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From the "Redlands Daily Facts", Redlands, California, Monday, April 6, 1959: "Maria Metlova Here Tomorrow At Book Store". Guest author at the Harris Company Book store tomorrow from 2 to 5 p.m. will be Maria Metlova, whose "Black Bread and Caviar" was recently published by Vantage Press. Miss Metlova, who in private life is Mrs. Albert Kearns, conducted a writing class during the time she lived in Redlands while her husband was attending the University of Redlands. She and her family, which includes a young son, now live in the San Fernando Valley. By birth a Russian princess of French origin, the author was brought to this country at the age of two when her father foresaw the revolution in Russia. In her latest book, she traces the adventures and trials of her family, Russian aristocrats. Under the pseudonym of Louise Hathaway, she has written a trilogy, "Enchanted Hour," and novel, "No Stranger to Mv Heart." Since the publication of "Black Bread and Caviar," Miss Metlova has received letters from Queen Elizabeth of England, Sir Winston Churchill, the King and Queen of Sweden and Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, to name a few of the world's noted personalities with whom she has come in con tact in her career. Among her recent radio and television appearances were on TV's Cavalcade of Books as guest," The paper later refers to her as "Maria Metlova (Louise Kearns)".

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