortescue soon
    -09-29 one at 50 cents and Fortescue as Stories of Romantic Adventure #1, paper, 40c --confirmed in advert NY Trib -10-06 p8 "publish this day"

    Fortescue nearly simultaneous "Notes and News", The Academy 850 (1888-08-18 p102): "will be published in September ... It will be issued simultaneously in New York by Messrs. Appleton and also in Canada." Two notices found 6-8 weeks earlier in US magazines, as to be published soon.

    Appleton's Fortescue back cover; see also front inside cover Town and Country Library

    Westall in Chatto & Windus's Piccadilly Novels (1900-06-23) --15, among more than 300

    .el  Tasma 187069 (17) 
    Uncle Piper 1889 -hdl -2nd ; 1969
    2002 The Pipers ...: The Serial Version o[486]
    HDL 1889 [487], 1891 [488], 1892 [489]

    The White Feather

    [1891] Lovell, Coryell & Company --indicates another Lovell successor?
    Lovell's International #217 o[490] o[491] 347

    White Feather at WorldCat

    Knight of the ... o[492]
    HDL Leipzig 1893

    A Sydney Sovereign (5-story and 9-story collections)

    1889? o[493] 1890 o[494]
    expanded 1993 o[495](9) o[496] o[497]
    HDL 1889? [498], 1890 [499]

    Wilhelm Meinhold

    el f .Edward Burne-Jones 26365 (62) --father
    el   .Philip Burne-Jones 159255 (8) --son

    The Vampire and Other Poems (by his cousin Rudyard Kipling) "The verses, as suggested by the painting by Philip Burne-Jones"

    The Amber Witch o[500] 1895 [1894]

    [501] The Athenaeum 3491 1894-09-22 p390 "Literary Gossip": --and also The Academy 1168 p212 "Notes and News", identical?-- "Mr. Joseph Jacobs will publish six books during the coming autumn season. ..."

    1. More Celtic Fairy Tales ...
    5. The Amber Witch

    "All these are ready for publication."

    6. another to complete before Xmas, Barlaam and Josaphat, uniform with Fables of Bidpai and Fables of Aesop

    [502] Ath 3504 -12-22 p372 "Just out" "Square crown 8vo ... Bound in amber cloth, top gilt, 7s. 6d." ; from a later advert "bound in amber buckram, gilt top, 7s. 6d."

    --also Jacobs and Batten, 5 volumes @6s. each
    Covered in the review column "Books of the Week" (not a list) Man Gua 1895-03-05 p9

    The Ath 3524 1895-05-11 p592 "Mr. David Nutt's List" notes "Hand made paper", and also, "A few copies pulled on Japanese Vellum, price on application."


    [503] NYT 1895-03-17 p31 review in "New Publications: The Latest Spring Novels" ("imported by" Scribner's $2.50)
    review The Literary World 26.8 (1895-04-20) p121 ; The Book Buyer 1895-04-01 p179 "Books of Varied Interest" mentions printing by Constable, same as the UK ed.; "Among the new books imported this spring by the Scribners"

    DEL  Wilhelm Meinhold 159276 (11) 
    ---- Lucie, Lady Duff-Gordon, transl. [ EN]
    el   Lady Wilde, transl. 113841 (26) = Jane Wilde = Francesca Speranza 

    The Amber Witch, transl Lady Duff-Gordon from Wilhelm Meinhold

    1845 Wiley & Putnam -hdl --LDG
    1928 Oxford World's Classics 125 --LDG "Contains a reproduction of the t.-p. of Lady Duff Gordon's translation published in 1844."
    1903 [504]
    1888 NY: Cassell --no mention of transl
    1894 Reeves & Turner OMNIBUS --LDG; bound (within volume two?) with Sidonia the Sorceress, transl Lady Wilde


    one German-language library separately reports the two volumes (OCLC 312344904 and 312344977) and attributes the translation to Jane Francesca Wilde
    Harper's library of select novels, 131, no date o[505]

    HDL catalog records

    Maria Schweidler, die Bernsteinhexe - 1843 Duncker 009731699; 1846-52 Weber 011540793 (Works)

    The Amber Witch

    1844 Murray 008669990 --LDG; Bound with R. Southey, "Cromwell and Bunyan."
    44 Clarke 001904373 (3) --EAF
    Harvard 48555.18.3 (replacement copy) [v]-xii, [13]-262 (no front/back) o[506] series "Making of Modern Law"
    California recommended "Clarke's Cabinet Series" --contains back pages p[263-72]; this #33 of Clarke's Cabinet Series, 2s. "In Illuminated binding" p. (271), cover?, image 7
    1844 J. Winchester (New York) --WorldCat only "World Trials Library" o[507]
    45 Wiley and Putnam 001904374 (2)
    45 Wiley 007701441 half-title (no front or back material) --U California, recommended otherwise
    46 Murray 012114190 --LDG
    49 Slater 100880398 --transl EAF
    61 Murray 008970847 (2)
    66 meagre, limited --LDG
    88 Cassell 100607797 --LDG
    1895 Nutt 007667037 --LDG; illus Burne-Jones
    1903 Vale 007701033

    1845 Wiley & Putnam, Library of Choice Reading #2?

    two copies, both lack original cover and combine #2 Amber [ends p181] and #3 Undine

    Harvard 48555.1[?]8

    > Publisher's Advertisement, i-iv
    > (one leaf) Just Published, #1 ; Now Ready, #3
    half-title Mary Schweidler, the Amber Witch
    title, p[i]
    Preface, [iii]-viii
    Contents, [ix]-xi
    The Amber Witch, [1]-180
    half-title Undine and Sintram, [181]
    title, [183]
    Contents, [185] U and [186] S
    Biographical Notice, [187]
    half-title Undine transl Tracy, [189] ; [190] Entered ... 1845 ... Wiley and Putnam ... New York
    Preface, [191=xi]-xiv by Tracy, 1845
    Dedication, [xv]
    Undine, [1]-107
    half-title Sintram, [109] "[Republished from Burns' London Edition.]" ; [110] blank
    Notice of Sintram, [111-12] by Fouque
    Sintram, [113]-238
    no back pages


    > marks above contents not found here
    + p[241-64], New and Valuable Books, Published by Wiley and Putnam, 161 Broadway, N.Y."
    Undine and Other Tales, transl. Treacy, 37-1/2c


    English 1845 [1888] [1903] [1928] 2016
    1845 wiley and putnam -HDL (Wiley & Putnam catalog)
    German 1872 [1949] 1978
    Sidonia 1893 "Francesca Speranza, Lady Wilde"; 1894 -HDL "Lady Wilde"
    Sidonia and Amber - 94 [508]

    Three copies with original cover (Harvard U, front cover in best condition; publisher adverts at end of "v2"; U California, at end of "v1"; U Michigan, missing)

    -- Preface, [vii]-xiii, closes "Henry Gustavus Schwalenberg." (in quotation marks), with notes by William Meinhold -- Letter of Dr. Theodore Plo"nnies, [xv]-xvi -- Contents, [xvii]-xxiii, Sidonia the Sorceress, Book I and Book II, ch I-XVIII and I-XXIII -- text -400 -- Publications Sold by W. Reeves, 16 unnumbered back pages (much music) --U California copy alone VOLUME II -- Contents, v-xii, Sidionia the Sorceress, Book III, ch I-XXIV and Conclusion; The Amber Witch, ch I-XXIX -- text Sidonia, 3-221 (half-title, p[1]) -- Preface, 225-29, closes "Meinhold" -- text Amber, 233-425 (half-title, p[231]) -- Publisher advertisements, p[233-48] --Harvard U copy

    newspaper advertisements ("amber witch" "sidonia the sorceress") (6 hits only)

    1894-04-07 (2), -04-14 (2) as "2 vols. small 8vo, cloth, 8s. 6d." The Academy #1144 (1894-04-07) p279
    listing in "Books of the Week" Man Gua 1894-05-29 p9 --why so late?
    listing in New Editions" The Spectator 73.3463 (1894-11-10) p653 --2nd printing?

    RETURN FOR ("amber witch" sidonia) (12 hits)

    1849 Sidonia o[509] vol 2

    We show 1844 transl E. A. Friedlænder as subtitle "The Most Interesting Trial for Witchcraft Ever Known"

    Hi. You may be interested in this Talk:The Amber Witch#Publication and composition. You may be useful there if you read German.

    User pages show that Sirubenstein is deceased. Voceditenore, who reports later cleanup concerning English-language plagiarism and copyright violation, does not read German. Others are Taiwan boi and the culprit Wolf2191.

    1843 per GND 4576688-5

    1844: 003307255 017631848

    Gutenberg title page as "The Amber Witch", as transl Lady Duff Gordon, as "Original publication date: 1846." [510]

    Duff Gordon 1846: 003307256 017421179 ; 1852 003307257 --but LC reports 1844 title page

    also 3 BL reports of publication with Vathek 1852, 1856, 1866

    1844 to 1846 (247 hits: 1844 hits #1-82, 1845 #83-217,

    The Quarterly Review covers the 1843 original, "If ... genuine ... If it be fiction ..."
    the weekly Literary Gazette #1434 (1844-07-13) p455 , Murray's new books this season, this one "Just ready" 2/6
    #1436 -07-27 now Colonial and Home Library, XI
    #1437 -08-03 p504 [511] same as "In post 8vo, price 2s. 6d." ; same day The Spectator p743
    The Athenaeum #876 -08-10 p731-32 review
    The Examiner #1906 -08-10 p50[1?]-502 (501 expected)
    The Critic 1.1 (1844-08-15) p4 as #11, "Post 8vo., pp. 180, sewed, 2s. 6d."

    adverts The Spectator (among many many US adverts)

    1845-11-01 p1055 "Now publishing monthly, post 8vo. 2s. 6d. stitched in Wrappers, or in Volumes, every alternate Month, 6s. in cloth boards" (Works already published, list of 18 inclg 7. The Amber Witch)
    -11-22 p1128 [512] 25s./yr (I-XVIII; 1846-01-01, Borrow's Gypsies in Spain) --refers to new Copyright Act
    The Athenaeum #956 (1846-02-21) p186 forthcoming Feb 28th, Home and Colonial #32


    1844-08-30 (J. Winchester, 30 Ann-st., pirate?) 12-1/2c [513] N-Y Trib 1844-08-30 p3
    days later N-Y Trib -09-04 p3with notice above "Beware of spurious editions not authorized by Eugene Sue."
    -08-31 The New World weekly p278 [514] --review
    1845-03-15 Broadway Journal 1.11 p174 "Literary Intelligence" Wiley and Putnam's Library of Choice Reading; 3s.; in a few days with 3 including Mary Scheidler, the Amber Witch [515]
    " " -03-22 p192 "This Day Published" [516] no1, no2 (Mary Schweidler, The Amber Witch. A Trial for Witchcraft. 38cents
    " " -03-29 p208 same advert!
    Hartford Courant -04-04 p2 "Library of Choice Reading" #2 37.5c, #3 Undine and Sintram 50c
    Literary Review -04-05 p219 --The Amber Witch a remarkable selection as "a large edition, not yet out of print, had been before issued from the New World Press, in a cheap and popular form"

    1844 to 1846 ("amber witch" friedlander) ("amber witch" friedlaender) 0 hits

    try also Friedlænder ; publisher Clarke

    February 2019

    Search all Notes:

    ^{publisher |^ == 0 hits
    ^{publisher| ^ == same hits as below


    13/19 Author
    (none?) Award
    1/1 Publ Series
    7/10 Publication --or even 10/10
    ? of 251 Publisher
    2/2 Series
    2/3 Title

    Hugh Walpole, The Golden Scarecrow --novel? coll of linked stories? or collection?
    Announced by Doran for publication 1915-09-18 --"Announcements of New Books ...", N-Y Tribune -09-11 p9

    el  J. R. Planché 181718 (125) 
    The Vampire London n.d.
    The Vampire Baltimore 1820 --noted


    User:Pwendt/Publishers/Cassell --created by export 2019-03-11 (as )

    Routledge's Every Boy's Annual; 1863- --compilation of 12 issues of Every Boys (Jan to Dec implied, but the annual is available in November)

    [ NYPL 1864 66-68 75 79 81; 1869 IndU
    [517] 1870 UCal

    Routledge's Every Girl's Annual; [1878]-

    [518] 1879 UCal; NYPL 1881 86
    1879 p[525-28]=1-4 Messrs. George Routledge & Sons' New Christmas Books --may distinguish December 1878, 1879
    p(528) promotes Every Boy's Magazine, 18th year, and the new Every Girl's Magazine, and the new and enlarged Little Wideawake (monthly 6/- 6/- 3/-)

    Internet Archive (volume dated 1864)

    "Cumulates previous year's weekly or monthly issues of: Every boy's magazine, 1863-1865; Routledge's magazine for boys, 1866-1869; the Young genthleman's magazine, 1870-1874; Every boy's magazine, 1875-187 ; Dec. no. not included in cumulation, 186 -187"

    WorldCat o[519]

    Every Boy's Magazine, #13, Feb 1863 "now permanently enlarged to 100 pages", contains The Adventures of Rob Roy

    Athenaeum 1785 1862-01-11 "On Wednesday, the 22nd inst, will appear, Part I., price 6d., of an entirely new Illustrated Serial, entitled 'EVERY BOY'S MAGAZINE.' Each part will contain 64 pages of well-printed Letter-press, in addition to a large Illustration and numerous Woodcuts, and will contain Articles by the most popular authors of the day. London: RWR
    so advertised in The Observer 1862-01-12 and -01-19; ... -01-26[sic] p8 as "Just published"; -02-02 p8 as "Now ready"
    -02-23 "On Tuesday, the 25th instant, will appear No. 2, price 6d., with two Illustrations and eleven woodcuts, ...
    announced -04-28 in Toronto, C$.15 [520]
    Nov 1862 announcement of the Annual [521]
    #7 and #11 ! listed in The Examiner "Books of the Week" -08-09 and -11-08
    #12, enlarged, announced for -12-18, including The Adventures of Rob Roy. ch I-IV; The Guardship of the Aire. A Story for Christmas Eve.
    #13, as the February, announced late January, contains Rob Roy ch V-VIII
    #24, "The first number of the new volume" (ie 1864), "on the 18th inst., price 6d.; or by post, 7 stamps, Contents include Young Munchausen

    Published December 1863 to November 1864 in Every Boy's Magazine #24 to #35 (dated Jan 1864 to Dec 1864?) --announced The Athenaeum 1863-01-12 p780, as above "Young Munchausen. By C. H. Bennett. Illustrated by the Author." => Every Boy's Annual begins with volume 2, #12 to #23 (1863), dated 1864

    Young Munchausen --title record is a copy of the b/w as at Google Books

  • The Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature holds a copy of this edition (search ... "Baldwin Library copy: illustrations lack color.") but that is not found in its own digital collection (search OCLC 937069950 notes the reproduction of one from Baldwin, but also notes only hand-colored plates and red cover. Baron Trump Politico 2017-10-07 Baldwin Library: Munchausen

    The Valley of Fear T194168 --NEED US price

    1st UK
    2nd UK [522] Athenaeum 1915-10-09 --"New 6s. Novels" include The Valley of Fear (Smith, Elder, 1915, 2nd printing)
    The Times of India Bombay retailer Taraporevala lists this title under Latest Fiction (July, several) and under Popular Colonials (1915-09-02 p2); both as "Paper , Re. 1-10. Cloth, Rs. 2-2 each."

    Chapman & Hall, Feb 1860 catalogue

    "Just Published", p3-5 (includes Morley's Fables); "Cheaper Editions ...", p6-page 12
    • The Shaving of Shagpat --WorldCat edition dates 1856 o[523] o[250083114] o[524]-hdl --all viii+384-- ; 1865 o[525] viii+283 ; 1872 o[37912282] ; 1887 ; 1889 New ; 1898 Rev Constable o[526]-hdl, and Scribner o[527]-hdl, and Morang o[528]-hdl --all vi+249--

    Morley introduced and perhaps edited editions of (all at HathiTrust) Homer's Iliad, Decameron, Divine Comedy, Marlowe's Faustus, Fables and proverbs from the Sanskrit : being the Hitopadésa;

    Ideal Commonwealths (anth)
    Swift, Gulliver [529] , 1906 [530] -hdl ; A Tale of the Tub [531] [532]
    Lucian, Trips to the Moon [533] --niLC
    HDL copy without original cover t.p.: "Cassell's National Library" "Cassell & Company, Limited", no date (front page inscription Dec 1887)

    Morley's Introduction, p[5]-16, closes, "The reader of this volume is reminded that the notes are Dr. Francklin’s, and that any allusion in them to a current topic, has to be read as if this present year of grace were 1780.
    [newline flushright] H. M."

    NOW IN PROGRESS 2019-03-08

    Fairy Tales

    The Chicken Market and Other Fairy Tales, "A New Edition" [between 1870 and 1879] [534] with cover
    Fo[535](12) 1800s 1877 New 78 84; o[562304519] [1877]
    New ed. 362pp o[72811890] viii+362; o[2972329] as 1877, o[14149654] as [1877] informative
    Oberon's Horn --NO CONTENTS at WorldCat
    Fo[536](2), Fo[537](9) 1861 62 81 82 88
    4th o[538] [1888?], o[316626028] [1882], o[669781106] [1881], o[539] [1881?]
    ...: Two Books of Fairy Tales o[540] 1862 viii+238
    ...: A Book of Fairy Tales o[541] 1861 viii+221, o[62770222] same Opie,

    el  .C. H. Bennett 124736 (20)
    el   Henry Morley, acad 115738 (105)
    1860 Fables and Fairy Tales viii, 238 --5s. (p4, Feb 1860 catalogue Chapman & Hall)
    1893 Fairy Tales, 5th ed. xvi, 362
    1861 Oberon's Horn: A Book of Fairy Tales viii, 221
    1887 Tales of Terror and Wonder -hdl

    Bennett illustrated many children's books, and fairy tales

    illus. Charles H. Bennett, a specialist in fairy tales, etc (his Munchausen [544] plate facing p47)
    1860 Fables and Fairy Tales
    1893 5th ed.
    1865 Noodledoo

    1873 Publishers and Booksellers (mainly New York) --[545] N-Y Tribune 1873-12-19 p3 "Holiday Gifts", first section "Books"

    Prefix key: $ = bookseller (5) ;; others are publishers (36)
    --nidb-- ; --?-- ; else listed in the publisher directory 2019-03-05 (of which "[1]" = unique publication record)
    15 ; 0 ; 21 (3)
    L London (1), b Boston (5), p Philadelphia (5)
    1. D. Appleton & Co., 549 and 551 Broadway (some Verne)
    2. b J. R. Osgood & Co. --Boston, with "an agency in New-York" at Dutton--
    3. [9] Scribner, Armstrong & Co. AND --nidb-- Scribner, Welford & Armstrong, 654 Broadway (publisher and "the leading importers of English literature")
    4. The Harpers, Franklin-square ; Harper & Brothers
    5. Hurd & Houghton [NA] --New York and Cambridge-- (The Atlantic Monthly and Every Saturday)
    6. p J. B. Lippincott & Co., 25 Bond-st. [NY salesroom] --Philadelphia-- -- END COLUMN ONE --
    7. G. P. Putnam's Sons, Fourth-ave. and Twenty-third-st.
    8. L Macmillan & Co., 38 Bleecker-st. [NY agency] --The New-York agency of the London house--
    9. $ A. Denham, 17 Murray-st. -- (bookseller mainly, used books mainly)
    10. [*] Lee, Shepard & Dillingham, New-York -- AND [14] Lee & Shepard, Boston --* one as Lee and Shepard & Charles T. Dillingham t.p.
    11. b [35] Roberts Brothers -- Boston (Old and New ?children's?)
    12. --nidb-- James Sutton & Co., 58 Malden-lane (The Aldine)
    13. [1] Cassell, Petter & Galpin, [?]396 Broadway --"well known importers of English illustrated books"
    14. --nidb-- Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor & Co., 138 and 140 Grand-st. (educational works)
    15. $ James Miller, 647 Broadway -- (bookseller)
    16. Dodd & Mead, 762 Broadway
    17. [later] Thomas Nelson & Sons, 42 Bleecker-st. --"devote themselves specially to the publications of the Oxford University Press"; also many children's books in stock
    18. E. P. Dutton & Co., 713 Broadway --agent for Osgood & Co.
    19. [1,2] G. W. Carleton, under the Fifth Avenue Hotel --ISFDB Wiki Publisher:Carleton much
    20. $ The Leggat Brothers, 3 Beekman-st. -- (bookseller, "the cheapest bookstore in the world")
    21. p [4] Porter & Coates, --Philadelphia-- -- END COLUMN TWO --
    22. p [*] T. B. Peterson & Bros., --Philadelphia-- * 4 "& Brothers" 1859-64 and 1891; 8 "T. B. Peterson" 1843 to 1887
    23. Henry Holt & Co., [?]25 Bond-st.
    24. [later 21] A. S. Barnes & Co., 111 and 113 William-st. (The International Review)
    25. --nidb-- b Shepard & Gill --Boston--
    26. [1] The Catholic Publication Society, 9 Warren-st. (Catholic books)
    27. [9] The American News Co., Nassau-st. --4 to 1896, + 5 Canada issues of Weird Tales 1940s
    28. --nidb-- Mason, Baker & Pratt, 142 and 144 Grand-st.
    29. --nidb-- Robert Carter & Bros., 530 Broadway ; --plausible successor to 1839 [1] Robert Carter, No. 58 Canal Street [t.p.]
    30. --nidb-- Leavitt & Allen Bros., 8 Howard-st.
    31. --nidb-- p Charles J. Peterson (Petersons' Magazine) --Philadelphia--
    32. --nidb-- p T. Elwood Zell, 5 Beekman-st. [NY agency] --Philadelphia--
    33. --nidb-- The American Tract Society, 150 Nassau-st. (religious)
    34. --nidb-- Dewitt C. Lent, 451 Broome-st.
    35. $ Henry Miller, 82 Nassau-st. -- (bookseller)
    36. --nidb-- J. B. Ford & Co., 24 Park-place (The Christian Union weekly)
    37. --nidb-- The Methodist Book Concern (Nelson & Phillips), 805 Broadway
    38. b [1] Loring --Boston--
    39. --nidb-- S. R. Wells, 389 Broadway (The Phrenological Journal)
    40. $ Henry L. Hinton, 744 Broadway -- (bookseller)
    41. --nidb-- b J. L. Shorey --Boston-- (The Nursery)
    Publisher:Carleton created 2019-03-06

    Rudd & Carleton classified adverts

    1859 (first column of this selection) New York Times (1857-1922)
    1861 (third column of this selection) New - York Daily Tribune (1842-1866)
    els  J. B. Jones 204519 (25)

    Border War: A Tale of Disunion, J. B. Jones --3 eds. at HDL --CHECK newspapers

    Rudd & Carleton, 1859, Border war; a tale of disunion; J. B. Jones --(two copies) t.p. UCalifornia with cover, catalogue
    T. B. Peterson, c1859, Wild southern scenes. A tale of disunion! and border war!; J. B. Jones, Esq. --(three copies) t.p. UCalifornia with cover, complete front/back material

    -- Contents [v]-x -- novel spans p[11]-502

    T. B. Peterson, c1861, Secession, coercion, and civil war. The story of 1861 ...; uncredited --(two copies) t.p. CornellU with cover, back catalogue (endpapers catalogue is differently obscured in PrincetonU copy)

    Rudd & Carleton (3)

    1859 Border War --aka Wild Southern Scenes; aka Secession
    1864 The Alchemist
    1861 A Key to the Disunion Conspiracy --aka The Partisan Leader
    el  Beverley Tucker 130782 (12+3)

    Wikisource NEEDs fix


    The Partisan Leader: A Tale of the Future

    1856 2v. NYPL t.p. OSU t.p no cover; Dedication p[iii]-v ... 1-201 End of Vol. I. ... 1-201 The End
    1861 [548] (3)
    2v in 1 t.p. Harvard with front/back cover (facs?); t.p. UChicago t.p. UMichigan with p[393-94] New Books
    Williams College ... p195 "End of vol. I."
    1864 2v in 1 stated facsimile of the original xv+392 [549]

    ...: A Novel ... -hdl 220

    1862 [550] (3) edited by Thos. A. Ware.
    "Secretly printed in 1836 with a fictitious imprint and date of 1856. cf. Allibone, Crit. dict. of Eng. lit."

    ...: A Key to the Disunion Conspiracy -hdl 2v in 1

    1968 Gregg xv+392 stated reprint of the original [551]

    ...: A Tale of the Future 1836 2v

    1971 UNC xxiii+392 [552] introd. by C. Hugh Holman

    el  Lascelles Wraxall 283001 (39)
    el  Robert-Houdin 105337 (45)
    Lovell c1882 -hdl

    Confidences 1859 Fo[553](49)

    Memoirs of Robert-Houdin,

    BLOd£ 1859 copyright Chapman & Hall --NEED edition size, HDL link,
    1859 "copyright ed." not stated o[1008343809] ; little o[223213868]
    BLO. 1860 2nd --NEED price, HDL link
    1860 3rd (both as 339p, no size); BL 003115976 017502761 (xii+339, 20cm --same as 2nd) ; o[41321773] (same); o[1000967172] ix+339, 18cm; o[8830805] xii+339, no size
    [1870] 4th o[22634176] xii+339, illustrations, 19cm, "Select library of fiction, v. 175.; Yellow-back collection"
    LO. 1859 Geo. G. Evans --NEED edition size, HDL link ; "later (not today) check newspapers; // improve, consolidate info on translator and editor contributions at the Title record"
    1860 Evans o[4213838]
    1942 Laurie o[8082041]
    --d$ 2011 Gutenberg --"later return if/when possibly to resolve the mystery decisively, and then probably move content to one Title record or another"
    Amazon ISBN 1120840198 Kessinger 2009; 1167134648 Kessinger 2010; 0342689584 Franklin 2018; 0365280151 Forgotten 2018;

    Life of Robert-Houdin, King of the Conjurors

    O [c1859] H. T. Coates P701826
    [c1859] Porter & Coates
    [1886] Porter & Coates o[13738038] 445, 20cm, Alta edition "translated from the French by Dr. R. Shelton Mackenzie"
    [188-?] Excelsior

    Robert-Houdin, the great wizard

    1944 Carl W. Jones o[28607910] "Not translated by R. Shelton Mackenzie. ..."

    Memoirs of Robert-Houdin, King of the Conjurors [reported]

    [1964] Dover Fo[554]
    1964 o[929841668]-isbn, o[475137033], o[500612611]
    [1964] o[8308269]-isbn, o[1838044]
    (c)1964 o[33432871]-isbn
    P257250 as 304, unknown, $2.00
    o[973637357] as xvi, 336, illus, 22cm; ISBN 0486212270 ; King of the conjurers : memoirs of Robert-Houdin; "Newly illustrated with rare prints, playbills and documents from the Christopher Collection." "with a new introduction and notes by Milbourne Christopher"
    Amazon US

    Unknown source of data Library of Congress (LCCN, below) reports: -- "[1964]" (undated, year inferred or investigated) -- "xvi, 336 p. illus., facsims., ports. 22 cm." Probably the book contains some facsimile pages ("facsims."), distinct from its illustrations and portraits, but is not a facsimile edition (containing the facs. of an earlier 336-page edition).

    Scribner's Centre of the Earth

    P345699 --o[555] supports page-count viii+413 but reports "[1880?]" and 52 illustrations by Riou
    P32501611 --o[556] viii+384 with 52 plates "after" Riou
    P440793 --only 20 illustrations by Riou (19 plates not included in the pagination) 305p

    P584228 --spurious publisher Lee and Shepard & Charles T. Dillingham

    Publisher search [ Sampson Low]

    0? Sampson Low (6) --deprecated; scattered 1796
    5 Sampson Low, Marston & Company (48)
    3 Sampson Low, Marston, Low, and Searle
    4 Sampson Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington (38+1)
    2 Sampson Low, Son & Marston (7)
    1 Sampson Low, Son, & Co. (1)

    equivocal dates appear to be

    HDL 1875/76 and 1891/92
    ISFDB 1873/75 and 1891/93

    LC usage and spans citing Brown 1982

    1819 52 Sampson Low
    1852 56 Sampson Low and Son
    1852 63 Sampson Low, Son & Co
    1863 71 Sampson Low, Son & Marston
    1871 75 Sampson Low, Marston, Low & Searle (1)
    1875 90 Sampson Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington (", Ltd." 1888-1890)
    1891 ... Sampson Low, Marston & Company (1)
    Sampson Low Ltd. (current?)
    (Sampson Low Ltd was wound up and de-registered after the death of Robert Maxwell in 1991, 200 years after the company was first founded; George Low, one of the direct descendants of the founder, brought it back to life, re-registering Sampson Low Ltd in October 1997)

    Sampson Low, Jr. (1822--1871), or "Son"

    1873 title page (From the Earth to the Moon ... OMNIBUS)

    Sampson Low, Marston, Low, and Searle,
    Crown Buildings, 188, Fleet Street.

    Countryman Press (Vermont)

    OCLC 988082254 --Dover ebook The Blue Cat

    Countryman Press (1928 to 1946, 116 hits)

    36 7
    37 40
    38 27
    39 4
    40 1
    41 18
    42 1
    43 1
    44 5
    45 12

    1938 19 1939 4 1940 1 1941 18 1942 1 1943 1 1944 5 1945 12 1946 7

    1949 1 +2 1950 1 1956 10 1957 19 +1 1958 4 +1 1961 1963 1965 1966 1973 1 +1 1974 2 inclg marriage announcement of employee, Hart Cour 1974-03-11 p13

    LCCat, first 50 hits

    36 4 -- Weston, Vt. (only one book, The Golden Fleece of California, Edgar Lee Masters; narrative poem probably the Epic of [18]49)
    37 5 10
    38 11 14
    41 15 -- Guilford, Vt., The Countryman Press [c1941]
    44 16 -- New York, A.S. Barnes and Company [1944]
    45 17 25 West Hartford, Vt. : Countryman Press, [1945] and Barnes
    46 26 30
    5- and 56 : 31 and 32
    56 33 34 Woodstock, Vt., Countryman Press [1956]
    57 35 41
    58 42
    73 43 -- Barnes reprint of 1937
    74 45 50
    [557] NY Herald Tribune 1936-06-25 p19 --The American Countryman, quarterly magazine announced
    [558] trade ed. of The Golden Fleece --Farrar & Rinehart trade edition of Countryman Press recent private ed., Chi. Trib 1937-01-30 p14
    [559] Devil and Dan'l Webster
    [560] cooperative venture, including The Country Series --trade books under a joint imprint
    [561] cooperative venture

    From the Earth to the Moon ...


    • The Athenaeum 2370 1873-03-29 p418 "Sampson Low & Co.'s Periodical Publications for April, 1873" --The St. James's Magazine and United Empire Review, 1s., "From the Earth to the Moon. Chaps 1, 2, 3, 4. With 5 Illustrations."
    all 7 instalments are so advertised, probably; the last -09-27 p386 as "Chaps. 24, 25, 26, 27, 28. With Eight Illustrations." (no indication that it concludes)
    • The St. James's Magazine 12.1 n.s. (October 1873) p50-61 --begins and ends without clear indication this is the final instalment
    • The Graphic 1873-10-18 p370, "In the St. James's we have the conclusion of that clever story ..."

    UK book

    • The Athenaeum 2398 1873-10-11 p476 "Sampson Low, Marston & Co.'s New Books"; this one "With numerous characteristic Illustrations. Crown 8vo. cloth, gilt edges, 10s. 6d.   [Ready."
    in this weekly: same listing found one week later, not found one week earlier; short title found two weeks earlier only in advertisement of The St. James's for October (part 7 of its serial)
    • The Observer 1873-10-12 p3 "Books Received" (Sampson Low, no price)
    • The Athenaeum 2402 1873-11-08 p594; first paragraph under "Christmas Books" (Low, no price)
    the second book covered, Allegories and Tales by Heygate, is published by Rivingtons --presumably soon to merge with or be acquired by Low
    • The Spectator 1873-11-22 p1477 "Current Literature" (Sampson Low, no price)

    US book

    • The Book Buyer 7.2 1873-11-15 p9 (no publisher, no price)
    "Philosophy, astronomy, the laws of gunnery, the laws of gravitation, are drawn on for facts to an extent which renders the story instructive as well as amusing, and some of the consequences developed by the conflict of the forces which M. Verne tries to make his heroes master, are astounding. The illustrations follow the text step by step, and are exceedingly graphic and artistic." (about one-quarter of the review)
    • advertisements, earliest found first week of December
    [562] Christian Union -12-03 p462; this one leads as "ready this week" $3.00, A Journey among "just published" $2.00
    [563] The Independent -12-04 p1514; same
    [564] The Youth's Companion -12-04 p397 "Charming New Juvenile Boooks for our boys and girls"; 2nd of 3 after Hans Brinker

    other 1873 books, of interest maybe

    [565] NYT -11-05 p9 "New Publications"
    and see the US 1873 Publishers and Booksellers, above
    [566] The Athenaeum -11-08 p594
    [567] Athenaeum -11-29 p696 "Notes from the United States" / Boston, November, 1873 // G. M. T. --covers Verne in the last sentences

    The Extra Day
    1915 CAN
    1915-09 us --CHECK newspapers again? MOVE to title Note?
    1915-10 UK
    1915-11 us 2nd This is the source text for Project Gutenberg Ebook #5894. --libraries?

    LC (76) -hdl 15-19806

    no other edition

    Algernon Blackwood, The Extra Day

    T992813 --NEED US 1st, US 2nd ; all three HDL

    Contents list, page ix, shows 11 sections (ten numbered) within the 124-page Chapter XVII "A Day Has Come".

    The US edition lists all chapters compactly on one page without any detail.

    Text of UK and US eds. is not identical, page-by-page, but all 20 chapters begin on identical page numbers.

    Neither the UK nor the US text is consistently ahead. At the end of 124-page Chapter XVII (p329) the US ed. is 18 lines, almost two paragraphs ahead. At p356/57 one word ahead, no diff at 357/58.
    Perhaps no more than use of em-dash (spaced in the US ed.) and implementation of right justification

    WorldCat (10 most recent)

    1915 NY US/UK at HDL
    Cornell, reprinted 1915-11 (half-title leaf, same front cover), -358; p[361-65] (identical 4pp, plus one page The Star Rover and Zona Gale, Heart's Kindred)
    Harvard, published 1915-09 (no half-title leaf) -358; p[361-64]

    p358 "Printed in the United States of America" ; p[361-3] by the same author [364-65] New Macmillan Fiction

    Aug/Sep (0 hits) Oct and early Nov (about 40 UK, 2 India, 0 US)

    [568] N-Y Tribune 1915-12-18 p11 review (no price)
    [569] $1.35 The Bookman 42.4 (December 1915) p6-14

    p5[495] Dickens/Rackham, A Christmas Carol (Lippincott, $1.50) "holiday edition" ; p6 Burnett, The Lost Prince (The Century Company, $1.35) illustrated; p7 Cabell, The Rivet (McBride, $1.35); p7 London, The Star Rover (Macmillan, $1.50) [none of those juvenile]

    p8 [Juvenile] ed. Hamilton Wright Mabie, Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know (Doubleday, Page, $2.00) illustrated Mary Hamilton Frye "A selection of the best known of the standard fairy tales."; p9 Meigs, The Kingdom of the Winding Road (Macmillan, $1.25) illustrated "Fairy stories with an atmosphere of the Middle Ages."; p9 Woodruff, Really Truly Fairy Stories (Doran, $1.00) "Stories of the fairies in woods, stream and field."; p10 Kingsley, The Water Babies (Houghton Mifflin, $2.00) illustrated W. Heath Robinson gift book

    1915 London (U California, two scans of one copy) --not identical but chapters I-XX begin on the same 20 page numbers. x+358

    p358 ; p1-[8] "New & Recent Works of Fiction" p.ix reveals

    186, XV 'A Day Will Come'
    198, XVI Time Halts
    206, XVII A Day Has Come [124 of 358 pages, in 11 sections ~11 pages each]
    Maria's Particular Adventure:
    1. Behind TIME
    2. The Stranger Who Is Wonder
    3. Reality
    330, XVIII Time Goes On Again--
    335, XIX --As Usual
    347, XX --But Differently!

    20 chapters, average 18pp/chap, or 30 at 12pp/chap

    [570] The Observer 1915-10-10 p4 (Sunday) mixed review
    [571] The Spectator 115.4555 (1915-10-16) p512 review
    Listed in "Books Received" The Times of India 1915-11-03 p9
    Listed in "New Novels" T 1915-11-04 p3 "New Colonials: Paper RE 1-10; or Cloth Rs. 2-2 each" --that is, price 1/10 and 2/2 Rupees
    The Research Magnificent also listed

    The Star Rover = The Jacket
    title Note: serial --NEED SYNOPSIS ; outstanding puzzle ILLUSTRATIONS as 1915
    B.m£ 1915-08 uk 333p --no WorldCat records as 1915 show hyphen --explained
    2005 Project Gutenberg with hyphen (not found at WorldCat) --explained
    OH.£ 1915 uk 2nd 333p --with price note
    LOIm$ 1915-10 us 329p --PV Rtrace (I= Internet Archive; also at HDL)
    O.£ 1916 uk 1/- 320p
    nidb-- 1963 Collier / Macmillan --nidb (The Macmillan, PV Bluesman)

    Listed in "Books Received", The Times of India 1915-11-24 p9 (Mills & Boon, no price)

    WorldCat (144 [572]) (Gutenberg as 1990s, 2000 only)

    + 6 [573] 1998/2015, some Gutenberg (as 1998, 2015)
    + 1 o[574] CreateSpace, 2013 --MISMATCH our 2013 record
    + 14 [575] some 1915
    + 1 o[576] 1915, no hyphen
    1915 333 no size o[255751830]
    1915 320, 18cm o[577]; no size o[578] o[579]
    1915 2nd; 333, 32, 1 color illustration o[580]
    1915 333, 20cm color illustrations o[581] o[582]
    [1916] 1/- library o[583]

    BL (several) and HDL (4, two full view)

    1915 The Star Rover HDL t.p.

    -- p[333-40], publisher advertisements

    329p o[584] o[585] o[1162221] o[586]-hdl
    330p o[587] o[488446292]
    1917 Grosset & Dunlap HDL (no cover) 329p
    1917-04 with printing history HDL t.p. (with cover)--matches one 1st ed. cover
    1919 Macmillan Sonoma edition HDL (no cover) 329p

    Printing history

    1915-10; 1915-10; 1915-11; 1915-11

    LC: 2 as Jacket

    1915 The Jacket 002253309 333 The Jacket ... Published in America under the title “The Star Rover.” HDL t.p.
    "333 p., [1] leaf of plates : col. ill. ; 20 cm."
    HDL copy contains no back pages
    nidb-- (HDL) 1967 London: Arco
    nidb-- (HDL) 1969 NY: Horizon

    LC: #484-90 as Star Rover, inclg 1915 1963 2017  ; 29 99 99 2017

    nidb-- [1963] London: Collier-Macmillan; xi+336; 002253371 --dnf UK newspapers
    [1963] NY Macmillan Co. --PV Bluesman, does not cite BL
    1976 Corgi --PV cites BL
    1986 Sutton
    nidb-- 1999 Canongate The star rover / Jack London ; introductions by Hugh Collins and T.C. Campbell ; ISBN 0862418879 : £6.99; BNB GBA018942; System number 010738579 ; xi+291 ; "Rebel Inc. classic." --q
    nidb-- (c)2012 AUK Classics ebook 018630897 GBB7O0386

    2018 Sea Wolf Press (California, nidb) 100th Anniv

    Amazon US
    Jack London 100th Anniversary Collection

    "... The text and illustrations of these new versions are taken from his early editions and the covers are replicas of the first edition covers. ..."

    Jack London, The Star Rover T16738

    much of Jack London available in 6/- and 1/- eds. (Mills & Boon Shilling Cloth Library)

    Not found at Amazon 2019-02-06. "The Jacket" by London, titles found

    • The Jacket ; B01181J1VS 2008(?) [Quill Pen Classics] --meagre
      • The Jacket ; 978-1775424925 audiobook 2016 [IDI Productions]
    "The Jacket by Jack London (published under this title in the U.K., but bearing the title Star-Rover in the U.S. in 1915)"
    • The Jacket: The Star Rover ; 978-1451019995 2011-01-03 [Forgotten Books]
    • The Star Rover (The Jacket) ; 978-1502841643 2014-10-15 [cs]
    • The Jacket ; 978-1508766391 2015-03-06 [cs]
    • The Jacket, Or the Star Rover ; 978-1519121639 2015-11-05 [cs]
    • The Jacket (The Star-Rover) (ANNOTATED) Kindle ; B07KDM2FNW 2018-11-10 [Amazon Digital]

    [cs] = CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

    The Research Magnificent

    Wells (non-genre) The Research Magnificent T180304 --NEED title Synopsis, expand Note

    1915-09-14 us
    1915-09-21 uk
    1915-09 us 2nd
    1926 Unwin #19 --price?
    1926 Scribner's #19
    1927 Benn --nidb

    ISFDB:Moderator noticeboard#Currey book check
    User talk:Stonecreek#Erroneous secondary verifications

    1st US

    HathiTrust Digital Library provides full view of a stated [September 1915 reprint (see)]. That is probably the 2nd printing, and probably sometimes called the Second Edition. Early December advertisements by the publisher state "Fifth Edition Now Ready".

    Title record

    review-ish below
    The "research magnificent" of the title appears to be protagonist Benham's lifelong search for wisdom or study of how to be noble.
    "the kingly life" in NY headlines, explained in -09-12 review
    aristocratic somewhere
    HathiTrust Digital Library (HDL) provides full views of the 1915-09-21 London (1st UK), 1915-09 New York (1st US, 2nd printing), and 1922 edition/printings --and no others. See those three publication records.
    At least one WorldCat library record reports London, 1915, v+460 pages. Probably that is spurious. HathiTrust copies of stated 1915 editions show that the novel ends on pages 460 and 406 in the US and UK editions respectively (with the identical Contents list numbered "v" and un-numbered). Back page promotions differ.

    announced for -09-14 [588] [589]
    received LCJ -09-13
    NYT review -09-12 pBR321 [590]

    from lead paragraph "The Research Magnificent, which will be published this week, is, as usual, a book of revolt, but it seems to indicate that Mr. Wells is drifiting away from Socialism. At any rate its ideal of a world rescued and ruled by the few nobler spirits is far from socialistic. Or did the author mean, by the failure of Benham's life, to demonstrate that such a dream is hopeless in a muddled world? ..." ... The volume is less a novel than the biography of an idea embodied in a man. William Porphyry Benham sets out to live what he calls the noble or aristocratic life, and the book is made up even more largely of his abstract ideas than of what happened to him because of his beautiful obsession. The whole is presented in the shape of a biography of Benham prepared by friends from a vast accumulation of notes left at his death." NYT headlines -08-29 and -09-15 call it "the kingly life"; -0912 prose notes "a self-sacrificing kingship of spirit applied to the social betterment of the whole world".

    N-Y Trib review -09-18 [591]
    LA Times [592] interview 1915-12-05 pVIII4 [593] review 1915-12-26 pIII16

    Canada C$1.50 -09-22 [594] , -09-25 [595]
    Manchester 6/- published today -09-21 [596] [597]

    1915-09-18 newspaper advertisement footers

    The Macmillan Company   Publishers   New York

    --Chicago Tribune p12, also NYTimes, "H. G. Wells' New Novel"

    Macmillan & Co., Ltd., London

    --The Spectator p383, also The Saturday Review, "New Long Novel by H. G. Wells" (first listing in "Macmillan's New Books")

    A Research Magnificent

    1915-09 New York (week of -09-12)
    v+460 o[ o[ -micro o[ o[ -puzzling "Contents" note
    2nd printing, 1915-09 (same as 1st) o[598] -hdl HDL v+460 (back pages differ p[463-71]), gold-stamped lettering on red cloth

    p460 footer, "Printed in the United States of America."

    New York o[599], as "[1915]", series "His Works", 439p
    New York 1919 c1915 re-bound? HDL p[463-71]-identical?
    Toronto o[600] v+460
    online o[601] 469p
    WorldCat as London 1915 (week of -09-19)
    406: 963460705 906093244 503805295 695558498 999733196 26888970-micro (Empire 705745 057916941)
    460: 726302313
    London: 406p o[602] "and Co.", o[603] o[604]
    HDL 406 (back pages differ p[407-16]), gold-stamped lettering on dark green, relief design

    8vo, 20cm

    Back pages state "Crown 8vo." for this book, The Extra Day, and The Demi-Gods forthcoming from James Stephens

    US 20cm
    US back pages show mainly "Cloth, 12mo", including Title Undetermined from James Stephens, "The Star Rover", and others (all that reports any size)

    review Man Gua -09-21

    Benham is the "type of the Pilgrim Aristocrat, in search of the best way of life"
    addressed to "man in society" with little said of "the State"

    London as 460p o[605] v+460
    London: Macmillan's Empire Library, no. 648. o[606] 406p ; o[607] 406p -- = Colonial edition ?
    Chicago: M. A. Donahue, 1915 o[608] 460p
    London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1926 -- BL 003885755 440p ill ; Atlantic ed., The works of H.G. Wells ; v. 19
    London: Benn, 1927 -- BL 003885787 368p ill ; The Essex Thin-Paper Edition of the Works of H. G. Wells ; vol. 24
    ISFDB search Benn ; Wells
    WorldCat search se:"Collected Essex edition" (search report 1-33 of which 1-13 1926, 14-33 1927) -- o[1004492111] o[247692210]

    Please check Currey and Bleiler Early Years for all three


    1915 NY -hdl v+460
    1922 NY 460 o[609] [Contents lacks "v"; no back pages]
    [1969?] London "Original illustrations by Anthony Colbert." His Works, 439p

    F. Anstey

    In a Good Cause: (1885), 22 text items and numerous illustrators, edited and cover designed by MSTAmherst

    Contents at HDL include

    Le jardin des Tuileries. By Oscar Wilde. (#5) 83-84 --POEM
    A Very Bad Quarter of an Hour. By F. Anstey (#10) page 137-46 --
    Hunter Quatermain's story. By H. Rider Haggard. (#16) 211-37 --SHORTFICTION
    Seekers for a city. By Andrew Lang. (#17) 238-40 --POEM

    Page numbers:

    unknown fiction (7): 10\32-Ralston 58\80 85\107 100\122 137\159-Anstey 148\170
    non-genre fic (4)
    192\214 Magdalen saved
    211\233-Haggard; 278\300 Tintern Abbey to Severn Sea; 294\316 Doll Hospital
    non-fic prose (7): 1 27 127 147 184 241 249
    verse (5): 83 126 183 238 247

    Very few of the credited contributor names are in the database:

    only six: p. 10 Ralston, 83 Wilde (poem), 137 Anstey, 211 Haggard (non-genre), 238 Lang (poem), 247 A. M. Barber (poem)
    frontispiece by R. Caldecott Randolph Caldecott
    Contents, p.viii (HDL)
    text to p297; back pages British advertisements
    • 2012 o[616] ISBN 9781236674333

    The Man Who Could Work Miracles T54718 --Wells short story and short "novelization" merged


    el   James Morier 19450 (39)
    elss David Robbins 399 (38)
    els  David L. Robbins 116083 (15)


    els .George du Maurier 99701 (77)


    The Research Magnificent
    The Macmillan Company, 1st
    The Macmillan Company, 2nd printing
    Macmillan and Co. (Currey page count?)
    Macmillan of Canada


    The Star-Rover
    The Macmillan Company (PV Rtrace)
    Mills & Boon, 1st --"later check newspapers"

    to be completed after adding the 1915 stated Second Edition (2nd printing), which is available at HathiTrust

    Mills & Boon, 2nd --"later check newspapers"

    to be completed jointly with the other 1915 publication records

    Mills & Boon, Shilling Cloth Library
    Sutton 1986
    Canongate 1999
    Gute: The Jacket (The Star-Rover)
    Dover 2017


    The Extra Day
    The Macmillan Company, 1st --"later proofread and cleanup jointly with the other three"
    2nd --"later proofread and cleanup jointly with the other three"

    "--and in relation to 1915 publications of The Research Magnificent, as this is another repair of a single publication record with data for the US and UK editions variously"

    Macmillan and Co.

    The Illustrated London News (ILN) weekly 1842--2003

    Summer Number (June)
    Christmas Number (Dec) - so dated at VFRG

    Summer Number, 1881 to 1901, as part of volume even, Jan-June; as [June] in author index only Christmas Number, 1874 to 1901, similarly

    eg 1892 ‘Princess Ice-Heart: A Fairy-Tale.’ By Mrs Molesworth. CN2-5. --nidb
    1892 Dec(?) ‘The White Witch.’ By E[dith] Nesbit. 811. --nidb

    ILN Summer Number (1881--) as "June]" (18 of 21; 2 May; 1 skip)

    188 1 2 3 4 5 6 May 8 9
    1890 1 2 3 May 5 6 - 8 9 00 01

    Summer number usually June; occasionally no date, occasionally May

    ILN Christmas Number (1874--) as "Nov]" (9 of 28)

    189 2 3 . 5 6 7 8 9 00 01

    The Graphic 1869--1932

    Summer Number (specific day in June or July)
    Christmas Number

    Graphic Summer Number (1878--) as "June]" (14 of 24; 7 July; 3 skip)

    187 8 x
    188- x x 3 x 5 6 - 8 9
    1890 1 2 3 4 5 6 - 8 x x x

    That is, [June] 1878, 83 85-86 88-96 98 (14); [July] 1879-82 84 87 97 99-01 (10) ; this source gives a specific day for every Summer and Christmas number ; earliest 13 June and 10 July

    Graphic Christmas Number (1869--) as "Nov]" (10 of 33)

    189 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 00 01

    That is, Nov] 1892-1901 (10); Dec] ...


    The Cornhill Magazine
    The Graphic
    The Illustrated London News
    nidb-- Atalanta, 11 vols;
    [617] 2-6 Princeton
    [618] 1 7-10 Indiana
    = joint vols 1-10, 1887-10 to 1897-09 (missing v11, 1897/98)

    v1 usu 62 pages, #3 December 80 pages => ~760

    Worthington Co., [over] 28 Lafayette Place (1886 title page) Worthington Co., 747 Broadway (1888, 1890 title pages)

    LC via VIAF:

    nr2001028302 (Worthington, Dustin, & Co.; publisher at Hartford); ‏1872 t.p.
    nr2001042678 (A.D. Worthington & Co.; Hartford publisher); ‏ 1877t.p. (Worthington Company, 747 Broadway [New York]); ‏1888 t.p.
    n2012187752 (A.F. Worthington & Co., Cincinnati); 1889 t.p. " (Worthington Company; one of the NY publishing companies that was bought by the United States Book Co. in 1890)‏ "

    Gautier, One of Cleopatra's Nights and Other Fantastic Romances (1882, transl. Hearn) T39118 --title NEEDS EN --q

    2012 Gute (from Brentano's 1900) --NEEDs full title " and Other Fantastic Romances" --q

    HDL as catalogued; also

    1882 ?
    1886 R. Worthington c1882 t.p. Théophile , -321, no back pages ;
    1888 Worthington Co., no cover at ; copyright page "R. Worthington"
    1890 Worthington Co., no cover t.p. Théophile

    -- "To the Reader", [v]-ix, closing "New Orleans, 1884. [flushright] L. H." -- stories span p[1]-315, Addenda [317]-21 -- back pages 1-4, "Worthington Company's Catalogue" [A-E only]

    inclg "New Edition, New Plates" Alice $1.25
    (as c1890) c1899 Brentano's t.p.
    1899 another Brentano's

    [619] NYT 1899-09-09 pBR600 "Books Received This Week" --as 12mo. xii, 388

    [620] Was Post 1899-09-18 p6 --"Gautier and Lafcadio Hearn" welcomes this new edition, praises Hearn again

    1900 Brentano's, no cover or back pages t.p. 1900, decorated

    -- (no half-title page) -- (no Contents list) -- Swinburne, p[iii] -- To the Reader, p[v]-xii

    -- p[389] "Press of J. J. Little & Co." over "Astor Place, New York" 3793971, o[681812756], 1020962955 --all as xii, 388, 19 cm

    1906 c1899 Brentano's, with cover t.p. 1906

    -- Contents, p[v] -- Swinburne, p[vii] -- To the Reader, p[ix]-xvi -- p[3]-381, Addenda p[383]-88, no back pages 10613569, o[681198308], 1081072012 --all as xvi, 388, 19 cm

    1907 London: McLaren and Company, 1907; with cover, identical to Brentano's except cover and title leaf 1907 and p[389] blank
    1910 Brentano's, with cover; t.p. 1910 and decorations, no back pages
    [621] Was. Post 1882-04-17 p2 --review features the translation
    "Theophile Gautier" (no diacritical mark) --introduced on the 1888 Worthington title page

    LC with links

    R. Worthington, 1882 -micro Worth 1888 (t.p. Contents list)
    Worthington Co., 1890 -hdl Worth 1890
    Brentano's, 1900 -hdl "1906, c1899" as cat

    705908318, 169978, 919869251 as HDL

    Brentano's, 1915 with front cover, t.p. decorated; p[389] blank

    Interior apparently identical to that of the 1906 Brentano's ed. except the title page date and p[389], which is blank (no printer statement). 6301827, 869159456, 1049963429

    Brentano's [c1927] xxiv+388, 20cm "introduction by Ernest Boyd"

    597916 --undated, 1927 is 28-year copyright renewal presumably --q

    with frontispiece portrait of Gautier ... --same as the Worthington?

    (title story alone) Haldeman-Julius Co., [1921?] 65p

    BL (no edition of this collection)

    001378059 Mademoiselle de Maupin. (One of Cleopatra's Nights.); Hamish Hamilton, [1937]; xl, 332
    011539987 Tales from Gautier (5 of 6); Nash & Grayson, 1927;

    Little Blue Books (Haldeman-Julius Co., 1927 or earlier) $0.05 (minimum 20 books; plus $0.10 carriage) --three by Gautier

    178 One of Cleopatra's Nights
    345 Clarimonde: A Supernatural Passion
    230 The Fleece of Gold: Quest for a Blonde Mistress
    [622] Chi. Tribune 1927-01-03 p14
    1100 as of January; 1260 as of September; 1320 as of June 1928 [623] 9-day sale @$0.03

    1697 (63)

    In a Good Cause: Stories and Verses on Behalf of the Hospital for Sick Children (Murray, 1909)

    BL 002231594
    o[624] viii+190, plates Phil May, 20cm ; Contents (9 stories/verses)
    contributors indb (5): Anstey, Bowen (much), and (all little) Gallon, Newbolt, Parker
    nidb-- Pryce, Ridge, Seaman
    ? W.G. Robertson is likely to be illustrator W. Graham; the collected work may be an illustration

    A Long Retrospect (NONFICTION) T2506948 --PV TO BE CONTINUED

    LC 1
    1936 Oxford UK/US

    Humour & Fantasy (OMNIBUS) T136529 --PV later

    LC 2
    "This omnibus includes five novels and only two of the ten stories from the collection The Talking Horse."
    • Contains four novels, two of 10 stories from 1891 collection The Talking Horse, and 15 of 17 stories from 1906 collection Salted Almonds (whose title story is a non-genre play).
    • IFSDB publication records for the omnibus list Salted Almonds among the Contents once, ostensibly as the entire collection. Its two stories not included in the omnibus:
    1931 Murray
    1931 Dutton
    1931 Arno Press reprint of 1931 Dutton

    Humour & Fantasy

    1931 BL 000093078
    1938 and BL 000093079

    Publications records since then (autobiog and omnibus)

    The Black Poodle
    Lovell --1884 double-entered in error (format?)
    Lovell 1896 --spurious by Bluesman
    Talking Horse
    Smith, Elder
    Paleface and Redskin
    And Other Stories for Boys and Girls
    In Brief Authority
    Smith, Elder

    In Brief Authority (1915 NOVEL) T19864

    LC 1; BL
    title --NEED US ed.; serial?
    1915 uk Smith -hdl -- ADD o[625] This is the source text for Project Gutenberg Ebook #28459
    1916 us Doran o[626] o[301241049]-hdl --nidb
    2009 Gutenberg

    NOVELS at LC

    2 Brass Bottle
    3 Fallen Idol
    3 Giant's Robe
    3 Tinted Venus
    9 Vice Versa

    short story collections

    The Talking Horse (1891 coll) (10 stories Contento1)

    Anstey, The Talking Horse [and Other Tales] T38979 --NEED title Note, w/ partly matter from publication records

    NEED original publ data on several of the collected stories (see Contento1 first)
    1891 us USBC
    1891 us Lovell
    BOd£ 1892 uk Smith
    2008 Gutenberg from 1892 Smith, 2nd (nidb)
    LC 3
    OH.- 1891 as USBC with cover HDL t.p.
    O*.- 1891 as John W. Lovell P48346 --spurious? -- * at
    p[299-314] ( USBC Announcements
    1892 Smith, Elder BL 000093120 --full view of one copy with cover (2 scans) HDL Contents
    1892 Second Edition is source for Gutenberg
    2008 Gutenberg P416638
    1892 Tauchnitz HDL
    1901 Smith, Elder BL 015575435 "A New Edition", perhaps identical except p320 printer line and HDL back pages
    1969 Freeport, N.Y., Books for Libraries Press [1969] 298p

    "The Talking Horse" short fiction, along with "A Matter of Taste", alone from the collection appear in the 1931 OMNIBUS Humour & Fantasy T136529.

    1892 Smith, Elder o[627]; 2nd ed. o[628]

    Anstey in ILN -- none

    Anstey in The Graphic -- (4, of which 3 indb)

    1880 ‘A Nursery Lamia.’ By F. Anstey. CN13, 16. (separately paginated Christmas number)
    22 (CN [6 Dec] 1880)

    Anstey in ATALANTA --listed at FictionMags

    1888-06 Don: The Story of a Greedy Dog = v1 p. 496-504 (no subtitle), with 5 illustrations uncredited illegible

    The original text (UK and US, June 1888) differs from the story as collected at least in that the rough acquaintance of Don (the dog protagonist) is named Jock, rather than Dan. The illustrations are not credited.

    1890-01/03 A Matter of Taste = v3 262 318 373 p. 262-66 : (A Cabinet Study.) [signed] PART I. ; CHAPTER II. [and III] p318-23 ; CHAPTER IV. p373-78 == 17 pages

    Aunt Judy's

    Aunt Judy's Magazine (1866--85) --in its final year, Anstey

    1885-03-20 p279 The Literary World, Volume 31

    Aunt Judy's Magazine for March contains a short complete story by T. Anstey ... It is a first-rate magazine ...

    Published March 1885 in Aunt Judy's Magazine, pp. [">pp. 259</a>-72 as by T. Anstey, Author of ... (viewed at HathiTrust) Date is from a contemporary notice of "Aunt Judy's Magazine for March". Evidently this is from volume 4, new series. The magazine closed later that year; see "Farewell", pp. 763-64.

    Two annual volumes May and November (May-Day and Christmas) 1867/68 and 1868/69 only Bound without a semiannual volume title page. Beginning with the Christmas (November), or occasionally May-Day (May) number.

    Macmillan's Magazine, Volume 77

    The Reflector, London weekly [no news], ed. James Kenneth Stephen (no 's') EN

    HathiTrust v1 1888 only --issue 1, 16 pages with content p1-13
    to March 31, 1888; ends pp. 313-35 = 14 issues in 92 days

    "A Four-Legged Ishmael" by the author of Vice VersA, page 104-07 1888-01-29 v1 no5; evident double issue p80-112; "Published Weekly by James Stephen, at Lonsdale Chambers, 27, Chancery Lane"

    "These stories originally appeared in Macmillan's, Longman's, Atalanta, The Cornhill, The Graphic, Aunt Judy's, The Reflector, and Unwin's Christmas Annual, respectively." (8 titles for 10 stories)
    (bold 3 titles for 4 stories, Contento1)
    5 titles for 6 stories --of which Macmillan's may be inferred

    CONTENTS (10) as of 2019-02-09 (4 previous publ from Contento1) (subheadings from Gutenberg #27284

    --    The Talking Horse •  -- (inferred) MACMILLAN'S
         = Previously published in Macmillan's, according to the 1892 Author's Note, whose use of "respectively" ...
    nt *j The Good Little Girl • (1890) • A story for children --LONGMAN's 1890-03 
    ny    A Matter of Taste • (1890) •• Part I --ATALANTA 1890-01/03
    ss *j Don: The Story of a Greedy Dog • (1888) • A tale for children --ATALANTA 1888-06
         = also in Wide Awake 1888-06 ? as "Don", illustrated
    ss    Taken by Surprise • (1887) • Being the personal statement of Bedell Gruncher, M.A. --CORNHILL 1887-11 uncredited
       = BABEL pp. 494-507 with subtitle (no illus.) --length?
    nt *j Paleface and Redskin • (1887) • A comedy-story for girls and boys • Act the First : Where is the enemy? --THE GRAPHIC 1887-12-31
    ss    Shut Out • (1884) • --LONGMAN'S 1884-06
    ss *j Tommy's Hero • A story for small boys -- (inferred) AUNT JUDY'S
    ss    A Canine Ishmael • (From the notes of a diner-out) -- (inferred) THE REFLECTOR
    nt    Marjory • (variant of 1885) •• Introduction --UNWIN's 1885-Xmas

    length in database as of 2019-02-03 (none marked juvenile)

    CONTENTS (10) as of 2019-02-09 (three previous publ from Contento1) (subtitles from Gutenberg #37235

    nt    The Black Poodle • (1882) • --LONGMAN'S 1882-11
    ss *j The Story of a Sugar Prince • A Tale for Children
    --    The Return of Agamemnon • 
    ss    The Wraith of Barnjum • (1879) • --TEMPLE BAR 1879-03
    ss *j A Toy Tragedy • (1883) • A Story for Children • --THE GRAPHIC Christmas 1883 
    ss    An Undergraduate's Aunt • (1882) • --BELGRAVIA 1882-11
    ss    The Siren • (1882) • --THE GRAPHIC Summer 1882
    nt    The Curse of the Catafalques • (1882) •• I. --CORNHILL 1882-08 uncredited
       = pp. 174-94 (no subtitle) (no illus.)
    ss *j A Farewell Appearance • (1883) • A Dog Story for Children --LONGMAN'S 1883-02
    --    Accompanied on the Flute • A Tale of Ancient Rome 

    length in database as of 2019-02-09 (j = marked juvenile)

    SEND TO CONTENTO ? [from 1896 Appleton]
    "... the stories which are collected in this volume made their first appearance in Belgravia, the Cornhill Magazine, the Graphic, Longman's Magazine, Mirth, and Temple Bar, respectively ..."
    that is 6 outlets for 10 stories (entirely out of sequence in fact)
    3 stories unknown including at least one in Mirth (relying on VFRG: no more The Graphic)

    Newnes Famous Novels HDL: catalog

    series The Grand Magazine (George Newnes) submission

    "My Best Story and Why I Think So" (part 1 not identified, part 2 ident. parenthetically) from v1#3, #3 in the series, this leads the issue
    1. ??
    2. 317- 325 · An Odd Freak · W. W. Jacobs · ss The Strand Magazine May 1900; “My Best Story” no. 2.
    3. 353- 361 · The Star · H. G. Wells · ss The Graphic Christmas 1897
    4. 529- 536 · Joie-de-Loup: The Story of a Caravan · Max Pemberton · ss The Graphic Jul 1902

    The Black Poodle ... (1884 coll) T38978 (10 stories Contento1) WorldCat(23)

    LC only 1
    1884 Longmans (10 stories)
    [1884] us Lovell "Lovell's Library" Tri-Weekly v9 n453 1884-11-01, annual $30.00; with catalogue #1-185 ; no Contents, no Preface, p[7]-239 ; p228 "Accompanied on the Flute: A Tale of Ancient Rome"
    2019-02-19 User:Pwendt/Publishers#Lovell's Library


    1884 Longmans 269 pages -HDL and another online
    1884 Appleton o[629] 269 pages, 1 unnumbered leaf of plates : illustrations ; 28 cm
    1884 Lovell o[630] 230p online--same as
    1885 Longmans 2nd
    1888 Longmans 3rd
    1896 Appleton o[631] 269 pages ; -HDL too
    1899 Longmans
    1904 Longmans -HDL

    later clone

    1884 Lovell o[66079115] o[1041637978] as 230 pp [239]
    1884 Appleton o[19735555] as 28[!] cm
    1896 D. Appleton & Company $0.50 $1.00

    BL 2 (one edition only)

    1884 Longman's 014804066 000093085 269p

    Internet Archive, 1st ed. 1884uk Preface (identical)

    5 printed from leaves
    p269 footer (three lines, all caps): "London: Printed by // Spottiswoode and Co., New-Street Square // and Parliament Street"
    no back pages
    1896 Lovell P4670 --spurious? conflation? of USBC/Lovell
    1896 Appleton HDL
    18 cm, paper?
    1896us Preface, above

    -- front cover; frontispiece (half-title verso, first of four leaves front matter) -- illustrations not credited (Anstey?) [credit from the 1st UK; some initial letters remain signed "F.A." but that is sometimes removed] -- text spans p1-269 -- p[271-80], publisher advertisements

    [271-74] Appletons' Town and Country Library. Published Semimonthly. [numbered 1-189; paper 50c, cloth $1]

    ISFDB shows only one "tp" format (and no "pb") for Appleton, namely P557303 (no size)

    hc edition as 18cm, per LC and WorldCat ; Wright III, 2582 416183

    WorldCat: David Poindexter's disappearance, and other tales(23)

    1884 Montreal (lead story only)
    o[890706720]-hdl ; o[937498831] as translation 35pp; CIHM/ICMH microfiche series, no. 25394.]
    1888 Chatto & Windus BABEL HDL with cover; Contents (7) ; stories p3-332 ; back pages p[1]-32 publisher catalogue "October, 1889"
    1888 D. Appleton HDL no cover; Contents (5); stories p3-210 ; back pages (1)-(10) numbered + 2, Appleton Publications
    1976 Arno] 332p, entire collection expanded (7 contents), as short title ; one o[632] no page-count as long title ; one o[633] 332p, only 5 titles

    UK <uk>1st ed., or simultaneous with the US ed.

    The Black Poodle, and other Stories [sic]. By F. Anstey Author of 'Vice Versa'. With Frontispiece by G. Du Maurier and Initial Letters by the Author. 1 vol. crown 8vo. price 6s. [Nearly ready. --The Athenaeum 2973 (1884-10-18) p484 "Messrs. Longmans & Co.'s New Books" [without such annotation, same publ -11-15]

    (identical listing in the monthly Longman's Magazine, Announcements, Aug and Sep without annotation, Oct and Nov as "[Nearly ready"

    --also The Princess Nobody

    listed in Books Received, The Observer -11-16

    The Times of India 1884-12-20 p2, "Cooper, Madon & Co." New Books, this one Rs 3-12


    [634] NY Times 1884-11-22 "publish this day" Appleton paper illustrated 16mo 50c

    Paleface and Redskin ... (1898 coll) T1339478 --q

    LC --
    1898-10 Grant Richards
    1898-11 uk 2nd printing HDL --nidb
    [1898?] Toronto: Musson o[635] --nidb
    [1899?] Appleton o[636] --nidb
    1924 Appleton o[637]
    and other stories for boys and girls

    Salted Almonds (1906 coll) T19866

    1906 Smith -- 8 Contents reviewed by Bleiler ; HDL 2 copies with original cover
    1st printing HDL Harvard
    2nd printing HDL California, indistinguishable except title leaf apparently, gold-stamped title on green cloth Contents (17)
    -- Preface, p.v-vi, closing "F. Anstey." and "February 1906."
    -- text spans p1-312; p312 footer, "Printed by Ballantyne, Hanson & Co." over "Edinburgh and London"
    1906 Macmillan Colonial HDL
    1906 Tauchnitz HDL
    1931 omnibus contains 15 stories
    WorldCat o[638] lists 17 Contents
       01 p Salted Almonds ; or, Playing the Game -- [PLAY]
        -- (pl) Salted Almonds, Smith, Elder 1906 
    nv 12 # At a Moment's Notice • --q
       67   "As the Twig Is Bent ..." &c.: (A Domestic Dialogue) -- [PLAY]
    ss 76   Caveat Emptor!: (Being the Remarkable Experience of an Art Collector) •
       86   Lunch Among the Ruins: (A Sketch in a Baronial Stronghold) --
    ss 97   Why I Have Given Up Writing Novels: (A Personal Explanation) •
       116   Going Round the Caves
        -- Going Around the Caves: A Sketch from a Well-Known Watering-Place 
        -- (hu) Printers’ Pie 1904 
    ss 125   Mrs. Brassington-Claypott's Children's Party •
       138 p A Business Meeting of the Society of Penguins: (A Study of Elderly Children) -- [PLAY]
    nt 147 # The Gull: (A Story of the Super-Normal) • (1902) • --q
        -- (ss) The Pall Mall Magazine Dec 1902 
       190 p The Game of Adverbs: (A Country-House Tragi-Comedy, in Two Parts) -- [PLAY]
        -- (pl) Salted Almonds, Smith, Elder 1906 
    ss 209   A Bohemian Bag •
    nt 217   The Magic H's: (A Society Story of Up-to-Date Diablerie) •
       244 p After Rehearsal -- [PLAY]
    ss 254   The Lights of Spencer Primmett's Eyes •
       271 p A "First Night" Supper -- [PLAY]
    ss 281   The Adventure of the Snowing Globe • (1905) • 
        --  (ss) The Strand Magazine Dec 1905 
    # novelette or novella?
    p play (dialogue in that format) rather than prose
    -- FictionMags source note

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    • Reginald3 [639] --1992 SEQUEL --ilts: R/IND - Index
    • Tuck --Encyc SFF 1974/82 --ilts: R/IND - Index (all 3)
    • Miller/Contento --2008 SFF & Weird Mag Index CD-ROM

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    • Bleiler1 [640] --1998 "Gernsback Years" --"all the science-fiction printed in the genre magazines" 1926-1936

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    • Currey [book by L. W. Currey] [641] --ilts: R/IND - Index
    • BleilerSupernatural -- [642] --ilts: R/IND - Index
    • Bleiler78 --1978 The Checklist of S-F and Supernatural Literature --ilts: R/IND - Index (2 copies)
    --1948 1st ed., The Checklist of Fantastic Literature

    Available as: SRL/IND - Special Reserve Locked Index (2 copies)

    • BleilerEarlyYears -- [643] and --ilts: R/IND - Index

    Richard Bleiler

    Science Fiction Writers, 2nd ed. -- [644]

    Available as: VL-REF - Very Large Circulating Reference

    William G. Contento

    13384 and Charles N. Brown SCIENCE FICTION IN PRINT: 1985

    --ilts: R/IND - Index (all 3)

    Donald H. Tuck


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    Puffin Books / Victor Gollancz --one record PV Bluesman; as 5th printing and "First published by Victor Gollancz 1972" and "Published in Puffin Books 1974"
    Puffin Books --two records of the same 1971 Puffin Books edition, PV Mike Christie as 1975 6th printing and PV Bluesman as 1976 [7th probably]

    ("Puffin Books" may be commendable)

    Gollancz --thousands
    Victor Gollancz --dozens
    Millennium / Victor Gollancz --dozens (but we name the long publication series shortly, "Millennium / Gollancz Fantasy Masterworks")
    Millennium / Gollancz --one record PV Bluesman
    VGSF / Gollancz --dozen dozens
    VGSF / Victor Gollancz --one record PV Bluesman

    Walker (Books) (& Co.) US and UK

    "About Us" 2018-10-06
    Walker Books UK is part of the vibrant international Walker Books Group that includes Candlewick Press in America, Walker Books Australia, the Walker Group Licencing division, and Walker Productions, developing Walker content for other media platforms, including Hank Zipzer for BBC."
    The Walker Books Group enjoys a unique ownership structure which includes all of its employees worldwide and more than 150 authors and illustrators. Walker is the world’s leading wholly independent publisher of English-language children’s books.

    Publisher: Walker Books (UK) --q

    Walker Books Australia 1991 also?

    1-56402 Candlewick About candlewick --NEED link this page, indb from 1991

    WorldCat hits mainly: Cambridge 1992 to 2008(?) Somerville: 2008(?) to present ; o[645] as Som 2012, orig Cam 2007 ; o[646] Som 2009, orig Cam 2008 [Fo[647] 11 hits ('candlewick cambridge somerville massachusetts') among thousands for 'cambridge' or 'somerville']

    Sebastian Walker ODNB (orig. Sebastian Walker Associates) EN redirect

    Walker & Co. VIAF=136139092 LCCN=n87873632 Walker Publishing Company, Inc. ; 720 Fifth Avenue , New York 10019

    EN: Bloomsbury : incoming redirects (37)

    (~10) Walker & Co.
    (~25) Walker & Company
    (~15) Walker and Company
    (3+) Walker Books for Young Readers
    (4) Walker Publishing Company
    (~50) Bloomsbury USA

    0-7445 Walker UK --indb from 1987
    0-8027[all] Walker Books for Young Readers --indb 2012/2013 --q
    0-8027 Walker Books / Bloomsbury USA --indb 2012/2014
    1-4088, 1-58234, 1-63286 Bloomsbury USA --indb from 1999
    1-58234, 1-59990 Bloomsbury USA Children's Books --from August 2001, indb from 2002
    1-92115, 1-92538 Walker Books Australia --indb from 2008 (WorldCat: one 2002 o[648], "none" until 2006)

    • 2017-08-10 "Candlewick to Publish Walker Books in U.S." PW --US rights acquired, "Walker Books" list forthcoming Autumn 2018

    "Twenty-five years ago, when Walker U.K. opened a U.S. branch, rather than continue to sell rights to U.S. publishers, it was forced to take a different name on this side of the pond. The name “Walker” was already in use, and Candlewick Press was born. ... In fall 2018, Candlewick will introduce its inaugural Walker Books U.S. list. " (our 25th year, upcoming Walker's 40th) -- "it will be a place for more commercial titles than Candlewick typically publishes" -- "The Walker Books U.S. list will include both U.K. and U.S.-originated titles, which will be available in the U.S. and Canada." -- "Candlewick plans to add three positions, primarily in New York, to help develop and launch the new list. All sales and marketing, as well as production and business function, will be supplied by the current Somerville, Mass.-based Candlewick team."

    • 2014-03-17 "Bloomsbury Consolidates Children's Imprints; Easton Leaving" PW --further consolidation, phase-out of Walker name
    • 2013-06-20 "Changes Afoot at Bloomsbury Children's Books PW --consolidation of children's books, WBYR (or Walker) now perhaps Emily Easton's list alone
    • 2005-01-03 "Bloomsbury Buys Walker Publishing" PW
    Candlewick Press
    Walker & Co.
    Walker Books / Bloomsbury USA
    Bloomsbury Children's Books
    Bloomsbury USA Children's Books
    Bloomsbury USA
    Walker Books (US) --unknown publisher (new Autumn 2018), submitted 1st US ed. Bah! Humbug! T2243625

    all those publishers --q 2018-10-04

    Walker Books (UK) --NEEDs update

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    Rachel Field

    1926 Eliza and the Elves, illus. Elizabeth MacKinstry (Macmillan, 1926) o[649] "viii p. 2 1 96 p. 11 col. front., illus., col. pl. 20 cm.
    1929 American Folk and Fairy Tales, illus. Margaret Freeman --nidb (Scribner's, 1929) o[650]

    Amazon US

    listing in "Books of the Week" NYHT -10-17 pF24 (no price)
    blurbed in Parents and Children's Magazine 1.1 (Oct 1926) "Books for Children // Reviewed by Marian Cutter // of the CHildren's Bookshoip, New York" p44ff; with one illus. from this book; this one p45 "This is the kind of poetry that gives joy to its little readers "skipping on fancy's tiptoes."

    Zipes, ed., Victorian Fairy Tales T1744662 K

    User talk:Victoria Silverwolf#Victorian Fairy Tales as ISBN 0-415-90140-5
    that ISBN not found at Amazon --except in front pages of 2013 Kindle via "Look inside" Amazon US

    ISFDB records show 0-415-90 isbn for Routledge publications 1988 to 1993.

    WorldCat provides some support for that o[651] o[652] along ISBN-10 020381956X 1136744118

    WorldCat Fo[653](30) shows publications 1986? Routledge to 2016 Routledge o[654] 041642080X 0415901405 --including 1987 Methuen and 1989 pbk Routledge, perhaps the 1st Routledge and 1st soft ed. o[ 0415901405 041642080X] w Contents!

    check newspapers!

    Ann Lawrence, 1942- 168984 (10)[many]
    1973 The Half-Brothers
    1977 Between the Forest and the Hills

    library records show other genre works

    1988 as translator, Oxford Classics Perrault o[655] (11) at Amazon UK
    1986 Merlin, the Wizard o[656] 32p ; 1986
    1972 Tom Ass o[657] 132p ; Walck 1973\72
    coll. There and Back Again o[658] 144p
    coll. Beyond the Firelight o[659] 64p
    1987 coll. Summer's End o[660] 9 128p ; OUP
    genre? The Conjuror's Box o[661] 190p

    and more in her Second Ten

    [662] (NYT) Walck Fall 1973

    The story of Snow-White and the seven dwarfs (Walck fairy tales with historical notes) Hardcover – 1973 Amazon US

    "This authentic version of a favorite fairy tale contains an ending that will be new to most readers. A Walck Fairy Tale with Historical Notes. Ages 6-9. $4.95."

    1973 Bodley Head ISBN-0370020138 A Bodley Head Fairy Tale Picture Book o[663] o[664] o[665]
    1973 Walck ISBN-0809812088 [A Walck FT] Walck fairy tales with historical notes o[666]

    WorldCat se:"Walck fairy tales with historical notes" [667](8) --one credits Joseph Jacobs

  • Price from publisher advertisement "Books for Young People" NY Times 1973-11-04 p476; this one as "Ages 10-13." The panel covers Walck (14 hardcover) and McKay (3) and suggests that Henry Z. Walck, Inc. is now the children's book division of David McKay Company, Inc.
    Sheila Burnford 115507 (14)

    Michael Foreman Mister/Mr. Noah OCLC 806282934 ([64]) notes "Originaltitel: Mister Noah and the second flood."

    Od£ic 1973-03-15 UK --joint 1st ed.? 16x21 cm
    O.$-- 1973 Canada --joint 1st ed.? 16x21 cm; reviews
    LOd$i- 1973-09-24 US
    Om$i- 1974-09 Washington/Pocket
    Od.ic 1975-11-27 Puffin
    Amazon CA 0771017898 => 0275257606 as "Henry Holt & Co (Oct. 1 1973)", actually Praeger
    0-275- is Praeger, not Holt, ISBN series; all of ours are 0-275-9... but we have no Praeger between 1973 and 1989

    Sturr: lively writing and illustrations "should sugarcoat the message for children" Montagnes: "The most exhilarating children's (and possibly adult) publishing event of this season is by a Canadian. ..." Kirkus is unequivocal:


    [668] Linda Christmas, The Guardian 1973-03-15 (full) --with landscape illustration (available)
    [669] Ruth Crossley-Holland, The Spectator -04-14 p462 (mid) --see also preceding Thomas Kempe
    [670] Anne Montagnes, Globe and Mail (Toronto) -06-30 p33 (brief)
    [671] Ruth Sturr, Toronto Star -08-11 pE7 (full)
    [672] Herbert A. Kenny, Bos. Globe -09-05 p37 (full)
    [673] Elizabeth Coolidge, Bos. Globe -11-10 p8 (brief)
    [674] Arielle North, SLPD -11-28 from p1 --see also Joan Henriksen column, same page
    [675] Judy Noyes, NY Times -12-16 p386 "Noahs' Arks" [sic] --review of 6 books for children more or less
    photo? [676] Chatelaine 46.12 (Dec 1973) Toronto p40-41 78-80 --p80 as for Older Children rather than Under-Tens, C$2.95 (entire, probably alluding to The Lorax C$3.95 "with a ray-of-hope ending") "Ecology again, this time a sophisticated fable with lots of charm but an unsettling finale."
    also Yolen, The Girl Who Loved, Crowell, C$5.15 (US edition maybe?)

    #EDl  Wilhelm Meinhold 159276 (11) Sidonia the Sorceress, transl. 1849

    Sidonia the Sorceress, as Recently published

    :EDlf Wilhelm Hauff 2025 (153)
    184-? The Caravan and Other Tales o[677] 120pp, 8 stories
    1881 Tales of the Caravan, Inn and Palace

    Hauff, The Caravan ... (Harper, 1850), transl. G. S. Quackenbos

    "The Appletons ... popular tales from the German of Wilhelm Hauff, translated by G. S. Quackenbos, the estimable editor of the Literary American, whose name is a guaranty for the unexceptionable moral quality of the book, as well as for its good taste and ability." --The Evangelist (no price) ; "The Harpers ... w list of Contents (4/5?)
    compare 120-page with 8 contents indb

    Wilhelm at WorldCat [678]

    Wilhelm Hauff at HDL (hundreds) --done below thru 1901

    1839 (earliest English-language at HDL or LC; genre unknown) [[679]] The banished: a Swabian historical tale 3 vols. = Lichtenstein
    184-? --niLC HDL
    1850 --niLC HDL The Caravan and Other Popular Tales = 1855
    1855 --niLC [HDL] The oriental story book : a collection of tales / translated from the German of Wilhelm Hauff by G. P. Quackenbos ; illustrated by J. W. Orr. transl. Quackenbos (as 1858, reports c1849; = The Caravan
    1858 HDL (of several) Arabian days' entertainments -HDL --
    1861 -HDL 434 ; c1887 iv 434, -HDL 11th; iv 434
    1869 HDL Three Tales (Tauchnitz) 326
    1882 c1881 HDL Tales of the caravan, inn, and palace. By William Hauff. With the original illustrations. Tr. from the German by Edward L. Stowell. -HDL [2110993] 397
    1886 HDL
    1890 HDL Tales by Wilhelm Hauff ; Tales. -HDL 342
    1889 HDL Wine-ghosts of Bremen The wine-ghosts of Bremen; by Wilhelm Hauff, illustrated by Frank M. Gregory.
    c1896 HDL (one of three 1896/97?) Tales from Hauff, with introduction, notes, and vocabulary, by Charles B. Goold. [2827334] xii 200 --"Text in German. // Stories from the group of "Märchen" entitled: Das wirshaus im Spessart."
    1912 --niLC [680] "freely adapted and retold" xvi 337

    HDL search done thru 1901 (120 titles)

    [1961] The golden treasury of wonderful fairy tales [stories adapted from Märchenalmanach by Wilhelm Hauff] Illustrated by Cremonini. (adapted) [3431322] 154
    [1964] The caravan. Translated from the German by Alma Overholt. Illustrated by Burt Silverman. o[303215] xi 220
    1969 Fairy tales of Wilhelm Hauff / translated by Anthea Bell, illustrated by Ulrik Schramm B69-14498 223
    [1970] Tales. Translated from the German by S. Mendel. Reprint of the 1890 translation of Märchen 342
    1971 c1970 The big book of stories. Illustrated by Janusz Grabianski 223

    some work at HDL and WorldCat lost!

    Jane Carruth --nidb (29) 

    author of text, numerous picture book eds. of single tales and anth/coll folklore and FT

    1971 Giant All-Color Book of FT, illus. uncredited? 448p
    1977 Golden Book of Grimm's FT o[681] 140p
    1977 Dean's A Book of Fairy Tales o[682] w Contents 207p
    1988 Peter Pan and Wendy T1666161 (attributed to Anne G J, see below)
    2004\1990 Alice in Wonderland, illus. Cloke o[683] 92p
    elw  .Anne Grahame Johnstone 197524 (20)[18 joint, 2 distinct] 
    two of her top 20 distinct from Janet GJ: #5 Peter Pan o[684] #12 o[685]
    EN redirect
    el .Janet [Grahame] Johnstone 205729 (21)[20 joint]

    jointly illustrated:

    1964/63 Tales of the Greeks and Trojans 77p o[686]
    1965 Myths from Many Lands 77p
    1966 Sir Lancelot of the Lake 77p
    1968 [Lewis Carroll's] Alice in Wonderland o[687] 58pp o[688] --no mention of Carruth
    1976 My World of Fairy Tales o[689] 219p
    1977 Dean's Mother Goose Book of Rhymes o[690] 176p
    1979 ?\1971 Enid Blyton's The Enchanted Wood (Dean) o[691] 117pp (one of multiple eds/printings) Fo[692](13)

    Peter and Wendy at Amazon

    1988 Peter and Wendy, Jane Carruth, ISBN-0861632230
    1990 Award Publ, 3rd ASIN: B002IW55XK

    at WorldCat

    2006 3rd 92 1841353477
    2004 Gramercy 92 051722366X US2004-09-07
     P63628 as by J. M. Barrie; cover shows "J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan and Wendy" 
    2004\90 Award Classic 92 9781841353470 =347-7  2004\88 Gramercy 92 051722366X
    2002 Award 92 9780861632237 =223-0 
    1998 Award 92 1841353477 UK2004-07 US2014-10
    1993 Award 92 0861632230
    1993 German
    1990 German
    1989/88 Award 93 0861632230 UK1988-12 2nd, UK1990 3rd
    c1988 Award 92 0861632230 92 " " --Carruth not named
    c1988 Gramercy 92 051722366X
    1988 Derrydale 93 0517661896 US1988-12-12 "Crescent" --Carruth not named
      ABEbooks as Crescent, 1988
    el  .Alice B. Woodward 124743
    .Roy Best 99173 (3)[]
    elf .Edmund Blampied 233191
    el  .Shirley Hughes 79477 --PPnidb
    el   May Byron 218730 (35+4)

    LC Wendy 134p 1926 o[693]; Kensington 123p [1929], 1930 ; Littlest 44p [1930],

    1925 newspaper notice [694]
    1955 French-language only indb T1902921

    J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan & Wendy Fo[695](68 from 1925) Peter Pan and Wendy Fo[696](218)

    Peter Pan

    1911 illus. F. D. Bedford , 1928 school ed. o[697], [1936] school ed. o[698]
    1921 illus. Mabel Lucie Attwell o[699], o[700], ?1924 o[701], 1924\21 o[702], 1926\21 o[703], 1927\21 o[704], 1939 classics o[705], 1946 o[706], 1979\21 o[707]
    EN: "She illustrated children's classics such as Mother Goose (1910), Alice in Wonderland (1911), Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales (1914), The Water Babies by Charles Kingsley (1915), and an edition of J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan and Wendy abridged and written by May Byron (1921)."
    1925 retold May Byron : [1938] o[708], 1953\38 o[709], 1938\26 o[710], [1942] o[711]
    EN: "The novel was first abridged by May Byron in 1915, with Barrie's permission, and published under the title Peter Pan and Wendy, the first time this form was used."
    1953 illus. Blampied o[712]
    [1955] pop-up retold Arthur Groom o[713]
    1976? illus. Shirley Hughes 1995 o[714], 2015 o[715], 2015\1925 o[716]
    1913-10-21 p6 MG "Books Received" "PETER PAN's A B C. Illustrated by Flora White. 3s. 6d. net."
    1913-11-30 p6 The Observer "Picture Books and Rhymes" (p7 of p6-7) --"heaps of pictures of small chubby pirates and such-like by Miss Flora White"
    1913-12-06 The New Statesman 2 "Christmas Books" Margaret Bryant(p.xxii of p.xviii-xxii)
    both mention Edward Lear's A.B.C. (1/-) and Peter Pan's A.B.C. (3/6) --brief review
    1913-12-06 The Athenaeum --also H.M. Brock The Old Fairy Tales (Warne, 2/-)
    1913-12-13 45.267 p206 The Bookman (above) review

    US retailer adverts, no publisher

    1913-11-21 p4 CT $1 "Peter Pan's A B C, by Flora White"
    1913-12-07 pC9 The Atl Const $1 "Peter Pan A-B-C, illus. by Flora White" --and Fairy Tales of All Nations $2.00
    K no date, Josette Frank, Marjorie Torrey (Random House)
    K no date ISBN: 1606640070 , Publisher: Scribner
    K 1991-11-01 Barrie, Scott Gustafson (Viking)
    K 2010-07-06 Peter Pan HD (iPhone) "Based on a Platt & Munk book published in 1934 featuring illustrations by Eulalie, this slim take on the J.M. Barrie story will seem strikingly classic to some readers and hopelessly quaint and old-fashioned to others."
    K 2011-11-30 The Adventures of Peter Pan (Chocolapps, iPad)
    K 2012-03-08 Peter Pan (iPad movie storybook)
    K 2015-10-13 "grimdark retelling", first of a trilogy, Stars

    Attwell (Kindle) 2011-05-04 ASIN: B005H1EUX0 w "look inside" (no source stated) --May Byron? --probably the 1911 novel, cf ISBN: 1946745014

    Gramercy Children's Classics 1987/1988 Amazon US Patricia Barrett Perkins (Foreword) Amazon UK only; multiple copies at eBay

    Outlet, 1987-08-01 0517632225 at UK dealer with convincing description and image

    ISFDB publisher Outlet 0-517-25564-2

    OCLC 277068632 o1273587 as ISBN 0823016358; New American Library, no ISBN


    "1911" Peter and Wendy, 1st [717] "published by grosset & dunlap copyright 1911 charles scribners and sons, printed in the united states companion library"
    1922 Story of PP, O'Connor, unillus? [718]
    1928 play, 1st ed. [719]
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    1931 Attwell [721]
    1932 JMB's, May Byron, Attwell [722]
    1938 May Byron [723] (no cover)
    1939 Blampied Edition, original text [724]
    1947 Hodder [725]
    1952 The Story [726]
    1954 Disney [727]
    1955 The Story of PP [728]
    1957 Random House [729]
    1980 PP Picture Book, O'Connor, Woodward [730]
    1983 Easton Press, Attwell [731]
    1987 Signet Classic, afterword Lurie [732], [733]
    1987 Easton Press [734]
    1991 toy book, illus. Caswell [735]
    1992 JMB's PP, Graham, Ardizzone [736]
    1995 adaptation [737]
    2000 abridged [738]
    2002 Spanish-language, illus Foreman [739]
    2005 PP B&N, ed. Amy Billone, ?Roy Best? [740]
    2009 Classic Starts [741]
    2009 PP, Puffin Classics [742]
    2009 PP, Puffin Classics, DiTerlizzi [743]
    2010 Michael Foreman's PP and Wendy [744]
    2011 Annotated [745] w Look
    2012 The Story, O'Connor, Kindle, ?unillus? [746]
    2012 The Story, O'Connor, Woodward, Kindle [747]
    2015 PP Picture Book, O'Connor Woodward (Dover) [748] w Look (wrong cover)
    2017 PP and Wendy, Byron, Attwell 1921 [749] w Look --"further May Byron abridgement"
    2017 play and novel? [750] w Look

    2011 PP Alphabet, Oliver Herford, Kindle [751]
    1910? PP in KG, Rackham [752]
    1916 PP in KG, Rackham [753]
    1929 PP in KG, Rackham [754]
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    2013 Complete, Rackham [756] w Look
    2015 PP in KG, Rackham [757] w Look
    2016 PP in KG, Rackham, Kindle [758] w Look --1906 edition

    Amazon search The Peter Pan Picture Book

    1922 14th O'Connor, ill Woodward
    1925 new O'Connor, ill Woodward
    Dover based on the 1922
    2015 Dover; O'Connor, ill Woodward (bad cover image) w Look
    2015e Dover w Look
    1931 Fo[759]
    1931 ill Best "The Picture Story Book of Peter Pan"; o[760] 87, o[761] 55 music, o[762] music
    c1934 o[763] 24p
    1955\31 Grosset o[764] 55p
    c2012\31 Laughing Elephant o[765] 63 music; o[766] abridged 63, o[767] 63 music
    2013 ill Best "The Picture Story Book of Peter Pan" --spine title "Roy Best's Peter Pan"; adapted from Barrie's play
    2013e ill Best w Look; cover differs
    2014 Laughing Elephant o[768] 16p
    1934 Platt & Munk booklet, ill. Eulalie Banksobit [769] --imprint of Grosset sometime
    1991 Hodder; ed Jennings, ill Attwell
    --links 1991 Hildebrandt pop-up books

    2000 Classic Illustrated Edition (selected illustrators)

    "The timeless artwork of such masters as F. D. Bedford (the original illustrator), Flora White, Alice Woodward, Mabel Lucie Atwell, Arthur Rackham, and Gwynedd Hudson captures the classic story's dreaminess as it follows the adventures of the boy who wouldn't grow up."


    1902 [770] NYT 1902-10-04 pBR16 "Mr. Barrie's Fancies", review ongoing serial, part three, one hopes "that Peter Pan has fled from the scene of the story forever."!
    1910 [771] NYT Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens
    1911 [772] The Bookman, Peter and Wendy by Alfred Noyes
    1913 [773] Publication for the 1913 Christmas season and price 3/6 from review in The Bookman 45.267 (Dec) p206: "No Christmas season is nowadays complete without some compilation dealing with Peter Pan." caption states "Henry Frowde and Hodder & Stoughton"
    1911 F. D. Bedford
    1913 Flora White --niEN (4)[20mixed] --review 1913-12 above; MG -10-21 p6 "Books Received"; CT -11-21 p4 retailer advert among "Books at $1 copy"; [1914] [774] The Athenaeum 4537 1914-10-10 p344 col picture Stories Told to Children Michael Fairless 5/, Duckworth AND ALSO Duckworth illustrated classics The Windermere Series of Colour Books; [775] The Outlook (NY) 1914-12-02 "Books for Children" ; [776] Ath. -11-14 The Story of Peter Pan, Daniel O'Connor 1/6, music, illus.; [1915] [777] Toy book "seen recently"
    Peter 1987
    1907 Alice B. Woodward
    1921 Mabel Lucie Atwell
    1906? Arthur Rackham
    nidb Gwynedd M. Hudson --niEN (4)
    Alice [1922]
    Peter [2017] --also Bunyan

    Arthur Rackham (ill. 1906 PP in Kensington Gardens) "gave readers their first graphic depiction of the fantasy world that Peter Pan lived in."
    Alice B. Woodward (ill. 1907 PP Picture Book)
    Peter Pan's ABC (1913, ill. Flora White)
    1921: "The novel was first abridged by May Byron in 1915, with Barrie's permission, and published under the title Peter Pan and Wendy, the first time this form was used. This version was later illustrated by Mabel Lucie Attwell in 1921." --not found in newspapers 1921 (nor 1915 newspapers or WorldCat) ;
    The Picture Story Book of PP (1931, ill. Roy Best)

    P226877 2000 Roy Best cover 0811822974.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg
    P311220 2007 Kay Best cover (identical) Amazon 41ydPXlk8VL.jpg
    Kay Best (Catherine) (2)[4] --perhaps two people, neither an illustrator, perhaps botanist and cook or photographer, or editor eg via LC o[778]

    Publisher: London, Henry Frowde, Hodder & Stoughton (as 1928) P214625

    Frowde & Hodder & Stoughton (variously fashioned)

    [779] Received The Academy 1907-12-28 p300: The Pendleton Twins, Cap-o'-Yellow, The Old Nursery Stories, Granny's Wonderful Chair 1/6 each
    [780] The Observer 1912-12-01 p6 "Old Fairy Tales and Myths" (many) review Lewis Marsh, Old Time Tales, illus. Charles Robinson 1/6
    Tanglewood Tales (Herbert Strang, as Oxford, 1942); also ASIN: B001DM6C4C

    Tanglewood Tales at ABEbooks (119), only 1 Herbert Strang [781] " The Herbert Strang Library was issued in 5 differing editions. This is the 5th and most expensive kind: handsome blue cloth grain boards with impressed decorations in gold and pictorial image in framed oval on front cover, gilt edges, 4 colour plates. Originally sold for 2/6"

    A Series of Series: Herbert Strang's Library with 1918 list that includes both Hawthorne collections ; just below that image the writer calls 1921 "post-Hodder" and suggests Frowde/Hodder is pre-1916 ; 1921 lists shows Hawthorne available in HS's Empire Library

     lw  .Bill Sokol 27199 (20)

    Time Cat T6963 Fo[782](46)

    LO.$ic 1963 1st HRW
    O.$ic 1963uk Nine Lives
    O.$ic 1968 Avon
    LO.$-c 1982 Avon
    Om$i- 1985 Dell
    LOm$ic 1996 Puffin
    --$ic yyyy Puffin 18th, same ISBN
    --$ic yyyy Puffin 4th, new ISBN, modified cover
    LOm$ic 2003 Holt --unknown source for cover artist (40th anniv)
    Od$i- 2003 Thorndike --same cover image
    Od$ic 2012 Square Fish

    1963 UK newspapers (Nine Lives, 1) 1963 US newspapers (Time Cat, 7) 5 reviews May May July July Oct

    [783] Price from "Spring Books from Holt, Rinehart and Winston" Chi. Tribune 1963-05 pJ5; this listing notes "Ages 9-11" and: -- "Holt Library Edition, $3.27 net" -- quotes previous coverage in NY Times Book Review ; (15 listings, all for "the youngest" to teenagers)

    (All 15 are children's books, for "the youngest" to "teenagers"; all but one dictionary are available as Holt Library Edition.)

    [784] Chi. Trib 1967-11-05 pJ24-25

    publisher advertisement "A Magic Formula"; for children, 37 listings of new publications and "a few favorites from our backlist" --not Stockton/Sendak

    few genre; after the White Cat

    EN: Lenox Library

     lw .E(lizabeth) MacKinstry 280770 (14)[many] 
    1906 The Fairy Ring o[785] o[786] o[787] HDL xvii+445
    as 1906 Doubleday o[788], 444
    as 1905 o[789], 444
    1910 Fairy stories every child should know o[790], viii+317
    1925 Puck in Pasture, viii+79, self (uncredited?)
    1926 Tales of Laughter, xi+331, KDW & NAS [791] w Contents. xi+331 "Elizabeth" "Kate Douglas Wiggin & Nora Archibald Smith"
    [1938] (uncredited?)
    1927 The Magic Pawnshop, Rachel Field o[792], 1937 "Elizabeth"
    1928 The Night before Christmas, Moore "Elizabeth"
    1928 White Cat and other ... ; 1967 "E."
    1928 The Princess and the Goblin o[793], 1st ed, viii+127
    [1937] Princess and the Goblin
    1929 Peer Gynt, Ibsen, "Elizabeth"
    1929 ... Necessary Nonsense, Johnson, "Elizabeth"
    c1930 (Poems by Noyes) (uncredited?)
    1933 Fairy Alphabet ..., self , 30 leaves, "E."
    c1933 Andersen's F T, 255 "Elizabeth"
    1935 Legend of Saint Columba, Colum, 156, "E."
    1935 Aladdin ... --children's picture book, among others

    Comtesse d'Aulnoy, "The White Cat and Other Old French Fairy Tales" T2436205 (collection)

    1928 coll o[794]
    HDL provides full view of 3 copies (all from U Michigan, none with original cover), one with full color title page and 7 plates included in the pagination
    blue boards with yellow cloth spine; dustjacket (matches 1967 cover) 5 images cover image ; "Hardcover with unclipped dust jacket (price at $3.50.)" (Spine white) ; "Yellow cloth spinew and blue boards, with pinlk label on spine and upper board"
    1967 150p -- All ages $4.95 Amazon US o[795]
    "Blue cloth with silver lettering, owner address label ffep, o/w as new, white dj with color border and decoration"; "first published in 1928 and reissued in a facsimile. Turquoise binding, silver lettering, cream-colored decorated DJ." "Ex-Library Edition ... facsimile edition ... Bound in teal cloth with silver lettering, light wear at top and bottom edges. Jacket is not price-clipped ($4.95)" --three sellers at ABEbooks report facsimile
    2008 0027262502 cover image --this ISBN 1967 at Amazon

    "The White Cat" T862012

    1973 chap 1975 32p
    1978 chap 48p

    transl. "Monsieur Planché, a Frenchman who translated the Tales literally, in the early sixties of the last century"

    #el f James Robinson Planché 122692 (127; see #69ff) = J. R. Planché --EoF: translater of fairy tales by Perrault and others, published 1858, and by d'Aulnoy, published 1885.
    translated stories by the Comtesse d'Aulnoy in Countess D'Aulnoy's Fairy Tales (coll trans 1885), and by Charles Perrault in Four-and-Twenty Fairy Tales selected from those of Perrault, etc (anth trans 1858):
    1868 Sleeping Beauty
    yyyy US d'Aulnoy ; o[796] as 1st 1887 Fo[797] ; WorldCat search

    Wikipedia listings

    • Shere Afkun, the first husband of Nourmahal, a legend of Hindoostan, 1823 --poem per EoF)
    • King Nut Cracker, a fairy tale from the German of A. H. Hoffmann, translated 1853
    • Fairy Tales by the Countess d'Aulnoy, translated 1855, 2nd ed. 1888 --EoF: "Countess D'Aulnoy's Fairy Tales (coll trans 1885)" --o[798] 1863 from Baldwin
    Fo[799] 54 1855 56 63 65 73 81 87 88 92 93 94 95new 2009ATR 2012
    [1854?] Hodder & Stoughton; o[800] 619 at HDL
    1855 o[801] xx+619
    1856 illus. Gilbert o[802] xx+620+11 ; o[803] at Baldwin
    1863 Routledge; Gilbert o[804] xx+592+[13]
    1863 R, Warne, R; illus. Gilbert o[805] xx+620+12
    [not before 1865] Routledge; Dutton o[806]
    [1873] London, NY Routledge; Dalziel o[807] xx+620+[12]
    1881 illus. Gilbert; Dalziel o[808]
    [1887?] illus. Gilbert o[809] xx+620
    1888 illus. Browne o[810] xii+468
    1892 unknown publ; new, intro ATR o[811]
    1893 illus. Browne
    1894 illus. Browne o[812] xii+468+[12]
    1895 unknown publ; new, intro ATR o[813]
    2009 Dido 9781409949848, intro ATR o[814] 566p
    2012 unknown transl, publ
    • Four-and-twenty Fairy Tales selected from those of Perrault and other popular writers, 1858
    • --EoF: An Old Fairy Tale Told Anew (1865 chap) --ISFDB 1868

    Aulnoy at HathiTrust

    1722 "A collection of novels and tales of the fairies", 3 vols., transl. several vols 2,3
    1770 6th vols 1,2,3
    1817 "Fairy tales and novels"
    [1854?] --illus. Gilbert/Dalziel, 619pp. [815]
    1855 "Fairy Tales", transl. Planché [816]
    [1892, 1898 "The fairy tales of Madame d'Aulnoy", transl. Anne Thackeray Ritche]
    [1905 anthology "Fairy tales every child should know ..."]
    1923 "D'Aulnoy's fairy tales" (search only) McKay, xii+457
    1928, 1967 "The white cat, and other old French fairy tales"
    1977 "The tales of the fairies in three parts ..."

    1855 "Fairy Tales"

    -- "Portrait of the Countess d'Aulnoy" ([illegible]), frontispiece
    -- [title, iii]
    -- [dedication, v]
    -- Contents, p[vii], 2 prelim, 22 stories, [Appendix] p609-19
    -- Preface, p[ix]-xiii
    -- Introduction p[xv]-xx
    --1. "Gracieuse and Percinet", 1 <= "Gracieuse et Percinet" 609
    --4. "Prince Sprite", 35 <= "Prince Lutin" 611-12
    --9. "The Good Little Mouse", 198 <= "La Bonne Petite Souris" 613
    --12. "Fortunée", 246-55 (10pp) <= "Fortunée" 614 --"arranged and abridged" by Rachel Field as The Pot of Carnations, p69-77 (7pp)
    --19. "The White Cat", 433 <= "La Chatte Blanche" 615-16
    1. 1 Gracieuse and Percinet
    2. 22 The Fair with Golden Hair
    3. 35 The Blue Bird
    4. 70 Prince Sprite
    5. 105 Princess Printaniere
    6. 126 Princess Rosette
    7. 141 The Golden Branch
    8. 172 The Bee and the Orange Tree
    9. 198 The Good Little Mouse
    10. 211 The Ram
    11. 227 Finette Cendron
    12. 246 Fortunée
    13. 256 Babiole
    14. 281 The Yellow Dwarf
    15. 302 Green-Serpent
    16. 332 The Princess Carpillon
    17. 375 The Beneficient Frog
    18. 398 The Hind in the Wood
    19. 433 The White Cat
    20. 470 Belle-Belle; or, The Chevalier Fortuné
    21. 514 The Pigeon and the Dove
    22. 559 Princess Belle-Etoile and Prince Cheri [49 pages]


    at ABEbooks

    1967 facsimile of 1928 [817]
    Oct 1967 [818]

    Template:Tr 1855 from the French, arranged and abridged 1928 by Rachel Field

    1928 newspapers (5)

    [819] $3, "Among the outstanding illustrated books, not yet published, which are of special significance for holiday lists and exhibitions ... [8 listed in-line as preface to the classified list proper]" "Representative Children's Books of 1928" Anne Carroll Moore NY Herald Tribune 1928-09-30 pK8
    --inclg two by MacKinstry, who also appears in the main list, eg. the final listing The Princess and the Goblin (Doubleday, Doran)
    main list Pinocchio in America, under Younger Children
    NYHT 1928-12-23 pJ13 "Books of the Week" --evidently delayed
    also December issues of Children and The Bookman, the former [820] "Macmillan Books for Boys and Girls" states $3.50; "retold and illustrated in the manner of the [18th] century"
    [821] ACM 1928-05-27 pK10 "Books in the Making"; by MacKinstry this one, A Visit from St. Nicholas, and in progress HCA Fairy Tales

    The Hamish Hamilton Book ...
    A Cavalcade ...


    Hamish Hamilton Book of] == Witches; Other Worlds; Goblins [now 3]
    A Cavalcade of [now 1, Garner only]


    UK "Hamish Hamilton Book of"
    US "A Cavalcade of"(= Cavalcade, simply)

     l  .Krystyna Turska 33253 (27)[]
    1975 The Magician of Cracow, picture book o[822] £2.50 per Naomi Lewis (very positive)

    ABEbooks, Hamish Hamilton Book of Goblins [823] as 1969 or 1972, all ISBN-0241017300

    Garner, ed., A Cavalcade of Goblins T186574

    WorldCat: Hamish Hamilton Book of Goblins search

    A Cavalcade
    Forty-two tales, legends, and poems from various countries, including Japan, India, and North America, about giants, goblins, demons, and other supernatural creatures.
    Bibliographical references included in "Notes and sources" (p. 222-226)

    Book of Goblins

    1969-05 Hamilton Amazon US as "Book of Goblins", ISBN 0241017300
    Amazon UK same with "Book of Mermaids" cover image
    1969-06 Amazon US as "A Cavalcade", ISBN 0809824078 --q
    1972-05-03 Puffin Amazon UK
    1973-07-26 Puffin Amazon UK --PV Mav

    WorldCat records as Puffin 1972 (1) or 1973 (2) give page-count 221.

    o[824] (1972 0140305556 w Contents); 836245813; 246999403 (0140305556); 312864440

    One WorldCat Contents list lacks two items (and all annotations):

    Bash Tchelik (Serbian) --
    The dark guest / Ernest George Moll --

    The other lacks front pages o[825]

     lw  Jacynth Hope-Simpson, ed. 131143 (19) --WorldCat alternative names include Jacynth Hope, Jacynth Cureton ; debut? The Great Fire (HH, 1961) o[826]
    The HH Book of Witches Fo[827] 1966, 1973
    A Cavalcade of Witches Fo[828] 1967
    Covens and Cauldrons o[829] ISBN-0600393852 Beaver Books, 1977, 175
    The HH Book of Myths and Legends Fo[830] 1964, 1970, x+196 ; o[831] "Selected by"
    The curse of the dragon's gold; European myths and legends o[832] Doubleday, 1969, ix+180 w Contents

    HH Book of Myths and Legends

    [833] CT 1967-07-16 pM15 "The Junior Bookshelf" Polly Goodwin --inclg Beman Lord, A Monster's Visit (picture book, as is Evaline Ness "Mr. Miacca"); see also [834] Spring Books from Walck, which lists that and A Cavalcade of Witches

    [835] in shared column "The Imagination's Uncharted Ways" Chi. Tribune 1967-05-07 pN18 --several spec-fic

    The White Mountains, John Christopher P250526 --indb $4.50 per Tuck, where the review states $3.95

    [836] New Statesman 1967-01-01
    [837] The Guardian 1967-03-31

    otherwise May and later (ie, US May and later)

    el  Elfrida Vipont 146871 (35+8+1) 
    LOm.i 1966 Terror by Night
    LO.$ 1967 Ghosts' High Noon (US ed. of same?) --dnf Contents, niK
    ABEbooks (of 11, 2 with cover image) [838], as 1966 o[839]

    A Book of ... (Methuen, Dutton)
    not to be confused with The Hamish Hamilton Book of ... Publisher:Hamish Hamilton#Anthology series, illustrated --one compiled by Manning-Sanders

    Ruth Manning-Sanders 5296

    Note: Wikipedia lists 22 "A Book of ..." titles, from 1962 Giants to 1984 Magic Horses, all perhaps equally at home here.
    EoF Robin Jacques "is best-known for his witty and meticulous drawings in the long series of 20 books by Ruth Manning-Sanders."

    Collections --as of 2018-09-15 all publications credit illustrator Robin Jacques (some without coverart credit)

    1962 Giants
    1963 Dwarfs
    1964 Dragons
    1965 Witches
    1966 Wizards
    1967 Mermaids
       A Book of Ghosts and Goblins (1968) --Meth ; + Dutt
    1969 Princes and Princesses
       A Book of Devils and Demons (1970) --Dutt
       A Book of Charms and Changelings (1971) --Meth, Dutt
       A Book of Ogres and Trolls (1972) --Meth ; + Dutt
       A Book of Sorcerers and Spells (1973) --Meth, Dutt
    1974 Magic Animals
    1975 Monsters
       A Book of Enchantments and Curses (1976) --Dutt ; + Meth
    1977 Kings and Queens
    1978 Marvels and Magic
       A Book of Spooks and Spectres (1979) --Meth, Dutt
    1981 Cats and Creatures
    1982 --niLC Heroes and Heroines
    1983 --niLC Magic Adventures
    1984 --niLC Magic Horses
    1. 3-35 (33 LC records, 20 titles including the first 19 of the series above, illus Jacques); also
    1970 The H. H. Book of Magical Beasts, illus. Briggs (Hamilton, 1966) 
      The Books of Magical Beasts (T. Nelson, illus. Briggs)

    HDL: Kate Douglas Wiggin, ed [840](207) HDL: Nora Archibald Smith (Nora A., Nora), ed [841](70)

    1890 A Story Hour, a Book for the Home and the Kindergarten [
    1906 The Fairy Ring [
    1942 Fairy Stories Every Child Should Know [ "First published, 1906, under title: The fairy ring."
    [niHDL] 1907 Magic Casements: A Second Fairy Book o[842]
    1908 Tales of Laughter: A Third Fairy Book [ --autographed by NAS
    1909 Tales of Wonder: A Fourth Fairy Book [
    1909 The Arabian Nights [
    1911 The Talking Beasts: A Book of Fable Wisdom
    1925 (KDS deceased) Twilight Stories: More Tales for the Story Hour

    New York: The McClure Company; McClure's Library of Children's Classics earlier three collections of children's poetry 1902 Golden Numbers ... Youth; 1903 The Posy Ring ... Children; 1907 Pinafore Palace ... Nursery

    Doubleday, Page; The Children's Crimson Classics 3 poetry +4 fairy tales as of 1909

    "Nora Archibald Smith" --title pages 3

    Frank R. Stockton 1968
    A Story-Teller's Pack --that from Harvard University alone includes original cover
    LOm$-- 1897 Scribner's 1st


    504801866 Cassell's colonial library 557590705 Cassell's online 16995680 Copp, Clark

    4336431 Scribner's 1898

    218238 976987834 Scribner's 1898, The Storyteller's Pack 654817258

    [843] The Athenaeum 3623 (1897-04-03) p455 "Cassell & Company's Announcements"


    [844] New Statesman 1967-11-03 Nathan Silver "World on Paper: Children's Books"
  • Price from listing in New Statesman 1967-11-03 p2-3 "Children's Books"; this one not reviewed.
    [845] The Observer 1968-08-14 p2 Naomi Lewis
    Harper Trophy
    The Bee-Man of Orn, chapbook T1304398
    LOd$ic 1964 1st HRW
    OA.£ic 1967 Collins
    Od.ic 1975-10 The Bodley Head
    LO..ic 1986 Harper & Row
    1987-10-01 Harper Trophy User:Pwendt/Publishers#Harper Trophy o[846] "[1986] (c)1964" as First Harper Trophy ed., lists this ISBN third beside trade and library hc; at Amazon UK! ISBN-0-06-4431258 ; same Amazon US as HarperCollins 1987-11 ; 1987-10-01 paper at UK! as ASIN B013J9284O
    1992-01-01 HarperCollins o[847] "[1992] (c)1964" at Amazon UK! 0060297298
    2004-03 hc Amazon US ISBN-0060297298
    Om$ic 2004 Candlewick w DVD, illus P. J. Lynch
    The Griffin and the Minor Canon, chapbook T2432581
    LO.$-c 1963 1st HRW --need image
    LOA.£-c 1968uk Collins --need image
    Od£ic 1975 Bodley
    LOd$ic 1986 H&R trade
    1987 Harper Trophy --dnf WorldCat
    1991 HarperCollins o[848] ISBN-006029731X
    (c)1963 HRW o[849] inscribed, four ISBN-0060258179 0060258160 0064431266 0030358256
    1986 H&R lib, trade; Harper Trophy?; foul at
    (c)1963 ISBN-003086626X o[850] Holt Owlet, o[851] (with cover image only)
    ISBN 0030353203 [852] 1986-09-25 Harper & Row as 1963 HRW
    ISBN 0370107853 1975 import [853]
    ISBN 0064431266 1987-11-03 paper [854]
    Viking Junior Books, Spring 1957 (19) [855] NYT 1957-05-12
    Viking Junior Books [Fall 1957 (19), inclg 4 repeats] [856] CT 1957-11-17 p --inclg Mouse House (Godden) --nidb
    Harper Books for Boys and Girls Fall 1966
    [857] Bos Globe -10-30 pA43 (17 listings)
    [858] NYT -11-06 p393 --more complete
    Charlotte/Stuart prices now $3.95/3.79 and $3.50/3.27 --WorldCat index Charlotte shows none between 1963 and 1967; Stuart no Harper mid-1960s
    101 Dalmatians T1749995
    Fo[859]The(6); Fo[860]The Hundred(174)
    Fo[861]Disney(131!) Fo[862]Video(133)
    Fo[863]Audio(26) [864]Audio(15) --mixed content?
    Od$ic 1956 1st (Melbourne)
    Lm$ 1957 us
    Om$ic 1961 Puffin
    m$ic 1969 Avon Camelot PV(2)
    1982 c1956 ; 1989 c1956 ;
    K starred 1957-03-01
    Amazon 2018-09-12
    1958 as 1958
    1969 Puffin or Camelot
    2012 Egmont Heritage [ [
    1958 Children's Book Club ISBN-0140301658 ASIN: [ (US as Heinemann)
    1961 Penguin paper [ 3/6
    1963 Penguin paper reprint [
    1973 Puffin The/One
    sequel Starlight Barking T1863000 K 1968-04-01
    1967 Simon & Schuster --PV Nihonjoe
    1967 Heinemann [
    1972 New Windmills [
    1975 Penguin [
    1983 Penguin [
    O.ic 1989 OMNI --NEEDs work on joint illustrations titles/variants
    George Selden
    1957 The Garden Under the Sea (1957)? T2430873 K LC
    review [865] 1957-05-09 p14 Rae Emerson Donlon ;
    LOd$ic 1957 Viking
    1966 Oscar Lobster [1966] T2119684 LC --identical text?
    LO.$i 1966 Harper
    O. 1973 printing ISBN-0065160738 (dnf Amazon) --check MLN CAM
    O.$ 1974 Camelot
    LO.$i 1982 Avon Camelot --cover illustration is the 1966 colorized
    HarperCrest library o[866] (Amazon reports as Library Binding ISBN-0060252650) (not found at WorldCat)
    1967 Joanna Cotler Books at ABEbooks as ISBN-0060252642 (not found at WorldCat or Amazon; maybe spurious) (numberal suggests trade hc to HarperCrest lib bdg above
    1973 The Genie of Sutton Place T2119683 K LC
    LOd$i 1973 --check MLN CAM
    (nidb) 1984 --also MLN $3.50
    d$i 2014 --Data from Amazon
    ASK MartyD about that Earthsea "Illustrator" T360461 HARPERCREST --see that sticker P676202 --and check libraries for The Mummy/Mother Market
    review [867] Hartford Courant 1966-10-30 p15F brief review in "Children's Corner" by Ann Logan
    .el Carolyn Sherwin Bailey 163348 (107) lw .Garry MacKenzie 2809353 (9*)[9] *at least one spurious .el Theodora Kroeber 8652 (13) .LLw .Ruth Robbins 416171 (14) --cofounder Parnassus Press el Graham Oakley 82109 (24) --picture books almost exclu? lw .Peter Lippman 280190 (41)
    Avon Book Co. 1941-1948
    Avon 1948-1992 + 2 stray
    Avon Books 1964-2000 + 3 stray (but "Founded in 1941 as a paperback publisher, Avon Books was acquired by the Hearst Corporation in 1959. In 1999, it was purchased ...")

    Avon Books Hearst Corporation https://lccn.loc/n84-220390 (1959 to 1999?) (87 records: 1959, one; 1974 to 1995, 86)

    Parnassus Press

    l Herman Schein (0)[5 ?mixed]
    w Parnassus Press (0)[many]
    Ruth Robbins 41671 "About the Illustrator (A Wizard of Earthsea)" T360461

    ASK "About the Illustrator"

    el   .Clifford Geary 76433 (7)
    ew    Charles H. Smiley 280201 (0)[12?]
    els  .Jack Coggins 21396 (14)
     lw   Peter J. Harkins (0)[7] --Goodwin co-author as John Blaine 
    EELLs Harold L. Goodwin, nf 21543 (14) + 23 as John Blaine
    The Real Book (as Hal) T1755657 K
    .$i 1952 PV Markwood
    LO..i 1956
    The Science Book (as Harold L.) T103669
    Lm$ic 1954
    m$ic 1956 PV Magic Key

    Charles H. Smiley review with photo image of Heuer [868] NYHT 1953-12-06 pA46

    Jonathan Norton Leonard [869] NYT 1954-12-12 pBR28 - review both Arthur C. Clarke and Kenneth Heuer

     lw  Kenneth Heuer, nonfiction 38691 (12)[many] 
    1951 Men of Other Planets T813237, missing review;
    1952 French-lang (Spriel, below)
    1954 Viking o[870] o[871] --as 160pp, no Foreword reported --NEED add "very slightly revised" or some such
    Viking Junior Books, Fall 1954 [872] NYT -11-14 pBRA37 (also NYHT); macmillan Canada o[873] -11-27 p18; [874] NYHT -11-28 pE16
    1963 Collier pb : --q
    1953 The End of the World T825317 Template:ASIN --not at Kirkus

    Full reviews in contemporary newspapers

    • Fritz Leiber, "The Science Boys Take Up End-of-World Angle; Chilling, but Not Frightening", Chicago Tribune 1953-06-14 pB12 [875]
    • Charles H. Smiley, "Death of This Planet, If, As and Maybe" New York Herald Tribune 1953-12-06 pA46 [876]
    1954 Wonders of the Heavens --nidb
    1972 City of the Stargazers --nidb K ISBN-068412937X

    1950s translations by Stephen Spriel 1952 o[877] (Stéphen), 1953 o[878], 1959 o[879] --probably 184951

    .el    Kate Saunders 118610 (15) --Five Children 2014
    els  Dornford Yates 135246 (43) = Cecil William Mercer
    Dlw  Walter Meckauer 222018 (9)[many]

    Emperor Wu Ti T1937087

    1930/31 full title hits (8, all 1931); 3 UK, all Jan/Feb:

    [880] [881] [882]

    DNB: --1928 publication, prize for a children's/youth story or for a young storyteller, 1927 submission of unpublished work

    Amazon.DE ASIN: B0027UEV6K

    Seneca, Lucius Annaeus (~4 BC), Roman dramatist
    EN: Seneca the Younger (448)
    Statius, Publius Papinius (~45 AD), Roman poet --"The Thebaid is modern fantasy's first true analogue."
    EN (100)
    Rosencreutz, Christian (?14c) --Rosicrucian founder
    EN (16)
    Gozzi, Carlo (1720), Italian dramatist
    EN (78)
    Tchulkov, Mikhail (~1740), Russian writer --"along with the more talented writer Vasily Levshin, created Russian fantasy as a genre"
    niEN RU WD (19)
    Emanuel Schikaneder (1751) --librettist
    EN (161)

    À Beckett, Arthur William (1844), a younger son
    À Beckett, Gilbert Abbott (1811), father; British dramatist
    À Beckett, Gilbert Arthur (1837), eldest son
    Büchner, Georg (1813), German dramatist mainly
    Hargreaves, Sir Gerald (1881), Atalanta: A Story of Atlantis: A Fantasy with Music =? Gerald de la Pryme Hargreaves
    --niEN, Q, VIAF --LCCat search[883](7),%20gerald/
    Kondratiev, Alexander (1876), Russian
    --niEN RU
    Parry, Sir Edward Abbott (1863), His Honour Judge EAP; "Fairytales for older children – facetious, chummy, occasionally imaginative"
    Skinner, Martyn (1906), British narrative poet; The Return of Arthur
    EN(improved -09-04) SFE3 (12) LCCN VIAF
    Sousa, John Philip (1854), US composer mainly; novel The Fifth String
    EN (757)
    Ward, Christopher (1868), Gentleman into Goose --Christopher L(ongstreth), grandson of C Longstreet W (1807)
    --niEN, Q (21)
    at HathiTrust [884]
    1923-09 The Triumph of the Nut ... o[885] --parodies (dnf Contents)
    1924 Twisted Tales o[886] w Contents --parodies
    1924 Gentleman Into Goose o[887] --parody of Lady Into Fox
    1925 Foolish Fiction o[888] w Contents - parodies ""Acknowledgement is ... made to the Saturday review of literature, in whose columns some of the parodies in this book originally appeared in condensed form and under other titles"
    1926 One Little Man o[889] (dnf Abstract, LCSH)
    1927 Starling: A Story of Husbands and Wives o[890] (dnf Abstract)
    1928 The Saga of Cap'n Iohn Smith o[891] --long title; verse
    1932 The Strange Adventures of Jonathan Drew, A Rolling Stone ... o[892] --long title; travel NE, NW
    sequel 1932 A Yankee Rover o[893] Jonathan Drew: Rover o[894] --long title; travel S, SW
    1936 Sir Galahad and Other Rimes o[895] --parodies (dnf Contents)

    :.   Garnett, Constance --translator mainly, daughter-in-law --nidb --mother of David Garnett and wife of Edward Garnett
    EN (205)
    :.   Holme, Constance 
    --nidb EN (22)

    LC (EoF titles only)

    The Old Road from Spain (1915; vt The Homecoming 1916 US)
    He-Who-Comes? (1930) 1930 [o[896]; 1936 [o[897] The world's classics, 440; 1939 [o[898] The Oxford bookshelf
    The Wisdom of the Simple (coll 1937)

    Punchard, (Edith) Constance Holme

    Linking Templates


    Secondary Verifications

    As of 2018-05-22 (under discussion for revision soon) Publication view shows a 14-row table of Secondary Verifications in which the 14 short names of sources (column 1) are linked.

    2 are external links to the source home page, namely Contento1/anth and Locus1
    1 is linked to ISFDB wiki Help space, namely Help:Using Worldcat data
    11 is linked to ISFDB wiki Reference space, such as Reference:Tuck

    [ Index to Science Fiction Anthologies and Collections, Combined Edition] --Contento at

    See also:

    That is the top page for EoF (1997 with some incorporated errata, a digital version prepared in 1999), now online at SF-Encyclopedia.UK as a supplement to SFE3, the 3rd ed. of EoSF that is online at The two encyclopedias are integrated in that SFE3 entries contain footer links to related EoF entries; neither vice versa, nor by cross-references within the entries of either encyclopedia.

    ASK Langford and Clute 2018-05-23

    Linking Templates (draft table)

    Templates preface revised by Ahasuerus 2018-05-22

    Note that this section covers the ISFDB templates which can be used in the Notes field of ISFDB records. Some of them roughly correspond to, but are distinct from, the linking templates available within the ISFDB Wiki, which are listed on page Help:Linking templates.

    2018-05-22/23 draft annotation of the table using [1] full-row background color; [2] table Key that explains same
    Exception that does not link
    (most) Links to some Author, Publisher, Series, or Title record within ISFDB
      (some of those; namely those which link by entity name)
    Links to some ISFDB wiki page   [ None. Is that intended? ]
    Links to the home page of a bibliographic source
    (white) Links to a particular page of a bibliographic source

    Template Functionality Example from ISFDB Wiki

    A Links to an Author record within ISFDB using the author's name {{A|Jules Verne}} {{A}}
    Jules Verne
    ASIN Links to an page using an ASIN {{ASIN|B000JMLBHU}}
    Audible-ASIN Links to an page using an Audible ASIN (different from regular Amazon ASINs) {{Audible-ASIN|B002V1BVK4}}
    BL Links to the British Library using a British Library system number {{BL|011388149}}
    Bleiler1 Displays the short name of this bibliographic source and links to its Title record within ISFDB
    Bleiler78 Displays the short name of this bibliographic source and links to its Title record within ISFDB
    BNB Links British National Bibliography using a British Library system number or a BNB number {{BNB|011585872}}
    BnF Links to Bibliothèque nationale de France using the last part of the BnF URL {{BnF|cb317942828}}
    Clute/Grant Displays the short name of this bibliographic source and links to its Title record within ISFDB {{Clute/Grant}} links the wiki Reference page, Clute/Grant
    Clute/Nicholls Displays the short name of this bibliographic source and links to its Title record within ISFDB
    Contento Displays the short name of this bibliographic source and links to its Title record within ISFDB
    Currey Displays the short name of this bibliographic source and links to its Title record within ISFDB
    DNB Links to Deutsche Nationalbibliothek using DBN's permanent record number {{DNB|1076016375}}
    FantLab Links to the home page of
    FantLab-author Links to using an author number {{FantLab-author|1105}}
    FantLab-title Links to using a work/title number {{FantLab-title|46395}}
    FantLab-pub Links to using an edition/publication number {{FantLab-pub|50465}}
    ISBN Displays the words "Additional ISBN" followed by a space and the specified parameter {{ISBN|978-0-9953378-2-4}} will display "Additional ISBN 978-0-9953378-2-4" [unlinked]
    [The link to "Book sources" is a feature of ISFDB wiki pages.]
    JNB Links to Japanese National Bibliography using a Japanese National Bibliography number (JPNO) {{JBN|22859001}}
    LCCN Links to the catalog of the Library of Congress using an LCCN {{LCCN|89040470}}
    Locus1 Links to the home page of The Locus Index to Science Fiction {{Locus}}
    The Locus Index to Science Fiction
    Miller/Contento Displays the short name of this bibliographic source and links to its Title record within ISFDB
    NDL Links to the Japanese National Diet Library using a record number {{NDL|027806225}}
    OCLC Links to WorldCat/OCLC using an OCLC number {{OCLC|880913738}}
    PPN Links to De Nederlandse Bibliografie using a PPN number {{PPN|854168982}}
    Publisher Links to a Publisher record within ISFDB using the name of a publisher {{Publisher|Tor}} {{Pubr}}
    Reginald1 Displays the short name of this bibliographic source and links to its Title record within ISFDB {{Reginald1}} links the wiki Reference page, Reginald1
    Reginald3 Displays the short name of this bibliographic source and links to its Title record within ISFDB {{Reginald3}} links the wiki Reference page, Reginald3
    SFBG Links to the home page of SFBG
    SFBG-title Links to the SFBG using a title code {{SFBG-title|LTUS-VKR}}
    SFBG-pub Links to the SFBG using an publication code {{SFBG-pub|LTUS-VKR-01RC}}
    SFBG-publisher Links to the SFBG using a publisher code {{SFBG-publisher|LTUS}}
    SFE3 Links to the home page of The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, 3rd edition
    Tr Displays the words "Translated by" followed by a space and the specified parameter {{Tr|Charles Baudelaire}} will display "Translated by Charles Baudelaire"
    Tuck Displays the short name of this bibliographic source and links to its Series record within ISFDB {{Tuck}} links the wiki Reference page, Tuck


    Links to ISFDB data [above: A, Pubr]

    P, T, Series, Pub Series, IssueGrid

    Links to ISFDB wiki pages [above: Clute/Grant, Reginald1, Reginald3, Tuck]


    Links to external sites [above: Locus]

    Amazon,, OCLC, LOC, Melvyl

    Non-Linking Templates

    separate table fashioned by Ahasuerus 2018-05-22 (in place of the two yellow-background rows drafted above)
    Template Functionality Example
    ISBN Displays the words "Additional ISBN" followed by a space and the specified parameter {{ISBN|978-0-9953378-2-4}} will display "Additional ISBN 978-0-9953378-2-4"
    (Note that, unlike the corresponding Wiki template, this ISFDB template does not link to "Book sources".)
    Tr Displays the words "Translated by" followed by a space and the specified parameter {{Tr|Charles Baudelaire}} will display "Translated by Charles Baudelaire"

    Although the Translator template {Tr} does not generate a link, the Author linking template may be nested. {{Tr|{{A|Charles Baudelaire}}}} will display "Translated by Charles Baudelaire."

    (very old)

    Note to self. How do I link from a Wikipedia article into the ISFDB?

    Wikipedia user Mirokado more recently created template {isfdb contents} which is not yet documented here at ISFDB. --[[User:Pwendt|]]|[[User talk:Pwendt|talk]] 23:46, 9 September 2015 (UTC)

    User talk page discussion that now seems important.

    [top of page notes represent early low-volume system abandoned winter 2016 in favor of multiple user pages with sections]


    £ · • – —

    <br><br> to self: later

    ALT codes, such as ALT-0163 = £
    html such as   &euro ;   without the space


    Clute/Grant SFE: Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997) (use   /i>   !

    visits list "All 4132 entries"

    search Title Notes, Title Synopsis, Publication Notes contains (not "is exactly" !) --after cleanup 2016-09-06

    ''Encyclopedia of Fantasy'' (q-marks rather than i-tags) -- 0 hits
    Fantasy</i> (1897) (1897 rather than 1997) -- 0 hits

    Copyright and public domain (in US, works of all origins)


    "When Is 1923 Going to Arrive and Other Complications of the U.S. Public Domain" by Peter B. Hirtle, Senior Policy Advisor, Cornell University Library --Searcher 20.6 (Sep 2012) at [899]

    same cover art
    • [900] multiple covers with same cover art

    Users Mhhutchins (The Book of Three) and Rontrace (Waking Merlin) both support treating incorporations of the same original cover artwork in multiple dustjacket or book cover designs as a single Cover. Only one Book of Three cover by Evaline Ness; only one Waking Merlin cover by Taylor

    Major children's book awards

    2016-01-24 export to /Awards




    re: My talk page re Jody Lynn Nye 1987 and 1989 Xanth titles (not publications).

    Why did you approve either of my title updates for the 1987 and 1989 Jody Lynn Nye contributions to the Xanth series? Are you asking that I undo the functioning link to lccn, delete the number as well,
    My prefatory phrase "Per Library of Congress catalog record of first edition LCCN 00-521241," (in the 1987 instance) is crafted so that the entire bullet list entry (here, a sentence unpunctuated by a closing dot) pertains to the title. It's regarding the Title, the work, not the Publication, that I referred to the Library of Congress catalog record for the first edition. My phrasing leaves it to more and less savvy users of the database to draw their own conclusions about a particular matter such as whether LC subject headings are likely to be valid for other editions or publications of the title.

    Do you mean that the active link is inappropriate but the dead text as quoted immediately above would be ok? Or the LCCN (that's the "number" 00521241 and/or 00-521241) is inappropriate?

    Per Library of Congress catalog record of first edition LCCN 00-521241


    Help:Screen:EditPublisher#Web Page

    Enter the full URL (http:// address) of the publisher's official web site.

    per Mhh not limited to official pages, nor to pages whose subject is the publisher such as its Wikipedia entry; links to other pages are welcome

    Help:Screen:EditPub#Content Information

    When you are viewing or editing an ISFDB publication record, the data in the upper part of the page is from the publication record and the data in the lower (Contents) section is composed of ISFDB title records. The Contents section is in turn divided into three parts.

    actually the "Content" section of the editor has four sections, the first for Cover Art; both the Cover (linked illustrator name) and the Title Reference fields in the top half of the publication listing are edited in the lower "Content" half of the editor

    if i would inform users that the original fully illustrated title page is reproduced as one interior plate (or recto side of one plate?) INTERIORART appears in

    if i would synopsize a title from a copy of one edition/printing in which it appears, should i go ahead and ignore the list of editors who have PV? what if i would add a bibliog Note to the Title record? [example is original one-page introduction to the Wizard of Oz by the writer T1349863

    "Pseudonym submitted" warning re David Cherry [901] 2016-01-26

    publisher pages at Wikipedia are valuable for their links
    Storylen merge/update


    not a reliable *source* altho it provides some good illustrations

    Mr. Parham subtitles

    first British edition 19

    LCCN omits the subtitle for the British edition, as do 4 WorldCat records that are represented by "1930" and "Heinemann" in Formats and Editions (index); 1 more gives a shorter subtitle. SFE gives the subtitle as do 14 of 18 WorldCat records by the same criterion.

    Note: The subtitle is given by 1 of 2 WorldCat records explicitly cited.

    no subtitle

    The first of two ISFDB-listed WorldCat records seems to be that from LC Catalogue, and does not give a subtitle
    [] "6 preliminary leaves, 3-370 pages double plates 19 cm"
    LCCN: 44-38982 "6 p. l., 3-370 p. double plates. 19 cm."
    860521103 and 2 others; total 4
    2001 225922273 ISBN 0755103912
    2002 59531372 ISBN 0755103912 335 pp

    full subtitle

    [] "370 pages, [20] leaves of plates : illustrations ; 19 cm"
    909814393 630610453 and 10 others; total 13

    short subtitle without "remarkable"