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Pinnacle Books

  • Pinnacle Books Published 1969 - 1985, bankrupted and dissolved. (ISBN range, starting in 1973, 0-523-00XXX-X - 0-523-43XXX-X)
  • Tor / Pinnacle In the early days of Tom Doherty & Associates, their Tor imprint was distributed by Pinnacle Books (from mid-1981 through mid-1983), after which Tor was distributed by St. Martin's Press. (ISBN range: 0-523-48XXX-X, with one exception: the first book had two different ISBNs: 0-523-48500-X and 0-523-41481-1)
  • Pinnacle Books / Windsor Publishing Corp. The name returned as an imprint when its assets were bought by the Windsor Publishing Corporation. (1988-1995) (ISBN range: 1-155817-00X-X - 1-155817-88X-X and 0-7860-00XX-X)
  • Pinnacle Books / Kensington Publishing Corp. In 1995, Windsor merged with Kensington, the publisher of Zebra Books. (ISBN range: 0-7860-01XX-X - 0-7860-2XXX-X current)

Other publishers with "Pinnacle" in their name on the ISFDB:

Logo from Sweet Forever Pinnacle Books / Windsor Publishing published May 1992.

Image:Pinnacle Books (logo).jpg

Pinnacle Books, a Windsor Publishing imprint

Statement from Sweet Forever published May 1992.

Pinnacle Books
are published by
Windsor Publishing Corp.
475 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10016
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