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The files accessible from this page are complete copies of the software that drives the ISFDB and the data tables that comprise it, available under Creative Commons. The only data not included in the backups are personal data such as users' e-mail addresses and passwords and the MediaWiki table contents though empty tables for these are included in the backup file so that it can be used with the ISFDB code. (You can find detailed instruction on building public ISFDB backup files at ISFDB:How To Create a Public Backup File.)

Current Files

The following files are available. You can download them either by using the links below or by using the download script.

Image Backups

Backup files of all cover scans currently hosted by ISFDB. Most files are around 600Mb, the total is approximately 11.6Gb. 2018-08-19:

Database Backups

Database backups are compressed MySQL files which do not include the ISFDB Wiki or user data. Each file is around 160MB in size and expands to about 750 MB. See below for installation instructions. The following backups are available:

Date 4.0-5.1 compatible 5.5-compatible
2018-08-18 link link
2018-08-11 link link
2018-08-04 link link
2018-07-28 link link
2018-07-21 link link
2018-07-14 link link
2018-07-07 link link
2018-06-30 link link
2018-06-23 link link
2018-06-16 link link
2018-06-09 link link
2018-06-02 link link
2018-05-26 link link
2018-05-19 link link
2018-05-12 link link
2018-05-05 link link
2018-04-28 link link
2018-04-21 link link
2018-04-14 link link
2018-04-07 link link
2018-03-31 link link
2018-03-24 link link
2018-03-17 link link
2018-03-10 link link
2018-03-03 link link
2018-02-24 link -
2018-02-17 - link
2018-02-10 link -
2018-02-03 - link
2018-01-27 link -
2018-01-20 - link
2018-01-13 link -
2018-01-06 - link

For Pre-2018 backups see ISFDB Download Archives.

Installation and Setup

  • ISFDB:MySQL Only Setup - instructions to setup the MySQL database without the ISFDB website script. Useful for making direct SQL queries or customized scripts for data mining.
  • ISFDB:Personal Linux Website - instructions to create a version of the ISFDB to run on your home Linux system. This will not include setting up the wiki.
  • ISFDB:Personal Windows Website - instructions to create a version of the ISFDB to run on your home Windows system. This will not include setting up the wiki.
  • ISFDB:Full Linux Website - instructions to recreate a full version of the ISFDB website on Linux. Note that complete backup including all Wiki data is not available to the general public, due to the inclusion of personal information. These notes are for moderators with access to the data.
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