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Award Category: Novelette (Nebula Award)

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Win The Doors of His Face, the Lamps of His Mouth Roger Zelazny
Nomination 102 H-Bombs Thomas M. Disch
Nomination At the Institute Norman Kagan
Nomination Four Ghosts in Hamlet Fritz Leiber
Nomination Goblin Night James H. Schmitz
Nomination Half a Loaf R. C. FitzPatrick
Nomination Laugh Along with Franz Norman Kagan
Nomination Maiden Voyage J. W. Schutz
Nomination Masque of the Red Shift Fred Saberhagen
Nomination Planet of Forgetting James H. Schmitz
Nomination Shall We Have a Little Talk? Robert Sheckley
Nomination Small One E. Clayton McCarty
Nomination The Adventure of the Extraterrestrial Mack Reynolds
Nomination The Decision Makers Joseph Green
Nomination The Earth Merchants Norman Kagan
Nomination The Life of Your Time Poul Anderson
Nomination The Masculinist Revolt William Tenn
Nomination The Shipwrecked Hotel James Blish and Norman L. Knight
Nomination Vanishing Point Jonathan Brand
Win Call Him Lord Gordon R. Dickson
Nomination An Ornament to His Profession Charles L. Harness
Nomination Apology to Inky Robert M. Green, Jr.
Nomination The Eskimo Invasion Hayden Howard
Nomination This Moment of the Storm Roger Zelazny
--- Made First Ballot -------
* A Sun Invisible Poul Anderson
* Brain Bank Ardrey Marshall
* Deliver the Man! Raymond E. Banks
* For a Breath I Tarry Roger Zelazny
* The Body Builders Keith Laumer
* The Empty Man Gardner Raymond Dozois
* The Manse of Iucounu Jack Vance
* The Message Piers Anthony and Frances Hall
* The Primitives Frank Herbert
* The Sons of Prometheus Alexei Panshin
* The Wings of a Bat Pauline Ashwell
* Who Needs Insurance? Robin S. Scott
Win Gonna Roll the Bones Fritz Leiber
Nomination Flatlander Larry Niven
Nomination Pretty Maggie Moneyeyes Harlan Ellison
Nomination The Keys to December Roger Zelazny
Nomination This Mortal Mountain Roger Zelazny
Win Mother to the World Richard Wilson
Nomination The Sharing of Flesh Poul Anderson
Nomination Final War Barry N. Malzberg
Nomination Once There Was a Giant Keith Laumer
Nomination The Listeners James E. Gunn
Nomination The Guerrilla Trees H. H. Hollis
Nomination Total Environment Brian W. Aldiss
Win Time Considered As a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones Samuel R. Delany
Nomination Nine Lives Ursula K. Le Guin
Nomination The Big Flash Norman Spinrad
Nomination Deeper Than the Darkness Gregory Benford
Win Slow Sculpture Theodore Sturgeon
Nomination Continued on Next Rock R. A. Lafferty
Nomination The Asian Shore Thomas M. Disch
Nomination The Shaker Revival Gerald Jonas
Nomination The Second Inquisition Joanna Russ
Nomination Dear Aunt Annie Gordon Eklund
Win The Queen of Air and Darkness Poul Anderson
Nomination Mount Charity Edgar Pangborn
Nomination Poor Man, Beggar Man Joanna Russ
Nomination A Special Kind of Morning Gardner Dozois
Nomination The Encounter Kate Wilhelm
Win Goat Song Poul Anderson
Nomination Patron of the Arts William Rotsler
Nomination The Animal Fair Alfred Bester
Nomination The Funeral Kate Wilhelm
Nomination Basilisk Harlan Ellison
Nomination A Kingdom by the Sea Gardner Dozois
Nomination In the Deadlands David Gerrold
Win Of Mist, and Grass, and Sand Vonda N. McIntyre
Nomination Case and the Dreamer Theodore Sturgeon
Nomination The Deathbird Harlan Ellison
Nomination The Girl Who Was Plugged In James Tiptree, Jr.
Win If the Stars Are Gods Gregory Benford and Gordon Eklund
Nomination The Rest Is Silence Charles L. Grant
Nomination Twilla Tom Reamy
Win San Diego Lightfoot Sue Tom Reamy
Nomination The Final Fighting of Fion Mac Cumhaill Randall Garrett
Nomination Retrograde Summer John Varley
Nomination A Galaxy Called Rome Barry N. Malzberg
Nomination The Custodians Richard Cowper
Nomination Blooded on Arachne Michael Bishop
Nomination Polly Charms, the Sleeping Woman Avram Davidson
Nomination The Bleeding Man Craig Strete
Nomination The Dybbuk Dolls Jack Dann
Nomination The New Atlantis Ursula K. Le Guin
Nomination The Warlord of Saturn's Moons Eleanor Arnason
Win The Bicentennial Man Isaac Asimov
Nomination In the Bowl John Varley
Nomination Custer's Last Jump Steven Utley and Howard Waldrop
Nomination His Hour Upon the Stage Grant Carrington
--- Withdrawn -------
* The Diary of the Rose Ursula K. Le Guin
Win The Screwfly Solution James Tiptree, Jr.
Nomination A Rite of Spring Fritz Leiber
Nomination Particle Theory Edward Bryant
Nomination The Ninth Symphony of Ludwig van Beethoven and Other Lost Songs Carter Scholz
Nomination The Stone City George R. R. Martin
Win A Glow of Candles, a Unicorn's Eye Charles L. Grant
Nomination Mikal's Songbird Orson Scott Card
Nomination Devil You Don't Know Dean Ing
Win Sandkings George R. R. Martin
Nomination Options John Varley
Nomination The Ways of Love Poul Anderson
Nomination Camps Jack Dann
Nomination The Angel of Death Michael Shea
Nomination The Pathways of Desire Ursula K. Le Guin
Win The Ugly Chickens Howard Waldrop
Nomination Beatnik Bayou John Varley
Nomination Ginungagap Michael Swanwick
Nomination Strata Edward Bryant
Nomination The Feast of Saint Janis Michael Swanwick
Nomination The Way Station Stephen King
Win The Quickening Michael Bishop
Nomination Lirios: A Tale of the Quintana Roo James Tiptree, Jr.
Nomination Mummer Kiss Michael Swanwick
Nomination Sea Changeling Mildred Downey Broxon
Nomination The Fire When It Comes Parke Godwin
Nomination The Thermals of August Edward Bryant
Win Fire Watch Connie Willis
Nomination Burning Chrome William Gibson
Nomination Myths of the Near Future J. G. Ballard
Nomination Swarm Bruce Sterling
Nomination The Mystery of the Young Gentleman Joanna Russ
Nomination Understanding Human Behavior Thomas M. Disch
Win Blood Music Greg Bear
Nomination Black Air Kim Stanley Robinson
Nomination Blind Shemmy Jack Dann
Nomination Cicada Queen Bruce Sterling
Nomination Slow Birds Ian Watson
Nomination The Monkey Treatment George R. R. Martin
Nomination The Sidon in the Mirror Connie Willis
Win Bloodchild Octavia E. Butler
Nomination Bad Medicine Jack Dann
Nomination Saint Theresa of the Aliens James Patrick Kelly
Nomination The Lucky Strike Kim Stanley Robinson
Nomination The Man Who Painted the Dragon Griaule Lucius Shepard
Nomination Trojan Horse Michael Swanwick
Win Portraits of His Children George R. R. Martin
Nomination A Gift from the GrayLanders Michael Bishop
Nomination Dogfight William Gibson and Michael Swanwick
Nomination Paladin of the Lost Hour Harlan Ellison
Nomination Rockabye Baby S. C. Sykes
Nomination The Fringe Orson Scott Card
Nomination The Jaguar Hunter Lucius Shepard
Win The Girl Who Fell Into the Sky Kate Wilhelm
Nomination Aymara Lucius Shepard
Nomination Hatrack River Orson Scott Card
Nomination Listening to Brahms Suzy McKee Charnas
Nomination Permafrost Roger Zelazny
Nomination Surviving Judith Moffett
Nomination The Winter Market William Gibson
Win Rachel in Love Pat Murphy
Nomination Buffalo Gals, Won't You Come Out Tonight Ursula K. Le Guin
Nomination Dream Baby Bruce McAllister
Nomination Flowers of Edo Bruce Sterling
Nomination Schwarzschild Radius Connie Willis
Nomination The Evening and the Morning and the Night Octavia E. Butler
Win Schr÷dinger's Kitten George Alec Effinger
Nomination Do Ya, Do Ya, Wanna Dance? Howard Waldrop
Nomination Ginny Sweethips' Flying Circus Neal Barrett, Jr.
Nomination Kirinyaga Mike Resnick
Nomination Peaches for Mad Molly Steven Gould
Nomination The Hob Judith Moffett
Nomination Unfinished Portrait of the King of Pain by Van Gogh Ian McDonald
Win At the Rialto Connie Willis
Nomination Enter a Soldier. Later: Enter Another Robert Silverberg
Nomination Fast Cars Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Nomination For I Have Touched the Sky Mike Resnick
Nomination Silver Lady and the Fortyish Man Megan Lindholm
Nomination Sisters Greg Bear
Win Tower of Babylon Ted Chiang
Nomination 1/72nd Scale Ian R. MacLeod
Nomination A Time for Every Purpose Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Nomination Loose Cannon Susan Shwartz
Nomination Over the Long Haul Martha Soukup
Nomination The Coon Rolled Down and Ruptured His Larinks, A Squeezed Novel by Mr. Skunk Dafydd ab Hugh
Nomination The Manamouki Mike Resnick
Nomination The Shobies' Story Ursula K. Le Guin
Win Guide Dog Mike Conner
Nomination Black Glass Karen Joy Fowler
Nomination Gate of Faces Ray Aldridge
Nomination Getting Real Susan Shwartz
Nomination Standing in Line with Mister Jimmy James Patrick Kelly
Nomination The All-Consuming Robert Frazier and Lucius Shepard
Nomination The Happy Man Jonathan Lethem
Win Danny Goes to Mars Pamela Sargent
Nomination Matter's End Gregory Benford
Nomination Prayers on the Wind Walter Jon Williams
Nomination Suppose They Gave a Peace ... Susan Shwartz
Nomination The Honeycrafters Carolyn Ives Gilman
Nomination The July Ward Sharon N. Farber
--- Preliminary Nominees -------
* Amerikano Hiaika Wil McCarthy
* Madrelita Deborah Wheeler
* Snow on Sugar Mountain Elizabeth Hand
* The Other Shore J. R. Dunn
Win Georgia on My Mind Charles Sheffield
Nomination Death on the Nile Connie Willis
Nomination England Underway Terry Bisson
Nomination The Franchise John Kessel
Nomination The Nutcracker Coup Janet Kagan
Nomination Things Not Seen Martha Soukup
--- Preliminary Nominees -------
* Beast of the Heartland Lucius Shepard
* Beneath the Stars of Winter Geoffrey A. Landis
* Deep Eddy Bruce Sterling
* Embracing the Alien Geoffrey A. Landis
* Ice Covers the Hole Rick Wilber
* Jumping the Road Jack Dann
* Monsters James Patrick Kelly
* Suicidal Tendencies Dave Smeds
* Vanilla Dunk Jonathan Lethem
Win The Martian Child David Gerrold
Nomination Necronauts Terry Bisson
Nomination Nekropolis Maureen F. McHugh
Nomination The Matter of Seggri Ursula K. Le Guin
Nomination The Singular Habits of Wasps Geoffrey A. Landis
Nomination The Skeleton Key Nina Kiriki Hoffman
--- Preliminary Nominees -------
* A Little Knowledge Mike Resnick
* Ah! Bright Wings Howard V. Hendrix
* Chemistry James Patrick Kelly
* Cush Neal Barrett, Jr.
* Die, Lorelei Michael Coney
* Fox Magic Kij Johnson
* In the Distance, and Ahead in Time George Zebrowski
* Liberator Linda Nagata
* The Other Magpie R. Garcia y Robertson
* The Shining Dream Road Out M. Shayne Bell
* Tin Angel G. David Nordley and H. G. Stratmann
* Vox Domini Bruce Holland Rogers
* Yellow Matter William Barton
Win Solitude Ursula K. Le Guin
Nomination Home for Christmas Nina Kiriki Hoffman
Nomination Jesus at the Bat Esther M. Friesner
Nomination Tea and Hamsters Michael G. Coney
Nomination The Resurrection Man's Legacy Dale Bailey
Nomination Think Like a Dinosaur James Patrick Kelly
Nomination When the Old Gods Die Mike Resnick
--- Preliminary Nominees -------
* Another Story Ursula K. Le Guin
* Fearless Dave Smeds
* Fermat's Lost Theorem Jerry Oltion
* The Lovers Eleanor Arnason
* The Twilight of the Guards, or, The Plowshare Conundrum Arlan Andrews
Win Lifeboat on a Burning Sea Bruce Holland Rogers
Nomination After a Lean Winter Dave Wolverton
Nomination Erase/Record/Play: A Drama for Print John M. Ford
Nomination Mirror of Lop Nor George Guthridge
Nomination Must and Shall Harry Turtledove
Nomination The Chronology Protection Case Paul Levinson
Nomination The Perseids Robert Charles Wilson
--- Preliminary Nominees -------
* A Worm in the Well Gregory Benford
* Across the Darkness Geoffrey A. Landis
* Age of Aquarius William Barton
* Bulldog Drummond and the Grim Reaper Michael G. Coney
* El Hijo de Hernez Marcos Donnelly
* Javier, Dying in the Land of Flowers Deborah Wheeler
* Of Silence and Slow Time Karawynn Long
* Simply Indispensable Michael Bishop
* Survivor Dave Smeds
* The First Law of Thermodynamics James Patrick Kelly
* The Land of Nod Mike Resnick
Win The Flowers of Aulit Prison Nancy Kress
Nomination The Copyright Notice Case Paul Levinson
Nomination The Dog's Story Eleanor Arnason
Nomination The Miracle of Ivar Avenue John Kessel
Nomination The Undiscovered William Sanders
Nomination Three Hearings on the Existence of Snakes in the Human Bloodstream James Alan Gardner
Nomination We Will Drink a Fish Together ... Bill Johnson
--- Preliminary Nominees -------
* Amateurs Tom Ligon
* Broken Symmetry Michael A. Burstein
* Changes William Barton
* Galley Slave Jean Lamb
* Liza and the Crazy Water Man Andy Duncan
* Never Seen by Waking Eyes Stephen Dedman
* Saint Vitus Dances Eternity: A Sarajevo Ghost Story Stewart von Allmen
* Scapegoat Susan J. Kroupa
* The God at Midnight Thomas E. Fuller and Brad Strickland
* The Mendelian Lamp Case Paul Levinson
* Try and Kill It Gene Wolfe
* Werewolves in Sheep's Clothing Michael G. Coney
* Words and Music William Sanders
Win Lost Girls Jane Yolen
Nomination Echea Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Nomination Lethe Walter Jon Williams
Nomination The Mercy Gate Mark J. McGarry
Nomination The Truest Chill Gregory Feeley
Nomination Time Gypsy Ellen Klages
--- Preliminary Nominees -------
* Approaching Perimelasma Geoffrey A. Landis
* Content with the Mysterious Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
* Crossing Chao Meng Fu G. David Nordley
* Little Differences Paul Levinson
* Lustman Pat York
* Noodle You, Noodle Me B. J. Thrower
* Tal's Tale Nancy Varian Berberick
* The Moon Girl M. Shayne Bell
* The Orchard Paul Levinson
Win Mars Is No Place for Children Mary A. Turzillo
Nomination Five Days in April Brian A. Hopkins
Nomination Good Intentions Jack McDevitt and Stanley Schmidt
Nomination How to Make Unicorn Pie Esther M. Friesner
Nomination Taklamakan Bruce Sterling
Nomination The Island in the Lake Phyllis Eisenstein
--- Preliminary Nominees -------
* Absent Friends Michael A. Burstein
* Animae Celestes Gregory Feeley
* Auschwitz and the Rectification of History Eliot Fintushel
* Down in the Dark William Barton
* Dragons' Teeth Lois Tilton
* Drawn Words Brian Plante
* Eyes of Moonlight, Tears of Stone Robin Wayne Bailey
* Getting to Know You David Marusek
* Harbingers Severna Park
* Lovestory James Patrick Kelly
* Ninekiller and the Neterw William Sanders
* Sky Eyes Laurel Winter
* The Girl Detective Kelly Link
Win Daddy's World Walter Jon Williams
Nomination A Day's Work on the Moon Mike Moscoe
Nomination A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows Gardner Dozois
Nomination Generation Gap Stanley Schmidt
Nomination How the Highland People Came to Be Bruce Holland Rogers
Nomination Jack Daw's Pack Greer Gilman
Nomination Stellar Harvest Eleanor Arnason
--- Preliminary Nominees -------
* Chromosome Circus Amy Sterling Casil
* The Chop Girl Ian R. MacLeod
* The Window Judith Berman
Win Louise's Ghost Kelly Link
Nomination Auspicious Eggs James Morrow
Nomination Dance of the Yellow-Breasted Luddites William Shunn
Nomination The Pottawatomie Giant Andy Duncan
Nomination To Kiss the Star Amy Sterling Casil
Nomination Undone James Patrick Kelly
--- Preliminary Nominees -------
* Lincoln in Frogmore Andy Duncan
* More Adventures on Other Planets Michael Cassutt
* The Great Economy of the Saurian Mode Michaelene Pendleton
* The Measure of All Things Richard Chwedyk
Win Hell Is the Absence of God Ted Chiang
Nomination Lobsters Charles Stross
Nomination Madonna of the Maquiladora Gregory Frost
Nomination The Days Between Allen Steele
Nomination The Ferryman's Wife Richard Bowes
Nomination The Pagodas of Ciboure M. Shayne Bell
--- Preliminary Nominees -------
* Look Away Stephen L. Burns
* The Essayist in the Wilderness William Browning Spencer
* The Job Interview Mike Moscoe
* The Return of Spring Shane Tourtellotte
* When This World Is All on Fire William Sanders
Win The Empire of Ice Cream Jeffrey Ford
Nomination 0wnz0red Cory Doctorow
Nomination Of a Sweet Slow Dance in the Wake of Temporary Dogs Adam-Troy Castro
Nomination The Mask of the Rex Richard Bowes
Nomination The Wages of Syntax Ray Vukcevich
Win Basement Magic Ellen Klages
Nomination Dry Bones William Sanders
Nomination The Gladiator's War: A Dialog Lois Tilton
Nomination The Voluntary State Christopher Rowe
Nomination Zora and the Zombie Andy Duncan
Win The Faery Handbag Kelly Link
Nomination Flat Diane Daniel Abraham
Nomination Men Are Trouble James Patrick Kelly
Nomination Nirvana High Eileen Gunn and Leslie What
Nomination The People of Sand and Slag Paolo Bacigalupi
Win Two Hearts Peter S. Beagle
Nomination Journey Into the Kingdom M. Rickert
Nomination Little Faces Vonda N. McIntyre
Nomination The Language of Moths Christopher Barzak
Nomination Walpurgis Afternoon Delia Sherman
Win The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate Ted Chiang
Nomination Child, Maiden, Woman, Crone Terry Bramlett
Nomination Pol Pot's Beautiful Daughter (Fantasy) Geoff Ryman
Nomination Safeguard Nancy Kress
Nomination The Children's Crusade Robin Wayne Bailey
Nomination The Evolution of Trickster Stories Among the Dogs of North Park After the Change Kij Johnson
Nomination The Fiddler of Bayou Teche Delia Sherman
Win Pride and Prometheus John Kessel
Nomination Baby Doll (translation of Baby Doll) Johanna Sinisalo
Nomination Dark Rooms Lisa Goldstein
Nomination If Angels Fight Richard Bowes
Nomination Kaleidoscope K. D. Wentworth
Nomination Night Wind Mary Rosenblum
Nomination The Ray-Gun: A Love Story James Alan Gardner
Win Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest; Red Mask, Black Mask, Gentleman, Beast Eugie Foster
Nomination A Memory of Wind Rachel Swirsky
Nomination Divining Light Ted Kosmatka
Nomination I Needs Must Part, the Policeman Said Richard Bowes
Nomination The Gambler Paolo Bacigalupi
Nomination Vinegar Peace, or, The Wrong-Way Used-Adult Orphanage Michael Bishop
Win That Leviathan, Whom Thou Hast Made Eric James Stone
Nomination Map of Seventeen Christopher Barzak
Nomination Pishaach Shweta Narayan
Nomination Plus or Minus James Patrick Kelly
Nomination Stone Wall Truth Caroline M. Yoachim
Nomination The Fortuitous Meeting of Gerard Van Oost and Oludara Christopher Kastensmidt
Nomination The Jaguar House, in Shadow Aliette de Bodard
Win What We Found Geoff Ryman
Nomination Fields of Gold Rachel Swirsky
Nomination Ray of Light Brad R. Torgersen
Nomination Sauerkraut Station Ferrett Steinmetz
Nomination Six Months, Three Days Charlie Jane Anders
Nomination The Migratory Pattern of Dancers Katherine Sparrow
Nomination The Old Equations Jake Kerr
Win Close Encounters Andy Duncan
Nomination Fade to White Catherynne M. Valente
Nomination Portrait of Lisane de Patagnia Rachel Swirsky
Nomination Swift, Brutal Retaliation Meghan McCarron
Nomination The Finite Canvas Brit Mandelo
Nomination The Pyre of New Day Catherine Asaro
Nomination The Waves Ken Liu
Win The Waiting Stars Aliette de Bodard
Nomination In Joy, Knowing the Abyss Behind Sarah Pinsker
Nomination Paranormal Romance Christopher Barzak
Nomination Pearl Rehabilitative Colony for Ungrateful Daughters Henry Lien
Nomination The Litigation Master and the Monkey King Ken Liu
Nomination They Shall Salt the Earth with Seeds of Glass Alaya Dawn Johnson
Win A Guide to the Fruits of Hawai'i Alaya Dawn Johnson
Nomination Sleep Walking Now and Then Richard Bowes
Nomination The Devil in America Kai Ashante Wilson
Nomination The Husband Stitch Carmen Maria Machado
Nomination The Magician and Laplace's Demon Tom Crosshill
Nomination We Are the Cloud Sam J. Miller
Win Our Lady of the Open Road Sarah Pinsker
Nomination And You Shall Know Her by the Trail of Dead Brooke Bolander
Nomination Grandmother-nai-Leylit's Cloth of Winds Rose Lemberg
Nomination Rattlesnakes and Men Michael Bishop
Nomination The Deepwater Bride Tamsyn Muir
Nomination The Ladies' Aquatic Gardening Society Henry Lien
Win The Long Fall Up William Ledbetter
Nomination Blood Grains Speak Through Memories Jason Sanford
Nomination Sooner or Later Everything Falls Into the Sea Sarah Pinsker
Nomination The Jewel and Her Lapidary Fran Wilde
Nomination The Orangery Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam
Nomination You'll Surely Drown Here If You Stay Alyssa Wong
--- Withdrawn -- Ineligible -------
This story was announced for the best novelette category. With a word count of 7,070, it was not eligible. Based on its nominations it would have been eligible for the 4th place slot for best short story. This would have displaced a three way tie for the 5th position and Rambo decided to withdraw the story from consideration.
Red in Tooth and Cog Cat Rambo
Win A Human Stain Kelly Robson
Nomination A Series of Steaks Vina Jie-Min Prasad
Nomination Dirty Old Town Richard Bowes
Nomination Small Changes Over Long Periods of Time K. M. Szpara
Nomination Weaponized Math Colonel Jonathan P. Brazee
Nomination Wind Will Rove Sarah Pinsker
Win The Only Harmless Great Thing Brooke Bolander
Nomination An Agent of Utopia Andy Duncan
Nomination Messenger R.R. Virdi and Yudhanjaya Wijeratne
Nomination The Last Banquet of Temporal Confections Tina Connolly
Nomination The Rule of Three Lawrence M. Schoen
Nomination The Substance of My Lives, the Accidents of Our Births JosÚ Pablo Iriarte
Win Carpe Glitter Cat Rambo
Nomination A Strange Uncertain Light G. V. Anderson
Nomination For He Can Creep Siobhan Carroll
Nomination His Footsteps, Through Darkness and Light Mimi Mondal
Nomination The Archronology of Love Caroline M. Yoachim
Nomination The Blur in the Corner of Your Eye Sarah Pinsker
Win Two Truths and a Lie Sarah Pinsker
Nomination Burn or the Episodic Life of Sam Wells As a Super A. T. Greenblatt
Nominated together with the other stories in the Shadow Prisons series
Shadow Prisons of the Mind Caroline M. Yoachim
Nomination Stepsister Leah Cypess
Nomination The Pill Meg Elison
Nominated together with the other stories in the Shadow Prisons series.
The Shadow Prison Experiment Caroline M. Yoachim
Nominated together with the other stories in the Shadow Prisons series
The Shadow Prisoner's Dilemma Caroline M. Yoachim
Nomination Where You Linger Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam
Win O2 Arena Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki
Nomination (emet) Lauren Ring
Nomination Colors of the Immortal Palette Caroline M. Yoachim
Nomination Just Enough Rain P. H. Lee
Nomination That Story Isn't the Story John Wiswell
Win If You Find Yourself Speaking to God, Address God with the Informal You John Chu
Nomination A Dream of Electric Mothers Wole Talabi
Nomination Murder by Pixel: Crime and Responsibility in the Digital Darkness S. L. Huang
Nomination The Prince of Salt and the Ocean's Bargain Natalia Theodoridou
Nomination Two Hands, Wrapped in Gold S. B. Divya
Nomination We Built This City Marie Vibbert
Nomination A Short Biography of a Conscious Chair (translation of Breve Biografia de Uma Cadeira L˙cida) Renan Bernardo
Nomination I Am AI Ai Jiang
Nomination Imagine: Purple-Haired Girl Shooting Down the Moon Angela Liu
Nomination Saturday's Song Wole Talabi
Nomination Six Versions of My Brother Found Under the Bridge Eugenia Triantafyllou
Nomination The Year Without Sunshine Naomi Kritzer
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