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Questions about doing a specific task, or how to correct information when the solution is not immediately obvious.
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Help with bibliographic, image credit, and other questions which require a physical check of the work in question.
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Roadmap: For the original discussion of Roadmap 2017 see this archived section. For the current implementation status, see What's New#Roadmap 2017.


Rules and standards changes

For a changelog of ISFDB data entry rules and standards, see the Rules and standards changelog page.

As for software changes, see the subsequent sections below.

Robotically identified ISBNs

  • Manual submission of robotically identified ISBNs was enabled in July 2018 -- see User:Fixer/Public for the current process

Roadmap 2017

Completed projects are displayed using strikethrough. See this discussion for details.

  • Language cleanup:
    • Assign languages to all titles
    • Assign languages to all authors
  • Wiki cleanup
    • Move series/magazine-, publisher- and publication-specific etc Wiki pages to the database
    • Add a "Note" field to author records
    • Move Bio and Bibliographic data to the database
  • Internationalization:
    • Support multiple prices per publication
    • Support multiple publishers per publication. May require more thought re: imprints.
    • ISBNs (mostly to support internationalization, but will also help in other cases):
      • Move catalog IDs to a separate field, which will help with pubs that have both an ISBN and a catalog ID, e.g. book club publications.
      • Support multiple ISBNs per publication
      • Add two checkboxes next to each ISBN: “derived” and “corrected”. The latter will let us capture two versions of invalid ISBNs, the stated one and the corrected one.
    • Add support for translators (as well as other roles like single-author collection editors?)
    • Move “Add Authors/Transliterated Titles/etc” buttons to the right to free up screen real estate. This will become more important with the addition of new multiply occurring fields (see immediately above.)
    • Change “Family Name” to “Directory Entry”.
    • Separate translations from VTs on the Title page.
    • Allow users to limit the list of publications to the ones associated with the canonical title.
  • New Projects:
    • Re-do verifications. This will let us have more than 5 primary verifications as well as multiple transient verifications per publication.
    • Create a history of changes to primary-verified publications by storing a snapshot of the way each verified pub looked like right before it was changed.
    • Support for third party IDs (OCLC, BLIC, LCCN, BNF, ASIN, Goodreads, etc). This will enable Fixer to submit ebooks without ISBNs, an increasingly common scenario.
    • Make the Quick Tags list user-definable.
    • Cleanup reports:
      • Make additional cleanup reports available to non-moderators
      • Review old/incomplete FRs for cleanup reports, add missing title types
    • Add a "printing rank" field to order multi-reprinted titles without pub dates

Software Changes by Year

1995-2009 Changes

New Wiki Pages and Areas Created in 2006

  • ISFDB:Beta has begun and public data submissions have been enabled. Ahasuerus 22 Dec 2006 (CST)
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