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My name is John Lochhas. I have been an SF&F fan since the early 1980s. My main focus is on German dime novels and paperbacks starting from the mid fifties. Especially interested in cover artists.

Current (unfinished) ISFDB projects:

  • Identify the "missing week" in the Perry Rhodan series: overview
  • Kelter horror digests: Geister-Krimi (unclear areas: 49-54, 126-128, 224-245, 305-313, 340, 356-365), Geisterfänger, Mark Tate, paperbacks
  • Zauberkreis: Grusel-Krimi (1-299 open, 300-494 settled), Occu, Macabros (1-98 open, 99-125 settled), Science Fiction, paperbacks
  • Pabel-Moewig: Perry Rhodan, Atlan, Terra, Terra Nova, Terra Astra, Dämonenkiller, Vampir
  • Bastei: Professor Zamorra, Tony Ballard, Der Hexer, Gespenster-Krimi, Dämonen-Land
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