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2021 Locus Poll Award

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Best SF Novel
1 Network Effect Martha Wells
2 The Relentless Moon Mary Robinette Kowal
3 The Last Emperox John Scalzi
4 The Ministry for the Future Kim Stanley Robinson
5 Agency William Gibson
6 Unconquerable Sun Kate Elliott
7 Machine Elizabeth Bear
8 Attack Surface Cory Doctorow
9 Interlibrary Loan Gene Wolfe
10 War of the Maps Paul McAuley
11 Bone Silence Alastair Reynolds
The Book of Koli M. R. Carey
13 The Eleventh Gate Nancy Kress
14 Driving the Deep Suzanne Palmer
15 Chosen Spirits Samit Basu
16 Fleet Elements Walter Jon Williams
17 Pacific Storm Linda Nagata
18 Tender Is the Flesh (translation of
Cadver exquisito?Cadaver exquisito
Agustina Bazterrica
19 City Under the Stars Gardner Dozois and Michael Swanwick
20 The Evidence Christopher Priest
21 Providence Max Barry
22 Anthropocene Rag Alex Irvine
23 The Arrest Jonathan Lethem
24 Bridge 108 Anne Charnock
25 Failed State Christopher Brown (I)
26 Ghost Species James Bradley
Best Fantasy Novel
1 The City We Became N. K. Jemisin
2 Piranesi Susanna Clarke
3 Harrow the Ninth Tamsyn Muir
4 Black Sun Rebecca Roanhorse
5 The Once and Future Witches Alix E. Harrow
6 The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue V. E. Schwab
7 The Left-Handed Booksellers of London Garth Nix
8 The Trouble with Peace Joe Abercrombie
9 The Midnight Bargain C. L. Polk
10 The Angel of the Crows Katherine Addison
11 Stormsong C. L. Polk
12 Phoenix Extravagant Yoon Ha Lee
13 Or What You Will Jo Walton
14 The Blade Between Sam J. Miller
15 By Force Alone Lavie Tidhar
16 Interior Chinatown Charles Yu
17 The Sunken Land Begins to Rise Again M. John Harrison
18 Comet Weather Liz Williams
19 The Book of Lamps and Banners Elizabeth Hand
20 Creatures of Charm and Hunger Molly Tanzer
21 How to Rule an Empire and Get Away with It K. J. Parker
22 Trouble the Saints Alaya Dawn Johnson
23 Utopia Avenue David Mitchell
24 Mordew Alex Pheby
25 A Deadly Education Naomi Novik
26 The House in the Cerulean Sea TJ Klune
Best Horror Novel
1 Mexican Gothic Silvia Moreno-Garcia
2 The Only Good Indians Stephen Graham Jones
3 Beowulf (translation of Beowulf) uncredited
4 The Hollow Places T. Kingfisher
5 The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires Grady Hendrix
6 Survivor Song Paul Tremblay
7 Devolution Max Brooks
8 The Deep Alma Katsu
9 Plain Bad Heroines Emily M. Danforth
10 The Hole Hiroko Oyamada
11 Catherine House Elisabeth Thomas
12 Empire of Wild Cherie Dimaline
13 Sisters Daisy Johnson
Best First Novel
1 Elatsoe Darcie Little Badger
2 The Space Between Worlds Micaiah Johnson
3 Cemetery Boys Aiden Thomas
4 The Bone Shard Daughter Andrea Stewart
5 The Vanished Birds Simon Jimenez
6 Architects of Memory Karen Osborne
7 Beneath the Rising Premee Mohamed
8 Hench Natalie Zina Walschots
9 The Unspoken Name A. K. Larkwood
10 The Mermaid, the Witch, and the Sea Maggie Tokuda-Hall
11 The Wall Gautam Bhatia
12 Vagabonds (translation of
流浪苍穹?li lng cāng qing
Hao Jingfang
13 The Year of the Witching Alexis Henderson
14 Star Daughter Shveta Thakrar
15 The Twice-Drowned Saint C. S. E. Cooney
16 Stonefish Scott R. Jones
17 Every Bone a Prayer Ashley Blooms
18 Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982 (translation of
팔십 이년생 김지영?Palsip Yi Nyeon Saeng Kim Jiyeong
Cho Nam-Joo
19 Little Eyes (translation of Kentukis) Samanta Schweblin
20 Love and Other Thought Experiments Sophie Ward
21 Eartheater (translation of Cometierra) Dolores Reyes
Best Young Adult Book
1 A Wizard's Guide to Defensive Baking Ursula Vernon
2 Race to the Sun Rebecca Roanhorse
3 Legendborn Tracy Deonn
4 A Peculiar Peril Jeff VanderMeer
5 Over the Woodward Wall A. Deborah Baker
6 A Song Below Water Bethany C. Morrow
7 The Silvered Serpents Roshani Chokshi
8 Deathless Divide Justina Ireland
9 The Scapegracers Hannah Abigail Clarke
10 Shadowshaper Legacy Daniel Jos Older
11 Burn Patrick Ness
12 We Ride Upon Sticks Quan Barry
13 Red Hood Elana K. Arnold
14 Dark and Deepest Red Anna-Marie McLemore
15 The Faithless Hawk Margaret Owen
Best Novella
1 Ring Shout; or, Hunting Ku Kluxes in the End Times
P. Djl Clark?P. Djeli Clark
2 Riot Baby Tochi Onyebuchi
3 The Empress of Salt and Fortune Nghi Vo
4 Upright Women Wanted Sarah Gailey
5 Come Tumbling Down Seanan McGuire
6 The Order of the Pure Moon Reflected in Water Zen Cho
7 Seven of Infinities Aliette de Bodard
8 Finna Nino Cipri
9 The Four Profound Weaves R. B. Lemberg
10 Of Dragons, Feasts and Murders Aliette de Bodard
11 Drowned Country Emily Tesh
12 Sea Change Nancy Kress
13 Night of the Mannequins Stephen Graham Jones
14 Dispersion Greg Egan
15 Out of Body Jeffrey Ford
16 Prosper's Demon K. J. Parker
17 Ife-Iyoku, the Tale of Imadeyunuagbon Ekpeki Oghenechovwe Donald
18 Flyaway Kathleen Jennings
19 Yellow Jessamine Caitlin Starling
Best Novelette
1 The Pill Meg Elison
2 Two Truths and a Lie Sarah Pinsker
3 The Inaccessibility of Heaven Aliette de Bodard
4 A Whisper of Blue Ken Liu
5 If You Take My Meaning Charlie Jane Anders
6 Fairy Tales for Robots Sofia Samatar
7 Color, Heat, and the Wreck of the Argo Catherynne M. Valente
8 A Stick of Clay, in the Hands of God, Is Infinite Potential JY Neon Yang
9 Burn or the Episodic Life of Sam Wells As a Super A. T. Greenblatt
10 City of Red Midnight: A Hikayat Usman T. Malik
11 The Bahrain Underground Bazaar Nadia Afifi
12 As The Shore To The Tides, So Blood Calls To Blood Karlo Yeager Rodrguez
13 Tunnels Eleanor Arnason
14 The Little Witch M. Rickert
15 To Sail the Black A. C. Wise
16 Where the River Turns to Concrete Brooke Bolander
17 Head Static
Sheree Rene Thomas?Sheree Renee Thomas
How Quini the Squid Misplaced His Klobučar?How Quini the Squid Misplaced His Klobucar
Rich Larson
19 Yellow and the Perception of Reality Maureen McHugh
20 To Balance the Weight of Khalem R. B. Lemberg
21 Lucky's Dragon Kelly Barnhill
22 An Important Failure Rebecca Campbell
23 Convergence in Chorus Architecture Dare Segun Falowo
24 Madame and the Map: A Journey in Five Movements
Sheree Rene Thomas?Sheree Renee Thomas
25 Real Animals Em North
26 How to Burn Down the Hinterlands Lyndsie Manusos
27 A Mastery of German Marian Denise Moore
28 Girls with Needles and Frost Jenny Rae Rappaport
29 Lone Puppeteer of a Sleeping City Arula Ratnakar
30 Folie Deux, or the Ticking Hourglass Usman T. Malik
31 The Transition of Osoosi Ozzie M. Gartrell
32 The Satellite Charmer Mame Bougouma Diene
Best Short Story
1 Little Free Library Naomi Kritzer
2 Open House on Haunted Hill John Wiswell
3 50 Things Every AI Working with Humans Should Know Ken Liu
4 The Mermaid Astronaut Yoon Ha Lee
5 Badass Moms in the Zombie Apocalypse Rae Carson
6 The Sycamore and the Sybil Alix E. Harrow
7 The Girlfriend's Guide to Gods Maria Dahvana Headley
8 Dresses Like White Elephants Meg Elison
9 In the Lands of the Spill Aliette de Bodard
10 Wait for Night Stephen Graham Jones
11 My Country Is a Ghost Eugenia Triantafyllou
12 The Ransom of Miss Coraline Connelly Alix E. Harrow
13 An Explorer's Cartography of Already Settled Lands Fran Wilde
14 A Guide for Working Breeds Vina Jie-Min Prasad
15 Familiar Face Meg Elison
16 Ancestries
Sheree Rene Thomas?Sheree Renee Thomas
17 How to Pay Reparations: A Documentary Tochi Onyebuchi
18 Hearts in the Hard Ground G. V. Anderson
19 Juvenilia Lavie Tidhar
20 The Translator, at Low Tide Vajra Chandrasekera
21 Scar Tissue Tobias S. Buckell
22 The Bone-Stag Walks K. T. Bryski
23 Forgive Me, My Love, for the Ice and the Sea C. L. Clark
24 We're Here, We're Here K. M. Szpara
25 Thirty-Three Tade Thompson
26 Unlike Most Tides Darcie Little Badger
27 The Wandering City Usman T. Malik
28 AirBody Sameem Siddiqui
29 A Voyage to Queensthroat Anya Johanna DeNiro
30 Rat and Finch Are Friends Innocent Chizaram Ilo
31 The Night Soil Salvagers Gregory Norman Bossert
32 Six Dreams About the Train Maria Haskins
33 Your Rover Is Here L. P. Kindred
34 Georgie in the Sun Natalia Theodoridou
35 Across the Ice Ada Hoffmann
36 Never a Butterfly, Nor a Moth with Moon-Painted Wings Aimee Ogden
37 The River of Night Tlotlo Tsamaase
38 Tea with the Earl of Twilight Sonya Taaffe
Best Collection
1 The Hidden Girl and Other Stories Ken Liu
2 The Best of Elizabeth Bear Elizabeth Bear
3 Big Girl Plus The Pill Plus Such People in It and Much More Meg Elison
4 The Midnight Circus Jane Yolen
5 Nine Bar Blues
Sheree Rene Thomas?Sheree Renee Thomas
6 The Best of Jeffrey Ford Jeffrey Ford
7 If It Bleeds Stephen King
8 Analog/Virtual and Other Simulations of Your Future Lavanya Lakshminarayan
9 The Postutopian Adventures of Darger and Surplus Michael Swanwick
10 Everyone on the Moon Is Essential Personnel Julian K. Jarboe
11 We All Hear Stories in the Dark Robert Shearman
Kathe Koja
13 Children of the Fang and Other Genealogies John Langan
14 Settling the World: Selected Stories 1970-2020 M. John Harrison
15 The Voyages of Cinrak the Dapper A. J. Fitzwater
16 The Grand Tour E. Catherine Tobler
17 The Heart Is a Mirror for Sinners & Other Stories Angela Slatter
18 The Best of Michael Marshall Smith Michael Marshall Smith
19 The Road to Woop Woop and Other Stories Eugen Bacon
20 Aftermath of an Industrial Accident Mike Allen
21 Songs for Dark Seasons Lisa L. Hannett
22 Thin Places Kay Chronister
Best Anthology
1 The Book of Dragons Jonathan Strahan
2 Africanfuturism Wole Talabi
3 Dominion: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction from Africa and the African Diaspora (Volume One) Ekpeki Oghenechovwe Donald and Zelda Knight
4 The Big Book of Modern Fantasy Ann VanderMeer and Jeff VanderMeer
5 Glitter + Ashes: Queer Tales of a World That Wouldn't Die Dave Ring
6 Made to Order: Robots and Revolution Jonathan Strahan
7 Edited by Ellen Datlow
8 The Year's Best Science Fiction: Volume 1 Jonathan Strahan
9 A Phoenix First Must Burn Patrice Caldwell
10 The Best Science Fiction of the Year: Volume 5 Neil Clarke
11 Black Cranes Geneve Flynn and Lee Murray
12 The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2020 Diana Gabaldon
13 Slay: Stories of the Vampire Noire Nicole Givens Kurtz
14 Final Cuts: New Tales of Hollywood Horror and Other Spectacles Ellen Datlow
15 Avatars Inc. Ann VanderMeer
16 The Best Horror of the Year: Volume Twelve Ellen Datlow
17 Entanglements: Tomorrow's Lovers, Families, and Friends Sheila Williams
18 The Year's Best Science Fiction & Fantasy 2020 Rich Horton
19 Avatar अवतार: Indian Science Fiction / Fantascienza Indiana Tarun K. Saint and Francesco Verso
20 The Year's Best Dark Fantasy and Horror: Volume 1 Paula Guran
21 London Centric: Tales of Future London Ian Whates
22 That We May Live: Speculative Chinese Fiction uncredited
23 A Sinister Quartet Mike Allen and C. S. E. Cooney and Amanda J. McGee and Jessica P. Wick
The July 12, 2020 issue of The New York Times Magazine.
The Decameron Project: 29 New Stories from the Pandemic Editors of The New York Times
25 Subterranean: Tales of Dark Fantasy 3 William Schafer
Best Magazine
1 - 2020 uncredited
1 - 2020 Ann VanderMeer
1 - 2020 Patrick Nielsen Hayden
1 - 2020 Ellen Datlow
1 - 2020 Ruoxi Chen
1 - 2020 Miriam Weinberg
1 - 2020 Diana Pho
1 - 2020 George R. R. Martin
1 - 2020 Jonathan Strahan
1 - 2020 Carl Engle-Laird
1 - 2020 Lee Harris
1 - 2020 Patrick Nielsen Hayden and Teresa Nielsen Hayden
1 - 2020 Jen Gunnels
2 Uncanny Magazine - 2020 Lynne M. Thomas and Michael Damian Thomas
3 The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction - 2020 Charles Coleman Finlay
4 Fiyah - 2020 DaVaun Sanders
5 Asimov's Science Fiction - 2020 Sheila Williams
6 Clarkesworld Magazine - 2020 Neil Clarke
7 Strange Horizons - 2020 Vanessa Rose Phin
8 Beneath Ceaseless Skies - 2020 Scott H. Andrews
9 Lightspeed - 2020 John Joseph Adams
10 Analog Science Fiction and Fact - 2020 Trevor Quachri
11 File 770
12 Apex Magazine - 2020 Jason Sizemore
13 Nightmare Magazine - 2020 John Joseph Adams
14 Escape Pod - 2020 S. B. Divya and Mur Lafferty
15 PodCastle - 2020 Jen R. Albert and Cherae Clark
16 Interzone - 2020 Andy Cox
17 Coode Street
18 Pseudopod - 2020 Shawn Garrett and Alex Hofelich
19 Ansible - 2020 David Langford
20 Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet - 2020 Gavin J. Grant and Kelly Link
21 Diabolical Plots - 2021 David Steffen
21 The Dark - 2020 Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Sean Wallace
This appeared in the Locus Poll. However, neither FictionMags, nor the publisher's website show any issues for 2020.
Cemetery Dance
23 Fireside Magazine - 2020 Brian J. White
24 Amazing Stories - 2020 Ira Nayman
25 Black Static - 2020 Andy Cox
26 Daily Science Fiction - 2020 Michele Barasso and Jonathan Laden
Best Non-Fiction
1 The Magic of Terry Pratchett Marc Burrows
2 Literary Afrofuturism in the Twenty-First Century Isiah Lavender, III and Lisa Yaszek
3 Plants in Science Fiction: Speculative Vegetation Katherine E. Bishop and David Higgins and Jerry Mtt
4 Weird Westerns: Race, Gender, Genre Kerry Fine and Michael K. Johnson and Rebecca M. Lush and Sara L. Spurgeon
5 The Visual History of Science Fiction Fandom: Volume One: The 1930s Daniel Ritter and David Ritter
6 Inventing Tomorrow: H. G. Wells and the Twentieth Century Sarah Cole
7 Science Fiction and Climate Change: A Sociological Approach J. R. Burgmann and Andrew Milner
8 Beaming Up and Getting Off: Life Before and Beyond Star Trek Walter Koenig
9 Bradbury Beyond Apollo Jonathan R. Eller
10 Re-Enchanted: The Rise of Children's Fantasy Literature in the Twentieth Century Maria Sachiko Cecire
11 The Earliest Bradbury Daniel Ritter and David Ritter
12 Beyond the Outposts: Essays on SF and Fantasy 1955-1996 Algis Budrys
13 Horror Fiction in the 20th Century: Exploring Literature's Most Chilling Genre Jess Nevins
14 The Unidentified: Mythical Monsters, Alien Encounters, and Our Obsession with the Unexplained Colin Dickey
15 The Star Wars Archives 19992005 Paul Duncan
16 The Monster Theory Reader Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock
Best Art or Illustrated Book
1 The Art of NASA: The Illustrations That Sold the Missions Piers Bizony
2 The Hobbit Sketchbook Alan Lee
3 The Dark Crystal Bestiary: A Definitive Guide to the Creatures of Thara Adam Cesare
4 Spectrum 27: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art Katherine Chu and John Fleskes
5 Fantastic Paintings of Frazetta J. David Spurlock
Nomination is for the 2020 edition published by Bantam with illustrations by Gary Gianni
A Storm of Swords George R. R. Martin
7 The Art of Frank Cho Frank Cho
8 Enchanted: A History of Fantasy Illustration Jesse Kowalski
9 Masterpieces of Fantasy Art Dian Hanson
10 Peter Pan: An Illuminated Edition (variant of Peter Pan) J. M. Barrie
11 The Blazing World: An Illuminated Edition (variant of The Description of a New World, Called The Blazing-World) Margaret Cavendish
12 Monstrous Tales: Stories of Strange Creatures and Fearsome Beasts from Around the World uncredited
13 The Mountain of Smoke: A Jeffrey Alan Love Sketchbook Jeffrey Alan Love
14 The Return of Hyper Comics Steve Stiles
15 Beneath the Waves Jon Schindehette
Best Editor
1 ---- Ellen Datlow
2 ---- Jonathan Strahan
3 ---- Ann VanderMeer and Jeff VanderMeer
4 ---- C. C. Finlay
5 ---- Neil Clarke
6 ---- Sheila Williams
7 ---- John Joseph Adams
8 ---- Silvia Moreno-Garcia
9 ---- Lynne M. Thomas and Michael Damian Thomas
10 ---- Diana M. Pho
11 ---- Patrick Nielsen Hayden
12 ---- S. B. Divya and Mur Lafferty
13 ---- Zelda Knight and Ekpeki Oghenechovwe Donald
14 ---- Betsy Wollheim
15 ---- Scott H. Andrews
16 ---- Julia Rios
17 ---- Beth Meacham
18 ---- Teresa Nielsen Hayden
19 ---- Paula Guran
20 ---- Dave Ring
21 ---- Toni Weisskopf
22 ---- Gordon Van Gelder
23 ---- Lee Harris
24 ---- Liz Gorinsky
25 ---- Jason Sizemore
26 ---- Brit Hvide
27 ---- Jo Fletcher
28 ---- Gavin Grant and Kelly Link
29 ---- Sheila Gilbert
30 ---- Gillian Redfearn
31 ---- Devi Pillai
32 ---- Miriam Weinberg
33 ---- Trevor Quachri
34 ---- Jen R. Albert and Cherae Clark
Best Publisher/Imprint
1 Tor
2 Tordotcom
3 Orbit
4 Subterranean
5 Small Beer
7 Gollancz
8 Angry Robot
9 Saga
10 Del Rey
11 PS Publishing
12 Baen
13 Tachyon
14 Ace
15 Neon Hemlock
16 Harper/Voyager
17 Erewhon
18 Solaris
19 Apex Publications
20 Cemetery Dance
21 Word Horde
22 Titan
23 Penguin
24 Night Shade
25 Centipede
26 Aqueduct
Best Artist
1 ---- John Picacio
2 ---- Charles Vess
3 ---- Michael Whelan
4 ---- Rovina Cai
5 ---- Julie Dillon
6 ---- Bob Eggleton
7 ---- Frank Cho
8 ---- Kinuko Y. Craft
9 ---- Victo Ngai
10 ---- Donato Giancola
11 ---- Daniel Dos Santos
12 ---- Galen Dara
13 ---- Brian Froud and Wendy Froud
14 ---- Yuko Shimizu
15 ---- Shaun Tan
16 ---- Tran Nguyen
17 ---- Phil Foglio
18 ---- Sana Takeda
19 ---- Brom
20 ---- Abigail Larson
21 ---- Michael Kaluta
22 ---- Vincent di Fate
23 ---- Rowena Morrill
24 ---- Julie Bell and Boris Vallejo
25 ---- Frank Wu
--- Finalists -------
Kathleen Jennings was listed in Locus' published list of finalists. However, she did not appear in the the complete list of poll results published in the July, 2021 issue.
---- Kathleen Jennings
Special Award
According to the announcement posted on, this award for given "For Inclusivity, Representation, and Education". According to the announcement posted on, it was given for "Amplifying diverse voices".
---- Bill Campbell (I) and Rosarium Publishing

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