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Award Category: Best Novelette (Asimov's Readers' Poll)

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1 The Prisoner of Chillon James Patrick Kelly
2 Windows Ian Watson
3 Hatrack River Orson Scott Card
4 The Glass Flower George R. R. Martin
5 A Place to Stay for a Little While Jim Aikin
1 Rachel in Love Pat Murphy
2 Yanqui Doodle James Tiptree, Jr.
3 On the Border Lucius Shepard
4 The Moon and Michelangelo Ian Watson
4 Winter's Tale Connie Willis
5 Dinosaurs Walter Jon Williams
1 Dowser Orson Scott Card
2 The Hob Judith Moffett
3 Under the Covenant Stars John Barnes
4 The Function of Dream Sleep Harlan Ellison
5 Nicoji M. Shayne Bell
6 Glacier Kim Stanley Robinson
7 Ginny Sweethips' Flying Circus Neal Barrett, Jr.
8 The Earth Doth Like a Snake Renew James Tiptree, Jr.
9 Do Ya, Do Ya, Wanna Dance? Howard Waldrop
10 The Lunatics Kim Stanley Robinson
1 The Loch Moose Monster Janet Kagan
2 The Return of the Kangaroo Rex Janet Kagan
3 Enter a Soldier. Later: Enter Another Robert Silverberg
4 Dogwalker Orson Scott Card
5 The Price of Oranges Nancy Kress
6 Silver Lady and the Fortyish Man Megan Lindholm
7 Surrender Lucius Shepard
8 Not Without Honor Judith Moffett
9 Fast Cars Kristine Kathryn Rusch
10 Ride to Live, Live to Ride Allen Steele
1 Getting the Bugs Out Janet Kagan
2 The Manamouki Mike Resnick
3 The Flowering Inferno Janet Kagan
4 The Safe-Deposit Box Greg Egan
5 The Coon Rolled Down and Ruptured His Larinks, A Squeezed Novel by Mr. Skunk Dafydd ab Hugh
6 Toward Kilimanjaro Ian McDonald
7 The Caress Greg Egan
8 A Braver Thing Charles Sheffield
9 Health Care System Charles Sheffield
10 The Betrothal Phillip C. Jennings
1 Understand Ted Chiang
2 The July Ward Sharon N. Farber
3 Miracle Connie Willis
4 Living Will Alexander Jablokov
5 The Happy Man Jonathan Lethem
6 Water Bringer Mary Rosenblum
7 The Bee Man Mary Rosenblum
8 Second Cousin Twice Removed Cynthia Felice
9 Fin de Cyclé Howard Waldrop
10 The Return of Weird Frank Allen Steele
1 The Nutcracker Coup Janet Kagan
2 Breakfast Cereal Killers R. Garcia y Robertson
2 Into Darkness Greg Egan
3 Danny Goes to Mars Pamela Sargent
4 In the Presence of Mine Enemies Harry Turtledove
5 Vanilla Dunk Jonathan Lethem
6 Dust Greg Egan
7 Render Unto Caesar Maureen F. McHugh
8 Impact Parameter Geoffrey A. Landis
9 Deep Safari Charles Sheffield
9 Song of a Dry River Mike Resnick
10 Sugar's Blues Allen Steele
1 Inn Connie Willis
2 Beneath the Stars of Winter Geoffrey A. Landis
3 Death on the Nile Connie Willis
4 Deep Eddy Bruce Sterling
5 Winter Flowers Tanith Lee
6 Cush Neal Barrett, Jr.
7 Papa Ian R. MacLeod
7 The Undifferentiated Object of Desire Ian McDonald
8 One Morning in the Looney Bin Maggie Flinn
9 The Shadow Knows Terry Bisson
10 Microde City Jim Young
10 The Franchise John Kessel
1 Cocoon Greg Egan
2 The Lovers Eleanor Arnason
3 The Hole in the Hole Terry Bisson
4 Adaptation Connie Willis
5 Cretaceous Park Kandis Elliot
6 Dedication Eric Choi
6 Good with Rice John Brunner
6 Rat Mary Rosenblum
6 Selkies Mary Rosenblum
7 Big Jelly Rudy Rucker and Bruce Sterling
8 Apocalypse's Children R. V. Branham
8 Things of the Flesh L. Timmel Duchamp
9 Cilia-of-Gold Stephen Baxter
9 The Bee's Kiss Charles Sheffield
10 Nekropolis Maureen F. McHugh
1 Think Like a Dinosaur James Patrick Kelly
2 Dawn Venus G. David Nordley
3 Road Kills Kandis Elliot
4 Farthest Man from Earth John C. Wright
5 Ether OR Ursula K. Le Guin
6 Waging Good Robert Reed
7 Fragments of a Painted Eggshell Alexander Jablokov
8 TAP Greg Egan
8 When the Old Gods Die Mike Resnick
9 Drifting Off the Coast of New Mexico Steven R. Boyett
10 Across the Darkness Geoffrey A. Landis
1 The Flowers of Aulit Prison Nancy Kress
2 Age of Aquarius William Barton
3 A Dry, Quiet War Tony Daniel
4 Beauty and the Opéra or The Phantom Beast Suzy McKee Charnas
5 The Land of Nod Mike Resnick
6 Mountain Ways Ursula K. Le Guin
7 The Edge of the Universe Terry Bisson
8 Cloud Cuckoo Charles Sheffield
8 Pyros George M. Ewing
9 The Peacock Throne Charles Sheffield
10 The Miracle of Ivar Avenue John Kessel
1 We Will Drink a Fish Together ... Bill Johnson
2 The Undiscovered William Sanders
2 Three Hearings on the Existence of Snakes in the Human Bloodstream James Alan Gardner
3 Lethe Walter Jon Williams
4 The Flag on Gorbachev Crater Charles L. Harness
5 One Good Juror Mary Rosenblum and James Sarafin
6 Newsletter Connie Willis
7 Guest Law John C. Wright
8 House of Dreams Michael F. Flynn
8 On the Ice Islands Gregory Feeley
9 Blood and Judgment John Brunner
10 Death Do Us Part Robert Silverberg
1 Echea Kristine Kathryn Rusch
2 Taklamakan Bruce Sterling
3 Starfall R. Garcia y Robertson
4 Steamship Soldier on the Information Front Nancy Kress
5 Approaching Perimelasma Geoffrey A. Landis
6 Lovestory James Patrick Kelly
7 Waiting for the End Robert Silverberg
8 Down in the Dark William Barton
9 The Eye of God Mary Rosenblum
10 Crucifixion Variations Lawrence Person
1 The Chop Girl Ian R. MacLeod
2 A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows Gardner Dozois
3 Diana by Starlight R. Garcia y Robertson
4 10 to 16 to 1 (variant of
10¹⁶ to 1?10 to the power 16 to 1
James Patrick Kelly
5 Dragons' Teeth Lois Tilton
5 The Alien Rick Shelley
6 A Martian Romance Kim Stanley Robinson
7 Stellar Harvest Eleanor Arnason
8 Cabbages and Kales, or, How We Downsized North America David Marusek
9 The Window Judith Berman
10 Angels of Ashes Alastair Reynolds
1 On the Orion Line Stephen Baxter
2 The Cloud Man Eleanor Arnason
3 At Lightspeed, Slowing Cory Doctorow
4 Redchapel Mike Resnick
5 Feel the Zaz James Patrick Kelly
5 Millennium Babies Kristine Kathryn Rusch
6 The Young Master Kage Baker
7 I Love Paree Cory Doctorow and Michael Skeet
8 Chitty Bang Bang Ian R. MacLeod
9 Vasquez Orbital Salvage and Satellite Repair Matthew Jarpe
10 The True Story of Professor Trabuc and His Remarkable Voyages Aboard the Sonde-Ballon De La Mentalité Jim Cowan
1 Into Greenwood Jim Grimsley
2 Undone James Patrick Kelly
3 The Days Between Allen Steele
4 Lincoln in Frogmore Andy Duncan
5 The Applesauce Monster Kage Baker
6 Seven Times Never Robert R. Chase
7 Ice and Mirrors Brenda Cooper and Larry Niven
7 Lobsters Charles Stross
8 Monster Story Kage Baker
9 Computer Virus Nancy Kress
10 Liberty Journals Allen Steele
1 The Wild Girls Ursula K. Le Guin
2 Hanuman Kage Baker
3 Halo Charles Stross
4 War, Ice, Egg, Universe G. David Nordley
5 The Likely Lad Kage Baker
6 Lying to Dogs Robert Reed
6 Madonna of the Maquiladora Gregory Frost
7 Oracles Robert Reed
8 Free Floaters Brenda Cooper and Larry Niven
9 The Second Wave Robert Silverberg
10 Drumlin Boiler Jeff Duntemann
1 The Bellman John Varley
2 Shepherded by Galatea Alex Irvine
3 Bernardo's House James Patrick Kelly
4 The Madwoman of Shuttlefield Allen M. Steele
5 Only Partly Here Lucius Shepard
6 Legions in Time Michael Swanwick
6 Nightfall Charles Stross
7 The Reign of Terror Robert Silverberg
8 Touching Centauri Stephen Baxter
9 The Man from Somewhere Jack Williamson
10 The Path of the Transgressor Tom Purdom
1 The Garcia Narrows Bridge Allen M. Steele
2 A Change of Mind Robert Reed
3 Men Are Trouble James Patrick Kelly
4 Strength Alone Paul Melko
4 The Third Party David Moles
1 Second Person, Present Tense Daryl Gregory
2 Bad Machine Kage Baker
3 Softly Spoke the Gabbleduck Neal Asher
4 Dark Flowers, Inverse Moon Jay Lake
4 The Edge of Nowhere James Patrick Kelly
1 Yellow Card Man Paolo Bacigalupi
2 The Djinn's Wife Ian McDonald
3 Dawn, and Sunset, and the Colours of the Earth Michael F. Flynn
4 Under the Graying Sea Jonathan Sherwood
5 The Gabble Neal Asher
1 Dark Integers Greg Egan
2 Safeguard Nancy Kress
3 The Prophet of Flores Ted Kosmatka
4 Trunk and Disorderly Charles Stross
5 The Mists of Time Tom Purdom
1 The Ray-Gun: A Love Story James Alan Gardner
2 Divining Light Ted Kosmatka
3 In Concert Melanie Tem and Steve Rasnic Tem
4 An Alien Heresy S. P. Somtow
5 Memory Dog Kathleen Ann Goonan
1 Blood Dauber Ted Kosmatka and Michael Poore
2 Soulmates Mike Resnick and Lezli Robyn
3 A Large Bucket, and Accidental Godlike Mastery of Spacetime Benjamin Crowell
4 Lion Walk Mary Rosenblum
5 SinBad the Sand Sailor R. Garcia y Robertson
1 The Emperor of Mars Allen Steele
2 Torhec the Sculptor Tanith Lee
3 Marya and the Pirate Geoffrey A. Landis
4 Helping Them Take the Old Man Down William Preston
5 Plus or Minus James Patrick Kelly
1 All About Emily Connie Willis
2 Becalmed Kristine Kathryn Rusch
3 My Husband Steinn Eleanor Arnason
4 Surf Suzanne Palmer
5 Purple Robert Reed
1 The Way of the Needle
Derek Künsken?Derek Kunsken
Derek Kuensken
2 Old Paint Megan Lindholm
3 The Waves Ken Liu
Mating Habits of the Late Cretaceous Dale Bailey
Possible Monsters Will McIntosh
1 Over There Will McIntosh
Encounter on Starbase Kappa Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Pearl Rehabilitative Colony for Ungrateful Daughters Henry Lien
4 Hotel Suzanne Palmer
5 Skylight Kristine Kathryn Rusch
1 The Common Good Nancy Kress
2 Kids These Days Vernon Hedrick
3 Shatterdown Suzanne Palmer
4 Bogdavi's Dream Tom Purdom
5 Schools of Clay
Derek Künsken?Derek Kunsken
Derek Kuensken
1 Lock Up Your Chickens and Daughters—H'ard and Andy are Come to Town Gregory Frost and Michael Swanwick
2 The End of the War Django Wexler
3 Our Lady of the Open Road Sarah Pinsker
The Great Pan American Airship Mystery, or, Why I Murdered Robert Benchley David Gerrold
The Molenstraat Music Festival Sean Monaghan
1 I Married a Monster from Outer Space Dale Bailey
2 Ten Poems for the Mossums, One for the Man Suzanne Palmer
3 Matilda Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Two "3"s, one tie.
They Have All One Breath Karl Bunker
4 President John F. Kennedy, Astronaut Sandra McDonald
1 Books of the Risen Sea Suzanne Palmer
2 Wind Will Rove Sarah Pinsker
3 Will McIntosh
4 The Discrete Charm of the Turing Machine Greg Egan
5 Tagging Bruno Allen M. Steele
1 Lieutenant Tightass Kristine Kathryn Rusch
--- Finalists -------
* Barren Isle Allen M. Steele
* Cost of Doing Business Nancy Kress
* Ephemera Ian R. MacLeod
* The Wrong Refrigerator Jean Marie Ward
1 In the Stillness Between the Stars Mercurio D. Rivera
2 How I Found Harry's All-Night Hamburgers Lawrence Watt-Evans
3 SeeApp James Van Pelt
4 Taking Icarus Home Suzanne Palmer
5 Charlie Tells Another One Andy Duncan
1 The Hind Kevin J. Anderson and Rick Wilber
2 The Long Iapetan Night Julie Novakova
3 Beyond the Tattered Veil of Stars Mercurio D. Rivera
3 The Beast Adjoins Ted Kosmatka
5 Tunnels Eleanor Arnason
1 Table Etiquette for Diplomatic Personnel, in Seventeen Scenes Suzanne Palmer
2 Año Nuevo Ray Nayler
3 Billie the Kid Rick Wilber
4 Philly Killed His Car Will McIntosh
5 The HazMat Sisters L. X. Beckett
--- Finalists -------
* Dollbot Cicily Will McIntosh
* Falling Off the Edge of the World Suzanne Palmer
* Grandmother Troll Eleanor Arnason
* Rocket Girls Kristine Kathryn Rusch
* Solidity Greg Egan
* Things to Do in Deimos When You're Dead Alastair Reynolds
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