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2019 Rhysling Award

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Award Years for Rhysling Award

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Long Poem
1 Ursula Le Guin in the Underworld Sarah Tolmie
2 The Fairies in the Crawlspace Beth Cato
3 3-Minute Future F. J. Bergmann
--- Finalists -------
* After the Wolf Jeff Crandall
* Alima Among the Trees T. D. Walker
* Arizona Conservatives Revert to Old Forms of Worship Chuck Von Nordheim
* Atomic Numbers D. A. Xiaolin Spires
* Cassini's Mini-Packets Home Jessy Randall
* Cinderella's Pumpkin Colleen Anderson
* Commemoration of the Divine Passion William Cook
* Conditions of the Curse Herb Kauderer
* Dragon Mountain Mary Soon Lee
* Drug Wars Marge Simon
* Finding Hecate Clay F. Johnson
* Five Sigils David F. Shultz
* Getting to Mars Roger Dutcher
* If You Would Seek a Seeress Rebecca Buchanan
* In the Vaults Adele Gardner
* It Took Some Time David C. Kopaska-Merkel and Ann K. Schwader
* Lorelei Ali Trotta
* Lost Girls Rachel Verkade
* Misstep David C. Kopaska-Merkel and Ann K. Schwader
* Mother Deborah L. Davitt
* Mother Giant Peri Fae Blomquist
* nakajiru D. A. Xiaolin Spires
* Nixon's Planet Peter Ullian
* On Economics Sandra J. Lindow
* Our Minds Are Jewels of Uncertainty Kendall Evans and Terrie Leigh Relf
* Past Far Gone Toby MacNutt
* Ragnarök—A Prism Alexandra Seidel
* Rapunzel Christina Sng
* Rex Arthurs Deborah L. Davitt
* Seven Witches Alexandra Seidel
* Skathi's Spite Deborah L. Davitt
* Snow: White; White: Snow Erin Robinson
* The Cat's Daughters Nitoo Das
* The Collaborator Cassandra Rose Clarke
* The Kind Thing to Do Kurt Newton
* The Last Transport Frank Coffman
* The Nightmares Wade German
* The Poisoning Jessica Drake-Thomas
* The Prophet's Vision W. C. Roberts
* The Protest: Ant Work Ethic Michael H. Payne
* The Sea-Wolf of Brittany Deborah L. Davitt
* The Search Deborah L. Davitt
* The Space of One Paragraph Mark A. McCutcheon
* The Stars Are Not Eternal Kendall Evans and David C. Kopaska-Merkel
* The Visionary Ian Futter
* The Witch's House Jeana Jorgensen
* Third Floor Bookstore Herb Kauderer
* Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Monster Bruce Boston
* Two Dozen Restaurant Concepts for a Gentrified Mixed-Use Vacancy James Ebersole
* Verdant F. J. Bergmann
* White Siege Alessandro Manzetti and Marge Simon
Short Poem
1 After Her Brother Ripped the Heads from Her Paper Dolls Beth Cato
2 What Loves You Jeff Crandall
Tied with "A City Built on Bones" by Ann K. Schwader
3D-Printed Brother Millie Ho
Tie with "3D-Printed Brother" by Millie Ho
A City Built on Bones Ann K. Schwader
--- Finalists -------
* "as if ..." LeRoy Gorman
* Acceptable Documentation Sonya Taaffe
* Alien Interview Questions Mary Soon Lee
* An Alien Visits an Earth Psychiatrist John Grey
* Beseeching the Kitchen Gods M. C. Childs
* Cardiad Virginia M. Mohlere
* Colorless Reflection Cindy O'Quinn
* Concerning President Carter and the UFO Sighting August Huerta
* Consumption Jennifer Ruth Jackson
* Curse of Waccasassa Lagoon John Reinhart
* Data Value Patricia Gomes
* Dead-Eye Girl Holly Lyn Walrath
* Dear Creator Mary Soon Lee
* Divinatory Rose Lemberg
* Down in Windy Hollow Jenny Blackford
* drop some amens Brandon O'Brien
* Echoes of Light from Orbit Megan R. Engelhardt
* Engineered Bruce McAllister
* Entanglement Kendall Evans and David C. Kopaska-Merkel
* Esprit d'escalier May Chong
* Excalibur's Lament P. S. Cottier
* Flat Dyson Francis W. Alexander
* Forest Mother Christina Sng
* Fortune Favors the Cold Katherine Inskip
* From Her Tower, the Lady of Shalott Sees the Ice Age Come R. Mac Jones
* Galahad Returns from the Holy Wars David E. Cowen
* Generation Ship David Barber
* Golgothan (Shit Demon's Sonnet) David F. Shultz
* Heart's Desire Lynn White
* Hey Man, Nice Shot Gretchen Tessmer
* Intruders Cindy O'Quinn
* Laika Holly Day
* Lament of the Four Moons Kendall Evans and John Philip Johnson
* Lost Memories Bruce Boston
* Mars Must Remember Denise Dumars
* Mining Time P. S. Cottier
* Monster, Creature, Human Herb Kauderer
* My Little Vampire Adele Gardner
* Neuraweb Logan Thrasher Collins
* O Siren Ashley Dioses
* Ode to the Gorgon K. A. Opperman
* Okuri Inu, or the Sending-Off Dog Demon Betsy Aoki
* Our Lady of the Winter Squash Jenny Blackford
* Pan's Descent Bruce Boston
* Past Is Present Deborah L. Davitt
* Pinocchio Plays the Cotton Club Alan Ira Gordon
* Planck Length David F. Shultz
* Planetary Lensing Herb Kauderer
* Planktivorous Fish and the Structure of Pelagic Plankton David Clink
* Pouring the Pennyroyal Andrea Blythe and Laura Madeline Wiseman
* Quetzalcoatlus roboti Heads Home Vince Gotera
* Relic Kari Flickinger
* Seraphima Hal Y. Zhang
* Son of Aswang Vince Gotera
* Spatial Arrangement David F. Shultz
* Stand and Wait Herb Kauderer
* Station Rain Erik Burdett
* Stephen Hawking Greer Woodward
* That's one small step for (a) man ... Russell Jones
* The Crimson Witch K. A. Opperman
* The Dissolution of Icarus Michelle Muenzler
* The Girl and Her Wolf Dog Christina Sng
* The Ladies of Lancashire Clay F. Johnson
* The Maenad to Her Artist Friend Amal El-Mohtar
* The Mysterious Hermit Krystal Volney
* The Nightmare Thing Sandra Kasturi
* The Patron Saint of Alien Abductees Noel Sloboda
* The Sea Horse Isles Michael H. Hanson
* The Sea Never Says It Loves You Fran Wilde
* The Southern Lady Marge Simon
* Things That Go Bump & Smile in the Night Kathleen A. Lawrence
* This Sacred Earth Deborah L. Davitt
* Thunderstorm in Glasgow, July 25, 2013 Amal El-Mohtar
* Trips to Impossible Cities Sandra Kasturi
* Try the Veal Robert Beveridge
* Universal Immigrants Ann K. Schwader
* Unstole It Jim Davies
* Venusian Arachnoids David F. Shultz
* Waterworld Terry Persun
* What Is Dead Kristin Garth
* Wraiths Wade German

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