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The evidence connecting "Tremlett Carter", the author of "People of the Moon", with "Edward Tremlett Carter" (1866-1903) is as follows:

  1. The science fiction book by "Tremlett Carter", "The People of the Moon" focuses on imaginary electrical power systems on the Moon, where they have harnessed the "ether and its electromagnetic properties" to power their society. As such this book was published in 1895 by "The Electrician" Printing and Publishing Co.[1]
  2. Edward Tremlett Carter was a fairly well-known electrical engineer, first on the faculty of the School of Electrical Engineering and Submarine Telegraphy, then in 1893 becoming an assistant editor of "The Electrician", the publishers of "The People of the Moon".[2]
  3. The book for which Edward Tremlett Carter is best known, "Motive Power and Gearing for Electrical Machinery" contains 32 pages of ads for publications by "The Electrician", including a 2/3-rds page ad[2] (p. 15) for "The People of the Moon".
  4. The obituary for Edward Tremlett Carter published by the Royal Astronomical Society, while mostly discussing his electrical engineering accomplishments, mentions that "He was to a small extent an author of fiction as well as a writer on engineering subjects."


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