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1962 Hugo Award

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Best Novel
1 Stranger in a Strange Land Robert A. Heinlein
--- Finalists -------
* Dark Universe Daniel F. Galouye
* Second Ending James White
* A Sense of Obligation (variant of Planet of the Damned) Harry Harrison
* Time Is the Simplest Thing Clifford D. Simak
--- Honorable Mentions -------
* A Fall of Moondust Arthur C. Clarke
* After Doomsday Poul Anderson
* Blackman's Burden Mack Reynolds
* Delusion World Gordon R. Dickson
* Magnanthropus Manly Banister
* Masters of Space E. Everett Evans and Edward E. Smith
* Naked to the Stars Gordon R. Dickson
* No Small Enemy Christopher Anvil
* Pilgrimage: The Book of the People Zenna Henderson
* Rendezvous on a Lost World A. Bertram Chandler
* Some of Your Blood Theodore Sturgeon
* Special Effect J. F. Bone
* The Angry Espers Lloyd Biggle, Jr.
* The Dreaming Earth John Brunner
* The Lovers Philip JosÚ Farmer
* The Map Country Kenneth Bulmer
* The Papers of Andrew Melmoth Hugh Sykes Davies
* The Silver Eggheads Fritz Leiber
* The Stainless Steel Rat Harry Harrison
* This World Is Taboo Murray Leinster
* Three Hearts and Three Lions Poul Anderson
* Ultima Thule Mack Reynolds
Best Short Fiction
1 The Long Afternoon of Earth (variant of Hothouse) Brian Aldiss
--- Finalists -------
* Lion Loose James H. Schmitz
* Monument Lloyd Biggle, Jr.
* Scylla's Daughter Fritz Leiber
* Status Quo Mack Reynolds
--- Honorable Mentions -------
* A Dusk of Idols James Blish
* A Spaceship Named McGuire Randall Garrett
* Adapted Carol Emshwiller
* Alpha Ralpha Boulevard Cordwainer Smith
* Arcturus Times Three Jack Sharkey
* Are You Now or Have You Ever Been? Jack Sharkey
* Court of Judgment David Ely
* Death and the Senator Arthur C. Clarke
* Doctor Murray Leinster
* Freedom Mack Reynolds
* Go for Baroque Jody Scott
* Gone Fishing James H. Schmitz
* Hatchery of Dreams Fritz Leiber
* Hate Arthur C. Clarke
* Hiding Place Poul Anderson
* Hopsoil Robert F. Young
* I-C-a-BeM Jack Vance
* Kreativity for Kats Fritz Leiber
* Mustang Randall Garrett
* No Harm Done Jack Sharkey
* Return Zenna Henderson
* Rub-a-Dub Daniel F. Galouye
* Something Rich and Strange Avram Davidson and Randall Garrett
* Tandy's Story Theodore Sturgeon
* The Beat Cluster Fritz Leiber
* The Beginning Henry Hasse
* The Blaze of Noon Avram Davidson and Randall Garrett
* The Face in the Mask Estelle Frye
* The Fiesta at Managuay John Anthony West
* The First One Herbert D. Kastle
* The Foreign Hand-Tie Randall Garrett
* The Highest Treason Randall Garrett
* The Interplanetary Cat Rick Rubin
* The Kappa Nu Nexus Avram Davidson and Morton Klass
* The Machine That Won the War Isaac Asimov
* The Memory of Mars Raymond F. Jones
* The Quaker Cannon C. M. Kornbluth and Frederik Pohl
* The Sources of the Nile Avram Davidson
* The Tunnel Ahead Alice Glaser
* The Voice Box Allan W. Eckert
* The Weakling Everett B. Cole
* Try to Remember! Frank Herbert
Best Dramatic Presentation
1 Twilight Zone (IMDB) Rod Serling
--- Finalists -------
* The Fabulous World of Jules Verne (IMDB) Frantisek Hrubin and Jules Verne and Karel Zeman
* The Two Worlds of Charlie Gordon (IMDB) Jame Yaffe
* Thriller (IMDB) Unknown-TV-Series
* Village of the Damned (IMDB) Geoffrey Barclay and Wolf Rilla and Stirling Silliphant and John Wyndham
--- Honorable Mentions -------
* Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond (IMDB) Merwin Gerard
* Aniara Karl-Birger Blomdahl and Erik Lindegren
* Blood and Roses (IMDB) Claude BrulÚ and Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
* Master of the World Richard Matheson and Jules Verne
* Mysterious Island (IMDB) John Prebble and Daniel B. Ullman and Crane Wilbur and Jules Verne
* The Absent-Minded Professor (IMDB) Bill Walsh and Samuel W. Taylor
* The Curse of the Werewolf (IMDB) Anthony Hinds and Guy Endore
* The Enchanted (IMDB) Jean Giraudoux and Maurice Valency
* The Innocents (IMDB) Henry James and John Mortimer and William Archibald and Truman Capote
* The Jail (IMDB) Ray Bradbury
* The Pit and the Pendulum (IMDB) Richard Matheson and Edgar Allan Poe
Best Professional Magazine
1 Analog Science Fact -> Fiction - 1961 John W. Campbell, Jr.
--- Finalists -------
* Amazing Stories - 1961 Cele Goldsmith
* Galaxy Magazine - 1961 H. L. Gold
* Science Fantasy - 1961 John Carnell
* The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction - 1961 Robert P. Mills
--- Honorable Mentions -------
* Fantastic Stories of Imagination - 1961 Cele Goldsmith
* If - 1961 H. L. Gold
* New Worlds Science Fiction - 1961 John Carnell
Best Professional Artist
1 ---- Ed Emshwiller
--- Finalists -------
* ---- Virgil Finlay
* ---- Mel Hunter
* ---- John Schoenherr
* ---- Alex Schomburg
--- Honorable Mentions -------
* ---- Dan Adkins
* ---- George Barr
* ---- Chesley Bonestall
* ---- Lloyd Birmingham
* ---- Frank Kelly Freas
* ---- Mitchell Hooks
* ---- Larry Ivie
* ---- Roy G. Krenkel
* ---- Albert Nuetzell
* ---- Orton
* ---- Frank R. Paul
* ---- Richard Powers
* ---- Gerard Quinn
* ---- Leo Summers
* ---- H. R. Van Dongen
* ---- Walker
Best Amateur Magazine
1 Warhoon Richard Bergeron
--- Withdrawn -- Ineligible -------
* The ATom Anthology Ella Parker
* Who's Who in Science Fiction Fandom 1961 L. D. Broyles
* Why Is a Fan?: The Second SaFari Annual Earl Kemp and Nancy Kemp
--- Finalists -------
* Amra - 1961 George H. Scithers
* Axe Larry Shaw and Noreen Shaw
* Cry F. M. Busby and Elinor Busby and Wally Weber
* Yandro - 1961 (Fanzine) Juanita Coulson and Robert Coulson
--- Honorable Mentions -------
* Ad Astra Edward Bryant
* Bastion Eric Bentcliffe
* Discord Redd Boggs
* Fanac Walter Breen
* Fantasmagorique Scott Nielson
* G2 Joe Gibson and Roberta Gibson
* Gaul Larry McCombs and Steve Tolliver and Lyndon Hardy
* Hyphen Walt Willis and Ian McAulay
* Kipple Ted Pauls
* Mirage Jack L. Chalker
* Parsection George Willick
* Science Fiction Times - 1961 (Fanzine) James V. Taurasi and Ray Van Houten
* Shangri L'Affaires John Trimble and Bjo Trimble and Fred Patten
* Uchujin Takumi Shibano
* Void Ted White and Gregory Benford and Pete Graham and Terry Carr
* Xero Richard A. Lupoff and Pat Lupoff
Special Awards
1 Editing Amazing and Fantastic Cele Goldsmith
1 A Handbook of Science Fiction and Fantasy Donald H. Tuck
1 The Use of SF in Advertisements Fritz Leiber and Hoffman Electronic Corporation

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